Russia Squashes Another Futile Western-Backed Attempt At Color Revolution

Vladimir Putin has his flaws (like we all do). but in pure practical terms, he has done more for the Russian nation (with minimal collateral damage) than anyone since either Peter the Great or Catherine the Great.

None of his enemies, including the dog Alexei Navalny, should even be compared to him when it comes to a love of country and people.

Let’s study Navalny some more for a moment.

He sometimes talks tough on immigration, but yet repeatedly works with the likes of Soros and Khordorovsky – Jews who literally live up to the Rootless Cosmopolitan meme.

He speaks of peace, but would abandon allies like Syria and Iran to the tender mercies of America and Israel.

He speaks of ending corruption, but would send Russia right back into the Western entanglements that nearly fragmented the nation back in the 90’s.

And he speaks of tradition, but would immediately reintroduce anal fetish indoctrination to the pliable Russian youth.

All while attempting to overthrow the Russian state with an army of hipsters, Feminists, and other worthless social outcasts.


Russians angered by the impending inauguration of Vladimir Putin to a new term as president protested Saturday in scores of cities across the country — and police responded by reportedly arresting nearly 1,600 of them.

Among those arrested was protest organizer Alexei Navalny, the anti-corruption campaigner who is Putin’s most prominent foe. Police seized Navalny by the arms and legs and carried the thrashing activist from Moscow’s Pushkin Square, where thousands were gathered for an unauthorized protest.

I would fully support President Putin if he were to dig back into history and channel the memory of Joseph Stalin.

Sure, the man was a monster, but gulags can serve a purpose when there is actual treason afoot.

Police also used batons against protesters who chanted “Putin is a thief!” and “Russia will be free!”

This brings back memories of the Charlottesville torchlight march.

And I mean all of it – even the drug-addled faces of these disheveled protesters and their resemblance to American Antifa.

Because of this, I would personally suggest the hiring of Christopher Cantwell as head of the Moscow Police because of this – my guess is that none of this would ever occur again.

Demonstrations under the slogan “He is not our czar” took place throughout the country, from Yakutsk in the far northeast to St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad on the fringes of Europe.

The protests demonstrated that Navalny’s opposition, although considered beleaguered by Russian officials and largely ignored by state-controlled television, has sizeable support in much of the country.

Pay attention to how the West hypes up these protests – it’s all part and parcel of what we saw during the Arab Spring and Ukrainian Revolution in 2014.

Russia does not buy into this nonsense, and handles these things properly for the most part – overwhelming force, and a blackout that prevents things from spiraling out of control.

“I think that Putin isn’t worthy of leading this country. He has been doing it for 18 years and has done nothing good for it,” said Moscow demonstrator Dmitry Nikitenko. “He should leave for good.”

OVD-Info, an organization that monitors political repression, said late Saturday that 1,599 people had been detained at demonstrations in 26 Russian cities. It said 702 were arrested in Moscow alone, and another 232 in St. Petersburg.

In St. Petersburg, police blocked off a stretch of Nevsky Prospekt as a crowd of about 1,000 marched along the renowned avenue. Video showed some demonstrators being detained.

Public service announcement (?????????? ???????????? ??????):

Can the grand-niece of Leon Trotsky please report to the Israeli embassy for immediate relocation?

Again, Leon Trotsky’s grand-niece, Israeli embassy, relocation.

That is all.

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert criticized the actions of the Russian police.

“The United States condemns #Russia’s detention of hundreds of peaceful protesters and calls for their immediate release. Leaders who are secure in their own legitimacy don’t arrest their peaceful opponents for protesting,” she tweeted.

Isn’t that quite cute coming from the United States…

The same United States that stood down while Charlottesville authorities tore into us for protesting with a legally approved permit, and the same United States that still refuses to budge from their official condemnation of the Alt-Right last August.

But you see, it’s different in all cases because racism, hatred of freedoms, and allocations of American budget money.

And I’m not even getting into the hours likely dedicated to stirring up Russian social media platforms.


  1. Putin is another wee little fella with short man syndrome. Come on, who rides shirtless on a horse? Really, how gay is that? Yeah, Little brokeback pootie is very insecure. What’s with all these short little men running countries, anyway?

    Russia, another “free” country. Seems like some of you haven’t met a dictator you don’t like.

      • It amuses me. And after all, that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? How we feel about ourselves.

        I often do daily affirmations in the mirror letting myself know how great that I am. You should try it, it may make you less negative.


      We have another Hasbara Troll here, using filthy words against Hitler.

      His Putin hatred and Hitler hatred gives him away as a Hasbara troll.

      It is sabbath, and you are not supposed to be online, you Hasbara troll.

      Go read mosesneverexisted on zohosites in the com domain before you come here.

      • I don’t know what Hasbara is. That’s above my IQ level. Words that I don’t understand frighten my limited and primitive brain. I guess that I could google it, but i’m too lazy.

      • By the way, of course Moses existed. Moses is in the bible and the bible is the word of God. Stop trying to attack the bible. God doesn’t appreciate it.

      • I’m sure you dream of licking Hitler’s ball sack on a nightly basis just as most of you closeted ofay nationalists do.

  2. I think it’s important to note that in all of the elections since the collapse of the USSR the communist party has came in second place. Go Vlad Go. Protect your country from(((communists))).

    • Funny enough though – the modern Russian Communists have become the most traditional out of everyone in the Duma.

      Most of the laws you see against faggotry and other Western-backed filth have their origins with the commies.

      Same goes for many of the pro-religion laws.

      • Mr. Cicero,

        Is the Jewish influence on the modern Communist party less than in previous decades?

        Christina Romana

        • Russian communist party is name only like US Democrats don`t care about democracy.

          I,m happy to report that Holocaust in Russia and down here in Eastern Europe is going extremely well.

          Jews in Russia 1989……570 000 Jews in Russia 2010….159 000. 3 times less than 2 decades ago. And they die out. Median age for Russians 37.6 years old. Median age for Jews 57.7 years old.

          Also in the rest of former USSR and Eastern Europe, Jewish population dropping like rock. And we keep pushing. Get rid from the liberal and jew is on the run.

          • Mr. Juri,

            Thank you for that valuable information. I had suspected that the modern Communist Party in Russia was essentially socialist more than revolutionary. This confirms my suspicions.


          • I think Stalin pretty much turned communism away from its (((internationalist))), anti-family, faggotry-supporting initial period and more towards a rather bleak but still nationalistic “red fash.” He didn’t complete the process, but he got it rolling.

            The modern commies in Russia are probably more fashy than antifa-like, though I don’t know very many details about them.

          • @ Ironsides

            Right. Stalin successfully rebranded “communism” to Russian nationalism. Russian and Eastern European are different. We don,t care about names or slogans or flags. We watch, what is really going on.

            BTW, names and ideological purity is the main weapon Jews and liberals using against us.
            Because we are loyal to flags, brands, names, then attack is very easy.

            Are you christian ? Well, then you must defend every horror and stupidity done by white liberals who managed to get into Church last 2000 years.
            Or are you American patriot ? Ok, good luck defending every war launched by white liberal McCain and Bushes and Clintons.

            Or are you pro white ? Good, then defend the Antifa and College professors and because every christian white masculine real man must defend white women then you will die in the battle with sheriff Clarke when you go liberating white lady Hillary from jail.

            So much about “defending the white race” or “Christianity” or “Nationalism”

            When you obsessed with names, you end up like Ukraine. There was nationalism in the Ukraine. White genetic liberals went in and made clear that nationalism means poverty, mass immigration and war with Russia.

            Until Western people do not admit the genetic white liberal problems, they will run around like sheeple in the burning farm. Whatever movement you launch, genetic liberals take it over and corrupt to the core.
            You can launch Ball Scratching Beer Drinking White Male Club but very soon you end up with the leadership, who tell you that biggest obstacle for beer drinking and ball scratching is economy and politics so that we need mass immigration to pay for our beer and another war for Israel because somebody somewhere working out chemical weapon to get all beer drinkers and ball scratches killed.

            And there you go again. White genetic liberal is the root cause of all problems. Get rid of white genetical liberal and the rest of the problems will solve by itself.

          • ” We don,t care about names or slogans or flags. We watch, what is really going on… names and ideological purity is the main weapon Jews and liberals using against us. Because we are loyal to flags, brands, names, then attack is very easy…”

            I like the way you talk, Juri.


            And the more I look at Putin’s new and improved Russia, I have to admit, I like what I see a billion times more than what I see in my own corrupt, diseased country. That’s for sure!

          • @Juri and Hunter Wallace:

            Juri, I wish you had your own blog, because I’d be a regular visitor.

            Hunter, have you thought about making Juri a guest columnist, if he is interested?


  3. What better way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Romanovs’ ritual murder than to restore the Russian monarchy? The jews and globalists would PLOTZ.

  4. But it looks as if a color revolution is succeeding in Russia’s ally Armenia. The next PM is likely to come from a party which holds <10% of the seats in parliament. Street demos and foreign NGOs at work.

    Ominous signs that Russia may surrender to the Jew Empire are popping up, including talk of a prominent role for Kudrin.

    I was dismayed that Israel was able to get away with its April 30 attack and shocked that Israel is actually ordering Russia to "stand down" and allow Israel to attack Syria at will without consequences. I wonder if Russia really will send late-model S-300s to Syria.

    I am disgusted with Trump.

    • Putin is strategist and statesman. He does not care what happen after two days or two weeks. He cares how this whole thing end up and the end is total destruction of liberalism and jewish power.

      I think that Trump plays the same game. It does not matter who win`s the battle. Important is who win`s the war. And this is long time game.

      • Meanwhile Putin outlaws anti-antisemitism and jails anyone for mentioning the Holodomor – a genocide on whites the jews did.

        And when Trump wins his war against the jews, he’s going to send all his kids and grand kids to the concentration camps.

        Totally credible!

          • “anti-antisemitism = antisemitism”

            Maybe this is true in terms of the organic blow-back from a populace subjected to strict anti-antisemitism laws, but I wouldn’t go so far as saying it’s a conscious “4-D chess” move on the part of Putin, Trump or anyone else. It seems more likely to be what’s known as “the chilling effect”, part and parcel to the whole “war on noticing”. What are the effects of anti-antisemitism laws? Pro-White activists being silenced, first and foremost. And yes, an undercurrent of general discontent among some percentage of the semi-awake populace… but enough discontent to matter?

            As much as I’d like to believe in the 4-D chess theories floating around concerning these two men, if I entertain those hopes I’m left feeling like a kid who got picked up by a stranger, a kid who hopes this guy isn’t going to drive him somewhere besides home.

  5. I wish Hunter would give us the option of a button so we could individually block some of these lickspittles.

    • Just scroll past them. If WordPress doesn’t offer the feature you aren’t ever going to get it.

      If every time an anti-White jew mooned this blog the others didn’t pursue him as he wants, there wouldn’t be so many trash posts to scroll past. If someone has nothing to say but mindless teenage drivel, why respond at all? To show you are as mindless as he is?

  6. ‘Russia will be free’ they squeal. Sounds to me like its pretty free now……except of some depraved degenerates whom the majority don’t relate to.
    The left are a threat because they play the long game, gradually wearing away every law and standard that is conductive to harmony and common decency-for white people. They are a hideous danger because they just refuse to go away, and thrive on being arrested and drawing attention to themselves. They don’t work-so have time to worry about these worthless causes, and when given an inch, demand another mile, gradually changing society to something most never asked for.
    We truly need these parasites out of our schools, colleges, media, governments, and off the streets.
    I’m hoping that Russia will never be America and start tolerating this rabble.

  7. Don’t bother with the daily affirmations. All who matter know that you are a homosexual, emotionally stunted, incapable of fulfilling a man’s duty to his family and his community, Generally just a human waste product. Your mother cries when she thinks about what you’ve become. Your father saw it coming a long way off and that’s why he left.

  8. “Nationalists” who support Jewkraine and the Russian (((opposition))) need to realize that the 70s are calling and want their GLADIO back.

  9. Hey goy- I mean guys! I got some Krokodil if you go out there and protest Uncle Volodya!

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if that was the main payment arrangement for these protesting pieces of genetic garbage.

  10. You can’t blame these young people — it’s pretty sad when the best thing your country has produced in decades is a shit band called “Pussy Riot.”

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