All Hail The Glorious American Dream

We need the cleansing nuclear fire of holy Mother Russia to save us from this dystopian nightmare.

It’s come down to you Czar Vladimir the Great, for the North Koreans are too busy with reunification, the Iranians are too busy dealing with the filthy Jews, and the Chinese aren’t going to go for the kill until later this century.

Please help us – we’re begging you from the bottom of our hearts.

It’s gotten too painful – we knew meme magic was real, but none of us foresaw the horrors that were about to be unleashed.


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    Putin saved the Russian economy. Russia has a much better standard of living now compared to his predecessors. The stores are overflowing with merchandise and people have better jobs and more money.

    Putin saved Syria. Had it not been for him, Syria would be an Israeli colony, part of the Greater Israel.

    Thanks, Putin.

  2. Yeah, big macs aren’t bad. But I hate biting into a hamburger and biting down onto that hard grit that you sometimes get in hamburger meat. Makes me lose my appetite. They really need to come up with a way to remove that from the meat.

  3. The American Dream was the biggest con job ever sold. Godless consumerism and debt, endless wars for King Kike, the lie of equality and democracy. A global nuclear war, followed by a Road Warrior society of pitiless barbarian survivors is what’s needed.

    • The Road Warrior movies were good movies, even the recent one. I still don’t understand how it is that they had that bodybuilder in the second one, tho. How would you maintain your body like that in such an environment? Very strange.


  4. The American dream still exists. We bitch and moan about how bad it is but in reality we have never had it so good. Things can be better but we should be grateful for what we have. But I also believe we need to be tested to reach our full potential. Nothing good ever came easy. Easy come easy go.

    Now to the Big Mac issue. MacDonalds sucks. Anyone who eats there more than once a month needs to get REAL food. Although they have gotten minimumly better over the years. Instead make it yourself and start learning something new everyday like cooking or car repairs. YouTube has lots of how to fix stuff. You save a lot money doing stuff yourself.

  5. Putin is a Russian Federation civic nationalist and is not at all interested in helping you.

    • If the people here were in Russia, Putin’s government would have jailed them for antisemitism.

      They full well know these facts just as they did about Trump and his jewish children, but they still fed us fantasies for a year about an American oligarch who cared about something other than the riches he dedicated his life to acquiring.

      Why do movement leaders keep doing this? Perhaps they are fulfilling a need, as the entire movement seems to consist of people who live in an online fantasy world.

      Me, I am not a child anymore. I prefer facts. Reality.

  6. Who do some of my comments not get posted? They literally disappear the moment I hit submit???

    I had a whole narrative with the above Corsi comment and wasn’t in to retyping it.

  7. I have the same problem. There are times when I simply cannot post. Some time ago MC asked me a question. Although I tried to answer 6 or more times over a period of a day or more, my posts never appeared.

    It happens often enough that I always save my posts before hitting send so I don’t have to start over again.

  8. Sessions is a huge disappointment. It’s shocking to read that he threatened to resign if Rosenstein gets canned. Instead of appointing another SC he wants the thoroughly corrupt DoJ to investigate its own crimes. On and on.

  9. I’m glad that most of the Yankee haters have disappeared. Some people love to blame Yankees – but Southern White males have done as much damage to Whites, if not more, than any-one besides the Devil Jew.

    • It’s Southern White boys who are doing most of the fighting and killing on behalf of ZOG, madam. And most of ZOG’s biggest military bases are in Dixie.

          • I seee you can’t understand i agree with you. Yet your confederate vice President was a jew. The North was Roman right.

      • The South are the backbone of ZOG because there is no other work to be had. Also because of their strongly held religious beliefs. They used to be Christian, but now they are Judeo-Christians fighting for ZOG.

        I picture a Judeo-Christian as two people. A midget jew riding on the shoulders of a steroid using, mentally retarded, White Christian. Exactly like that Mad Max movie.

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