President Cuck Bombs Syria Again, Aids “Moderate” Terrorists This Time

President Trump has become the dumpster fire that just cannot be put out, and sad to say, you’re probably not going to be hearing of this latest flare up anywhere else but here.

And this after Mike Pompeo’s bombastic demands to the Iranian government – demands that would collapse their country and trigger civil war if honored.


US-led coalition warplanes have bombed several Syrian army positions in the eastern Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, state media outlet SANA reports, citing a military source.

The attack took place shortly after midnight on Thursday. SANA reported that the US-led coalition aircraft inflicted limited material damage and no casualties. The airstrikes, which hit near the city of Al-Bukamal, were reportedly coordinated with anti-government militants.

Earlier, Lebanon’s Hezbollah group, an ally of the Syrian forces in the fight with Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) said the coalition jets targeted two Syrian army outposts, including an energy installation near the Iraqi border.

The area has seen rapid advances by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) pushing against IS militants near Al-Bukamal and moving towards the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

So about this Syrian Democratic Force

It’s all a front that would collapse within 90 days of them ever overthrowing Bashar al-Assad – very similar in fact to groups we aided in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan

On paper you may have a few guys at the top who were either given enough money, or who truly dream of freedoms like Syrian Slut Walks, Family Dollar stores in Damascus, and mandatory anal sex education for toddlers.

But that is where it stops – and that is the most optimistic analysis.

What you really have are multi-ethnic groups of terrorists (including the Communist Kurdish militias) that are attempting to form some sort of micro-state that would forever be a puppet of Israel and the United States.

And this only if they can keep from ripping each other into shreds once Assad was gone – like I said, I’d give it 90 days tops.

Now, if only we could get Iran to test a few of their long range missiles on these worthless heaps of genetic refuse…


  1. Strange, I don’t remember having voted for Netanyahu as president in November 2016. Maybe I need to order another bottle of Brain Force.

    • You mean you haven’t been taking the Dick Juice either?

      Shame on you – don’t you want to be just like Paul Joseph Watson?

  2. Maybe one day they can attack/invade Russia-I
    wouldn’t mind Europe, N.A. and Australia being overrun with Russian war refugees.
    With regard to Syria, we need to shout from the rooftops that we never wanted this. I hope these invaded nations can distinguish between the general public and deep state warmongers.
    To all Syrians living in Syria living their lives and minding their own business (including the legitimate government), you have my sympathy and full support. Any U.S. or coalition forces captured or killed by the Assad forces in any full scale invasion-are legitimate targets.They are invaders-and rightly should be treated as such.

  3. The Jooo’s would be nothing without the West. They’ve been a parasite on us for centuries. We fight their wars, have tolerated their presence on our soil and have allowed them to change us gradually from within. Even Israel-only exists off the back of American taxpayers and dead soldiers. They’ve achieved nothing good for the West that we couldn’t have achieved for ourselves.
    The most intelligent race on earth? Ummm….no, just the most cunning. We’ve been their bitches for too long.

    • @john

      “Even Israel-only exists off the back of American taxpayers and dead soldiers.”

      No mud country can survive without being propped up YT. Why would Jews be any different?

      • @James,
        Spot on. Every other race sponges off us endlessly. We’re the worlds ATM, builders, babysitters, fixers, doctors, researchers……
        And nogs in Africa-they sit around doing nothing.
        Take the West away from the Jews and instead give them Africa-they’d fail miserably.

  4. Good job Marcus, thanks for the updates on the Syrian clusterfuck. Not going to get this info on any national news or local format.

  5. Meantime China has troops in south Africa b/c available of natural resouces.Not a peep from the lyin media that the Middle East is about fighting terrorists along side with Israel who’ve been occupying Palestine since after WWII.So much for Trump campaign promises, no more regime change for the globalist parasites. Are there political leaders in Western to speak up for Western interest before it’s to late..China is getting everything it wants to increase its dominion over the globe.

  6. Can the US really be considered a superpower when it is a bankrupt state with its foreign policy determined by another country? Maybe powerful still, but the superpower is actually that other country which the US serves.

  7. (((Netanyahu))) has no direct power over Trump.

    the (((Central Bankers))) rule both.

    liquidate the debt-bombing, money-manufacturing (((Central Bank))), and you

    break the JewPower. Once, we had a Prez who understood this:

    Andrew Jackson.

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