Are Y’all Ready For Some Hardcore British Bestiality?

I don’t know about you, but I’m personally wishing that I had reserved a spot somewhere in the capital of Cuck Island to witness the joy of joys set to unfold tomorrow.

Because let’s just be real – you don’t exactly get to see ancient White bloodlines get defiled in pomp and ceremony all that often.


Royal fans committed to getting a good spot for the wedding on Saturday spent last night sleeping rough in Windsor after a tent ban meant they had to brave the elements.

Attendees were warned not to bring a tent, which did not stop some from setting up camp beds and tents on Wednesday night.

Many had nothing but a sleeping bag, roll mat or camping chair – but luckily for the well-wishers, it is not scheduled to rain before the event.

Some said it was a shame they are not allowed to bring tents due to security reasons.

“We nearly froze to death last night,” said Bernadette Christie, a pensioner who arrived from Canada in plenty of time to get a spot outside the castle gates in order to watch Saturday’s spectacle.

“I was told by an officer I could not put my tent up. He didn’t explain why, but I guess it’s because it might get in the way. Perhaps they don’t want us to look like homeless people after all the fuss that was made about getting them off the streets.

“I can’t see why we couldn’t be allowed and then just take them down first thing in the morning. What would be the harm in that?”

Dianne Donohue, 69, who came down from Leek, Staffordshire, with her daughter Emma, 41, said:

“We had to sleep under the stars and it was freezing. We weren’t too happy about it.”

Don’t feel bad, Dianne, because there are millions who aren’t too happy about this wedding as a whole – not just the freezing cold nonsense.

Cuck Island may have been subject to propaganda more vicious than across the Pond, and a large bulk of the population may be currently deracinated to some degree, but you can’t just override genetic instinct all that easily (remember that, Jews).

And looking at this, you can easily tell that a huge number of people just sense that something is just not right – our imagination of royalty is typically Northern European in appearance, and you can’t honestly even push the Southron European look with this Cheddar Man resurrection.

Makes you wonder if the brave and valiant defenders of the multicultural British state would actually fight 100% if a Muhammad or six decided to go full Allah Akbar on the Ginger Fetishist.

Daily Mail:

Snipers are on rooftops today with soldiers and armed police patrolling the streets below as a £30million ring of steel today surrounds Windsor Castle ahead of the royal wedding.

Police, the Army and undercover members of the security services are ready ‘do whatever is necessary’ to prevent any attack on Harry and Meghan’s big day, including shooting to kill.

The 2.6-mile route the couple will travel from St George’s Chapel to Windsor Castle is lined with sharpshooters on top of buildings and other vantage points. Specialist teams are also patrolling the Thames.

Police and soldiers carrying automatic weapons will also line the streets ready to fire if necessary and are already patrolling the roads, which have crash barriers used to stop vehicle-based terror attacks.

Maybe they’re just hoping to keep these two around long enough to witness the inevitable release of the le 56% sex tape that surely must exist somewhere – I’m just going to assume Meghan was quite busy with Jewish film/show producers during her failed acting career.

Or maybe they truly think that annihilating their royal gene pool is a powerful and mystical thing, and not something that should have been punished medieval Tower of London-style.


  1. The kike tabloid press is trying to stir up as much excitement as possible for this dreadful event, but apparently the British public isn’t particularly interested.

  2. Like the Royals have done so much to protect ordinary British folk from the “joys” of diversity!

    • The Royal Family is “royal” in name only. If QEII had even half a wit of loyalty to her own people or her own bloodline she’d have put her foot down against this madness from the get go. Disowning Harry if need’s be instead of allowing this anti-White wet dream to occur.

      White self hatred is SICK!

  3. Maybe China will spike more edible goods with the delicious spice Melamine. Seems to be the rave among the upper echelon when they want to rid their plantations of unwanted herd cattle.

  4. This is one event that Muhammad could attack with a diversity truck…..and have my full approval-but damn…..sounds like the security will be too thorough.
    For years I’ve supported the idea of Australia, New Zealand and Canada becoming republics. This only reinforces my position as the royal family, like the U.K. as a whole, degenerates into a brown shitdump.
    Thanks for the enhanced images of Meghan-they had me in stitches. And the photo of them with their future ‘son’- kind of sums up where its all heading.

    • As America goes through the worst political corruptions scandal ever, one that threatens to destroy the political system entirely, you might want to ponder the relative strengths and weaknesses of a constitutional monarchy vis-a-vis the US of A or, say, France.

      Monarchies are about the nation; they are not, primarily, about the royal family, save for its symbolism as the representation of the nation – the reason to despise Harry for this spectacle of race-mixing and eventual miscegenation is that he is debasing the royal family as the image of the nation.

      Thankfully, he is now fifth in line for the Crown, or thereabouts, so it will be a moot point for now, but he ain’t coming to my dinner parties. 🙂

      • A Jew will gladly attend your dinner parties if you provide it with a tennis ball to fetch and meat scraps leftover from grilling. If it is a hot day be sure to put out a large bowl of water too which your Jew can enjoy and prevent dehydration in case the meat scraps gives the Jew diarrhea.

  5. If the Gods are merciful and there is a revolution in England against the Third World hordes and, most importantly, against their treasonous native and their Jewish enablers, then the House of Windsor ought be tossed out with them, lock stock and barrel, and, as the Hanovers replaced the Stuarts, some other worthier royal bloodline installed on the throne.

    • The French model of Emperor Napoleon works well in my world view. Tough lower level military guy from the provinces – Corsica – puts down the mob, champions the French nation, nice mix of mass socialist appeal but marries a beautiful princess Josephine, and Napoleon is made French Emperor. Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin are very similar – tough guys from the Provinces.

      I think both Hitler and Stalin could have turned to Christian monarchs.

      • Stalin was definitely a Christian, he probably liked Jews too as they are man’s best friend, unless you are Asian then they are food.

    • Drex – the English throne was corrupted via the sub-moronic mischlng Victoria, and her spawn. The English themselves have been the water carriers for The Tribe for over 400 years. There is no such thing as English Royalty anymore.

      The Shire must be scoured……………..

  6. It’s not that bad. He could have married in a Jewish family like Trump’s daughters. They’re child will look very White, something like Enrique Ingleses.

    Enrique and Anna Kournikova had beautiful twins.

    • Hopefully they’re both barren – Harry from alcohol and Cheddar Man from age and degeneracy.

      And I don’t know about everyone else, but I personally find spawning quadroons to be beyond the pale.

      • Marcus- From your mouth to God’s Ears. Harry is committing adulteration on a grand scale, breaking the commandment, much as his father did with his fornication with Camilla. I call down God’s righteous vengeance on the Windsors. May Meghan die a horrific death that clearly shows God’s hand in it, and may Harry be left alive to know what he has done, for the rest of his life. Anathema sit on all the Windsors, and the apostate, cucked Synagogue of Sat…. I mean, ‘Church’ of England.

        • A pedigree Jew and mutt Jew may not have Jew pups if spayed or neutered. Be sure to get your Jew dewormed, however.

        • Excellent – The UK is cursed and will now descend more rapidly than anyone can imagine. the dumbed down English worship niggers on a soccer field as their god, hold their forks up-side-down, speak a harsh speech Eze 3:5. the so called marriage is a Phineas Numbers 25 farce.

    • @Jack Ryan
      That would be because Enrique Iglesias is White, the son of Spaniards. His children look White because they are like all non-jewish Spanish people do. You know why because Spain is in EUROPE.

      • Wrong, Enrique is a quarter Filipino due to his whore of a mother, that Preysler woman, being a flip mestiza herself.

      • Uh, Spain wasn’t taken over by Moors and Romans?

        Moors were never white and Romans were at best only part.

  7. Harry wore a nazi outfit at a Holloween part the media went into a frenzy? Maybe that’s what did him in.

      • Harry didn’t know what he was getting into at the time.To him the nazi outfit it was a prank joke.

        • It is funny when people dress their Jews up in Jew clothing. Usually the smaller Jews are the best breed for this kind of hobby.

    • I agree. Shortly after the Nazi Outfit, there was an article I read about the royal family pushing Harry to find a black woman to marry to reflect the new, diverse England or some other crap along those lines. As for muddying their own bloodlines, I suspect that they don’t think that is the case because Harry might literally be the red-headed stepchild. Diana had a red-haired lover about the time he was conceived and that’s who many scandal sheets speculate is Harry’s father.

      The only question that remains is if the plans were put into place BEFORE the Nazi Outfit and that was Harry’s protest against “taking one for the team,” or AFTER the Nazi Outfit to prove that they aren’t racist?

    • The last time I was bitten by a Jew it make a nice scar and the tissues underneath were sticking through. Jews can leave a nasty bite. Cerberus is a 3 headed Jew you don’t want to fuck with on Halloween.

  8. @Denise

    Marcus – the “royals” are pretenders. They are JEWS. Why isn’t this obvious?

    I’ve heard this my whole life. I’ve often hoped it’s not true.

    As first servant of the realm, it’s her duty to uphold the Honour, dignity, liberty, rights and lives of here subjects. Really; her family/nation, of which she’s the maternal figurehead. But given that the Queen hasn’t come to the defence of her people, as any Queen, or King, is expected to do, I’m affeard it is true.

    • I had a Jew that bit and shits on the rug and a couple Jews down the street that bark too much.

  9. The original “Cheddar Man” population and Sephardic Jews are certainly among the ancestors of the prince.

  10. I really don’t give a shit about this. I remember all the euphoria with Chuck & Diana’s wedding back in ’81. Millions of American women now their in late 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & even 90’s got up at 3:00 on a Wednesday morning, EST to view that spectacle. Some 16 years later, the storybook romance ended first with divorce & then tragedy. It’s all show for the late British Empire. Just like the Falkland Islands debacle a year later. BTW, I was routing for Argentina in that one.

  11. If a person cannot find a single mate among the billion members of his own race, he doesn’t need integration, he needs therapy.

    • For effective Jew therapy one must first find a veterinarian that specializes in Jews. Most likely if your Jew is acting up it just has mange and or scabies. Parasites can drive any Jew insane with excessive biting and scratching.

  12. Didn’t Harry used to hang out with Richard Chamberlain? I seem to remember him rubbing around that old queen.

    • There are plenty of British in South America, why not go ask them about their biscuit? They hate every last iota of a cracker.

    • One things for sure spahn; It’ll be somewhere nicer than the venue of your parents wedding reception (even if it really is a Church’s Chicken)

      • Several years ago, there was a couple here in Ohio that had their wedding reception at a White Castle. Definetly low budget but quite amusing I might add.

  13. The Jews must think this is devastating symbolically, and it might be if the British so called “Royalty” hadn’t irretrievably betrayed the people of that faire island long long ago.

    After the 14 words reign let there be new royalty based on worthy service rendered and mutual love and devotion between them and the white race of England.

    There is nothing regal left in Harry or he wouldn’t stand for this humiliation!

  14. Edward VII will be the last English royal that was a pro-White monarch. Too bad he abdicated the throne for the American divorcee. He was a friend of Herr Hitler, so you know the Rothschilds had him in their crosshairs.

  15. Couldn’t he have just found a Brunette Spanish girl? Really, Harry you’ll regret doing this bro.

    • Thanks for the correction Capt. John.

      A couple of better choices would’ve been Alice Eve or Emma Watson. Both British, and I believe Gentiles ( I’ve been fooled before. I’m looking at you Jennifer Connelly).

  16. Diana Spencer goes behind Jew boy Poofy Prince Charles’ back and has an illicit affair with dashing lady killer James Hewitt. Their passionate union produces bastard Harry, who goes to party in Nazi uniform, then marries a low rent negress divorcee from the former colonies. Its just like a reality TV show set on the UK council estates. Yuck! Yuck!

    The next episode of (((Windsor Bastards of Cuck Island))) will feature low IQ retards, heroin addicts, trannies, pedos, and more race mixing that you can poke a stick at.

    • My other favorite episode was when Diana cucked Poofy Prince Charles for the second time, with Mohammedan Dodi Fayed and a car crash was arranged for the happy couple before they could produce a second bastard for Charles to raise up.

      Unless you are “progressive” (((Windsor Bastards of Cuck Island))) will feel like watching a car crash in slow motion. You may find it ugly and disgusting but you’ll be glued to your TV set.

  17. Given that 60% of under 18 year olds are not white Brits, this looks like a way to avoid a slaughter.

    She’s the black one.

  18. In all honesty, when I look at Markle, I don’t see
    any African much at all. Could be makeup or any past enhancement procedures she may have undertaken, I don’t know. She could easily pass as Spanish, Italian, or Welsh or something.
    I heard Jewish matchmakers paired them up-says it all really.

  19. There was a white man way of bringing down the monarchy, but nigs can definitely do it faster.

  20. I wish they had abolished this bunch of lazy parasites a long time ago, they’ve done nothing to protect the United Kingdom from this invasion of sub humans. All these lay abouts have done is to provide official window dressing to the destruction of western civilization through multiculturalism And now this, Bonnie Prince ‘Arry’ marries a half nigger harlot.

    • The royal family do not lead. Like all “leaders” of anything, they follow the crowds from the front, as they try to remain popular, to stay in with the in crowd. As the US/UK goes down into the sewer, they will follow.

  21. One of the nicest things about being White is knowing that whenever a jigaboo looks at even the lowest white, the jig know how inferior he is. The knowledge that blacks are inferior haunts their every second, and I’m glad.

  22. Perhaps T.S Eliot said it best:
    ” The struggle of our times is to concentrate, not to dissipate; to renew our association with traditional wisdom: to re-establish a vital connection between the individual and the race. It is, in a word, struggle against Liberalism!”

  23. I knew a Welsh guy a couple of years ago, very shy and he looked like he had some nutrition problems.
    As far as know Wales is a third world place but food is very easy to produce nowadays.

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