IT BEGINS: Iran And Syria Pummeling Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights With Rocketry, Iron Dome Failing Miserably

The Jews have gone through the last 75 years or so with a confidence that over time grew into the most disgusting form of hubris.

They seized control of our nations through the press, through economics, and through the universities.

They, with the help of foolish Goyim, took control of land from Arab natives that had been theirs for thousands of years.

Their genetic drive to destroy warped our culture into one of decadence and filth, and eventually ripped our Christian faith apart at the seams.

But all is not lost, for if you study your ancient European literature (especially the Greek), you should know what typically happens when hubris becomes unchecked and over the top.

Everyone, witness what may soon hopefully turn out to be the great leveler – courtesy of our valiant Persian friends.


Some 20 rockets were fired at Israeli military bases by Iranian forces in southern Syria just after midnight on Thursday, with some of the incoming missiles being intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system, the army said, amid sky high tensions on the northern border.

There were no reports of Israeli casualties in the attack. An army spokesperson said damage was caused to Israeli military bases, but that it was “limited.”

This is like the Jew version of Baghdad Bob back in 2003.

Footage and images are already circulating showing that Israel has been officially pimp-slapped by the Revolutionary Guard – and the hits are currently ongoing.

Sure they’re trying to counterattack by attacking Bashar al-Assad, but by what’s emerging on social media, it’s looking like their missiles are being downed over Damascus like big plump geese during hunting season.

The Israeli army said the missile barrage was carried out by members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Forces. This appeared to be the first time that Israel attributed an attack directly to Iran, which generally operates through proxies. The late night rocket barrage was also the largest attack, in terms of the number of rockets fired, in the seven years of the Syrian civil war.

Look at these greasy Yids hiding from the wrath of the Persians – the fat one looks especially happy, most likely because he’s at last returned to his natural sewer habitat among the dreck his race loves so much.

That, or he’s busy prepping for the inevitable – Iran and Syria seem to be at last tired of the constant terror bombing against their forces arrayed against bona fide terrorist groups, and are at last flexing their muscles.


  1. “There were no reports of Israeli casualties in the attack.” While one hears the Jews’ usual screeching and kvetching, what have the Iranians said? Is it not obvious this is the classic Jew false flag to bring the US into an all out war in the Near East? This might be it folks – it’z showtime!

  2. An elite raised without the fear of God; seeking paradise and immortality in THIS life; making machines in the likeness of a man’s mind:

    What could go wrong?

  3. Arabs aren’t native to Syria, you moron. The Middle East, North Africa and Iran were invaded by Arabs 1400 years ago.

    • Arab tribes have always lived in the hinterland away from the coast and major cities – the Romans and Parthians used to make deals/alliances with these Bedouins.

      It was actually an Arab betrayal that got Crassus’ army slaughtered at Carrhae, for example.

    • Yo, shit-head, the Arabs are from Arabia, which is in the middle of the Middle East. Hence the name “Arab”. You say they invaded the rest of the region 1400 years ago? Well the Zionist jews invaded Palestine from Russia and Poland starting 100 years ago. So which side has the greater historical claim to be there? Eh?

      • Kikes are invaders wherever they are, like an aggressive form of cancer. You are correct, but they invaded the U.S. from Russia, then invaded Eastern Europe from the U.S. before invading Palestine.

    • So according to that theory, who inhabited these territories if not Arabs?

      A fact: the Saharan desert began forming 7 million years ago. The Mediterranean Sea was much larger than its size in the modern era.

      I’m just trying to understand this theory that ‘the arabs invaded North Africa/Middle East.’

      • And why some people seem to think it’s so important to discern between a bunch of, well, sandnaggers. Why should we care whether sort of sub saharan berber types inhabited north africa versus middle eastern/asiatic types did?

        What’s the import of all this?

        Again, the Mediterranean was far bigger than its modern history size during the period when european man evolved.

        The entire north african and middle eastern culture has nothing to do with Europe’s true evolutionary history.

  4. ” the wrath of the Persians” more like the wrath of the Arab’s bitches. And who do you think is BFFs with Israel these days? Your darling fucking Arabs.

    • Only the Saudis, ISIS-style Sunni terrorists, and sometimes the Jordanians and Egyptians (depending on who’s in charge).

      You apparently have trouble differentiating between Sunnis and Shiites, and the Alawites like Assad.

      • You know Marcus you are a great writer and we all greatly appreciated of your hard work. Keep it up and tell Hunter Wallace he needs to turn it into overdrive. We may not agree on everything but he has it better than most. Family is the most important thing, and you guys are brothers.

  5. Is there a single country in the world that recognizes the Golan Heights as belonging to Israel? This is not an attack on Israel but my guess is the (((media))) will be calling it that as an excuse to escalate US involvement.

      • Well said. The jews weren’t satisfied controlling America, Britain, France and Russia – they had to have Palestine as well. And now they want a Greater Israel that stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates! The jews have to be permanently eliminated. The world isn’t big enough for us and them.

        • Poland’s highly “patriotic” vice-prime minister, Jaroslaw Gowin, has in March this year on celebration of Jews “expelled” from Poland in 1968, “Poland is the homeland of two nations: Polish and Jewish.”
          Furhermore, if – actually rather when – Poland’s government succumbs to the pressure from Jewish Organizations in USA, about 25 % of real estates in Poland will be owned by those organizations. Formally they only demand a compensation of circa 300 billion dollars for the real estates that Jews lost in WWII but have died without heirs. The compensation is declared to be spent on “education/information on the Holocaust and other purposes”. Since Poland isn’t in a financial position to pay such an amount, it sounds highly probable that the government will decide on payment in kind. Unfortunately, I cannot back this with a link in English, as the Jewish perspective reigns supreme when it comes to info in English on this issue, as the case is with other subject connected to the eternal suffering of jews. According to the by Jews embraced outlook, the estates in Poland are not heirless…

          • Now these properties are all owned by other jews who bought them all up with money their tribe printed out of nothing and backed only by the US military. Any settlement will surely only come from tax monies paid by the slaves.

  6. I’m working towards a point in my above comments.

    The 2016 ‘DNA from Phoenicians stuns scientists’ as european in origin, supposedly traced to portuguese people, needs to be taken into context. That context is an overweening compulsion in the…JEWS…to try to link their middle eastern culture to our european one. Witness that Israel presides over the EU council or whatever. Last I checked Israel was the Middle East.

    A prof for my intro to anthropology class at a public research university considered undergrads too dumb to deal with the discipline’s real science and math elements. A leftist, he constantly lectured us on the politicization of anthropology. His favorite parable was how Neanderthal man was misinterpreted for decades based on a skeleton found later to have suffered from arthritis. He also made fun of some ancient viking remains supposedly discovered in Minnesota…

    Anthropology’s real science elements can be used to justify modern political agendas through misinterpretation, distortion, and even outright fabrication.

    Recently I was friended on FB by a coptic christian living in an anglosphere new world country who promptly unfriended me when I corrected her that jews – semites – were not in fact ‘abducted and enslaved’ in Europe. They invaded with the Romans in western europe and were invited as partners with some eastern european royals and aristocrats.

    The semite really believed the fairytale about europeans forcing her semitic siblings into our homelands, which would theoretically justify their and her fat ass occupation of our native and forged nations.

    Be wary of any attempts to try to ‘europeanize’ north africa and the middle east. Such tales are merely lies designed to legitimize middle eastern/north african colonialism and entitlement towards the european people. Any DNA that ‘comes from Europe’ found in these peoples derives from some modern period mixing as a result of THEIR invasion of our homelands, period.

  7. The eternal jew has always been a nation inside a nation. A parasite that is compelled to destroy its host.

    There must be a ‘Final Solution ‘ to the jq. This time not a hoax or myth.

  8. The Iron Yamulka is doing ok for now. But the missiles of the Mad Mullahs are primitive. I believe the newer Russian missiles could penetrate.

  9. I think Russia is thinking of a way out without humiliation. They signed on to get rid of the takfiri groups, not to engage the US and Israel. They are badly outgunned and outnumbered in the region.

    I believe the evil jew empire will succeed in destroying Syria, partitioning the country, and installing a puppet in Damascus.

    Then on to Lebanon, which Israel is already suggesting is a “terror state” by virtue of Hezbollah’s electoral success. The jews want the Latani river and the water of south Lebanon.

    I am so sick of these bastards. Maybe someday somehow by someone they’ll be squashed.

    • I think the rest if the world is tired of paying the kosher oil tax. This could be the end of a long cycle that started in the middle ages or even in Rome. The Russians might be weak but the chinese do not seem to be wavering to me.

      • It seems to me that Iran will be expelled, Hezbollah isolated in Lebanon and peace terms dictated by Israel will be forced upon Syria by Russia. Maybe Assad will remain. If this is the case, why would Russia need the Tartus naval base or the Hmeinem (sp?) air base? Russia should then be thanked for saving Syria from America’s ISIS and al Qaeda allies and politely asked to leave.

        (Russia will not be upgrading Syria’s air defenses after all, so sooner or later Israel will have complete air supremacy over that country.)

        • A small Russian naval station in the Med is perfectly reasonable. So long as it’s small. Israel is practically an Airstrip for American jets and a couple of ports for an Aircraft Carrier Group if need be.
          Best to keep things as balanced as possible. Turkey is currently cosseting up to Moscow and I’d prefer the Russians have a toe hold in Syria than based in Constantinople with a friendly Turkey.

          • I certainly cannot blame Russia for unwillingness to be involved in a major war over Syria with psycho warmongers (Israel/US/UK). They have done a good job eliminating the takfiri threat there, which is probably all they set out to do.

            But the whole affair might show that an alliance with Russia is really not worth very much. If Syria loses this in one way or another I don’t see any future for Russian power in the Med. To do what?
            Maybe they just need refueling and re-supply facilities for ships moving back and forth between Murmansk and Sevastopol (assuming they keep that base since Crimea will be on the empire’s list after Iran).

          • Two days ago Netanyahu was a guest in Moscow. The same day Israel launched a major attack on Russia’s ally. Israel spit in Russia’s face. Russia did nothing. Israel is the superpower, Russia a punk. Sad, but true.

      • China and the Jews love each other. Jews always go on and on about how great China is. China is not a friend and if they rebelled against Jewish influence, they would end up going to war with the U.S. China wants globalization and they want to be the head nation where they hail in the communist utopia, after they topple the west of course.

    • They won’t. Russia won’t do anything against Israel. I think Israel will eventually get what it wants in the Middle East. Once all threats are neutralized, they will destroy the Mosque on the Temple Mount, rebuild the Third Temple and usher in the age of the Anti-Christ. Of course the Jews and Christian Zionist will worship him as the Messiah. Things are going to get worse before they get worse.

  10. Too much speculation in these comments, when y’all should be cooking a bag of popcorn. The show is starting…. 🙂

  11. This is all false bravado. An honest apprasal shows that the Jews have complete control. Don’t put your life or families on the line to fight the Jews. You will only lose. Lick your wounds, and take solace in family and faith. Next stop is the reign of the Anti-Christ from the rebuilt Temple.

  12. Stop thinking of the middle east as “arab land for thousands of years”…. no, it wasn’t.

    Start understanding that we’re speaking of Greco-Roman Christendom, that was invaded & overthrown by small pockets of desert rats…. while brothers were fighting with each other.

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