North And South Korea Defy America, Meet Again To Discuss Peace Process

Perhaps it’s time for Kim Jong-un to release a letter of his own – informing President Trump that the presence of the United States at the Singapore Summit is no longer needed.

Let nations in the region (the two Koreas, Russia, and China) hash out difficulties on their own, and let ZOG sit on the sidelines snubbed to the utmost.

In truth, it would enrage them just as much as if a nuclear weapon were to be launched at a major West Coast city.

Wall Street Journal:

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a surprise meeting at the demilitarized zone Saturday aimed at keeping inter-Korean relations, and a possible summit between Mr. Kim and President Donald Trump, on track.

South Korea’s presidential office announced the two-hour meeting after it had wrapped up, saying the two leaders met on the north side of the demilitarized zone and discussed how to successfully stage a summit between Messrs. Trump and Kim.

The meeting—the fourth in history between leaders of the two Koreas—was the latest turn in a series of diplomatic maneuvers as the U.S. and South Korea seek to rein in North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

It followed an April 27 summit between Messrs. Moon and Kim on the south side of the line dividing the inter-Korean truce village of Panmunjom, at which the two men signed a Panmunjom Declaration vowing an end to war and hostilities between the two sides.

The two Koreas agreed to “meet frequently in the future,” North Korea’s report said, portraying the relationship of Messrs. Moon and Kim in warm terms.

“Kim Jong Un thanked Moon Jae In for much effort made by him for the DPRK-U.S. summit scheduled for June 12, and expressed his fixed will on the historic DPRK-U.S. summit talks,” the North Korean report said, referring to North Korea by the abbreviation for its formal name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The two Koreas also agreed to meet again for working-level talks on June 1, in a resumption of dialogue that Pyongyang had scuttled earlier this month, when it criticized South Korea for participating in an air force drill with the U.S., and for failing to muzzle a North Korean defector who has been critical of Pyongyang’s recent pursuit of dialogue.

The message from Messrs. Moon and Kim, he added, was: “Why do we need the U.S. doing anything if Trump is going to oscillate between ‘fire and fury’ and sharing a hamburger with Kim? Maybe we should move things forward by ourselves.”

I have no doubt that a united Korean Peninsula would be a powerhouse of a country, and could easily serve as a bulwark against any sort of foreign interference in the region.

Just imagine fanatical North Korean soldiers armed to the teeth with modern weaponry possessed by the South, and imagine the Juche Philosophy of the North equipped with enough advanced technology to make self-sufficiency a certainty.

Oh, and just imagine the tears when a free Korea finally decides to issue an expulsion decree against American soldiers stationed in the country.

They could even make it an argument of racial purity (East Asians typically have no problem doing this) – calling out the troops for their disgusting affairs with local women.

Let Korean marry Korean, and let ZOG keep its demented ideology of miscegenation within its own borders – it’ll be easier to destroy it once and for all this way.


  1. Good, I’m glad those two Korean leaders are meeting without any interference from either Drimpf or President Bolton. They don’t need ZOG and neither do we.

      • @Snowhitey,

        Only children in particular should never be permitted to fight in active combat-especially for immoral Zionists. No grandchildren, no bloodlines going forward-and for what? The welfare of Israel?

  2. I hope they unify based on Juche into a strong nation capable of violently resisting the Judeo-West. Smash capitalism and Zionism! For an alliance of all the nations of the world resisting ZOG!

  3. Aw, Just like a fairytale. When Moon met Kim ,a love story for the ages. I’m sure that it will last. Kim is such a stable guy, clearly. I mean, look at that haircut.

    Now we can have world peace.

  4. Lol looks like our resident kike vermin doesn’t like the idea of a united Korea lol. Fuck ZOG

  5. Jigga coon Dennis Rodman would be a more sane Secretary of State than Jew Bolton.

  6. KOREAN RACIAL IDENTITY POLITICS on full display in the photo…..and the ANTIFA fully support this….As does Noam Chomsky….

    Something to thing about:post-1965 race–replacement LEGAL IMMIGRANT policy driven by the low wage labor policy of THE WHITE GREEDY CHEATING CEO CLASS…

  7. For all you JFK worshippers….A BIG FUCK YOU!!!

    JFK and RFK bullied George Wallace at the end of a M-15 assault rifle….down the road….Working Class Boston Irish Catholic School Girls sexually assaulted by negros in Boston Urban High Schools….

    JFK and RFK gave us the 1964 Civil Rights Act….which was a direct road to the passage of THE 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT…

    JFK was gone by 1963….but the 1964 Civil Rights Act was his mutant baby….

    • So Catholic Kennedy wanted Catholic school girls to be sexually pleasured by large black cock?

    • LBJ was the one responsible for the Snivel Rights Act. JFK wanted to keep his distance from that crowd. RFK worked with Sen. Joe McCarthy to expose the communist sympathies of “Doctor” King. Not that I’m a big fan of the Kennedys. Hardly!

      • You are an ignorant stupid fool who projects his fantasies onto JFK-RFK…

        Martin Luther King opposed the Vietnam War…well, then there is is at least one decent thing we can say about Martin Luther King…

        You really no nothing about about the post-WW2 evolution of the 1963 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…both of which were creatures of the Cold War. JFK was a Cold Warrior on the anti-commie crusade…And this resulted in policies that destroyed countries that posed 0 threat to THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…and destroyed the White Cannon Fodder drafted to fight the Commies in Vietnam….

        One of the very nasty consequences of Cold War was that it went hand-in-hand-with INVITE THE WORLD=nonwhite scab labor LEGAL IMMIGRANTS=Whites become a low wage White racial minoritity and White Racial Foreigners within the borders of America…voted into this by the post-1965 nonwhite scab labor….=DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTING BLOC…


        The Nazis have always been the enablers of the MUZZIES… before WW2…during WW2…..the Nazis have always been the murderers of European Christians…just like ISIS…

        • DK, you’re more full of shot than a manure truck.

          The Christian Churches under the Third Reich were automony to practice their faith. They even had a semi-formal hand in directing domestic policy.

          DK, what you’re spewing is kosher ww2 (((allied))) propaganda that was used to motivate Christian soldiers in America to murder their own kind for international Jewry. It’s as bogus as a tree dollar bill.

          Proletariat + labor unions= communist useful idiots

          Though, I do agree that jfk and rfk (both Christians by the way) were not friends to the White race’s plight.

          What’s odd about jfk’s about face on becoming an anti-White traitor is that in his diary he wrote admiringly of Adolf Hitler. His father Joseph Kennedy Sr. was known to be anti-Jewish and at the minimum indifferent to National Socialism.

          • When America was majority 90 percent Native Born White American…and the Unions were strong and majority White….the real wage was high and economic growth rates were high..during the post WW2 era up until 1973…..8 years after the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act…..Economist call it the Golden Era of Economic Growth…I call it the HINDU-CHINESE-MUZZIE FREE AMERICA ERA….

            Post-1973=decline in real wage..Native Born White Union membership down….nonwhite majority unions post -1973 Democratic anti-white Voting Bloc….

            The Cold War-Anti-Commie-INVADE THE WORLD-INVITE THE WORLD mindset post-WW2 entrenched Oligarch Rule was fundamentally on attack on White Labor Unions…Native Born White Labor in general……

            Time to rethink the Cold War…this should be fundamental to being ALT RIGHT…

            Richard Spencer has yet to come up with a framework that is debating lethal to the White Liberal….. my framework is…..throw the racism-genocide charge back at the filthy subhuman ANTIFA…and their WHITE GREEDY CHEATING CLASS ENABLERS….

  8. I see that India has said, ” Fuck you” to Isramerica. They reject following sanctions against Iran. The Empire, for its part, threatens sanctions against India for buying Russian weapon systems. The Empire does nothing but bribe, threaten, use economic warfare, bomb and invade.

    It would be surprising if NK met with Trump after the Libya Model and “complete decimation” threats from Bolton, Trump and Pence. Kim knows what happened to Ghaddafy.

    • Yea, Gaddafi was an excellent communist leader for the Islamic birth rate, this conversation is getting sexy.

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