Congo: Ebola-Infected Negroes Escape Quarantine, Evil Wizards Blamed For Disease

Ebola-Chan continues her work of revenge in earnest, and has dispatched messengers among the natives to make her project all the more easier.

Daily Star:

Three patients escaped from quarantine in the city of Mbandaka in north western Democratic Republic of Congo.

Two of the three have been found dead, while a third patient has been found alive.

Medecins Sans Frontieres’ (MSF) mission in the city confirmed the incident as they work to treat cases of Ebola.

Our equals over in the darkness of Africa have once again offered up their glorious wisdom for us Palefaces to absorb free of charge.

Because you see, J.R.R. Tolkien lied to us all back in the day – he said that when the Ring of Power was destroyed, Sauron faded into insignificance by becoming so weak he could never again trouble the lands of men.

But according to the Negroes of the Congo, all of this was as fanciful as the idea that White Men built the Pyramids and ruled the Roman Empire.

He’s back, and stronger than ever before.

Sunday Times:

Health workers fighting Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo have run into an invisible but powerful hurdle — a belief system that deems the disease to be a curse or the result of evil spirits.

Some people are refusing medical care and turn instead to preachers and prayers to chase away the threat, they say.

The pastor of an evangelical church last Wednesday died several days after he “prayed” for an Ebola victim who went to him for help, a doctor said.

“Some sick people believe that the Ebola epidemic comes from sorcery — they refuse to be treated and prefer to pray,” said Julie Lobali, a nurse on the front line against the DRC’s ninth Ebola outbreak.

She is working in a hospital in Mbandaka, a port city on the Congo River in northwest DRC where the first urban case was reported last Thursday. Since the outbreak was declared in the remote area of Bikoro on May 8, 51 cases of Ebola have been reported with 27 deaths.

One superstition that has become prevalent in the city, she says, is believing that Ebola began in Bikoro as “a curse on those who ate stolen meat” — a wild animal hunted in the countryside.

Blandine Mboyo, who lives in Mbandaka’s district of Bongondjo,told AFP “a hunter put a curse on the village because his big game was stolen.”

I’m not sure if anybody knows how to reach African social media, but I think they should all know that the “vaccines” being pushed are just a cunning trick by evil spirits disguised as health workers.

What they’ll really do is sterilize the men, and make them so weak they’ll never be able to function again as men.

“This curse is so powerful because it hits those who ate this meat, having heard about the theft or having seen the stolen animal,” added Nicole Batoa, a local vendor.

Another resident, Guy Ingila, observed that officials have said on the radio “this disease is incurable… It’s because it’s about witchcraft.”.

“So many deaths is a sign of a curse and can only have been provoked by a bad spirit,” said Zacharie Bababaswe, a Congolese specialist in cultural history, explaining people’s perceptions of Ebola.

If you’re an aid worker currently attempting to help these Blacks, then shame on you for such a selfish and arrogant act, and if you call yourself a Christian, know that you’ll be punished in both this life and the next for your defiance of God’s will.

This is nature attempting to cleanse itself of a population of locusts that would otherwise wipe out the entire planet if given enough time – their birthrates are such that they’ll annihilate all life in a desperate bid to just find enough food to last the day.

So take your medical bags, your vaccines, and your soap and get outside of Africa.

Get out and never come back.

You hear me?



  1. Christians think they will convert muds to their faith, instead muds will convert Christianity to voodoo. Look around the Caribbean, Christ has become just another voodoo saint.
    This superstition will just continue to spread, wherever there are muds. In Sweden, France, the US, we will see the same results.
    Look at Benny Hinn, he tells his largely mud audience he has raised people from the dead. Then , this idiocy will spread into the ignorant ranks of our people. Ultimately, this will pull all of us down.

  2. Natural population control. Ebola…you’re my hero. I might call my new dog ‘Ebola’ after you!
    To these meddling Christian aid workers-you’re a disgrace! Get back home and assist those in your own back yard-they need help. Stop your disgraceful grandstanding.Long term… benefits absolutely nobody.
    Anyway, all these advanced Wakandans need to do is drive out evil spirits or something-they have it worked out-so leave them to it.

  3. Nature keeps trying to impose checks on excess nigger population growth and we keep finding ways to stop it. The only solution is global atomic war.

  4. Also AIDs is reaching epidemic proportions in sub-Saharan Africa because they believe that if you are infected and have sex with a virgin the disease passes from you to her and you are no longer infected. The problem with this is blacks in Africa, just like blacks in America, reach sexual maturity about two years before whites and are much more promiscuous so to ensure the female is a virgin they are having sex with pre-pubescent children.

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  5. Mother Nature knows best. She will come up with new plagues to wipe out the dark continent.

    • @Based Bemidji

      “Mother Nature knows best. She will come up with new plagues to wipe out the dark continent.”

      Hopefully, they’ll only affect niggers, and have no effect on the rest of us.

    • Preferably viruses that affect only Africans, are lethal to nearly 100 percent of victims, are highly contagious, take months to manufest symptoms and are untreatable and no vaccines exist. That is what us called a Slate Wiper virus. If one appears that attacks the gonads and the brain, all the better.

  6. Two of the three have been found dead, while a third patient has been found alive.

    They couldn’t make it to the airfield in time to use their Jewish supplied airline tickets to Europe or the U.S.

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