Jews Baptize New American Embassy With Palestinian Blood, 58 Dead And 2,700+ Wounded

I wanted to wait out the day before I put something concrete together, because for quite some time, I felt like anything could happen up to and including use of WMD’s in Gaza.

Because let’s be honest – what we saw today on the Gaza border was sick.

Like the resurrection of the Bolsheviks and Bela Kun sick – the only reason the Jews weren’t impaling toddlers on table tops was because they’re cowardly filth that would never dare to get within grabbing range of any Palestinian fighter.

Still, the effect of automatic rifle fire on packed-tight crowds is still something nightmares are made of…


Fifty-five Palestinian protesters, including six children under 18, have been killed by Israeli fire during demonstrations on the day of the US embassy’s inauguration in Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry said Monday.

More than 2,700 protesters have been injured in Gaza on what has been the most violent day of the six week long Great March of Return. Those wounded on Monday include 203 children and 78 women, according to the ministry.

The Palestinian government denounced Monday’s violence as a “terrible massacre” perpetrated “by the forces of the Israeli occupation”, and called for an immediate international intervention to prevent further deaths. A day of national mourning has been declared by the government in Ramallah, to be held Tuesday.

Around 35,000 protesters gathered at the border fence and thousands more within half a mile of the vicinity, according to Israeli Defence Forces.

Clashes have also reportedly broken out between protesters and the Israeli Defense Forces in Bethlehem.

The first of Monday’s deaths was 21-year-old Anas Hamdan Qudeih, killed east of Khan Yunis, a spokesperson for the ministry said. A 29-year-old man, Mosaab Yousef Ibrahim Abu Laila, was later killed east of Jabalya. Some of the dead have yet to be identified. Six children under the age of 18, including one girl, are among the fatalities.

Amnesty International has called the Israeli violence in Gaza “an abhorrent violation of international law & human rights.” 

You know what Amnesty International failed to mention?

They forgot to bring up the fact that this slaughter (really just an industrial form of Bronze Age sacrifice) was powered with the prayers of American cucks subservient to those who killed their Savior.

That’s right, Pastor Jeffress, I’m addressing your little vole-looking mug and your Down Syndrome-level understanding of Scripture.

You’re obviously too blind to notice the rabbi next to you rolling his beady little eyes, but I just want you and your deluded followers to know that your prayers helped to facilitate the decapitation of dozens of children, and the crippling of men who will now no longer be able to support their families.

Now say a nice Hallelujah over the corpse of an eight-month old.

Kushner also spoke, and made me think that this is how Damien from The Omen would look if he consumed soy during his formative years.

And, of course, we had Bibi himself – gloating mightily at the fact that his people are now one step closer to fulfilling the great prophecies in the Talmud.


  1. Even by Jewish standards this is a shocking toll. An embassy Christened in Blood.

    • I predicted that you’d see some deaths, but nothing like this…

      Eyewitnesses were saying that the Kikes were firing into crowds of schoolchildren, and started tear gassing behind the lines to push everyone into targeting range.

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      • So do they really think they’re going to get away with this?

        In my pretty vast experience, jews pull their biggest (and most) punches on the sly. I know Israel has become majority north african jews, though, so perhaps the ashkenazi art of pure deception isn’t fully developed in its leadership. They still deal at times in overt chutzpah I suppose.

        Still, it seems like the more tragic hubris. I can’t believe there won’t be world-wide consequences for such a brazen slaughter. The british, for one, rally in droves behind palestinian rights; perhaps that explains the recent push towards total censorship in the U.K.

        • “So do they really think they’re going to get away with this?”

          They will with Republican Boomers generally, because they put the interests of Israel before their own country. They will give tons of money to Republican politicians to keep their little piggies at the feeding troughs. There may be a reaction from the left, but they are compromised with dual citizen funding, probably far worse than Republicans at this point, so I wouldn’t count on them doing the right thing.

          I think there is something else peculating in the background that will be their eventual undoing. Their political organs are nervously denying it more and more.

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  2. Kind of exceeds anything Assad has done, yet America rained missiles on Syria due to something that was never even proven. The little darlins in Isrealhell are a protected species.

  3. I did not read nor should you. Stroking black cock is better way for whites to spend their time.

      • If he didn’t he got them for bayonetting pregnant women in their bellies or shooting sevetely wounded Palestinuans in rhe head as the pleaded for their lives. This is what the Kikes did to my Slavic ancestors and will do to us here if we are disarmed.

  4. Wasn’t Jerusalem supposed to be a multi-religious world capital with muslims, christians and “jews” having equal access? Kind of like the Atlantic Treaty. Nobody even remembers what the original false premise was.

  5. This is a prelude to the Temple.

    In the spirit of honest inquiry I have been looking into Christianity in parallel with my study of Stoicism.

    In studying Epictetus, one sees at once the near perfection of the Stoic program in a man, coupled with the complete failure of the Stoics to preserve the Republic (Cato) or curb the worst tendencies of the Empire (Musonius Rufus), or even when they had the Emperor (M Aurelius), for that to impact the basic system of the Empire, or for Marcus to even make a passing statesmen out of his heir.

    Christianity triumphed because it offered a salve against the dread of the annihilation of the self, where all Stoicism offered was a mix of putting on a brave face and an anti instinctual rationalization that death was, if not good and natural, at least not bad or not to be dreaded.

    Christianity also politically freed people of the monster that Rome had become and laid the foundation for the Lawful prosperity of the West a millennia later.

    So you’re thinking, let’s get back on that horse and ride! But the horse is already one leg into the glue factory. A fellowship is needed, like the Stoics had, that is committed to Truth and Righteous living as a primal good, not for fear of hell or desire for eternal bliss in heaven, and then you could foster a popular movment even using Christian vocabulary words that would bring enough people along to renew society. No mean feat, but in for a penny, in for a pound, no?

    • christianity is a mind poison that has been used to destroy the White race from within.
      Blood and Soil, or an alien on a stick. Which is it?

  6. My only objection is that we can’t do the same when two thousand Hondurans zerg-rush our border. If a hundred “unarmed” protesters decide to occupy your house, are you morally obliged to let them in, or put away your guns and give them a fair fight?

    • @Dave
      Gaza is within the borders of Israel. A more accurate comparison would be the USA going full Nazi, locking up all the blacks, mexis and asians in open air prisons for decades, turning off the water supply, cutting off their food supply and massacring them when they try to get out.

      Remember kids: Trump’s wall evil and racist, Israel’s wall good and noble!

      • Actually, Israel has no declared borders. Israel claims that the West Bank and Gaza are disputed territories, so they can’t then claim that the area commonly known as Israel is not disputed as well. 2/3 of Gazans descend from people who were violently removed from what is now considered Israel.

    • While I don’t “care” about Palestinians, I can see that any nation of people can instantly be turned into “Palestinians”. What the Israelis did should alarm you. They behaved like mad dogs. Celebrating a great day for themselves by butchering protestors? They must be mad.

      • I can relate to the Palestinians because we are both occupied by the same people. What they do to them, they will do to Whites. They are working on it.

        • exactly. Only since there are too few Jews in ‘Murka to Palestine the Whites, (((they))) use invasive ethnic orcs – Mestizos, Blacks, Asiatics, Muslims – and kill the White birthrate via thier kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, Jew-feminism.

        • Precisely, whites already ARE Palestineans in their own lands yet most have yet to wake up to that fact.

  7. Jews thrive on being seen as victims whilst enjoying Jewish privilege everywhere they are. If you question their conduct, you are an ‘anti-Semite’. They remind you of the six gazillion who died in the holohoax. You’re suddenly an extreme nazi…
    If Bob Smith in North Dakota questions anything thats going on…..he’s an extreme, racist nazi klansman.

  8. Jews who want to be seen as victims should be treated as the sinners they are. If they are the “supposed” chosen people of God then why did God allow them to be slaughtered if they really were? If God “hated” them because of all their sins enough to make sure they were converted into lamp shades then maybe the big problem is they themselves. Just maybe they killed (turned over to the Romans to be executed) God’s Son — Jesus Christ. It is time to show all the sins of the Jews and not let them play the victim card…they are trying to use the holocaust as their religion when it should be their disgrace because if it is true then God Himself allowed their slaughter which means they are/were sinning big time!

    No peace in the Middle East until Christ returns … the Jews don’t have a clue …

    • If Christ does return he will not be the lamb or messenger of peace that he was 2,000 years ago. He wiil return as a roaring lion. In other words, Jews will be slain st his hands because he will lead the army that will utterly crush them. Christ was the ultimate warrior, if he can defeat Hades, or death if you will, Jews would die then be cast into Hell where they belong.

  9. I know it’s going against the grain here… but, I am actually pretty ambivalent towards Palestinians, Saudis, Iranis, Iraqis, Syrians, Kurds, Turks, and Israelis, as they exist in the regions of, and surrounding, the Middle East. I know a little bit about the history of the area, a smidgen about its former glories, some about its recent past, and, maybe, a little more about recent developments. What I know better than anything else, is that we would be much better served having as little involvement in that part of the Globe as possible. Isn’t that what The Donald promised us when he ran for office? An end to foreign intervention?

    As much as I understand the problem with Jewish subversion and manipulation, I still can’t see myself being allied with Muslims of any variety. I don’t choose sides on this issue. Even as a child, I recall Walter Mondale negotiating with Menachem Begin and Yasser Arafat and wondering why we felt obligated to be arbiters in this dispute. As I got older, particularly within the last 20 years, I learned a lot more about the problem, and I came to understand why the Palestinians were so angry. Even so, I am still not sympathetic to their plight, merely just aware of it.

    Ultimately, given the opportunity, the Muslims would enslave and mass murder as many of us as they could, just as the Jews are out to exterminate us in their own devious and, at present, less overt fashion. Years ago, when I was still a teenager, I watched Palestinians and Israelis battling it out in the streets of New York on television. I thought they should have all been rounded up and sent to fight their battle in the Middle East. Send every Zionist, and every Judeo-Christian who advocates for U.S. support of Israel, there to fight for their beliefs, as opposed to using our military for this purpose. The same goes for those who seem to be under the impression that if we supported some Towel Heads in their struggles, we would end up being the best of friends with them, and there would be nothing more to divide us.

    These are two distinct sets of deadly enemies. Having some knowledge of the Islamic rule of Europe in the past, as well as its current, rapid re-conquest of the Continent, I am acutely attuned to the imminent threat posed by them. Knowing well of the near monopolies on, or control of, media, government, academia, and finance exercised by the Jews, I am highly cognizant of the dangers they represent. The best remedy would be to re-patriate as many Muslims and Jews as possible and encourage them to annihilate each other. Making deals with Devils is what has gotten us into this precarious position to begin with.

    • The Palestinians could never hurt us, because they wouldn’t be given billions of our money and the best military equipment the world has to offer, and there’d be no voting bloc of Islamo-Christian traitors to back them up electorally. The only way they can conceivably hurt us, is if Jewry and collaborators bring them into our countries.

      Repatriating anyone while Jews and traitors run our countries is just dreams. No one is leaving unless there is a White Intifada. When will that happen? When Americans put down their hamburgers and turn off their TVs? Its not going to happen any time soon. America is not a serious country any more.

      • True, although I think the Kikes bombed one of the last Palestinian churches in Gaza during their last attack (2014).

  10. Headlines in the Jew media deliberately leave out the Israeli role in the massacre of Palestinians.

    Washington Post
    The Latest: Palestinians, Israeli troops clash in West Bank

    BBC News
    Tension in Gaza as Palestinians begin to bury 58 dead

    At least 52 Palestinians are dead and 2400 wounded in Gaza. If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be
    Los Angeles Times

    Uneasy Calm Falls Over Gaza After Scores Killed in Protests
    New York Times

    Palestinians Bury Their Dead After Clashes with Israeli Military
    Wall Street Journal

    Eight-month-old baby among dozens buried after day of Gaza bloodshed

    US blocks United Nations call for independent probe into Gaza deaths

    Carnage and celebration mark US Embassy opening in Jerusalem
    PBS NewsHour

  11. The Trump regime is going to wind up being a bigger catastrophe than Crooked Cankles and Bathhouse Barry combined.

    • s’Truth, as some of us on the hardRight warned all along:

      with ZOG-stooge Trumpenthal, we get an Obama third term on domestic issues, only worse: borders now completely taken down, swamp deeper than ever, skyrocketing deficits to fund the (((warfare/welfare state))), etc.

      and a Bush43 third term in foreign policy, only worse, as current events in the Middle East indicate.

  12. It’s heads they win tales we lose. Those Lib Left Jews who sort of kind of feel bad about the slaughter and working day and night to bring all these Arabs in to Germany, Sweden, England, USA – where they will vote standard anti White Lib Leftist and join the anti White , anti Trump team and sexually harass or worse White girls who dare show their arms or faces in public. The head Jew who took over my favorite political cultural magazine The Atlantic Magazine – Golberg served as an Israeli Prison guard during the last intafata. He tried hard to befriend the Arab Palestinian prisoners and share his Liberal Jewish and non Jewish academic contacts in the USA so these Arabs could all come to the USA on student visas then become Obama Democrats. There is lip service to Palestinian causes but the main emphasis is destroying White America.

    • You saw that commemorative coin with Cyrus The Great’s head behind Trump’s pumpkin noggin?

    • @jack
      It works if you bring Jewish supremacism into it and keep pointing out the anti-White contradictions.

      BTW an Israel Firster White threaten to glass me over this incident. This man looked and behaved like a poo throwing monkey. If my words about this event didn’t strike a nerve, would this normally rational man be triggered so hard he’d behave like a monkey? I don;t think so. They know it looks bad.

      These Israel First Whites are the same Whites that say they don’t care if their own countries turn brown. They must not be allowed into any White ethno-state ever!

      • This is how you do it. Point out the anti-White contradiction and watch the monkeys scream and throw their poo.

        “Have you been living under a rock? Jewish groups have been pushing for open borders in America and Europe. Yet these same groups are fine with protecting Israel’s borders with deadly force. That is the fundamental issue.”

  13. Hey Marcus – I see you were published in the Unz review. Good for you! I have never had that honor.

  14. I will side with the sheenies on this one. The other guys had announced an invasion. So when they gathered on the border the sheenies exercised border control. Well done, and a good example. We ought to do the same, when we get a proamerican government. Anyway, Hamas got the martyrs they,were angling for, and they are happy.

    • No government in the white world does this. They’d be sanctioned to death and invaded by the US if they did.

      • Are you kidding?

        The governments of White countries keep their own borders wide open and pass laws forcing integration of White with non-White, to ENSURE White people become vanishing minorities. They also censor and jail any White that protests this obvious Genocide.

        These same “White” governments would spill the blood of millions of people, including their own White people, to ensure all White countries turn brown and Israel remains RACIALLY Jewish.

        • That’s what I said. No white country would massacre border jumpers.

    • Except Israel has no legally declared borders. The area within the Green Line, just like the West Bank, is disputed.

      • Israel is not a real country…No real borders, no real constitution, no real capital, no legitimate legal recognition. It must be destroyed.

    • “I will side with the sheenies on this one. The other guys had announced an invasion. So when they gathered on the border the sheenies exercised border control. Well done, and a good example. We ought to do the same, when we get a proamerican government. Anyway, Hamas got the martyrs they,were angling for, and they are happy.”

      Imagine being this subversive.

  15. Who is going to want to work in that embassy?? Nobody is going to want to work in that place. Muslims want it blown up and Jews may very well blow it up to blame Muslims and start a war. Either way it is not a safe place to work.

    • I assume it will be like the SPLC HQ. Built to withstand an RPG attack, because the locals love them so.

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  16. Bible thumpers, do you still believe that the jews are the “chosen people of God?”

    If you’re an enemy of international jewry, them you must be on the right track.

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  17. The Jews did to the greasy, non-white Palestinians what white Americans haven’t got to the guts to do to the greasy, non-white Mexicans flooding our country: cut them down like the swarming, seething, gibs-me-dat scumbags that they are. So I do not condemn the Jew – I condemn those on this comment forum who can’t recognize the heroism it took to open fire at the swarming hordes of Palestinians.

    Those brave Jew army commanders saw tens of thousands of seething Semites attempting to crash their borders and THEY didn’t bat an eyelash, but instead ordered their brave Jew snipers to open fire and take them out. Trump, on the other hand, wrung his hands as the Mexican “Caravan” oozed toward our border, pleading for the Mexicans (!) to stop them.

    • The Hungarian female journalist who tripped over a Turkroach crossing the border was doxxed then was claimed to be an example of fascism for the media.

      Meanwhile Yids gunning down a crowd is Kosher and OK and the media discuss the merits of the Israeli position.

      It’s not cool.

  18. Prot ministers and jews genociding natives and stealing their land? Yeah i’m shocked. Still though, Bibi’s got a long way to go before he can match America.

    • Israel was founded on Genocide 3000 years ago. It is recorded in the Old Testament, what is also called the Jewish Torah.

      When the Jews were kicked out of Egypt (after making trouble there I assume), their god told them to kill every man, woman, and child, and their animals too in the location called Israel. It is in your Bible!

      When Whites conquered America they created reservations for those they conquered, so they could continue on as identifiable groups. If they didn’t do that, there woild be no such thing as “Native” Siberian Americans today.

      Whites are the only racial group in recorded history that ever did that for their enemies. Non-whites have eradicated all of those they conquered and did not leave a trace.

      Americans have nothing to be ashamed of in that regard. Israel however…

    • Prots have no institutional power in America.

      Prots are not allowed on the Supreme Court, only Catholics and Jews are allowed to sit there. The only Prot there currently is a Catholic “convert”. lol

      Prots do not control mass media nor social media. Jews own that media or have been appointed its official censors.

      Prots are not big donors. The Jews are 50% of the donors of the Republican Party.

      Prots are a voting block, but it is a statistical fact that Republicans don’t care what their voters want after they are elected. They only do what their donors want. If what their donors want is the same as what their voters want it is a statistical coincidence. See Harvard study: US is an oligarchy.

      No. Everything we are seeing is down to Jewish institutional power in America. However it is true they are setting the Prots up as scapegoats for all the evil they are doing in the Middle East. Setting people up is what they do.

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