President Trump Cancels Summit With North Korea, Brags About Nuclear Weapons

This had the potential to be a huge development for this country, all of East Asia, and a massive blow to the Neocon agenda all at the same time.

And it was all rather simple – the only thing needed was good faith on the part of South Korea (they seemed to show this initially) and the United States.

We could have had lasting peace, but are instead inching closer to war thanks to an Administration that promised us non-intervention during the Campaign, but instead decided to hire legit psychopaths like John Bolton to handle foreign policy.


Seriously – we’re talking about someone who has vowed to annihilate the world for Israel due to a crush he had on a Jewess when he was like twelve years old.

Not a very comforting thought when you combine this with a Trump that has shown himself to be utterly worthless on every level except on those that hasten our decline.


President Donald Trump canceled his historic nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un on Thursday, accusing North Korea of “tremendous anger and open hostility.”

The meeting, which would have marked the first face-to-face encounter between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader, was set for June 12 in Singapore.

“Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting,” Trump wrote in a letter to Kim, which was released Thursday morning.

So I guess we’re just going to forget the comments calling for the “Libya Model” for North Korea, and the images of a lawful ruler getting sodomized with bayonets that likely entered Kim’s mind.

Stocks fell and gold rose after news of the cancellation broke.

Much of the letter was written in seemingly friendly terms, including praise for North Korea’s recent release of three American prisoners. In contrast, Trump also appeared to issue a threat that conjured memories of his war of words with Kim last year.

Donald, I hope you’re aware of the fact that a huge portion of America’s nuclear arsenal dates back to the 1960’s and 1970’s, and is probably so dated and decrepit that silo explosions would happen on launch.

A representative of Moon’s office said the South Korean administration was “trying to figure out what President Trump’s intention is and the exact meaning of it,” according to the country’s Yonhap News Agency. Moon and his aides convened emergency meetings to address the shock announcement, which broke shortly before midnight in Seoul.

Trump’s whole letter is nothing but a slap in the face to the North Koreans, and makes it clear that the United States isn’t going to play by fair rules when it comes to actual negotiations and peace deals.

In fact, it looks like the whole dialogue effort by Trump was nothing more than a ploy to get the North to disarm the only weapons it has to deter yet another American nation-building effort.

Therefore, at this time, I would say that Kim Jong-un’s best bet is to up his country’s capabilities, seek alliances with countries like Syria, Iran, and Russia, and be ready to deal with whatever may come from across the Pacific.


  1. You do realize North Korea is Communist right? Communism is an anti-White j00000000ish ideology and the Jews all LOVE Communism so Trump is just being BASTE and protecting White interests by trying to start WWIII with them! This is exactly the MAGA we all voted for, a war of extermination of dirty Red scum all over the world! Let’s hope he starts something with Venezuela next.

      • He’s a jew who is anti-White, loves Communism THIS MUCH!, is Imperialist and is a complete retard. Imagine that!

        Because he is a retard, he doesn’t understand the difference between nationalism and imperialism. A nationalist minds the affairs of his OWN country. An imperialist like Trump minds the affairs of OTHER people’s countries.

        • Are you talking about me? My comment was obviously sarcastic though your brain is probably as small as your virgin dick and you are confused by my excellent sense of humor. I am the furthest thing from an imperialist- you are the one who defends colonialism and claim it is anti-White to oppose it. I support liberation from imperialism through true nationalism – National Bolshevism.

          • “Are you talking about me?”

            Who else? You ARE the resident anti-White moron.

            “you are the one who defends colonialism”

            Anti-White moron first asserts that Communism is pro White, then anti-White moron goes on to support the USSR backed genocide of White people in Africa. Whites have been Africa just as long as Whites have been in America. Therefore anti-White moron also supports the genocide of all Whites of the South, the USA, Canada, and Australia, etc. He would give big $$$ to carry it out this genocide.

            “I support liberation from imperialism through true nationalism – National Bolshevism.”

            National Bolshevism = White Genocide.

            You should not be posting here, you should be getting a lobotomy.

          • You condemn imperialism and say you support nationalism, then defend systems like apartheid and colonialism. Explain how that makes sense.

          • If the surgeons cut your brain out, threw it on the floor, and jumped up and down on it 10 times, your IQ would actually increase.

          • I asked you to provide logic and reason and you responded with insults and refusal to answer the question. Your insults were also projection – you behave an extremely low IQ, mentally ill and womanly manner. You should not be allowed to reproduce.

          • No one in their right mind discusses things reasonably with a Traitor. Dante reserved the coldest & worst part of Hell for the outright traitors. Hell or not, that is traditional decency.

            Every traitor claims that he is not being disloyal, just Idealistic and Objective. In the real world, that principles crap is an excuse to shoot your own guys in the back or destroy your own race in the name of some -ism.

          • What is so WRONG with National Bolshevism? All it means is that all peoples except Jews should be allowed to live in the abundance and happiness of a racially homogeneous and healthy Marxist-Leninist state. Why should WN not accept Nazbols? What is the logical reason for this?

      • That would be (((capitalism))) actually. Or maybe you’re right – in which case the Communist side in the cold war would be the US and the USSR was the anti-Communist side.

    • North Korea is not that much different from half a hundred examples of Oriental Despotisms. In fact NK is a lot like the Taipeng Rebels in China during the 1850s.

  2. The best course of action would be if the DPRK began a massive buildup of its military forces (both conventional and nuclear), shut off all diplomatic relations with the ZOG-controlled West and forged strong alliances with Red China, Iran, Syria and Russia. Trump is a dangerous and incompetent fool who barely has any real authority beyond the walls of the Rose garden.

  3. You know what’s really anti-White?

    White men and women dying defending any non-White nation(s).

    What else is anti-White is an environment contaminated by nuclear fallout.

    How does that lead to The 14 Words.

    • The “American Government” is THE MOST Anti White thing in the world. One can be pro-White, and still understand and sympathize with other Nations, simply trying to protect their very existence from the deranged, psychotic jews infesting the JewSA “government”.

      • Absolutely!

        Violent opposition to (((American imperialism))) is the DUTY OF EVERY WHITE NATIONALIST!! ANYONE who is resisting it should be supported. Fuck all of the Gladio-backed anti-Communist and anti-Arab shit. Death to capitalism and the KIKES who control the “west”.

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