John McCain Finally Seems To Be Nearing Death

I’m not a very patient man in some instances, and I’m typically at my worst when something beautiful is promised to me, but gets yanked back every time I get excited.

Take the Saga of John McTumor, for example.

I’m sick of being denied the chance to see the rotten traitor make his trip to hell, and I’m sick of the attempts to make this guy out as some sort of saintly martyr for his military career of compulsive snitching.

But at long last, after at least a half-dozen false alarms, we’re about to see Satan cash in on one of his most dedicated followers.


Sen. John McCain should reconsider his wish that President Donald Trump not attend McCain’s funeral, said Sen. Orrin Hatch, the most senior GOP senator.

McCain prefers instead that Vice President Mike Pence attend his funeral rather than Trump, who has mocked McCain for being tortured and attacked him for voting against Obamacare repeal. But Hatch said he thought keeping the president from his funeral was too much: “I think it’s ridiculous.”

“Well, he’s the president of the United States and he’s a very good man. But it’s up to [McCain]. I think John should have his own wishes fulfilled with regard to who attends the funeral,” said the Utah senator. Asked whether McCain should change his mind about Trump, Hatch said: “I would.”

Hatch said he does not expect McCain, who is battling brain cancer, to return to the Senate.

“That’s what I’ve been told,” said Hatch, who is 84 and retiring after this year. “I don’t know. I hope he does, I hope he can.”

I find the funeral issue especially hilarious – Donald Trump has essentially transformed his Presidency into what McCain’s would have looked like had he won back in 2008, and yet he’s still being slapped across the face like the Jewish NY Attorney General’s Asian sex slave.


Not at all.



    John McCain is one of the most evil men around. He is an international disgrace. He is the cancer of the Republican party. He is worse than many Democrats.

    He does not have to worry about who is or is not “invited” to his own funeral.

    This madman wants to rule even after his death.

    No decent man would want to attend his funeral anyway, so he need not worry. Trump should not attend this mad man’s funeral even if they beg him to attend.

    • John McCain is one of the most evil men around. He is an international disgrace. He is the cancer of the Republican party. He is worse than many Democrats.

      So you’re saying he’s your average white male? Got it.

  2. “I only want to be invited so I could dance and piss on his grave.”

    Is that all? First, I’m gonna crack open his casket and SHIT down his throat. Then I’m gonna smear his lips with pink lipstick and write “Fuck Me Here” with an arrow pointed at his mouth. After that I’m gonna have a beer while I think up some other things to do.

    • They’re going to have to literally post sentries to guard his grave.

      My guess is that there’s a whole battalion of Boomer vets ready to pay their “respects” to the guy who snitched on them to the Gooks for better treatment.

      • the most hated man in america…bladders all over america looking to get emptied on his grave

    • Juan McInsane is suffering. Trust me. He’s probably drugged to the gills on pain meds – but narcotics cause their own problems. His bowels are as rotted as his brain. He deserves EVERY humiliation he’s enduring.

    • A pity the Cenobites from Hellraiser are just fictitious. Because I can think of no better tornent for him, especially the “Wire Twins” and Pinhead. Or he can face the souls of all of those who are dead because of him. It would be priceless to see Insane McStain’s reaction to being asked what does he have to say for himself.

  3. To me he is the symbol of the anti-White system on its last legs. Without the support of these sick and dying White traitors from the Boomer era, it is as sick and decrepit as they look.

    The 9th Circle of Hell is reserved for traitors.

    Hell is about repetition.

  4. I am forever using his name posthumously as an active verb for a back stabber. In fact, if we all start doing it, maybe his last months here on earth will be especially miserable for him.

  5. Snitched for better treatment? How about covering up POWs left behind?

    McCain’s biggest regret is not seeing The Really Big War he always wanted.

  6. I’m sad that John McTumor is now dead or very close to death. Not because he was a great man despite his many flaws, but because he was never arrested and executed for his many crimes. I’m sad because this once great country is under enemy alien occupation and those enemy aliens used bad people like McCain as their stooges to promote war, corruption and tyranny.

    That’s why I’m fucking sad.

  7. I don’t normally wish death to anyone. This man is a traitor in the deepest regards. Propped up by an illegitimate zog government.

  8. No offense, Boomers, well maybe offense, IDGAF. There should not only be term limits on all public office, but maximum age limits as well. When you’re a retarded senile physically and mentally decrepit Boomer making laws you’re gonna die before you see the consequences of, you really are not wanted in office. When you create more debt and kick the can down the road, you really are not wanted in office. I don’t know how many times we have to do this to realize old people in power are cancer. If you’re not young enough to fight for your ideas, you’re not young enough to push those ideas into legislation either and expect YOUNG people to fight for them. I guess my point is, die already McCancer, along with every other senile fuck in power.

    • Or WE can create legislation to force you old fucks into retirement homes where we can torture you slowly until you pass. Choice is yours.

    • Smart putting more wedges between white people. And what do you think we ‘boomers’ could possibly have done about the situation back then? To begin with, we would have to have known something, and guess what, brainy, there was no internet back when we were young, we had a couple of television and radio stations (which went off the air at midnight), a local newspaper and the Sunday Times, and our local library with its card catalog if we wanted to look something up. And by the way, when the 1965 Immigration Act was launched, none of us were even old enough to vote on anything. If you want to blame someone other than the jews, blame the ‘Greatest Generation’ who actually were the biggest cucks on the planet, going to fight without any resistance for the jews and commies. Either stop trying to blame an entire generation of white people who were even more helpless than people are now, or come up with a workable plan to move our race forward. If all you can do is pick on older white people, I suggest you go fuck yourself.

      • If the Greatest Generation was the Weakest Generation, the Baby Boomers are the Worst Generation. They are not generations anyone should be proud to be part of.

        IMO Generation Xers will be remembered as the greatest generation, they will save us if anyone can. Gen X were the last generation to be born before Political Correctness became so extreme, so they weren’t beaten down and mindfucked like Millennials were. And unlike Boomers with their optimism, self interest, and gullibility, Gen-Xers are skeptical and pessimistic. Like Boomers Gen X grew up in relatively normal White societies, but these societies were destroyed before they could benefit from living in one.

        If the older generations refuse to care what happens to the younger generations, then they should be shamed and bullycided. This not caring is where the hatred for Boomers comes from. If the nationalist kids hate their parents, its because they explained what is happening and their parents told them they don’t care. It is not surprising that their children are angry.

        • Boomer Comment Why do you think the ‘boomers’ don’t care about the younger generations. How stupid are you. These are our children and grandchildren. What would you have had us do 50 years ago? Run to the nearest town hall and shoot it up with a shotgun? You assholes act like we had some choice in anything. We had less than is available now.

          • “Boomer Comment Why do you think the ‘boomers’ don’t care about the younger generations. How stupid are you.”

            Did you actually read my comment, or is English not your first language?

            Because they say so when out future is explained to them by their nationalist kids. Hence the hatred.

            The Boomer generation is selfish and a complete failure. They had the West all to themselves and the bare minimum they had to do was keep it. They are like those kids born filthy rich that piss all their inheritance away.

            You should be telling them so, instead making them feel good and blowing smoke up their ass. The Weakest Generation and the Worst Generation have nothing to be proud of as generations. Individuals among them might be good people, but in general they are the ones that destroyed the West.

            “What would you have had us do 50 years ago?”

            Do anything other than read the news and vote Republican – like you morons are still doing and just did with this Boomer conman Trump.

        • What about the “Silent Generation”?

          With people like Martin Luther King, Jr and Gloria Steinem as members — favorites at this webshite, no doubt — it was anything but silent. Amirite?

        • Oh yeah, my parents don’t understand why many white men of my age ARE pissed off white men. They beleive everything the Talmudvision tells them to.

  9. Why is it that whenever Anglin or anyone else attacks women or Boomers it is always extremely controversial and leads to accusations that they are secret kikes dividing the movement, yet it is OK to say the most vile things imaginable about poor whites and nobody bats an eye? In fact, everyone agrees! It seems the one thing that unites Christians and secularists, WN 1.0 and Alt Right, boomer and millennial, Anglinista and feminist is that all of them view the white “underclass” as worthless degenerates who need to be eradicated from the white gene pool. The only ones who will sometimes disagree, SOMETIMES, are the dreaded Nazbol.

      • Because someone mentioned boomers and it caused a hissyfit.

        Also, have you noticed that David Duke has been tweeting something to the effect that Putin is a ZOG puppet?

    • “Because someone mentioned boomers and it caused a hissyfit.”

      Boomers do not take criticism well. They went in hard for Trump believing all his bullshit and making up their own bullshit for him and wasted another four years. In 2016 they had the best Pro White Presidential candidate in history and the Boomer leaders of the movement stabbed him in the back, to support Zio boy Trump.

      “yet it is OK to say the most vile things imaginable about poor whites and nobody bats an eye? In fact, everyone agrees! It seems the one thing that unites Christians and secularists, WN 1.0 and Alt Right, boomer and millennial, Anglinista and feminist is that all of them view the white “underclass” as worthless degenerates who need to be eradicated from the white gene pool. ”

      Sounds anti-White to me. I have not seen it at all. Show proof.

      WN is Pro Working class White people. To mock White people who have lost their jobs and fallen on hard times is something only (((the establishment))) does.

      • Who was the “pro-White” candidate in history in 2016?

        Tom Metzger wasn’t even on my ballot.

  10. A lot of sheenie nomenclature in here, boomer, millennial, gen x, whatever, its all a bunch of joo verbiage, and you goys regurgitate it faithfully. I would like to think goys can do better, but experience teaches otherwise. The American goy will always be a parrot of the tribe.

  11. I’m shocked at how rude this post and comments are. Don’t any of you people have empathy?!? Do you not care, politics aside, this man is a human, a father, a husband, a family man that people love and care for, just like your dad, your husband etc. Seriously, I am saddened by the state society is in and where we are headed too.

    I’m sure if your loved one was dying and suffering you wouldn’t want people cheering for them and wishing them horrid things. You all should be ashamed of yourself. Karma is a cruel mistress and one day, she will find each and every one of you….and when it starts to happen, I hope you think back on this little random post and understand exactly why she came for you.

    Peace, love, empathy

  12. I’m a Christian, Mr. Jamey, which means I don’t wish a horrible death on anyone, that said, McCain was and remains a truly evil person with no known redeeming qualities.

    I judge him on his earthly actions, and will defer to God the judgement of his soul as commanded in the Bible of all Christians.

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