Why Are Random Protests In Iran Suddenly Turning Deadly?

I get worried whenever I hear that something nasty is brewing inside Iran – it’s now common knowledge that America and Israel maintain spy/agitation networks both inside and outside the country.

And isn’t it quite coincidental that we’re starting to hear of local uprisings just days after Israel was essentially humiliated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard?

Fox News:

Deadly protests in the southern Iranian city of Kazerun continued for a second day following the deaths of two protesters Wednesday. Protesters aimed their wrath at the Iranian regime following a decision to split the city of nearly 150,000 into two townships.

So we’re supposed to believe that the Persian version of gerrymandering has resulted in calls for the overthrow of the Iranian government?

Tell me another one, Schlomo.

“After anti-riot forces were dispatched to the city from Shiraz, the people charged at them and hand-to-hand clashes ensued,” a press release from the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said. NCRI is a coalition of influential Iranian opposition groups.

The protests have left at least two people dead and six others injured.

If I were the Ayatollah, I would order the liquidation of this NCRI terrorist group by any means necessary – do it quietly, do it openly, or mix the two if it makes everyone feel better.

Because by not taking drastic action, you for all intents and purposes allow an organization likely swimming in American/Israeli money to operate and subvert until at last they get lucky and start a Ukraine 2013-2014.

They may fail a thousand times, but all it’ll take is one success for things to snowball.

The NCRI press release said that protesters had set fire to a trailer belonging to regime security forces and that four police vehicles had also been set ablaze. It said that parts of the city looked “war-torn.” It said smoke had filled the air close to the main square following the burning of tires by protesters. It also noted the Internet and mobile phones have been cut off.

Very good with the social media shutdown – you can’t risk anything when you’ve got to have a hundred percent success rate.

Heshmat Alavi an Iranian political and rights activist who has been following the protests since they started last December, told Fox News that “the scene we are witnessing in Kazerun is merely one of the many flashpoints in Iran, a powder keg state considered ready to explode at any moment.”

Alavi said more protests have been occurring across the country.

“Reports from a variety of sources are indicating anti-regime rallies and protests throughout the country, staged by people from all walks of life,” he said. “This includes teachers, college students, store-owners and bazaar merchants, credit firm clients seeking their stolen savings.”

Marching around carrying placards and signs is the mark of the middle class no matter where you’re at, but this is something that stinks like rotting gefilte fish and/or processed burgers.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid and have gotten blind to the fact that a good chunk of Iran’s population is not exactly Ubermensch status, or maybe I’m just fully aware of what my home country is capable of if given the opportunity.

Be careful, Iran, and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty should the need arise.


  1. Iran’s problems are due in part to the fact that it is run by adherents to a totalitarian doctrine called Islam. One must draw a distinction between Islam (the doctrine) and Muslims (people). During the Cold War I drew a distinction between the Communist party running the USSR and the Russian people.

    No totalitarian regime can prosper. Both Communism and Islam oppress those who must endure them. Resistance and revolt are inevitable for both.

    • Totalitarian kingdoms prospered in Europe long before democracy became popular.

      Iran is poor because it is a brown country. All brown countries are poor unless they have oil and white people to find it for them, drill and pump it up for them, and buy it from them.

      Communism failed because it was silly. So silly, they had to build walls to keep their workers from running away. Professors naturally say that “intellectuals” like themselves should plan and dictate who makes what and who gets what. Only the mind of a not-too-bright freshman, new to the academic world, could take that seriously

    • Simpleton Mosby, you understand nothing about religion or politics. Please return to your seat.

    • All Western Civilizations from the Ancient Greeks onward realized in time that Democratic forms of government are utter and complete failures nearly every single time.

      They may work semi-decently at first, but the ideas inherent in that form of government are a cancer that slowly destroys until nothing is left but anarchy.

        • The only facts that would make my writings seriously wrong would be if someone actually showed me an Ancient Civilization whose people collapsed PERMANENTLY and who didn’t turn into brown people, or how the world was anxious to get rid of any other race than ours.

      • The same goes for multicultural, multiethnic, multi-linguistic, multi-racial & multi-religious “nations”, I might add. All end up being clusterfucks that are eventually relegated to the dustbin of history. Plenty of examples to choose from currently, I conclude.

  2. I want every white nation to have totalitarian kingdoms as we all know democracy hasn’t worked, and never will in the presence of minority and professional victim groups who forever outvote us and have agendas that hold no benefits for the average white citizens.
    Death to democracy.

  3. Since the Empire’s chief warmonger Bolton has declared his intent to effect regime change in Iran by 2019, I must assume its involvement. It would seem that some in Iran are guilty of Israel/US “collusion,” to use a frequently encountered word in Empire politics.

    I imagine that many in the world are as sick as I am of the inability of the US to leave other countries alone.

    • @Mestigoit,
      Yes and the average American didn’t vote for regime change in Iran-they don’t give a shit about it. They voted for-building the wall, trade barriers, deporting illegals, America first, troop withdrawals…

  4. Have you noticed that the biggest winner in the Iraqi elections is Moqtada al-Sadr, a guy the US marked for capture or execution years ago? He’ll certainly wield a great deal of power in the new government, driving the US nuts. Will the US, which brought “democracy” to Iraq with bombs and a million deaths, try to overthrow the new government as they have often done when the results of democratic elections don’t go their way?

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