Meanwhile On Cuck Island…

For nearly a century, the Brits have been known for prioritizing their affairs in defense of … something about freedoms, I guess.

Like, they bankrupted themselves and wrecked their Empire by going to war with Germany back in 1939, they ruined what could have been fortress status by willingly opening their borders to the Third World, and they swamped their relatively-decent socialized health care system by allowing things like medical tourism from all over the EU.

And now, even while their girls are being drugged, raped, and chopped up into kebab by Pakis, the Cuck Islanders are still sticking to their guns on equality and fairness to all of God’s warped and mentally-deranged creatures.


As temperatures soared at the weekend, an Oxfordshire school told its male students that they can join their female peers by donning the school skirt if they find trousers too hot and uncomfortable.

The advice issued by Chiltern Edge Secondary School came after the school introduced a ‘more formal’ uniform policy at the beginning of the school year, which stipulated that students’ legwear may only be either trousers or skirts.

Following the policy change, requests made by parents inquiring if their sons could instead wear tailored shorts in lieu of trousers in warmer weather were rejected by the school, according to the Mail Online.

However, since the uniform policy was ‘gender neutral,’ boys could instead wear a skirt if they wished.

Alastair Vince-Porteous, the parent who made the request to Chiltern Edge, told the Mail: “It’s a shame we can’t be more grown up about it, we aren’t asking for ra-ra skirts or skinny jeans, just grey tailored shorts for two months a year, it’s not a big deal.”

The growing popularity of adopting gender-neutral uniform policies have grown among UK schools since the introduction of the Equality Act in 2010. Under its provisions, the law leaves schools with a duty to protect transgender students from discrimination.

But not a duty to protect teen girls from being turned into Paki sperm receptacles and junkies – and eventually kebab.

And of all the places on that damned accursed island, you would think those near to Oxford would understand things better than their peers in more secluded and pristine areas…

But I suppose they’ve got to think of the three little boys in the district with hormone-induced mental illness before they think of the thousands of preyed-upon girls.





    This is very sickening. One of the most evil men in the history of Jew-K is Tony Blair.

    Blair was bribed by his Jewish masters and ordered to flood the country with 3rd world aliens. The mentally retarded Brits voted for Labor often, while the criminal Blair flooded his country with aliens. Blair has now set up bogus charities and his Jewish masters are giving “donations” to his fake charities. An online search will give you a list of these charities and their Jewish donors. These are fake charities which will then pay this money to Blair disguised as salaries and consultancy fees. These are bribes to him for flooding the country with 3rd world aliens who are assaulting white girls. The Brits could have voted for BNP or amended their constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda and banned immigration themselves. They should arrest the criminals Blair and Cameron and try them for crimes against humanity and vote for BNP only.

    Blair was a puppet for his Jewish masters. He is the face of evil.

  2. Only a small number of Whites are going to survive the upcoming global race war. But those who do will be the ones who deserve to live.

    • Whites don’t do well in famine due to higher caloric brain demands. I think it is possible that africans have actually genetically ejected higher cost brain functions as a survival strategy. Hopefully we don’t regress too badly. Ditching a few walmart fatty scooter shoppers from the gene pool would certainly be an improvement bonus.

  3. Deuteronomy 22:5 A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.

    • Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

      • Galatians 3:28 would only apply to a believer to begin with. Second, this verse is talking about equality in salvation. It doesn’t suddenly ignore the rest of the bible when the bible talks about gender roles. Galatians 3:28 would have nothing to do with cross dressing.

        • I can’t believe I have to explain to you that jeans didn’t exist back in Old Testament times, and that what Jesus wore would be considered women’s clothing today. You ding-dong!

          • Yep, you can’t deal with the fact that I corrected your ignorance, so you blah blah about jeans. And yes, there would have been a difference in clothing between men and women in Jesus’s time. Just as there is a difference today. You are just trying to be nonsensical and argumentative. You know I am right.

          • @Hitler Who cares if there was a difference between men and women’s clothes in Jesus’s time? That standard was dropped ages ago. Is God a moral relativist?

          • If the boys were also wearing sporrans and had dirks and a buckler the skirts would be kilts. But this is Southern England and not Edinburgh or Glasgow. These boys are dupes and the school admin are sick.

      • Gothic joe is a complete race mixing jackass. throw the never apostle Paul in the Roman Catholic trash. The Greeks certainly don’t think they are jews and neither do I. Paul was never made an apostle. dont be a dumb ass forever

        • Paul was made an Apostle by Jesus himself. And He is the authority on who is an Apostle and who isn’t. Not you.

      • @ golem jagoff, you’re such a cowardly kike faggot that you pick on a female. Are you the bravest keyboard ninja and gender fluid millennial at your community college?

        Hatred of women runs deep in the blood of orthodox heebs, homosexuals, and jihadists.

        In that oxygen starved and microcephalic head that contains what passes for a cerebrum, the hallucinations of grandeur must be at odds with your self-hatred.

        Do the world a favor and yourself as well, and consider self-inflicted euthanasia.

        • “You pick on a female”

          ROFL!!!! Are you white knighting for Denise the Bitter? This is too precious! 😛

          For the record, I pick on Denise because she deserves it. I love lefty women, and I bet you’ve insulted them with the same passion that I’ve insulted Denise the Bitter. So don’t you go white knighting until you apologize to all the leftist women you’ve insulted!

          • @handsinyourpants Do you ACTUALLY think I am referring to historical Goths instead of the ladies who wear black and paint their nails, lips, and eyeliner black? Lulz

          • @ golem joker, the language that you use is indicative of a male who wants to be a female. Is your role model “Buffalo Bill” from “Silence of the Lambs?” Save up your shekels and treat yourself to a mangina surgically. Since your probably a soy boy, you’ve most likely developed moobs.

            I bet you giggle with your man hands all panted up in front of your mouth, with your breath reaking of semen and feces.

            Of course, you’re drawn to obscurantist progturds. They’re the only segment of society that would accept, encourage, and promote such an anathema.

            What PC/kosher pronoun do you use among your fellow diseased rabble?

          • Gothic Jew: Lefty women are fat, hairy and smelly, just the way you likes ’em. BTW, why is it that you jewboys engage in coprophagia? And why are you all a bunch of neurotic, cross-dressing sissies?

          • “I nominate Denise the racist rotten bitch to die first.”

            From Pugsley, shortly after posting a verse from the bible. But, what elseshould we expect from the walking corpse crew?

      • “Gothic” (poseur) Joe. You are not a Goth. If you were you wouldn’t be a left wing pussy. You’re probably just one of those faggots who thinks metal is Goth or emo is Goth or industrial is Goth. In other words, a poseur wannabe bitch who “spectacularly missed the point”. Rozz not Valor, bitch. White Power.

    • @Denise My dominatrix mistress would beat the crap out of you – and not in a sexual manner! 😉

  4. 1. If Whites are the superior race, then why do Jews always outsmart, manipulate, and control white people?

    2. Groups like the KKK have historically hated Nazis because of WW2. It’s only because of a lack of members and being flooded by the bottom 5% of America’s intellectual Bell Curve that they have become fuck buddies.

    3. If Jews “control” everything then how can your website even exist?

    4. If you are a so called Aryan from a State like Louisiana that there’s a better than average chance that you have black blood in you.

    5. The first humans came from Africa.

    6. If whites are so superior then why are some of the oldest existing cities in the world found in China and Africa?

    7. If whites are so superior then why does China have one of the oldest PRINTED languages?”

    8. The Mongols bitch-slapped Aryan Whites during their invasion and Europe was only saved by dumb luck.

    9. Learn thy history, mate. Whites were mostly barbarians and learned everything from civilized Arab-Semites in the past.

    10. The Semitics, Persians, Indians, Chinese, Egyptians all have civilization for thousands of years before Europeans.

    11. The Egyptian niggers forged a civilization while euro-trash barbarians were running around naked in the forest.

    12.If it wasn’t for the Egyptians and Phoenicians who gave civilization to the Greeks, whites would still be running around naked still eating each other.

    13. Vikings practiced homosexuality works perfectly among European heavy metal fans which most of the members are.

    14. The Aryans(the original whites) were actually a race from Asia.

    15. The swastika is a Hindu symbol that Hitler stole from real aryans from India because the Germans made no significant impact on ancient religions or ancient history.

    16. Judaism is Christianity Version 1.0. Jesus was a Jew.

    17. There is no way they you determine if you are “pure” white because it can be fairly difficult to trace ancestry 50 to even 100 years ago(without some guess work) who knows maybe your ancestors fucked around with lots of black person men/women : )

    18. Please remember that even 1 drop of non-white blood can spoil 1000’s of years of pure “Aryan” genes.

    19. How can you even consider yourself White when Hitler refered to America as a mud race akin to a mongrel dog, plus, most of the races you claim to be white were at one time or another considered as low as being a nigger like the Irish.

    20. The only way that you could be alive today is if your ancestors had cross bred with another race otherwise you would be all genetic mutant freaks (But then again…..)

    21. Oswald Spengler was a communist.Oswald Spengler thought racists, anti-Semmites, and misogynists were imbeciles: “How much envy of the capability of other people in view of one’s lack of it lies hidden in anti-Semitism!”
    “When one would rather destroy business and scholarship than see Jews in them, one is an ideologue, a danger for the nation. Idiotic.”

    22. Hitler compromised the 1 drop rule.

    23. Hitler was an Austrian JEW!

    24. There are rumors Hitler may have been a member of the Beetles. (that one is just trolling.)

    25. Hitler was the most liberal tree-hugging pro-animal rights vegetarian art fag in history(which goes against your beliefs that Hitler was some conservative war hero).

    26. Hitler’s political model was closer to Obama’s and other like minded, far left leaning liberals in that he supported public works, was against banks and wanted them heavily regulated, favored wealth redistribution and believed that capitalism was dead and in need of being buried in Comparison to the Donald Trump Conservatism that you think he stood for.

    27. Hitler caused more whites to die in WWII than the Jews did in the 3,000 years of their existence.

    28. Nietzsche was Polish, not German. Even Nietzsche himself denied being German and it’s only because of his sister leg humping Nazis and altering his works that he is associated with Nazis.

    29. For such a superior race northern european whites were the most primitive race in ancient history who did not even wear clothes nor did they have a grasp of the basic necessities of civilization such as long-distance trade, occupational specialization, urbanism, cleanliness, contract and tort-based legal systems,monumental architecture, mathematics, sophisticated metallurgy, and astronomy. They did have a primitive writing system however.

    30. Racism is a pariah among most whites.

    31. Maybe I was a White Nationalist but I’m leaving the “movement” because of its obvious flaws and hypocrisy.

    32. Whenever there is a successful civilization forged you claim it was run by whites.

    33. Evolution promotes race mixing and diversity.

    34. How can you believe in evolution(whites are “superior”) and religion at the same time?

    35. Any pure white with 1000 years of non-tarnished genetics automatically becomes non-white subhuman if he converts to a jew religion like Judaism, Islam, and Christianity(…more or less for certain SF members).

    36. Is Christianity the true religion? Is it good or if it evil? Why can no two racists agree?

    37. Alt-Right hero David Lane is an admitted pedophile, with an attraction to white children.

    38. Every time there is a disagreement on a racist site people call each other a “Jew” to win the argument instead of using actual facts.

    39. Multicultural societies are highly successful and a pure white society leads to poverty. America, Canada, and France are examples of successful multicultural superpowers and the ghetto slums where most whites reside in Russia.

    40. Most Neo-Nazis or White Supremacists aren’t even Nordic or German they are usually American, British, and Russian wannabe’s. Every time this is mentioned you throw out a few noob words in German such as Über or whatever you can pick up from Rammestein.

    41. Europeans aka whites are responsible for over 100 million deaths(not making this up) due to world wars,genocides and racism. Not to blame all whites, but you don’t have a problem blaming all blacks for black crime.

    42. Whites are responsible for more deaths of whites than non-whites.

    43. The majority of the great geniuses of Western History (Galileo, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Goethe, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Denis Diterot, Voltaire, Rousseau, Nietzsche, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Bartok, Tchaikovsky, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Einstein, Olaus Rudbeck) were extremely progressive for their time.

    43. Here is a lengthy list of female geniuses of Western History:Trotula of Salerno, Maria Agnesi, Hildegard of Bingen, Hypatia, Sopho, Emilie de Chatelet, Emily Dickenson, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Marie Curie, Mileva Einstein, Judit Polgar, Ada Lovelace, Rosalin Franklin, Jane Austin, Iris Murdoch etc. etc. Your sorry few racist ladies will never compare to any of these.

    44. Ludwig van Beethoven, the greatest composer of Western History, was a feminist nigger. He really was feminist, look him up! It was a real red pill moment for me.

    45. I could post pictures of beautiful blonde girls and ask you if you are impressed by her “Aryan” beauty,only to tell you later that she is a Jew, lol!

    46. You people are just plain racist!

    46. Why are so many leading racists closeted gay men? Greg Johnson, Jack Donovan, etc.

    47. Arabs and blacks have bigger cocks.

    48. Progressive/secular/feminist societies like Sweden, Norway, and Iceland have better education, better economy, better health care, better technology, eat the healthiest food, have low prison populations, and watch the least TV.

    49. German girls are hot. Jewish girls are hot. Are Jewish German women hot?

    50. If I insult your mother on Stormfront or the Daily Stormer , it will have a long blast range since you’re all related.

    51. Bestiality was invented in Europe.

    52. For the majority of human history Europe was a barbaric backwater and with the Renaissance whities were merely catching up with the rest of the world.

    53. I can’t believe I have to explain to you that the the X chromosome, not the shitty Y chromosome, has the majority of genes for brain development and consequently intelligence.

    54. The KKK made a good effort with their ghost costumes but it isn’t Halloween yet.

    55. Bush did WTC

    56. Since many racists are Slavic, I’ve been told to point out that Hitler hated Slavs almost as much as he hated Jews.

    57. Why do almost every racist man I meet have a (((big nose)))?

    58. Israel has nukes and Germany doesn’t.

    59. Richard Spencer is a CIA plant, as exposed by Gateway Pundit.


    61. If I post pictures of female-to-male transgenders, the Aryan ladies fap.

    62. The Nazis loved big government.

    63. The Vikings didn’t give a shit about race.

    • A greater collection of ad hominem attacks has never been assembled.
      This is truly a sight to behold.

      • What can I say except you’re welcome!

        (And there’s more where that came from, you inbred mentally deranged racist hillbilly trash.)

          • It”s you’re, not your. I can’t believe I have to be a Grammar Nazi to bully a guy named Hitler.

          • If we all wrote the way ignorant racists talk, then adhasdh asdglaseuyt[bn[ pasdlgkhasdfasdf:)

        • Joe, don’t be a hypocrite. Your little statement about “inbred mentally deranged racist hillbilly trash” could have used some commas , so it’s rich that you attack my grammar. Also, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to see that my name is anti Hitler. That’s ok, you are not doing too well, but do keep trying.

        • @ golem heeb, you’re obviously a faggot dying of HIV, syphillis, and a myriad of other STDs you caught while feiching strangers at your favorite queer bath house. The viruses and bacterium have crossed the blood-brain barrier and left you mentally incompacitated.

          Your mind is presenting with a disease often found in the cheap so-called science of sociology (i.e., leftist/egalitarian wishful beliefs). What’s not true they make up and cite each other in an academic incestual daisy chain.

          Not that I’m a believer in the jew testestment, but that part about your tribe being the children of Satan rings true. Only a people and “culture” so foul could be the offspring of ‘The Father of Lies.’

          BTW, Thomas Edison was an admirer of The Third Reich and Hitler in particular.

          • Ah, does “Let the bodies hit the floor” want a safe space from the big bad children of satan? 😀 😀 😀

      • “Olaus Rudbeck (also known as Olof Rudbeck the Elder, to distinguish him from his son, and occasionally with the surname Latinized as Olaus Rudbeckius) (12 December 1630 – 17 September 1702) was a Swedish scientist and writer, professor of medicine at Uppsala University and for several periods rector magnificus of the same university. He was born in Västerås, the son of Bishop Johannes Rudbeckius, who was personal chaplain to King Gustavus Adolphus, and the father of botanist Olof Rudbeck the Younger. Rudbeck is primarily known for his contributions in two fields: human anatomy and linguistics, but he was also accomplished in many other fields including music and botany. He established the first botanical garden in Sweden at Uppsala, called Rudbeck’s Garden, but which was renamed a hundred years later for his son’s student, the botanist Carl Linnaeus.”

        A very progressive guy in his politics. Geniuses are generally egalitarians. That’s why the best intellectual the Alt-Incels could come up is some guy named Kevin. 😛

        • @ Gothic Joe

          Your point 24 is certainly the most important and tells me that you do not know the truth about Hitler.

          After escaping from Argentina, he ran the Cavern Club, where he somehow managed to hide his thick Austrian accent. His cover was almost blown on one occasion when he took in a retired Waffen-SS officer whose charts and maps for Operation Sea Lion were found by local police during an unrelated drug raid.

          Along with Eva, Adolf used to travel to and from Germany monthly for concerts, and of course he attended Bayreuth annually. He helped get the Beatles their big break in Hamburg.

          He then managed them and his genius made them famous. Of course, the involvement of Epstein was just another example of a Jew taking credit for a noble Aryan achievement. Eventually, Adolf and Eva settled at the Nazi space port in Antarctica, where Adolf kept a smallholding in one of the terraformed domes, growing tomatoes, beans and herbs and keeping bees and chickens.

          I won’t go into the true meaning of Yellow Submarine and certain other songs, but let’s just say The White Album sent a subtle message to the powers-that-be, telling them that National Socialism would never die. To learn more, play that album backwards at 78 RPM.

          And it’s Beatles, not Beetles.

          • Tom, it’s now 52 years since I first heard “Yellow Submarine” & just heard it the other day on an oldies station. What is the real meaning of it? Also, it’s the 50th anniversary of the White Album. Remember people standing in line overnight to get a copy back in late ’68. Still trying to figure out the meaning of the cut, “Happiness is a warm gun”. Any idea? Never played it back at 78 RPM, will take your word on it. In mid ’69, rumors were floating around that Paul McCartney had died & the Abbey Road album had all the details playing it backwards, too.

    • “47. Arabs and blacks have bigger cocks.” I think you’re a faggot who takes it up the ass.

      Or maybe you’re just so experienced with this, watching some black guy fuck your wife over and over.

      • WRONG!!! My sexual preference are dominatrix women. Your sexual preference, on the other hand, is MGTOW. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL:P 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    • “48. Progressive/secular/feminist societies like Sweden, Norway, and Iceland have better education, better economy, better health care, better technology, eat the healthiest food, have low prison populations, and watch the least TV.”

      In their best days Scandinavia was mostly white. I’ve lived there. Swedes, Norse, Danes are high trust because they are/or were in charge of their own affairs and looked after each other because they were ethnonationalisrs. Swedish and Finns were effectively pro-Nazi in ww2. Sweden was up until the mid 1990s National Socialist.

    • “Superiority” has nothing to do with it. We don’t have to prove or disprove anything. You either believe Whites have a right to exist or you don’t. If you choose the latter you’re either an active or passive supporter of White Genocide.

    • T’Porch Monkey, Gothic Kike, El Greaseball…..they are all the same cross-dressing Pantyfa faggot.

    • @Gothic Joe,

      Looks like you’ve been busy, but still none of that explains why we need to be all together.
      I still say……Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians and the West for whites.
      Blacks invented rock? Only after whites made it possible and provided the means to make it happen for them. It wasn’t invented by blacks in Africa-thats the key. In any case, whites were largely doing the same thing at the same time. Trends largely dictate where music goes. No negro has put a decent song out since about 1986.
      Whatever other races are good at, it will never mean they have to enrich us to extinction in our own nations.
      Of course I can’t every point you’ve made, but basically nobody has ever introduced anything to a white that he couldn’t have created for himself. Without Chinese food and rap music, I’m sure we would have survived…

    • @Gothic Joe

      I read your manifesto above. Quit using scriptures to validate your confusion. YOUR CONFUSION.

      I can tell you are a lost cause because you talk way more about race than any nationalist. This is the black mark against you. It’s funny that communists always keep bringing up race, and keep accusing us of being racists when over and over and over you talked about race. You are the very definition of what you accuse us of being. Many of us are religious and see value in different races and I’m not scared to talk about race.

      On the Aryan society you clearly don’t have a clue what Hitler talked about. It wasn’t purging non-qualifying individuals from society, but always progressing the genetic pool the direction of purity. In other words, a work in progress through multiple generations trying to achieve better results.

    • @Gothic Joe
      Wow… This deranged anti-White “Gothic Joe”, actually took the time to Think Up and Write Down 63 justifications for why he hates White people and wants White Genocide and all in the name of anti-racism.

      Anti-racist is is a code word for anti-White.

  5. Gothic Joe “@Hitler Who cares if there was a difference between men and women’s clothes in Jesus’s time? That standard was dropped ages ago. Is God a moral relativist?”

    There has always been a difference between male and female. This includes hair, clothing, behavior, body size, etc etc. God’s standard doesn’t change. Man’s morality does.


    Cutting and pasting a long list of lies, claiming blacks invented rock music, etc.

    And attacking poor Denise.

    Not sure which Tel Aviv cafe they are working out of.

    The idiots do not know that the oldest ADVANCED civilizations in the world are all white.

    99% of the greatest discoveries and inventions in science and technology were by white people.

    Whites are clearly the most beautiful and intelligent race.

    Whites are the discoverers of atoms, black holes, chemistry (laws of), doppler effect, electrons, electricity, faraday’s laws, gravity, galaxies, heat (laws of heat transfer), laws of motion, laws of magnetism, Maxwell’s equations, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, radiation (laws of), etc.

    Whites invented automobiles, computers, chariots, diesel engine, engines (other), gyroscope, guitar, jet engine, lenses, microscope, microwaves, printing press, radio, steam engine, telescope, telephone, telegram, tv, wireless communication, zipper, etc. etc.

    Case closed.

    • “The idiots do not know that the oldest ADVANCED civilizations in the world are all white.”

      LOL WRONG!

      “99% of the greatest discoveries and inventions in science and technology were by white people.”

      A whole lot of those white people were Jews.

      “Whites are clearly the most beautiful and intelligent race.”

      Really? Then why do most white racists prefer Asians? 😉

      • To a remarkable degree the critically important scientists were not Jews. The societies in which these discoveries were made were quite self consciously white, run for and by whites.

        Resources and effort were not wasted on darkies back then. Now? Darkies are sacred cows.

    • Hunter’s writing is excellent; a lot of the other writers suck and compromise his project.

    • There needs to be IP banning on a massive scale.

      All I can do on my end is spam comments, but then they just come back under a new email.

      • I will respond to the troll to say that he is right about most American “National Socialists” having a fucktarded obsession with turning Hitler into a capitalist neocon who agreed with their Republican ideology. I hear people who think that Obamacare is “Communist” and health care should be a totally private good for the rich also praise Hitler and claim Hitler would agree with that.

        As for most “racists” preferring Asians to Whites, that does not apply to real working class racialists, but degenerate assholes like Anglin or Jewred Taylor who don’t care about the 14 Words. All Anglin cares about is acting like an over-the-top edgelord for his CIA masters and Taylor is an IQ fetishist who would prefer Blacks if they had higher IQs than Whites. He doesn’t care about our racial survival, he simply thinks that some races are better than others and Whites NOT at the top. I fight for Whites because they are MY people and would still do so even if they were the dumbest, most criminal race in the world. (Well, it’s impossible to be more criminal than Jews but you get the drift.)

        • Hitler was no capitalist, nor was he a bourgeois reactionary. The Anglin/ Stormerfag / Daily Shekel crowd is divisive and toxic. And Lord Jared is an effete snob who craves respectability more than White racial survival. They might as well be on the same team with Gothic Cretin, El Cactus Coon and those other diseased dregs of subhumanity.

      • “There needs to be IP banning on a massive scale.”

        It won’t work if they are using Tor. If you block the IP they will come in on another circuit.

        Can’t you put new users on moderation?

      • You need a safe space in Treblinka where you are suffocated by enormous amounts of Zyklon B. No “racists” in that safe space. Instead you will be choking and screaming and writhing in agony and the racists will be over in the other room laughing at you.

  7. Multiculturalism seems to force each race to defend itself on whatever grounds. Europeans deserve to exist and excell as they always have done. In other words, it’s time to get off the defensive and start taking the offensive. All obstacles to our flourishing must be removed.

    • @Elizabeth,

      Yes, correct. In Japan, nobody is walking on eggshells or worrying if they’ve said something that may offend the non-Jappo. They haven’t got programs in place to help ‘integrate’ the minorities. They wouldn’t waste money on such nonsense. No affirmative action needed and no ethnic crime. Without divisive minorities, the problems just aren’t there. It escapes me how ‘our’ political leaders have learnt nothing from Japan, or anyone like it.
      Other than work, family, health and day to day things, the Japanese have nothing to worry about. Why is it so different for us?

      • Because the United States was founded on stolen land, and stocked with with millions of people brought here against their own will.

        • El Puto: Those people brought here against their will are free to return to their hellholes of origin. That includes you too, spic.

        • “founded on stolen land”
          The Americans knew this quite well and came up with “manifest destiny”, while larping as old testament jews to solve this ethical dilemma… which is another way of saying “fuck it, whatever happens is god’s will”.

        • @El Chap0
          “Because the United States was founded on stolen land,”

          If you believe this land is stolen, then give your part of it back and GET OFF IT!

          “and stocked with with millions of people brought here against their own will.”

          There is no record in history of a White man enslaving any Black. Whites bought slaves from Blacks who enslaved their fellow Blacks.

          Whites are the ONLY racial group in history who ever cared enough to end slavery. Slavery is still practised in Black ruled Africa to this day!

          • @El Chap0
            “Because the United States was founded on stolen land, and stocked with with millions of people brought here against their own will.”

            This is El Chap0’s justification for a genocidal policy aimed at the White people of North America. This genocidal policy is the same for every and only White countries, while the justifications are limitless.

            El Chap0 asserts that Whites are uniquely evil. Yet Whites have done no evil every other racial group has not also done.

            Every group that is standing on a piece of land, took it by force from another group., so why do these “anti-racists” demand a genocidal policy only for White people?

            Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

        • The land was conquered. Go back to school and learn the difference between stolen and conquered. Pure ignorance.

  8. According to point #47, Gothic Joe confirms that he has intimate, first hand knowledge of Negro and Arab men’s penises. Getting closely acquainted with the genitalia of men of various ethnicities is undoubtably among his favorite pastimes.

    I got this one from Alan Dershowitz: “What happens when a Jew with an erection walks into a wall? He breaks his nose!”

    • I’m sure he could recognize every goat by the wrinkled circle on their tail side. He’ll probably salivate when I remind him of his past.

  9. Before the spelling check patrol can move in – “Undoubtedly” – a thousand pardons.

  10. This is the first stage of state enforced crossdressing. It’s plausibly deniable bc the boys still have the right to wear trousers if they so choose. But that will soon change too. Soon there will at least be ‘crossdressing days’ as ‘part of their education’ or they will just eliminate the pants option altogether.

  11. this is fake news…the head teacher already explained that all they did was ban shorts because they wanted a more formal atmosphere…
    the dress code is trousers or skirts
    both girls and boys can wear either trousers or skirts..if they choose…but neither boys nor girls can wear shorts…
    it’s gender neutral in that sense

  12. This is the kind of sick, bizarre world that T’ Nigger, Gothic Joke and El Puto want us all to live in. The choice is we either meekly submit like slaves to their endless demands or we kill them.

    • @Spahnranch1969

      Yeah, there is no true minority vote or protections. You are either with their tribe or you aren’t. I’m glad I’m not with them.

  13. Pimple faced trailer trash Spawn say what? You’re just a keyboard warrior. You wouldn’t last five seconds in a real battle. 😛

  14. If it weren’t for the cops and the politicians taking their side we could deal with these Pantyfa faggots once and for all. And their colored pets, too.

  15. Cuck Island aka the Jew k flew the fruit/fag flag over their embassies on May 17th to show solidarity on “International Day against homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia.

    Just as sickening as when borat insane obola lit the exterior of the White House in the colors of lgbtq… banner. ?

    • I believe that “woman” was wigger Rachel Dolezal.

      You know: monkey see monkey do.

  16. This is the kind of sick, bizarre world that T’ Nigger, Gothic Joke and El Puto want us all to live in.

    Don’t worry, sperm, you’ll love it. There’s going to be plenty of BBC for you to choke on.

  17. By the way, all the Boomer pieces of Israel loving SHIT should be fucking raped to death in the motherfucking ass till it splits open. I pray to Wotan that all the Christian Zionist boomer shit cunts are brutally sodomized so hard they scream with Satanically furious hate. Their fucking bitch boomer wives should have their gash flaps torn open and gush out copious amounts of blood with a giant Arab cock for not supporting Palestine.

    • @Jijcf
      Your inner Hasbara is starting to show. You better put some ointment on that.

      • Yeah, I should really show respect to people whose very existence makes them my ENEMY. I DON’T WANT TO SHARE MY FUCKING PLANET WITH THOSE PIECES OF SHIT. I bet you defend the kind of obese, ugly, Boomer pieces of trash who think that “to be against Israel is to be against God”.

        • @Jijcf
          You are acting how Jews who have never met a White person, think Whites behave and it’s not convincing at all. White people do not have SICK fantasies like you.

          If you want to improve your Hasbara act, I suggest you travel and meet real people to see how they really behave. Perhaps go backpacking OUTSIDE of Israel, so you will be forced to rely on other humans to survive? Right now all you are doing is proving how ignorant and provincial you are. lol

    • Jijcf, we need to form a NazBol / Menshevik / Social Revolutionary party. It will also need to have an elite, highly disciplined paramilitary wing. No more of that Unite the Right horse-shit. No more Enochs, Heimbachs or Spencers, we need Streichers, Strassers and Martovs.

      • (((Hollywood Nazis))) and anti-White Bolshevik Jews jumping into bed together? That is genius! Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

        Dun! Dun! Dun!

  18. I’m not a Hollywood Nazi. Hollywood Nazis are the pro-capitalist, pro-Israeli retards who think of “National Socialism” as simply a method for repressing Communism. Thing someone like Curt Doolittle who promotes a psychotic capitalist agenda and is a YUGE supporter of Based Israel but also claims to like National Socialism.

  19. Also, anyone who thinks Pinochet and the Contras are “based” deserves to be sexually tortured to death in the most depraved and evil way imaginable. Once they are dead their corpses will be pissed and shut on as well as fucked and rimmed by our meth-crazed Nazbol foot soldiers.


  20. El Chap0, T’Challa, and Gothic Joe are all the same hermaphrodite. Skynet chooses which handle (s)he’ll use for a particular response.

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