Did Everybody Remember To Thank A Veteran For His Service Today?

Let me just put the disclaimer out there to start – not every veteran is a worthless Patriotard cuck, and not every veteran went into war glad to fight and die for the Jews in some random desert hellhole.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that combat in the service of ZOG does one of two things to an individual:

  1. After watching your buddies get legs blown off, balls torn to pieces by shrapnel, and brains made useless by concussions, you start to ask yourself why are Americans stuck thousands of miles away from home fighting primitive Brown people who never raised a hand against the United States until invaded. When combined with what you see when finally sent home (the same primitive Brown people being admitted as citizens),  it doesn’t take much for full redpilling to take place.
  2. You see your service (usually as a motor pool mechanic far behind the lines) as some sort of holy crusade against those who would deprive everyone of freedoms back at home – technological issues of the Brown people not considered. You then spend the rest of your life dedicated to a political/cultural movement that has done nothing but retreat for the last two or three generations.

The second type is who I specifically refer to in this article – if they are that far gone, they deserve to be browbeaten into seeing what their “service” actually defended back in the States.

Show them, and don’t spare their feelings.

Now I could be wrong, but had we been able to send these images to the soldiers preparing to storm the beaches of Normandy, I think the result would have been mutiny, the massacre of all Allied officers standing in the way, and the lynching of FDR, Churchill, and all others who dared to involve the West in a war that began our great tailspin.


  1. Who knew that Eisenhower’s original surname was Eisenhauer which was more typical of jews, and that he was nicknamed ‘the Swedish jew’ and ‘Ike the Kike’ at West Point? There looks to be jewish lineage on both sides of his family. He grew up in a section of Pennsylvania that had germans as well as jews and other non-northwestern europeans as the state was known for religious tolerance. Were christian men circumcised back then?

    Also, LBJ is supposed to be jewish through his mother’s side.

    I hadn’t known either could be proven to be jewish but it makes sense when you think about it. Neither looked that jewish but figureheads had to be found that could fool the gentiles.

    I’m not feeling very patriotic today.


    • The Eisenhauer (German for “iron hour”) family migrated from Karlsbrunn in Nassau-Saarbrücken, to North America, first settling in York, Pennsylvania, in 1741, and in the 1880s moving to Kansas.[6]Accounts vary as to how and when the German name Eisenhauer was anglicized to Eisenhower. Eisenhower’s Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors, who were primarily farmers, included Hans Nikolaus Eisenhauer of Karlsbrunn, who migrated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1741.

      Hans’s great-great-grandson, David Jacob Eisenhower (1863–1942), was Eisenhower’s father and was a college-educated engineer, despite his own father Jacob’s urging to stay on the family farm. Eisenhower’s mother, Ida Elizabeth (Stover) Eisenhower, born in Virginia, of German Protestant ancestry, moved to Kansas from Virginia.

      • Ida Elizabeth Stover’s mother was named Ida Judah Link (Link was another often-jewish german surname).

        Born David Dwight Eisenhower, ‘Ike’ changed his name along with the date and place of his birth somewhere along the way.

        Many accounts have his performance both at West Point and beyond characterized as profoundly mediocre at best, yet his career arc saw serial promotions over far more qualified candidates – a hallmark of jewishness. I will look for some of these articles.

        • Thank you, Genie. Ike was a Kike. Know them be their deeds. Yes – Ike Kike was a big zero, at West Point. He did nothing to distinguish himself, academically or professionally EVER. “Mediocre performance” is a generous assessment. Yet he’s suddenly in charge of the war on Germany…………hmmmmmmmmmmm………….

          • According to the recently late Pastor Wickstrom, Ike was not only a kike but his mother or grandmother was a mulatto. He claims Ike never allowed her to be photographed or filmed during his presidency for this reason. Can anyone confirm or refute this?

  2. The men in my family who served in WWI, WWII and Korea never talked about it unless you asked them. So when I hear right-wing jerks boasting about all the bad ass “oorah” stuff they did in Desert Storm I just dismiss them as jerks, liars and fools. Most likely they were picking up cigarette butts around the motorpool or filling out forms in a warehouse, not fighting on the front lines.

    BTW, that “Thank a vet for his service” shit was developed by the War Department’s office of psychological warfare.

    • Isn’t it kind of outdated to shoot back and forth using small arms when a missile can fired from miles away? Gunships kind of make a soldier toting a rifle obsolete.

      • The point being 1-2 Cruise missiles is more efficient than a manually operated 22 cal rifle more suitable for short range varmint hunting.

        • Actually close up killing is the most decisive form of killing. While artillery and bombs are king, there’s no substitute for the terror of a bayonet, knife, axe etc…Airsupremacy makes the result of a conventional conflict inevitable BUT the willingness to stab and shoot close up is the deciding factor. Look at Moqtada Al Sadr. He stabbed his way to the leadership of Iraq.

          • Your enemy isn’t going to remember how much worse it was being killed by “terror of a bayonet, knife, axe”. Maybe using black powder muskets is appealing to you. War is about the most efficient way to evaporate an opponent, otherwise the activity should be considered something other than war.

        • Fallujah was more like a live fire training drill for the grunts.

          In Nazi Germany the generals fought alongside the soldiers on the frontline when the battles were actually real and counted for something.

          It would be shocking to see a US general exchanging fire using an AR-15 in a real battle.

          • JC, no one in the jewunited states of emirica military uses a AR-15 in combat.

            M4 is the infantry’s primary rifle.

          • it still uses the same shitty short range 22 cal bullet … Why not simply use a Thermobaric weapon with a range of miles?

    • I have a cousin that fought in Fallujah – good luck ever getting anything out of him other than an admission that it was brutal.

      • That’s because your cousin was actually “in the zone”, not some bullshitter trying to impress everyone.

        No matter what conflict they were in, just about every war vet will say the same thing…no one in his unit ever talked about things like loyalty, honor, duty, etc, it was all about the scams they were running and all the big plans they had for after the war. That’s how human nature works.

        • I am starting to think even that is bullshit. Why would you fight the (((Bank of England))) just to have a (((Rothchilds))) controlled (((Bank of USA)))? The only true Revolution was Andrew Jackson which set the real foundation of US expansion and greatness.

          • Andrew Jackson is my hero. The only thing they keep trying to pin on him is the Indian affair and to that I say three things:

            1. Georgia moved the Indians, Andrew Jackson a statesman sided WITH Georgia.

            2. Jackson didn’t just rubber stamp it himself. If you read the Supreme Court cases 4 out of 5 justices sided with Georgia. One abstained from the vote altogether if my memory serves. Also, if you read each of their written decisions on the case you will see VERY constitutional jurisprudence.

            3. The Indians removed still lived and had children. Where are the northern Indians under Yankee hospitality?

          • Indeed. Switching one employee of a corporation for another employee of the same corporation and actually believing you’ll get change is self-delusion. America is packed with this type of personality.

        • As cliche as it sounds on a pro-White site like this, I have to say it: about the only soldiers in modern history who deserve praise were the German ones who fought against “us” in ww2. They lost, yes, but boy did they effing fight! Because their cause really was a just cause.

          • My grandfather on my dad’s side fought in the Pacific, and my grandfather on my mother’s side fought the Bolshevik hordes on the Eastern Front.

  3. A clip from a National Vanguard article entitled ‘World War 2: Battling The People Of The Lie’ –

    “NOT EVERY World War 2 veteran is still around to tell us how he feels about the world his sacrifices brought into being. But there are a few veterans, and sons and daughters of veterans, who are no longer keeping their heads down and pretending that everything is just fine. Some of them are angry — very angry — at what has been done to their world — the world they thought they were fighting to preserve. Listen to this:

    I stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day so my kids could be manipulated by media Jews to hate me — and to hate themselves.

    I stormed Omaha Beach so my kids could be the sex playthings of any invader or racial alien who took a fancy to them — and so my kids could be taught to like it.

    I stormed Omaha Beach so my kids could could say “F America” and scream that Black gangbangers and Mexican cartel gangs are equal to us –and hate me if I think otherwise.

    I stormed Omaha Beach so when my kids had kids, one of my grandsons could put other men’s genitals in his mouth and have other “men” put their forearms in his rectum and call it “diversity” and “love.”

    I stormed Omaha Beach so that my other grandson could castrate himself and take hormones to grow female breasts.

    I stormed Omaha Beach — and saw my buddies die — so that my granddaughter could cover herself with gang sign tattoos and give herself to Black gangbangers in a crack house. I stormed Omaha Beach so that she could become a junkie and then get a “job” doing sex movies for a Jewish porn studio which requires that she have group sex with Blacks in gang rape movies.

    I stormed Omaha Beach — and saw my buddies die — and killed members of my own race who had never harmed me or my country — so that my other granddaughter could be beat bloody and abandoned by her Mexican invader “boyfriend” and bear his mixed-race offspring.

    That is what I fought for when I fought in World War 2. God Bless America and please protect the poor, persecuted Jews who brought us all this freedom!”

  4. I had this very conversation with an elderly European member of the resistance against the Germans, a highly decorated war hero, who told me a few years ago that if he had known then what he knew now, he wouldn’t have bothered resisting…

  5. I decided to spend the evening watching “Gods and Generals” and wishing that Jackson had been alive to fight at Gettysburg. I am among those who believe that the outcome of that engagement would have been different if “Stonewall” had been there.

    As for the U. S. veterans of wars since Korea, I don’t discount their bravery, or even the idea that they believed they were doing what was right. But, I will candidly ask them to explain, “how is it that you are protecting my freedoms, when they diminish with every passing day?” “How are you protecting me from terrorism, when each time a C-130 full of soldiers disembarks in the Middle East, their seats are filled with refugees who are very likely to be potential terrorists?” And, finally, “if you took an oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, how come I never see any veterans protecting Conservatives who are attempting to exercise their first amendment rights?”
    I remember when some “brave veterans” faced off against the aging, decrepit members of the Westboro Baptist Church, who were disrupting military funeral services. But, I have yet to witness them standing off Antifa or Black Lives Matter.”

    • Excellent post, Cowtown Rebel, and spot-on points! These “heroes” live in Lala Land, don’t they. Just like the Negroes, they eat up the praise that the jewsmedia and ZOG dole out to them… and they believe it, despite the all-too-obvious. Same thing goes for 90% of the police “officers”. Praise from ZOG is the opiate of the uniformed masses. Personally, I’m still very bitter about Charlottesville, about how the “authorities” who, even though these brave (but naive) Whites were chanting “Blue Lives Matter” (and meant it), purposefully forced these folks into a dangerous and humiliating trap. That event will forever be burned into my mind, and I’ll never forgive it.

  6. @JimB,

    It’s always good hearing from you.

    Even though I wasn’t there, I took the Charlottesville debacle very personally as well. Financial limitations would not permit me to attend, but I followed the event from its planning and I enthusiastically tuned in to the news coverage from the beginning. I took immediate notice of how the entire episode was unfolding and the spin doctoring that even the Neo-Cucks at Fox were already engaging in, although the truth was as apparent as the nose on one’s face.

    During the days following, I astonished many by avowing my solidarity with the so-called Alt-Right. I was usually, but not always, prompted by someone wanting to discuss the matter with me. I had some heated, and some productive, dialogue with a number of individuals. One elderly gentleman said, “They went looking for trouble, and they found it.” When I tried to explain that “they” had a permit and that “they” had been stalked and assaulted for trying to exercise “their” rights, he doubled down. In frustration, I told him that I would remember that if he gets mugged by Negroes in the supermarket parking lot; that, “he went looking for trouble and he found it.”

    • “I told him that I would remember that if he gets mugged by Negroes in the supermarket parking lot; that, “he went looking for trouble and he found it.””

      Ha! Good one!

      • If it does happen to him, he won’t admit you were right. He will probably double down again. Liberals and cuckservatives are both liars, and the ones they lie to the most are themselves.

  7. @cowtown rebel

    Yes! We must use the end result of their logic against them and it’s our best tool! I was told so many times “you shouldn’t have been there!” I always respond “I’m in my own country, when niggers break down your doors to rob and rape you I will tell you that you shouldn’t have been there!”

  8. @Professional,

    Unfortunately, diplomacy must sometimes yield to frankness.

    I took no pleasure in saying what I did to the old man, and I certainly don’t want any harm to come to him.

    Sadly, from what I’ve seen, people have to find themselves in a bad situation before they are aware of the abundant dangers. When their number comes up, they usually respond by exclaiming, “nothing like that ever happens around here!” All too often, they ascribe their misfortune to a random act committed by a statistically minor portion of an otherwise law-abiding segment of our population. Within weeks, or days, they are forgiving their assailants, praying for them and their families, and working with the SJW’s to improve the conditions that, understandably, led the poor, underprivileged, 26 year old Youth to, misguidedly, seek to redress his legitimate grievances by beating them senseless. In those cases, all you can do is throw your hands in the air and reserve your aid and sympathy for those who have been, or can be, awakened.

    • @Cowtown

      This all reminds me of that college girl last year raped by those two niggers, she was drunk alone and on a bus late at night….I think it was Alabama somewhere. So many whites see stories like that in the news but they always justify it by saying “well they shouldn’t have been doing that” or “they were in a place they shouldn’t have been.” The problem with this thinking is that it is the liberal sickness of the age. Specific times/locations kill people, guns kill people, underprivelege leads to crime, etc. etc.

  9. @JimB,

    After re-reading your post about the WWII veterans, I, too, wonder what many of them would have to say about today’s societal cesspool. Actually, I don’t have to speculate too much. My maternal grandparents were from that generation. And, in my younger days, I was enough of a culture shock to them to now realize that, even though they made Ward and June Cleaver look like swingers, they would probably be incensed enough to commandeer a B-52 and set a course for Washington, D.C.

  10. As far as I’m concerned, Memorial Day gets dumber every year, at least where I live. Last year they stuck up American flags every four feet, this year it was every two feet. And worshipping the military has apparently become some sort of secular religion. The public has become so stupid that nobody even questions what the U.S. is doing in Afghanistan after almost 17 years, or Iraq. Has anything actually been made better? Was any of this crap worth the lives lost or the money spent?

    Trump ran around threatening North Korea, North Korea is no threat to the U.S. and never was. Neither was North Vietnam, what did everybody die for?

  11. The only soldiers I honored yesterday, was I put silk flowers on the graves of two confederate veterans in the city cemetery, when I was out there for my relatives.

  12. The whole point of Memorial Day is to honor the valiant (or otherwise) war dead not some blanket adulation of all veterans. You people are doing it wrong.

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