Greasy Yid Harvey Weinstein Finally Arrested For Rape, Posts $1 Million Cash Bail

Let’s just make this the feel good story of the day, shall we?

I mean, it’s always a boost to morale to see a powerful Jew go down in flames for his exploitation of the Goyim, and it gets even better when you think that this is one specific rat that won’t ever get to make Aliyah thanks to a confiscated passport.

That, and I don’t think the Israelis would take him – too much baggage, and too much potential heat for the Jewish Race as a whole if they were to get involved.

That’s right – Harvey Weinstein has been hung out to dry by his own, and his future is going to be filled with a very specific type of guy once all is set and done.



As expected, Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to the New York Police Department at the 1st Precinct in Tribeca this morning to face criminal charges stemming from multiple sexual assault allegations.

Facing potentially years behind bars, sources say Weinstein is likely looking at first degree and third degree rape charges and a first degree criminal sexual act charge from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Once the most powerful producer in Hollywood, Weinstein exited the precinct house at about 8:45 AM ET in handcuffs, escorted into a waiting car. The New York Police Department issued a statement saying he had been arrested and charged with rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse and sexual misconduct for incidents involving two separate women.

“The NYPD thanks these brave survivors for their courage to come forward and seek justice,” police said in the statement obtained by Deadline. “The arrest and ensuing charges are the result of a joint investigation between the NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.”

Weinstein was seen leaving the precinct in handcuffs, smiling, as he was escorted to a waiting car to be driven to court — a powerful image for the women who accused him of abuse.

Though accused by close to 80 women, the charges apparently center on three incidents within the Empire State’s statute of limitations: former Boardwalk Empire actor Paz de la Huerta has claimed that Weinstein raped her twice in 2010, and a 2004 occurrence where college student Lucia Evans said the Hollywood mogul compelled her to perform oral sex on him.

Weinstein arrived at the Lower Manhattan station house early this morning amid a throng of media and onlookers gathered at the police station, with NYPD barricades up to separate them the Oscar-wining producer as he was escorted inside. The disgraced media mogul carried three books under his right arm, including what appeared to be a biography of Elia Kazan, the director of such classic Hollywood films as On the Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire. He walked silently through the media phalanx as the cameras clicked and reporters shouted “Harvey!”

While in the lower Manhattan precinct, Weinstein was placed in a holding cell for about 30 minutes, sources tell us. The 66-year old sat on the floor of the cell flipping through the Kazan bio as officers filled out an online arrest report. Earlier, Weinstein had been subject to a live scan finger print, which meant it was done electronically with no ink used.

After being booked, Weinstein and lawyer Benjamin Brafman headed over to nearby criminal court for an arraignment hearing to enter a plea. At the hearing, a predetermined bail of $1 million will be set, and Weinstein’s passport will be handed over to authorities due to flight-risk concerns. As part of the process of the criminal complaint, the producer could be ordered to wear a monitoring device.

Only one major question remains – what was the title of the black book carried by Harvey?

The other two were biographies of other directors famous for the Casting Couch, but the black one doesn’t seem to have a title on its spine.

For the record, I’m just going to assume it was the Talmud.


  1. So paying money or providing career services for blow jobs from a consenting adult is now rape. This should be fun to watch. Me-tooism would appear to be on auto-pilot.

    • hansfransavatar I agree with you, as vile as Weinstein is, the women were will to whore themselves for fame and profit. Hell, even as a little girl of 12 I knew that going to a man’s room was wrong, even if at that point I had no idea what might happen.

  2. What you gotta realize here is that Weinstein was basically acting like a typical Jew seducing naive or not-so-naive young white women with fame and fortune.

    He’s a walking talking Der Sturmer Cartoon.

    There is no downside to his downfall.

    • They aren’t White women that Harvey molested, they are nearly all or very possibly every last one of them a transgender! They are White men on estrogen and surgically “enhanced”, why should anybody even give a hoot? Harvey himself is most likely a female to male transgender, the whole thing is extremely perverse. I seriously doubt that there is even one single natural born female amongst the “victims” of that fat ass Hollywood douchebag. The casting couch is a well known Hollywood quid pro quo, this is all a pile of bullshit. We shouldn’t even be paying attention to this and instead be focused on more important things like forced integration, the swarthy invaders and the resulting culture wars. Focusing on Harvey Weinstein is a moot point, he’s a lowly transgender pervert, who gives a flying fuck about his antics with cross gender actors? There are way bigger issues needing attention like the ongoing rape of the European continent.

    • Indeed, he could well have pissed off a more powerful Jew, and thus was thrown under the bus. Jews fear scrutiny, and letting Swinestain hang in court might be an effort to deflect it away from their anti-white machinations. If it is to their advantage, Jews will turn on other Jews.

  3. Harvey will be moving up in the world. Look at what he’ll soon be having sex with (refer to bottom photo).
    Of course, he can probably afford the best Jewish lawyers in town so one can only hope and pray.

        • No, smart-ass. Harvey wanted me to ask; he needs to clear it with some sort of special dispensation from his Rabbi if he has to go to prison.

          • Strumpet, you know you want that greasy black man’s hairy chest rubbing up against you as his Christian cross gold chain swings back and forth as he pumps furiously.

  4. “Maybe he’ll get a presidential pardon.”– I don’t think so. The last time I checked, only governors can pardon people convicted of crimes in their respective state courts. That said, it probably won’t be hard to place a compliant co-ethnic governor in charge of NY to take care of good ‘ol boy Harvey in the event he he is convicted and sent to prison in NY.

    • Jews are special. You are right not to want any harm done to Weinstein for his fat Jewish slob knob.

  5. My current working theory on the Weinstein theatrics is that with all this ‘Incel White Male shooter’ psy op hysteria, pretending to prosecute Weinstein prevents people from wondering why so many actual male aggressors aren’t being rounded up and involuntarily committed.

    It’s not just his jewishness (which probably has more to do with the liberal jewish anti-zionists), it’s that his supposed victims were trashy money-hustling white attention whores – not exactly the profile of real white female sexual violence targets.

    It’s an indirect way of discrediting white women’s authentic and justified complaints while appearing to do avenge them.

    • Funny how many shooters come from armed forces. Sort of reminiscent of the ‘catch and release’ program for black on white violent criminals.

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