NYC: Woke Black Woman Demolishes Jew On Subway

Northern Negroes, especially in areas like New York City and Boston, tend to understand the Jewish Problem at a rate higher than Whites in many parts of the country.

Sure, you’ll often have them make simple mistakes like categorizing Jews as a freakish offshoot of our race, but at the end of the day, the right emotions and enough of an understanding exists to sometimes make things quite interesting indeed.

And yes, if you’re wondering, I’m of course going to take the side of the Black nearly every single time – many of our concerns and differences could easily be addressed (or wouldn’t exist at all) if it weren’t for the Jews.

New York Post:

A black woman went on a rant against an Orthodox Jewish man aboard a crowded city subway train after he called her racist, video of the incident shows.

The nearly two-minute clip, posted last week by Twitter user @Chrisfrench_, begins in the middle of the heated morning confrontation between the pair on a Bronx-bound 4 train at 8:53 a.m.

“You said I’m racist so you tell me what I’m being racist towards … because you’re Jewish and I said if a Jewish family got on here, somebody would have got up. That is not a racist statement. That is a factual statement,” the woman can be heard yelling at the man as they both stand on the moving train.


Israeli national broadcaster Arutz Sheva identified the man as Yossi Wolfe, a 31-year-old Wall Street Journal software engineer.

Of course.

Tell us, Yossi, did you get your job through hard work and study, or did you pull the good old nepotism trick as taught in the Talmud?

Wolfe told the TV station the hubbub began after another African American woman – with three small kids – boarded the crowded train last week and no one gave up their seat for them.

“So this other lady started screaming at everyone around her, saying ‘Why are you guys not getting up? This lady’s here with her three kids,’ ” said Wolfe, who had been standing, “and then she finally said, ‘If it was a Jewish family y’all would have gotten up!’ At which point I said to her, ‘Can we please not make this a racist thing?’ ”

And that’s what set off the sunglasses-wearing woman, according to Wolfe.

She could often be heard in the video shouting over Wolfe: “You need to learn the difference between race … Judaism is not a race. It is a religion.”

Understandable error, although there are plenty of Blacks out there who understand that Whites and Jews are entirely different creatures.

The man can then be heard quietly telling the woman to “calm down.”

“No, I need to calm down now because I’m schooling your a–,” the woman says. “You guys think you’re so f—king smart, but guess what? I’m gonna teach you a lesson on this f—king train today.”

Wolfe then interrupts and says: “No, ‘you guys.’ I am a person. You are a person.”

“No! No!” the woman replies.

Give this woman some bug spray and some building materials to construct wooden shower rooms, because we’ve got a BASED one here, folks.

“We are different. Understand that. You know why? Because your people treat my people different in our community! The f–k you talking about,” the woman shouts as she thumps on her chest with her hand.

This is true – we just want to be among our own and not deal with you, while the Jews would annihilate you if given the chance.

Wolfe — wearing a yarmulke and his tzitzit, or traditional Jewish fringes — then says: “That’s not true.”

Another straphanger on the packed train can be heard voicing support for the woman, saying, “She’s right.”

Preach it – let the community know about the owners of the slave ships too while you’re at it.

The woman continues her rant, saying: “You treat us different in our community. You don’t even rent to us. What the f—k are you talking about?”

It’s actually sort of sad when you think that this woman will probably lose everything if her identity gets out there.

Because there is a specific pecking order in this country, and Jews will always (unless you’re Roseanne Barr) be at the top.


  1. This NYC black woman absolutely knows that jews and whites are racially different. She’s just choosing to play the jews’ game back at them. She knows jews pretend to be ‘white’ when it suits them, then not when it doesn’t, and is calling them on it.

    • I sort of got the same impression as well – I figured she was trying to bait the Jew into calling her a Nigger or snapping in some other way.

      • There’s a video making the rounds of a black guy from outside NYC that shows how the hasidic jews in a suburban community are parking buses across streets to keep investigating blacks out.

        What many will fail to understand is that the jews in that area and all around NY State and NJ literally steal all the government gibs to get their ‘community’ housing built, then proceed to keep out all minorities except their own. In some towns they drive fancy cars on the taxpayers’ dime in these ‘ghettoes,’ where ‘Repopulate!’ is their mantra. They think they have the right to breed huge genetic defective families at our expense because of the Holohoax.

        It’s driving the blacks in these areas crazy. But the yids will get spooked by any goy who tries to drive through their government funded often-luxury housing complexes. I tried around six years ago and got followed around the parking lot. Some jewesses even insist their braided brats need Special Ed. to get more money, but that’s usually as individuals and among the Orthodox not specifically the Hasidim.

        All this is one reason why I personally don’t think we whites should get between the jews and their favorite pets (or any).

        I refuse to be the scapegoat for jewish greed and evil. Let the colored factions see how horribly their ‘allies’ play and betray them.

        And while we watch, know Big Jew is fiendishly contriving its next smokescreen or psy op to prevent their tools from seeing the writing on the wall.

        • What do you mean by ‘stealing all the government gibs”? I am unfamiliar with that expression. Thanks.

          • It means they’re managing through deceit to horde all the government welfare money. The online expression, not mine, is ‘gibsmedat.’

      • Orthodox Jews wouldn’t use the English language pejorative “nigger”, they would use the Kosher equivalent either in Yiddish or Hebrew so that only other Jews would understand.

        • Times have changed. When I was a boy in NYC a Jewish communist friend once opined that a certain man we knew was “a good nigger” unlike the more typical ones. He was not speaking ironically.

    • Interestingly enough most Nogs in the rest of America cannot seem to tell them apart. Or they’re involved in those Black Hebrew Cults and group us all together as Devils

  2. Speaking of Zionist Jews, the 50th anniversary of the martyrdom of Roger Coudroy is coming up June 3. I think we should commemorate it here.

  3. The negress is in a train car load of negroes. If it was a train car load of Jews, she’s be as quiet as a church mouse. A white one, of course. Ditto for Hymie.

    • That’s why demographics are everything in politics. And that’s why it’s virtually impossible to be an open White Christian in places like NYC, Washington, Chicago, Boston. You won’t get any decent jobs or promotions, which means you’ll only be able to live alongside the dark races.

  4. All I saw and heard was a negress getting in a jew’s ass about something that I don’t care about, and her “schooling” him (incorrectly) that jews are a religion and not a race. Hardly “woke”. She’s still a dumb negress, he’s still a whiny jew. Nothing interesting to see here, folks, just every day NY subway crappage.

    • I concur, JimB !! Typical Negro Behavior. And, of course she was making it all about race… In my experience, the run-of-the-mill Blacks see Jews as rich White people.

      • Jews are the best white people have to offer.

        Without Jews, whites would be nothing more than smelly, lice-ridden wrecks fighting amongst themselves over which cave wench has the greasiest hair and flattetest ass.

        Jews improved white culture in myriad ways — from advancing it scientifically and technically to infusing it with Negro music and style to make it more palatable.

        You have much for which to be grateful to your Jewish betters.

        • T’Challa,
          OMG, Where does one begin?
          The only nation in which the Jews are the majority-Israel-is propped up by the West. Take away our military and financial backing…..and it would fall apart in a heap.
          Iceland, a virtual ice sheet with next to no Jews, has one of the highest standards of living in the world. They’ve invented all kinds of ways to make their nation comfortable. This same scenario plays out in any white nation whether Jews are present or not.
          Do really believe GERMANY would fall apart if it lost its Jews??? You know thats crap.
          Jews are smart, yes, but please don’t disrespect whites by minimizing all they’ve achieved in all of history.
          And don’t shoot the messenger-we’re just telling it like it is.

          • john,

            I’m not a big Israel booster, but it did turn a desert shithole into one the most advanced nations on the earth all the while being surrounded hostile countries.
            That’s no mean feat.

            As for you other claims:

            Iceland certainly is as good as you say it is. Notice, though, out of all of the European countries you could’ve used as examples, you pointed to this relatively small and insignificant one. It’s rather easy for a country this small to provide a good life to its inhabitants. Globally, how significant are Icelandic contributions? Not very.

            As for Germany, some of the greatest contibutors, if not the greatest, to its culture were Jews. Fall apart without Jews? Hell, it wouldn’t even be a power worth mentioning if it weren’t for Jews.

            Finally, you ask me not “disrespect whites” but this site does nothing but disrespect other races. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the cocina.

            By the way, I won’t shoot you, messenger. It’s your side with fascination with firearms.

          • I think the evidence is adequate that whites would have done just fine without the Jew. The best evidence for that is how European civilization thrived for most of the 14th-19th centuries when Jews had little access to power other than their typical usury rackets and serving as trade intermediaries. Yes, we might have lost the likes of Gustav Mahler, Modigliani or even Gershwin. (Einstein apparently wasn’t as brilliant as he’s alleged to be.) But another white man would have come around and filled the gap. The polluting influences of the likes of Marx, Freud, and Bronstein likely outweighed any contributions the Jew made.Would Marxism and Bolshevism had evolved if not for parasitical Jewish influences? Highly doubtful. The white man was able to thrive because he placed restrictions on Jewish parasitism. Those restrictions were destroyed in the 20th century, unleashing unprecedented death and destruction.

        • Your narrative is rife with extreme stereotyping. I can imagine what you might say about blacks if they offended you. Palestine was never a “shithole’ before the Zionists did their thing. It had literate population and an orderly, busy economy. The Zionist settlers received enormous backing from the world Jewish community Jewish culture makes a selling point of high intellectual accomplishment. It’s their meal-ticket, their claim to fame alongside persecution. But there is no shortage of gentile geniuses from Newton to Adam Smith to GFW Leibniz to Kant to Goethe to David Hume to CF Gauss to Descartes to Shakespeare, to JC Maxwell, AM Turing, JS Mill, JM Keynes, Bertrand Russell, Helmholz, Pascal, Fermat, Darwin, Pasteur, Boole, Kurt Godel, and David Hilbert. And let’s not forget Ford, Edison, Bell, the all-round genius Herbert Hoover.

          • And your narrative is rife with your own insecurities and bullshit.

            There wasn’t even a Palestinian state before the modern state of Israel was founded. Through the centuries, the place was subjugated by the Babylonians, Persians, Seleucid Greeks, the Jewish Hamoneans, Romans, Ottomans, the British and finally the modern state of Israel. The Jews began buying, not stealing, the land while it was still under Ottoman rule.

            The British Peel Commission states clearly that the Arabs “benefited” from Jewish immigration to Palestine and that the Jews cultivated area that was formally “sand dunes or swamp” into orange groves.

            Finally, I know of and admire the genius of every person you listed. That said, the Jewish contribution to literature, music, science, mathematics and philosophy is too numerous to list but some of the familiar ones are John von Neumann, Albert Einstein, Paul Erdös, Richard Feymann, Robert Oppenheimer, Murray Gell-Mann, Niels Bohr, Wolfgang Pauli, Saul Bellow, Maimonides, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Felix Mendelssohn, Arnold Schoenberg and George Gershwin. Not to mention Jonas Salk, Levi Straus, Max Fleischer and Paul Ehrlich.

        • I don’t get it. When will the Jew every make up his mind as to whether he’s white or not? This T’Challa claims Jews are white. So as I understand it, Jews claim they’re white when it works to their advantage, but then claim they are victims of whites when it’s also to their advantage.

  5. Leave aside for a moment that the target is a Jew (whome we all know my opinions on) and you still have a mouthy nogress who loves giving others a gobfull. The target could have just as easily been a white Scot. Muds aren’t good at much, but they’re certainly great at ranting and raving, which they could do under water with a mouthful of marbles.
    I have no time for any of them. I’m sure shes also abused many whites for perceived ‘racism’.

    • No it could not have been.

      All of you who don’t live in NYC need to accept that you are in no place to interpret what goes on there.

      You don’t even come from or live in the US.


      • @Genie,

        What happens in N.Y. pretty much mirrors what happens throughout the wider West.
        We’ve all had dealings with negros and Jews. We know what they’re like. Nogs whining about nothing and a Jew who works in the media.
        Please enlighten me on what I’ve misinterpreted. Please elaborate.
        But I do love seeing Jews experience the diversity they push on others-it makes for a good laugh.
        As for me not living in New York… but where i am, every city is fast becoming a New York-thanks to pissweak border policies and treacherous government.

      • I have to agree with Genie here. Jews are a major presence in Jew York, with a higher proportion that any other city in the U.S. And when they have such great numbers, they begin to reveal their true instincts, their contempt for others and their parasitical strategies. They also reveal their constant DoubleSpeak (claiming to be both white and victims of white, claiming that race doesn’t matter when it’s truly the paramount concern to them, supporting Leftist causes when upholding strict traditional norms within their own communities). New Yorker Goy know things about the Jew that most people in the world don’t understand.

  6. THE ENDGAME for Jews is comming..

    The majority no white Democratic Party will turn on the Jews..already happening on college campuses where Palestian “Americans” openly confront Jews on US college campuses…

    If OUR FRIEND ISRAEL can get the US Military to bomb Iran…the US will be forced to nuke Iran for Iran’s Missile technology is now formidable and can inflict major damage on the US Military….

    Once nukes are used in the Middle East…the backlash against Israel will explode..

    Throw in Hezzbollah missiles….many Israelies will call it a ball game and flee kikeland..

    Jews just wouldn’t listen to us….

  7. That little love is lost between Jews and blacks is just another public secret. Yet, it’s remarkable how the former uses the latter against our dwindling White majority.

    • Nigs will blame everyone for their stations in life but themselves… even when their station in life is better than that of the average White. So this simian going off on this heeb is just part and parcel to simian pathology. Her “y’all won’t even rent to us in our community!” could have just as easily been directed at a White, and very often is. Blame everyone but yourself, Mr. and Ms. Simian sub-human evolutionary dead-end. Yep…

      • Blame everyone but yourself, Mr. and Ms. Simian sub-human evolutionary dead-end.

        Pot, meet kettle.

        The only thing you white supremacists nationalists ever do is blame the nearest Jew for your problems.

        Your son is a junkie, JEWS!!

        Your daughter has a nog baby-daddy (yeah, I remember you), JEWS!!!

        You’re too impotent to please the misses, JEWS!!!

        Not to mention the incessant bitching about the shrinking white population. Talk about a dead end…

        • You jews and coloreds would still be living in stone age squalor if it weren’t for the superiority of the White man. You are a bunch of resentful ingrates and should be exterminated like pests.

          • You jews and coloreds would still be living in stone age squalor if it weren’t for the superiority of the White man.

            Yes. You peckerwoods are so “superior” that you can’t even manage to rid yourselves of the Jewish dominance of what is supposedly your society.

            Hell, most white people look down on you silly 14/88ers and consider you white trash. Meanwhile, Jews and Negros call the shots culturally.

            Very superior, Billy Bob. ?

          • This Jew T’Challa raises a good point. If we had any brains collectively, we would have rid our institutions of Jewish control. We would have never allowed the Jew to gain the power that he currently wields. This certainly does say something about the superiority of the parasitical Jew. He exploits and debases our beautiful women in pornography, he destroys our wealth with fiat currency and fractional reserve banking, he fills our children with self-hate. Whites are slowly waking up, but we can’t deny that the Jew has us conquered for the time being. Ever so often though, whites organize an ol’fashioned pogrom/chimp out (Khmelnytsky,Dubrovin,Schicklgruber) and return the proper balance to society.

        • Why are you guys wasting time engaging this nog like it’s human? Let it bix nood to empty air until we throw it in a cattle car on it’s way to the ovens.

    • The Jew supports open borders and mass immigration because it dilutes the majority white population and enables them to play the races against each other while they remain on top, retaining control of the mass media and academia. It’s a standard divide-and-conquer strategy. However, having allowed too many dark races into the West, they are already beginning to lose political support and financing for Israel. And it’s only going to get worse. But they will be able to retain their control of key institutions.

  8. I am of the opinion this has more to do with regional culture than anything else. For the most part, here in Sand Mountain Alabama, we treat each other with cordial respect. Respect is given to all. It doesn’t matter what color or perceived nationality you are, you are culturally expected to show respect. Now this is something the recent newcomers from East Africa and the Caribbean have not learned yet, but I’m seeing it slowly.

    The one thing we all should be no matter who we are, is courteous.

    • I totally agree, Mr. Saint, as does 99% of every Eastern North Carolinian I have ever seen or known – we are, irrespective of race, class, mood, nationality, or situation, courteous and thoughtful to all – and, if anything, The United States, and it’s Jewish New England Government, ought be modeling themselves upon our example – instead of lying about it and trying to substitute ours with theirs – one which is not a fraction so good.

      When someone is not courteous, I immediately think to myself : “he is not one of us, and I cannot trust him, or her.”

      That said, I am still courteous to them – and that includes online, where many people spew forth such vile commentary to each other.

      All the best to The Saints!

  9. The reason I will never like or trust or agree with Jared Taylor, Am Ren, and that HBD side of the alt right is their playing into (in the case of Taylor willfully advancing) the Jewish agenda of sowing discord and division between groups sharing the same landmass. I agree entirely that whites and blacks on their own would have found a solution. Jewish mediation is what radacalized blacks. Yet Taylor writes an essay every week about low black IQ while lighting a candle to his “high IQ” masters.

    • I believe they believe that by being neutral and “fair” with Jews they will be able to advance their own agenda. And, perhaps that the Jews will fight alongside them. Very few will, The fact is they will only get a little farther and then absolutely no further.

      What controls the Jews and what controls the blacks and what controls the Hispanics and what controls the Muslims is the same source. What controls white women against white men is also the same source. All these groups are used to destroy culture, belief, and civilization. These groups are also used to control each other. Perhaps you haven’t noticed but it has destroyed many other cultures, beliefs, and civilizations before us.

      I blame my own people for our dilemma far more than the aliens happy to go along with the plan. Most are merely hoodwinked willing accomplices and will meet the same fate.

    • To me, the Black Problem is far greater than the Jew Problem. Yes, the Jew is a parasite who pollutes our culture and institutions. But if we take certain measures (avoid watching television, homeschooling children, educating our children about his ways), we can make our children immune to the Jew’s influence. On the other hand, blacks are roaming our streets, committing vicious crimes, destroying property, approaching our women (even in churches and schools) and posing an immediate direct threat to our safety and security.

      • @T’Chalka,

        I’ll give it to you in a way you can understand:-

        -the media…dominated by Jews.
        -Hollywood….dominated by Jews.
        -Banking….dominated by Jews.
        -the American government…..controlled by Jewish puppet masters.
        -most publishing houses…run by jews.

        Every one of these institutions has an anti-white, pro-everyone else agenda. As a result, our nation’s are becoming brown, third world clusterfucks.
        There you are. You have it in a summary thats clear and fair.

        • And whites are apparently too feckless to do anything about it. How, then, are you the “master race.”

          • That’s a mistranslation.

            Superman is more in spirit with the original Herrenvolk. Noble People is a good translation too.

          • Again, when will T’Challa make up his mind? Do Jews dominate the West, or don’t they? Let’s form an opinion on that first. I argue that Jews certainly dominate the West and they have proven themselves to be superior to whites, at least for the time being. For if the White Man had an collective intelligence, he would have rid himself of the Jew by now. Instead he allows the Jew to exploit his women in porn, instill self-hatred among whites in the universities and convince the white woman through (((Marxist))) feminism to hate her own man and reject serving him, in favor of serving the Jew. Yes, the Jew has proven himself to be superior.

      • But honest statement here – once we’re gone, do you really think you’ll live in a multicultural utopia with these Kikes?

        Or do you think that you’ll just be relegated to slum status like we see already in places like Gaza?

        • Cut the melodrama, Cicero.

          While you will eventually be gone, as we all will as individuals, the white race isn’t going anywhere; at least not before the entire human race either destroys itself in some way or is wiped out mass extinction-style by some cataclysmic event.

  10. Judaism is a religion practiced by the Jewish race, and a racist statement can easily be a true statement.

    • “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”

      – That colored guy at the bus station

  11. @T’Challa,

    Just a final response to everything you’ve said, yes, Jews, like east Asians, are smart. But even if you take into account what they can offer-I still don’t want them in my country. Asians have good food and cute women….but I don’t care-I still don’t want them. In the unlikely event that whites will end up in caves if Jews all left-well we’ll work it out….as a united, cohesive group thats not under threat from others.
    In any case, different races can exchange good ideas and technology-without the need to be in eachothers nations and under eachothers feet.
    How would whites really cope without other races? Well I guess we’ll never know as we can’t get rid of them.

    • John – Jews aren’t smart at all – unless you consider parasites smart. They don’t create ANYTHING on their own. They hate that which is good, beautiful, and honorable. They wallow in ugliness, evil, depravity, and filth. They’ve gained the whip hand over Whites BECAUSE White men failed, centuries ago, to keep them out, and frankly, exterminate them. So they ARE destroying us. We are regarded as “White trash” for being “racists” from our own kind. So we will be destroyed.

      And then they’ll be left with each other.

      Apres Whitey – le Oblivion

    • I still don’t want them in my country.

      This is the only of your diatribe that’s worthy of a response.

      This isn’t your country. At least not any more than it is any other citizen regardless of race, ethnicity, etc. This is what you, and your ilk, fail to realize. No one is leaving anywhere. If you don’t want to live near non-whites, and assuming you live in the US, there are plenty of places you can go where you would encounter nary a non-white face.

      By the way, I lied. I will also respond to this quote:

      In the unlikely event that whites will end up in caves if Jews all left-well we’ll work it out

      Too bad for you, your white forefathers didn’t share the same philosophy concerning other races. They were too busy “scrambling” for Africa and annexing India to give much heed to the multicultural world they were creating and that would be a bain to some of their descendants.

      • The decision by the allies to win at all costs in ww2 gifted us the Multiracial world to suffer.

        Strategic Bombing, Economic Debt and Blockade tore the heart out of Europe after the Germans had won a quick conventional war.

  12. @Denise,
    You are so correct.
    And I feel white countries are as advanced as they can possibly be despite Jews, not because of them.

  13. “T’challa” is obviously a jew. No black person would refer to blacks (twice so far) as “negroes.” No black would defend Israel with boomer-tier Zionist arguments (Jews transformed Israel from a “desert shithole”, the Palestinians never really existed before Israel, etc.). No black would go to such lengths comment after comment to defends jews.

    JIDF detected. He may even be the shylock featured in the video.

    “Shut it down!”

  14. I am amused by the sentence, “This woman will probably lose everything if her identity gets out there.” This is exclusively White Man Think. The perennial advantage the Negro will have over the White Man is that he’s not only willing to “lose everything” (If he has anything), but he’s glad to go to prison and he doesn’t fear death (if only because he places such a low value on life). This advantage that they share over us is why whites remain terrified of them. While most white men dread the thought of prison, the Negro gives it no second thought. He loses no social status in his society. Quite the contrary, prison time raises his social status. The average Negro will still have access to sex and reproduction no matter his criminal record or lack of income. And he can always sell some drugs to get some quick cash. Whereas the white man loses his access to sex and reproduction (jn general, with the exception of certain places like Appalachia) when he gets a criminal record and loses income.

  15. Life may be all fun and games now in the USA, but as offshoring increases, illegal immigration rises, hard-working Americans die off or dropout due to higher taxes and more regulations, the national debt climbs, there is more terrorism as the result of illegal American wars, the police become more brutal enforcing draconian decrees, the US Ponzi economy and stock markets collapse, cash is banned, Americans are implanted with microchips, and real crises and false flags are used to force Americans to go to the gulags and finally to the gas chambers and ovens, will Americans wish that they had spoken out earlier against the dangers of wars, debt, and tyranny?

    • For 90% of people (regardless of race), human nature is to avoid dealing with serious problems that require painful action for as long as possible. Most people lie to themselves about problems of all scales, whether a cancerous tumor or the societal cancer that is the Jew. For those of us who see the hell that’s coming down the pipeline, all we can do is save our families and prepare. Learn butchering, gardening, foraging, herbal medicine, metal appraisal, gun repair, even tailoring.

  16. The fact is she would be screaming that towards any white (or even Asian) person. She would just as likely repeats those lies against Russians or Italians. These people feel entitled to things. Even if the incident wasn’t sparked by a woman with kids, and it was just a woman who didn’t get a seat she would still have gone off because she suffers from entitlement (black privilege) and thinks every person should give up their seat, money, even rights to appease her people. I do understand the disappointment with kids not being given a seat, but I’ve also read similar stories like this in the past where they (black people) rant and rave and cry “prejudice” after first using racist language and not getting their way.

    With that said, she isn’t wrong completely about Jews. What she said has been repeated by many New Yorkers. Jews only employ Jews. They only rent to Jews. They often only become friends with other Jews (Othodoxs). But truthfully, there is nothing wrong with that. I would rather they keep to themselves and we to ourselves, and of course blacks to themselves. We can work, trade, etc, with each other, but we have a right to our own personal lives and decisions, to associate with our own community and people if that is what we choose. If Jews don’t want to rent to blacks, then blacks should have a right (if they choose) not to rent to Jews. This forced “integration” has not been practiced by either blacks or Jews, depsite both communities being the ones protesting for it 55–yrs ago. Both are still relatively segregated and both complain when others move into thei community. Both also complain whenever they must deal with other races through the view of race. Everything is about race for both Jews and blacks. When both communities are forcefully integrated as they have preached for white schools, churches, businesses, organizations, etc, than they can call others racist. Neither the black woman nor the Jewish man have ground to stand on when calling others racist.

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