Sarah Sanders In Virginia: A Wonderful Look At Conservative Ineptitude

So I’ve decided that continuous writing about Trump is nothing more than a waste of time and computer power, although I’ll make exceptions from time to time in order to push specific moral messages.

And I think Sarah Sanders’ response at the Red Hen qualifies as a perfect opportunity to reiterate what I’ve already said in times past.

You see, when you see Conservatives fight Leftists and Jews, you’re seeing the political/cultural version of a quadriplegic fighting a male bear in the prime of life.

There’s typically no strength, no endurance, and no sense of revolutionary zeal behind the man or woman on the right – three things needed to carry on a successful struggle.

Instead, we’re treated to morality ploys and gestures that come from a playbook that is either ignored by the other side, or in the case of Jews, a playbook that’s transformed into yet another weapon to beat down the opposition – an example would the recent use of Jesus Christ quotes by television Jews in their push for further Squatamalan enrichment.

No matter how many times they’re beaten, humiliated, and thrown around the ring, the Conservative will always try to play the game according to rules nobody either remembers or abides by any longer.

Morality, kindness, and honor may very well be good things in a national community of shared mores and culture, but when in a legitimate fight to the death with an existential threat not seen in at least a thousand years, these become weights and handicaps that can doom one to defeat before the real bullets ever start flying.

Again, we’re left with two serious questions that need to be answered by everyone ranging from Sarah Sanders herself, to those even further to the right than myself.

  1. Is it immoral to fight for the survival of your culture, civilization, and people by any means necessary?
  2. Is it moral to let your people and all that was created by your people die in the most brutal manner imaginable?


  1. I’ve ditched politeness when dealing with the left, it’s not only gotten us nowhere, it’s gotten us stamped into the mud.

  2. The Conservatives are in a political no mans land. The Left can’t stand them-and nor can we. At least the Left state their positions. I agree with the Left on a number of things, notably animal welfare, the environment, workers rights and an anti war stance. However, I have absolutely nothing in common with Cohenservatives, who love Israel and wars, but not much else.

  3. I think Governor Huckabee seems like a decent fellow and I am sure Sarah is just responding as any properly raised girl would, which is to say she won’t get into a spitting match, she’ll just leave. The thing is the time for all of this is over.

    The issue of civility gentility and honor have plagued the South for generations. There is a time and place for these things, but many believed the time was all the time. In other words, if you are going to get in a fight, do it the genteel way, not like a brawl. The War was largely lost by the refusal of the Aristocrats to engage in bloody black flag warfare, claiming that it was not Christian to do so. Stonewall Jackson actually demanded strongly that they take this path, but he was not heeded. Again its not genteel. General Forrest was hamstrung because the genteel class didn’t care for him. Of course Forrest, like Quantrill, like Anderson, like Mosby, understood that sometimes you have to just kill everyone to win. Gen. Lee learned this lesson too late.

    You saw this 100 years later during the Civil Rights Era. You had the Populists like Wallace Barnett etc, who spoke the people’s language, who understood the people of course some circles considered that uncouth or brutish. These same wealthy genteel types actually sided with the enemies, destroyed populism replaced it with Bourbon hacks and now you have men like Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell who don’t look like they are even capable of spitting on the ground and saying, now dang it i have had just about enough of this. This ends now.

    The lesson from the War and the lesson from today is this. YOU CANNOT TREAT THOSE UNWORTHY OF HONOR WITH HONOR. YOU TREAT THE UNWORTHY AS SCUM WHO AREN’T EVEN TRULY HUMAN. If we could teach this to White people everywhere, this quagmire the Jews have us in would END

    • The problem lies not with the ability to KNOW your enemies, but how to treat them. The Entire West, severed from Apostolic Christianity, succumbed to the heretical teachings of the Papal machine, including the Protestants, who even went further, and developed the blasphemous Anabaptist/Pacifist/Quaker wing of Protestant-schism.

      We have so long been told to ‘love our enemies,’ we don’t realize there are BOUNDS to that love.

      The Orthodox Saint, Theodosius of the Kiev Caves, said it best in the 5th (?) century:

      “Love your enemies, but only your PERSONAL enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES of GOD.”

      Every last Jew, Sodomite, and Hillary-loving liberal, is an ENEMY OF GOD.
      They need to be destroyed.

      St. Bernard of Clairvaux (and many other saints of Christendom) even said much the same, as was the initial motto on the Ordo Evangelistarum website until recently,

      • @Fr.John+ Yes this critical misunderstanding has been lacking and you see it especially preached in many Protestant denominations. This was not always the case. In the South before and during the war, many of the Baptists and others actually told their men to go kill the enemies. The thing was something happened in the 1870’s I call THE GREAT FEMINIZATION.

        The Great Feminization took place in the Northern Churches, beginning in the 1840’s but coalescing in the 1870’s. This was as men began forsaking Church and the Churches became Female-Dominated. The Ministers in this new more female-centric Church began teaching Peace and Love like some 1960’s Hippies. They also taught absolute prohibition of alcohol, dancing, gambling up to playing a simple game of cards, and using swear words. The thing was that their list of swear words continued to increase with every passing year, to the point it made so many words off limits it became ridiculous. Somewhere around 1950 in the Northern Churches, the word NIGGER was put on the same level as a word that begins with an F and ends with a K or a word that starts with a C and ends with a T. Once the word was defined as a four letter word in a sense, the attitude to turn it into an instrument of evil picked up steam. The absolute prohibition of smoking went through the Northern churches in the 1970s.

        The influence of the Great Feminization took obviously much longer to hit the South, but unfortunately no one is an island. Obviously if you look at this Cuckoldry going on with the Southern Baptist Convention, John Hagee and a million others you can see that the Protestants have been severely Feminized. Unfortunately it has crept in other places as well.


      • Also, we only hear this talk about loving our enemies when the enemies are lefties and globalists. When it comes to Muslims most Christians are all for bombing and killing the lot of them, since this is what the neocon Jews want. Christians today hate themselves and think the Jews were sent by God to order them around. Conservatives have been noticing the impotence of the Republican Party for several decades but never get tired of losing.

  4. Stepping aside from the foolish assertions of BRJ on the Luther thread (like that higher IQ europeans couldn’t master both latin and their regional idiom at the same time), I want to call attention to a bittersweet irony. Over the weekend a white anglo woman in California dubbed #PermitPatty by the Twitter/Instagram blacktivists for threatening to report a black kid’s noise violations (who was hawking water bottles without a permit in front of said woman’s apartment building) was cyber lynched by the entire US and european media.

    During the same weekend a white man was found shot dead in the chest while camping in one of southern California’s state parks with his 2 and 4 year old half asian daughters. I shudder to think what could have become of the little girls had their mother been white.

    Has anyone tried camping in NJ or California state parks lately, especially on a weekend? The more well known NJ sites become sold out traveling circuses where hispanics and blacks party through the entire night; it’s not uncommon for ‘innocent little angel 8 year old’ black kids to run around screaming at the top of their lungs at 2am, no joke. The state police refuse to answer any calls from whites complaining about noise or god forbid something even worse.

    I suspect Tristan Beaudette, the white 35 year old dad, had chastised some groid or beaner for noise violations and met with ‘justice’ for some little black angels.

    We’ll never hear or know the actual truth, of course. But the irony just screams, ouch, out at us.

    • And I should add that #BBQBecky is a ‘white’ woman who called park officials on a group of black people supposedly barbecuing in Oakland, Ca in May in violation of ordinances regarding charcoal (I have no idea what the park rules were):

      Neither Patty nor Becky are the names of the women and Becky is, according to the Urban Dictionary, a derogatory name for white woman meaning ‘blow job.’

      Notice that ‘Patty’ the anglo has been treated far more viciously by the media than ‘Becky’ even though her complaint is clearly justified.

      Click the link to ‘Becky’s’ story and view the video yourselves. I personally can’t watch past the point where the black woman physically attacks her in entitled hysteria, knowing that later a (probably) black cop suggests that ‘Becky’ should be taken in for an involuntary psychiatric evaluation in spite of remaining civil in the face of a black woman’s unprovoked physical violence towards her.

      I thoroughly believe that had Becky been anglo she’d be chemically lobotomized today, or at least that that is our anglo women’s imminent fate for daring to report black people’s possible malfeasance. Remember blonde Jordan Monasmith’s treatment by West Coast police upon barely escaping a black man’s attempt to murder her? She was deemed ‘mentally ill’ by the cops who purposely destroyed the evidence, and by (((psychiatry))).

      It’s time for street justice, folks. Let the Republicucks play the polite game. History favors survivors.

    • Obviously Genie you are TWISTING my words.. I never said Whites couldn’t learn Latin, I said that the chance to learn Latin or Greek was not available to you unless you had the GOLD and SILVER to pay for a tutor and buy your books, thus before Gutenberg only giving this privilege to the nobility. Education for the common man before Gutenberg was spotty at best, nonexistent at worst.

      The same thing happened in the Southern US in the immediate Postbellum era. Before the war, the aristocrats had their children educated often by private tutors, they learned Latin, knew how to read Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Seneca, Cicero, and the other philosophers such as Kant, Locke, Voltaire, etc. Following the war, with everything destroyed, some of them fell to near illiteracy, because when you have to choose between working the fields so you can eat and going to school, you worked the fields. It is the GUNS versus BUTTER argument which I will call the EDUCATION vs SURVIVAL argument,

      Education and learning were concerns for the days of plenty, NOT for days in which every bit of work you could do was survival. In a society where you had to get up before dawn, milk the cows and feed the animals, then begin hoeing the fields BEFORE breakfast because it will be 95-100 degrees by noon, you have no time for reading or reflection. Often the women would bring the men breakfast in the fields, so they could keep working. The woman was the same way. She got up, hustled the babies out of bed, who would be given small jobs to do, such as gather eggs and tote water buckets, the children over 5 or 6 would be with Daddy in the field. The woman would of course usually on Mondays do laundry. Other jobs women did such as making tallow candles from beef fat, obtained either from slaughtering a cow or purchased, sewing clothing possibly even spinning cloth on the loom were also done.

      The only day for reading and reflection was Sunday and the normal book of choice was the Bible!

      Once the economics stabilized, people were able to have comfort again and children were able to have schooling. Still children would have to be kept home if the work load was exceptionally high and most left school by the 4th grade, they began reaching the 6-8th grade by the 1930s. The financial decimation of the war, plus the educational regression that took place ca 1865-1880 which was written about by countless writers, affected everyone.

      There is a movie that came out in 1998 called Shadrach, about a 99 year old slave who in 1935 traveled from Alabama back to Virginia to die on the plantation where he was born. When he gets there, he is surprised to see the wealthy Dabney family greatly reduced in finances and lifestyle. The Dabneys before 1861 lived in comfort in the big house, had education everything money could buy. The war took it away and by 1935 the Dabneys were reduced to being dirt farmers and making moonshine. Again simple economics here. When you have no or little money, education is a secondary concern

  5. And where is the concern for white women when they’re not CIA plants at Charlottesville?

    The hypocrisies are endless, we all know.

    We just need to call them out.

    And stop indulging fake nostalgia for a cult aka ‘Church’ that burned european women at the stake for questioning Judeo-Roman occupation’s authority.

  6. It would have been quite possible for Sarah to have said to the owner of the Red Hen @ Lexington VA loud enough to be within earshot of others: “What do you mean you are denying me service because I work for the office of the President of the United States?” It could have said in exactly the same tone and register as: “What do you mean I have to pay for the dead gerbil on my plate?”

    Ooooh. According to Stephanie Wilkinson, owner/manager of the Red Hen – an SJ virtue signaller – “This feels like a moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals” …”I explained the restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold such as honesty and compassion and co-operation. I’d like to ask you to leave.”

    This isn’t exactly hard ball. What is so impolite about asking the Libtard in Charge “What specific area of honesty or compassion or co-operation do you think I am not upholding here at my table?”

    I have had a look at that farm to table menu – I wonder how many of those local farmers and handpickers featured on the menu fit the Deplorable demographic and voted for Trump? I wonder how much of their produce is actually Shenandoah. The inquiring diner will certainly find out.

  7. I learned to fight fire with fire a long time ago. I try to go into an argument with as much information as I can manage to obtain, and I lean towards that which defames, insults and ridicules my adversaries. If I don’t possess any knowledge of a particular topic, I try to refrain from debating the subject until I’m better versed on the matter.

    I literally set the room on edge, when, at U.T. Austin, I told those who had assembled to debate the removal of Jeff Davis’ Statue (a forgone conclusion) that the Mexican flag was the flag of Drug Cartels, Human Trafficking, and animal cruelty in the forms of Cock fighting, Bull fighting and Dog fighting. I then told them that the illegitimate sons of illegitimate fathers aren’t likely to care who their ancestors were, when they don’t even know who their daddies are. I shook the room up so bad, that the next few speakers had difficulty composing themselves, with the poor man that was after me saying, “that’s a hard act to follow.”

    As someone who is Too Southern for the S.C.V., I was constantly reminded about how our Southern ancestors were gentlemen. To which I responded, “I’ve never figured out how to politely bayonet someone.” – “Pardon me, ol’ chap, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to run you through.” “Orders, you know.” Other examples that I like to give are, “Bloody” Bill Anderson, who rode with Quantrill, and who was so enraged by the death of the women (his sisters among them) held in a ramshackle edifice in Lawrence, Kansas, after it collapsed on top of them, that he reaped a terrible vengeance upon any Yankee that crossed his path. Lee’s “Bad Old Man,” Jubal Early, irasible and given to swearing, came within a few miles of Washington D.C. in late 1864, and put the city into a panic. And, finally, Nathan Bedford Forrest, the man that Sherman called, “That Devil Forrest.” Forrest is said to have told his commanding officer, Braxton Bragg, “I should slap your jowls and force you to resent it!” and “If you ever interfere with me again, I’ll kill you!” To John Bell Hood, who was missing a leg and had a stump for an arm, Forrest reputedly snarled, “General, if you were a whole man, I’d whip you within an inch of your life!” After the war, Robert E. Lee was asked, who was the best General of the war? Lee replied, it is a man I have never met, Nathan Bedford Forrest.

    I’ve pointed out that it is good that we had gentlemen like Robert E. Lee, but, sometimes, you need a “Bloody” Bill, or a “Bad Old Man,” or a “Devil” like Forrest.

    • I said exactly the same thing in my post. Being a gentleman while an honorable and commendable Southern trait doomed the South to defeat in the war. Stonewall Jackson warned them in 1861, he told them that the only way to win, was to like Sherman 3 years later, burn Pennsylvania to the ground all the way to Lake Erie. burn the major cities and be done with it. Jeff Davis, probably under the Jew, Judah P Benjamin (questionable loyalty) nixed the plan.

      • Both Davis and Lee would have ‘ nixed’ Stonewall’s plan, Billy Ray, so what Benjamin thought was irrelevant.

        Good to see you, by the way.

        Where you been hidin’ yourself?

        • That was before Lee had assumed Command Stonewall put that forward. I believe Johnston was in charge then and of course the plan was quickly voted down. Stonewall was very upset about it but being a God Fearing Gentlemen and one who believed in submission to authority ala Romans 13, he made no stink about it, but according to his biographers it bothered him.

    • @cowtown rebel

      Well it’s like the Quaker who found a home invader…”excuse me sir but you are standing where I’m about to shoot”

  8. The temptation would be to send ICE to that joint. Then send the health inspector, then an IRS audit and keep applying the pressure in various ways.

    But she just politely left.

  9. While the right debates, the left wages WAR! The left repeats, the right loses.

    The left taught us how to treat respectable conservatives and always get your way. You don’t try to to win them over or debate them, you call them names until you break them psychologically.

    I call them anti-White and say they are guilty of White Genocide, because it’s true! They are guilty. The entire West was lost on their watch. They didn’t put up a fight at all, they went along with it and picked up their checks. They passed laws for it and got filthy rich doing it.

    I am not on the same side as Conservatives. I am Pro White. They are anti-Whites.

    • Well we’re not dead yet, but the fight to survive is going to take 1000 years thanks to these people. A nuclear cataclysm is coming, they won’t get what they wanted. All it takes is for Islamic terrorists to bomb a few nuclear stations in France or for communists to do something here, and RaHoWa will begin. The nonwhites are too cowardly and not intelligent enough to be military and stop the revolt that will come in the aftermath. The only way ZOG holds onto power after the apocalypse that is coming is if he has an Army of Robot Soldiers. He will need Robots ala Terminator to hold onto control.

      The State of South Carolina had armed Negro militias roaming the countryside from 1865-1876, but when the whites faced them down, the Negroes ran. Remember history

  10. To hell with conservatives, I hate them even more than I hate the liberals. And the only place Sarah Sanders ought to be eating is from a trough in a barn.

  11. Freedom of association exists only for the left and/or anti-Whites. Conservatives seem to think Civil Rights, which they all applaud, abolished freedom of association (it’s “racist”) for everyone. After 50+ years they still won’t admit that Civil Rights is anti-White and only anti-White.

    Conservatives are backstabbing toadies of the left. That’s why they always lose.

  12. Well well well! At LAST. I’ve been “tone policed” for YEARS regarding my absolute HATRED for the enemies of me and mine, and my “strong, over -the-top” rhetoric, that “makes us look bad”.
    We are in a fight to the DEATH, to EXIST. And we’re supposed to be “polite” and “fair” with feral. ruthless blood-drinking monsters?

    Nope. No siree. J’refuse.

    Eat or be “et”.

    • No – not tone policed.

      Full moderation of all comments is currently the only way to keep our resident trolls from coming back.

  13. One of the
    historical periods
    the hateful, malevolent Jew unleashed upon the world.

    The savage ‘tyrant’ was Christianity. From almost the very first years that a Christian emperor had ruled in Rome in AD 312, liberties had begun to be eroded. And then, in AD 529, a final blow had fallen. It was decreed that all those who laboured ‘under the insanity of paganism’—in other words Damascius and his fellow philosophers—would be no longer allowed to teach. There was worse. It was also announced that anyone who had not yet been baptized was to come forward and make themselves known at the ‘holy churches’ immediately, or face exile. And if anyone allowed themselves to be baptized, then slipped back into their old pagan ways, they would be executed.

    For Damascius and his fellow philosophers, this was the end. They could not worship their old gods. They could not earn any money. Above all, they could not now teach philosophy. The Academy, the greatest and most famous school in the ancient world—perhaps ever—a school that could trace its history back almost a millennium, closed.

    It is impossible to imagine how painful the journey through Athens would have been. As they went, they would have walked through the same streets and squares where their heroes—Socrates, Plato, Aristotle—had once walked and worked and argued. They would have seen in them a thousand reminders that those celebrated times were gone. The temples of Athens were closed and crumbling and many of the brilliant statues that had once stood in them had been defaced or removed. Even the Acropolis had not escaped: its great statue of Athena had been torn down.

    Little of what is covered by this book is well-known outside academic circles. Certainly it was not well-known by me when I grew up in Wales, the daughter of a former nun and a former monk. My childhood was, as you might expect, a fairly religious one. We went to church every Sunday; said grace before meals, and I said my prayers (or at any rate the list of requests which I considered to be the same thing) every night. When Catholic relatives arrived we play-acted not films but First Holy
    Communion and, at times, even actual communion…

    As children, both had been taught by monks and nuns; and as a monk and a nun they had both taught. They believed as an article of faith that the Church that had enlightened their minds was what had enlightened, in distant history, the whole of Europe. It was the Church, they told me, that had kept alive the Latin and Greek of the classical world in the benighted Middle Ages, until it could be picked up again by the wider world in the Renaissance. And, in a way, my parents were right to believe this, for it is true. Monasteries did preserve a lot of classical knowledge.

    But it is far from the whole truth. In fact, this appealing narrative has almost entirely obscured an earlier, less glorious story. For before it preserved, the Church destroyed.

    In a spasm of destruction never seen before—and one that appalled many non-Christians watching it—during the fourth and fifth centuries, the Christian Church demolished, vandalized and melted down a simply staggering quantity of art. Classical statues were knocked from their plinths, defaced, defiled and torn limb from limb. Temples were razed to their foundations and burned to the ground. A temple widely considered to be the most magnificent in the entire empire was levelled.

    Many of the Parthenon sculptures were attacked, faces were mutilated, hands and limbs were hacked off and gods were decapitated. Some of the finest statues on the whole building were almost certainly smashed off then ground into rubble that was then used to build churches.
    Books—which were often stored in temples—suffered terribly. The remains of the greatest library in the ancient world, a library that had once held perhaps 700,000 volumes, were destroyed in this way by Christians. It was over a millennium before any other library would even come close to its holdings. Works by censured philosophers were forbidden and bonfires blazed across the empire as outlawed books went up in flames.

    The work of Democritus, one of the greatest Greek philosophers and the father of atomic theory, was entirely lost. Only one per cent of Latin literature survived the centuries. Ninety-nine per cent was lost.
    The violent assaults of this period were not the preserve of cranks and eccentrics. Attacks against the monuments of the ‘mad’, ‘damnable’ and ‘insane’ pagans were encouraged and led by men at the very heart of the Catholic Church. The great St Augustine himself declared to a congregation in Carthage that ‘that all superstition of pagans and heathens should be annihilated is what God wants, God commands, God proclaims!’ St Martin, still one of the most popular French saints, rampaged across the Gaulish countryside levelling temples and dismaying locals as he went. In Egypt, St Theophilus razed one of the most beautiful buildings in the ancient world. In Italy, St Benedict overturned a shrine to Apollo. In Syria, ruthless bands of monks terrorized the countryside, smashing down statues and tearing the roofs from temples.

    St John Chrysostom encouraged his congregations to spy on each other. Fervent Christians went into people’s houses and searched for books, statues and paintings that were considered demonic. This kind of obsessive attention was not cruelty. On the contrary: to restrain, to attack, to compel, even to beat a sinner was— if you turned them back to the path of righteousness—to save them. As Augustine, the master of the pious paradox put it: ‘Oh, merciful savagery.’

    The results of all of this were shocking and, to non-Christians, terrifying. Townspeople rushed to watch as internationally famous temples were destroyed. Intellectuals looked on in despair as volumes of supposedly unchristian books—often in reality texts on the liberal arts—went up in flames. Art lovers watched in horror as some of the greatest sculptures in the ancient world were smashed by people too stupid to appreciate them—and certainly too stupid to recreate them.

    Since then, and as I write, the Syrian civil war has left parts of Syria under the control of a new Islamic caliphate. In 2014, within certain areas of Syria, music was banned and books were burned. The British Foreign Office advised against all travel to the north of the Sinai Peninsula. In 2015, Islamic State militants started bulldozing the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, just south of Mosul in Iraq because it was ‘idolatrous’. Images went around the world showing Islamic militants toppling statues around three millennia old from their plinths, then taking hammers to them. ‘False idols’ must be destroyed. In Palmyra, the remnants of the great statue of Athena that had been carefully repaired by archaeologists, was attacked yet again.

    Once again, Athena was beheaded; once again, her arm was sheared off.

    I have chosen Palmyra as a beginning, as it was in the east of the empire, in the mid-380s, that sporadic violence against the old gods and their temples escalated into something far more serious. But equally I could have chosen an attack on an earlier temple, or a later one. That is why it is a beginning, not the beginning. I have chosen Athens in the years around AD 529 as an ending—but again, I could equally have chosen a city further east whose inhabitants, when they failed to convert to Christianity, were massacred and their arms and legs cut off and strung up in the streets as a warning to others.” /blockquote>


    Think about it, all this because of Jews! Think of what your world might look like today had Jews not forced their malevolent influence on it. Note the Christian methodology of destruction is the same as the Jews’ methodology. In fact, many of these so-called “Christian,” culture-wreckers were Jews. Note the other Jewish offshoot religion, Islam, is in the same manner, every bit as destructive as Christianity. Jews have been venting their hate by wrecking and destroying other cultures and civilizations since (((they))) first forced (((their))) way into ancient Egypt to divide and degrade that ancient culture.

    For more than three millennia, Jews have been attacking and destroying advanced cultures and civilizations. Three – thousand – years, and the destruction continues to this day at an historically, unparalleled rate. Here the destruction of Rome and the rest of Europe, later it was Russia, then Germany. Today it is white, western civilization along with every country in the near east. The Jews’ destruction will not stop until the Jew is stopped in totality.

    In light of this history, how can anyone possibly think Jews can be assimilated, dealt with rationally or compromised? In the Jews’ twisted, psychopathic need to tell others of their clever depredations upon the goyim, (((they))) have made oblique reference to the only viable solution. In (((their))) new religious story of the mythical Hallowedhoax, an event that was merely the product of the Jews’ sick’ twisted imagination, Jews clearly refer the goyim to the only possible solution that will allow the world to crawl out from under the (((their))) hateful yoke of oppression – the complete elimination of every Jew from the planet.

    “Genocide!” is what Jews continually scream to their goyim hosts. “Genocide,” a word Jews invented to describe their own fear of what will undoubtedly happen should (((they))) be discovered as the true horror (((they))) represent to humanity. “Genocide alone is the only solution to (((our))) parasitic presence,” Jews tell us, “nothing – NOTHING – else will suffice to remove (((our))) pernicious depredations upon your world.”

    Absent the total eradication of this parasitical pest, it will just be more of the same ongoing, malevolent destruction Jews have forced upon this world since the first day (((they))) crawled from whatever cosmic sewer that generates such vermin. As John Kaminski wrote, “We must get them before they get us.” I fear however, it is already too late.

    • Christianity and Islam are the export versions of judaism. Let the adherents of those three semitic death-cults annihilate each other.

      • Join us.

        I don’t care about Christians who destroy pagan works. If we go and destroy many volumes of hustler and Playboy is that a net loss or net gain for the world? I do agree, as many scholars have written, that Christianity has a collapsing domino effect on whatever host culture it inhabits. I think this has to do with people generally forgetting their pagan bondage. I DO NOT THINK Christianity has done this in white Western countries.

    • Oh, get off your false high horse! Such continual BULLSHIT from the pagans assholes on this site, just is nothing more than a desire to ‘be as your own god, determining good and evil.’ The Lie of Satan in the garden.

      Arch Heretic, you and Spawn of Hell are the ENEMIES of WHITE AMERICA, because you will not submit to the WHITE MAN’S GOD.

      It’s that simple.

      I’d be happy to throw the first stone your heresy trial verdict. You talk about the White Man’s freedom, and then pretend those freedoms sprang (like Athena) from the head of Thomas Jefferson, or some such deist.

      THEY DIDN’T! They are the organic outgrowth of over 1800 years of CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION.

      And your desire to NOT be under that Yoke (which is easy and pleasant to bear) means YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE VERY JEWS YOU ‘CLAIM’ to hate.

  14. Western people refuse to understand that they are in Fourth Generation war with genetic white liberal communists.

    Our people refused too, 100 years ago. We thought that liberals are our opposition, social democrats, , maybe wrong but still our fellow corussians coestonians colatvians coukrainians and so on.

    And when the genetic white liberals finally succeeded in 1917, then we saw who our fellow white countrymen really are. Finally we woke up, called them who they really are…communiist`s and fought back. But then was already too late. Today we are still recovering.

    Do not blame Jews. Yes, Jews were leaders but all the dirty killing job was done by white liberal communists. Or democrats or liberals or social democrats or journalists or brainwashed college student`s or whatever you like to call the Devil inside white race…genetic white liberal.

    Few weeks before revolution , Lenin complained in Switzerland that we, the old Jews do not see the revolution. Lenin and Jewry were outside Russia when liberal revolution went off. And German Government transported them through the Germany, to Sweden and then they went to Russia.

    So the whole Jewish conspiracy was actually German stupid strategy to use Jews as a weapon to turn Russian revolution to the “right” direction.

    Short sighted Germans paid horrific price for this trick 28 years later, in 1945. That is why Trump wall is irrelevant. When the genetic white liberal problem remain, after Trump presidency, this wall will be taken down.

    The whitest country in the world is probably Belarus. There are no blacks, no muslim`s and no border walls and entire world Jewish money and power is useless, because Mr. Lukashenko knows the genetic white liberal problem and handling this problem accordingly.

    Even Jew media does not scream. No white liberals, no chance and no point to bash brutal dictator who gassing he`s own people and so on. Without white liberal, Jews are powerless and they do not even try.

  15. How could you be against Conservatives? They are the leaders of the global war against Marxist-inspired Antisemitism and Islam. Nothing should matter more to western Patriots than our Conservative Christian solidarity with Gods Holy Chosen People. The duty of all civilized people is to support Israel and based Christian niggers against the Islamists who are the new Nazis/Commies. Do you realize that the Left supports Hezbollah and Conservatives do not? How could you prefer the Left when the Left supports Palestinian terror. Are you one of those communist assholes who think that rich white conservatives who miscegenate with Asians are bad?

      • I know your bored because you are unemployed like all r-selected communist welfare scum, but I am SURE there is some Antifa rally going on in your area. Can’t you go there to have fun shouting anti-Semitic leftist platitudes and harassing God-fearing American police officers rather than spend your time spamming us? We are Christian, Zionist, American Nationalists here.

  16. I mean, just reading all of this Conservatism bashing is sickening. Why can’t you be more like Andrew “Righteous Among the Nations” Anglin, who realizes that supporting the Republican Party, embracing Christian American civic patriotism, opposing “Nazis”and their dirty socialism, and hailing Geert Wilders and Reclaim Australia while bashing Iran is the right way to go? Can’t you be more like the based White South Africans who recognize that the closest friend of all civilized and anti-Communist people is the Jew?

  17. “1. Is it immoral to fight for the survival of your culture, civilization, and people by any means necessary?”


    “2. Is it moral to let your people and all that was created by your people die in the most brutal manner imaginable?”

    And HELL NO.

  18. I think Sarah Sanders handled it as well as could be expected of a woman alone with her children when faced by a leftist mob. I respect her dignity and restraint.

  19. What are these modern day cuckservatives conserving?

    They’re certainly not Protecting our borders, financial well being, Western Civilization, or the ancestors of the people that founded this republic.

    The only thing all cuckservatives seem to fight for is the parasitic Jews and their terrorist state.

    Remember, when voting for ” the lesser of the two evils,” you’re still voting for evil.

  20. A thought occurred to me after the Fags screeched about the baker refusing to bake a cake for their wedding… Why would you insist that someone should prepare or serve food to you who doesn’t want your business? The last place that I would go to eat is an establishment that didn’t want me there. In recent years, I have started to immediately walk out of restaurants staffed by Negroes, Hispanics or White People that look like Liberals.

    This is the beauty of the freedom of association. I have begun to go out of my way to find businesses that are owned, managed, or, at least, staffed by decent White people.

    Let the establishments that want to cater to minorities and degenerates suffer from the thefts, vandalism, disrespect, loss of tips, complaints, disruptions and other undesirable situations that accompany them.

    Meanwhile, businesses that want good customers can find ways to make their venues unwelcoming for the riff-raff – Confederate flags; Signs supporting the 2nd Amendment and open and concealed carry (along with a staff and clientele that adhere to these principles); M.A.G.A. junk (bumper stickers and caps); Fox News on All of the T.V.’s (Yeah, I Know. But, trust me, it has the desired effect on the Liberal mind); Everyone saying things that let them know that they are in the wrong place (frank and intense discussions about immorality, minority crime rates and Section 8 housing, etc… ).

    Liberals are often so convinced that the majority thinks just like them, that they are frequently shocked into a kind of paralyzed silence when they discover that they are outnumbered and/or in the presence of people who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Minorities will usually begin to mumble among themselves, but, they too, are typically too stunned to start an argument.

  21. Y’all are really confused here.

    Y’all are blaming gentlemanliness and civility for submissiveness.

    The South is only in this situation because of being submissive to having been usurpt via the courts, in the previous century.

    It has nothing to do with being mannerly, and, if we are to cast off our Southern manners, to beat New England Yankees, and their Red-Sea-Pedestrian mistresses, then we lose the war right from the start.

    Nothing worse than a Southerner tryin’ to be a cut-rate New England Yankee.


    That said, many of y’all continue to ignore the reality that most Southerners PREFER to be ruled, nowadays.

    We ain’t our forefathers.

    The blood has changed, and it ain’t nobody’s fault but our own.

    We prefer shopping meekly at Walmart, while our small towns crumbles, but, it is okay, so long as we can return to our air-conditioned ranch house, a mile out of town, and fly a Yankee flag in our yard, in wait for our pension check to arrive in the mail.

    That IS The South, as of 2018.

    Some of us hate it, but this is the way Dixie is become – contented Yankee Government niggers.

    Things change, however, and we will stay tuned for that.

    I know that in Northeastern North Carolina, I see more and more of our symbols flying, and or being worn.

    New England Yankee/Jew liberalism reacht it’s zenith in 2008, and, ever since, it’s been cracking.

    Those cracks are becoming bigger.

    The situation is changing, BUT, 100 years of rot cannot be overturned in 10 years.

    • @Junius Daniel

      “100 years of rot cannot be overturned in 10 years”

      Hitler said the prevailing idea of his time was that “nothing could be done about it” but he proved that things could be turned around in 10 years.

      Things can be changed in 10 years and they MUST be. We do not have time. We are at 61% of the population in the US and boomers had almost 1:1 ratio of children. In other words once the boomers are gone in 30 years or less we will probably be about 40% in our own country. Then the “California Effect” takes us. We must encourage boomers to stand up NOW or all is lost.

    • “””…..The situation is changing, BUT, 100 years of rot cannot be overturned in 10 years….”””

      We here in the Eastern Europe did it and you in the West can do also. You Americans have done this more than us. Copper was available at least 12 000 years until racist sexist fucking white male Benjamin Franklin got the point, quit blaming gods and devils and Jews and Muslims and Niggers and Darth Vader for burning houses, villages, and towns, understood that lightning is the problem and invented the lightning rode.

      When you finally get the point, then the solution is very fast and very easy. There are genetic white liberal among us and when you understand and remove the white genetic liberal, the rest is very easy

      I am not moving from one burned down white ethnohouse to another and I am not demanding some Confederate house. I live in my own house because I use very simple and very cheap device invented by Americans. There is a lightning rod keeping safe my house, my media my University, my country.

      Why you do not use very simple and cheap method invented by Eastern Europeans ? Instead of blaming whole world and running, admit the white liberal problem, get rid of white liberal and after that you can live in your very own seceded Confederate white ethno state, known as United States of America.

      Without admitting the genetic white liberal problem, you can take your fellow white people, build a Space Ship and fly away from planet Earth. Only thing you get is big surprise, when your fellow co astronaut start complain that even in the far far Galaxy , there is no place for homophobia and racism.

      Every reader can check this by himself. Just ask average white genetic liberal, does he agree, that racism hatred and white supremacy is okay , when they are removed 200 million light years away ?

      Test this . Leave Jews Muslims Niggers and other funny people alone and ask from genetic white liberal, goes he agree, that racism and Nazism may have place somewhere in Universe…:D:D

  22. A few thoughts are in order. Conservatism never conserves anything because what is modern conservatism but yesterday’s liberalism? When Sarah’s dad was governor of Arkansas he once said that white Arkansans has a God given duty to accept Mexican immigrants with open arms because it was God’s punishment upon us for slavery.

  23. What could she do, a woman there eating with her children? The owner is a carpetbagger Yankee in a town that went about 70%+ for Trump. She did the right thing at the time and the “Conservative” people have already filled up their voucemail, crashed their website and ruined their ratings online. The people are fighting back over this and this place will shut down due to lack of business.

      • Oh doesn’t look like it, she’s some white liberal cousin of Meryl Streep’s from NY/NJ. According to Mike Huckabee the Red Hen group stalked Sanders’ family to their next restaurant although Sarah and her husband went home by that time.

        The woman leading the cannabis industry charge against Permit Patty or Alison Ettel is a jew.

      • The mayor of San Francisco, who hires and manages the police who apparently do not serve anglo women like ‘Permit Patty’ while collecting taxes from them, is a Roman Catholic:

        San Fran’s city council is jewish, asian and roman catholic.

        Billy Ray defends this anti-anglo moloch that boasts the largest pedophile ring in the world and anti-anglo pulpit with his contrived desperate historical fiction.

        • Genie or Harley not sure who you are, but I have my suspicions. I haven’t written one iota of historical fiction, I have pointed out clear facts, but you have twisted my words, why I don’t know. I defended the Medieval Church, yes, The Medieval Church saved Europe from Islam, it also set up many orders of monks and nuns who did many good works. Men and women who devoted their lives to providing medical care, raising orphaned children and seeing to people’s needs. What is not to love about that?

          The Protestants had nothing of this, as they were so divided they couldn’t do the benevolence and good works the Catholic Church did so they put that job off on the State. Thanks to Protestantism we ended up with an ever-growing State. THAT DOES NOT MEAN I LIKE THE PRESENT ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. I do admire what the Medieval and Renaissance Catholic Church did for civilization. Had the Byzantine Empire survived, the Orthodox Church would have taken a more active role, but unfortunately the Turks won that battle.

          Protestantism was just a million little cults of personality any fool with a Bible and an ax to grind could set himself up a religious group. None of them ever did what Luther told them to do, and that was to practice Biblical Christianity, even Luther himself couldn’t get over his stumbling blocks.

      • The owner of the Red Hen has resigned from Lexington’s business organization at the behest of its president:

        Lexington, Va, has a quaint colonial style downtown bordering the campuses of Washington and Lee and Virginia Military Institute. Most of its charm owes to its preservation of the town’s traditions.

        It became Stonewall Jackson’s hometown when he began, after West Point, teaching at VMI and there is quite a bit of historical conservation devoted to him there, along with various other points of historical interest. One irony to all of this liberal moral posturing is that Stonewall was pro-black.

        So Virginia, here the western part, is once again a battleground state, reprising its role in the American Revolution and the Civil War, when even Stonewall’s Unionist sister declared her loyalty to country stronger than to family upon his death.

        He was hit by friendly fire and succumbed to pneumonia 10 days after his shattered arm was amputated. I couldn’t find any of the names of the soldiers who mistakenly shot him, in spite of how pivotal his death was for the Confederacy. Lee said when Jackson lost his left arm he lost his right one. Some historians think Gettysburg might have tipped for the South had the celebrated general survived. I myself felt a deep sadness at the end of my recent tour of Appalachia upon learning all these tragic details in the storied town.

        As the flora and architecture transformed into semi-‘northern’ somewhere between Roanoke and Virginia Tech on Route 81, I couldn’t decide if I was coming ‘home’ or whether my makeshift friends at Andrew Jackson’s estate, a circle of middle aged southern white women tourists and docents, had been the closest I’d come to such a place in a long, long time.

        Or maybe it was another group of anglocelt X’ers and Boomers dancing and whooping it up for another band of heroes just blocks away in The District in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve never heard such loyal covers of Wille, Charlie…

        I can’t help but ask, though. Where is the support for ‘Permit Patty’ and all the anglo women who face violence and martyrdom on the battlefield of modern day America?

        Can any truly call this minefield of enemy *and* friendly fire ‘home?’

    • Virginia is in sorry shape. Hard to believe the same State where my ancestors landed on ships in the 1650’s is now run by the world’s filth. There is one thing anyone with Southern ancestors will understand and it is this. YOU ARE NOWHERE AS PROSPEROUS AS YOUR ANCESTORS WERE 300+ Years ago. One of my ancestors was part of King James’s enterouge who came from Scotland with him. His son was arrested by Cromwell, enslaved, freed by Charles II, then came to Virginia and ended up owning over 1000 acres. Other branches of the family same thing. Large tobacco plantations and lots of trees to cut. Then they left Virginia for Kentucky and watched their standard of living drop like a rock.

  24. OK, serious note here. Do all of the people promoting knee-jerk hatred of “the left” and supporting conservatism realise that the neoliberal globalist enemy that is committing White Genocide is fundamentally centre-Right politically? The globalist elites are TERRIFIED of Marxism, Socialism and Communism. The reason why Soros and Rockefeller fund certain “Leftist” groups is not because they agree with Marxism in the slightest amount, but because they seek to subvert the left into being a harmless group of useful idiots who do not threaten the power structure. They fund both Rightist groups like Right Sector and Leftist groups like Pussy Riot but the goals they serve all are Rightist ultimately- neocolonialism, ultra-capitalism, Zionism, etc.

    There is FAR more potential danger to ZOG on the Left than on the reactionary, Israel-worshipping Mammonist Right. A Communist movement that spent time promoting violent revolution against the Judeo-imperialist elites rather than opposing nationalism or pushing gender-neutral pronouns would be an absolute TERROR to them.

  25. I occasionally post articles on The Burning Platform, an interesting and useful site run by a good man named Jim Quinn. Quinn has his stuff in one sock, as we used to say. Unfortunately, TBP is a “libertarian” site, or claims to be. The majority of the readers are solid patriots but a significant minority are complete nincompoops. When you try to explain to these numbskulls that our country is in omrtal danger from very real and identifiable enemies and that maybe we should take some action, they are horrified. One of them actually was doofus enough to quote the old “First they came fro the Communists…….” nonsense. Yeah, no shit. At that time and place the Communists were violent traitors supported by a hostile foreign power. Of course they were put in concentration camps. Another halfwit sneered that I was not well-read, lacked discernment, and I suppose I failed to rotate my tires. We still have a lot of work to do!

  26. You guys are so black-pilled you are missing all the fun. You remind of the dude at Renegade. You are painted into the corner of pretending that Trump = Bush v.3. If you just listen to what is being said we have many, many conservatives talking about violent revolution. The left is in full meltdown. Trvmp is backing out of Syria ever so slowly but you are painted into a corner of criticizing Trvmp. He is the best we’ve had in my lifetime by a great deal.

    • “many, many conservatives talking about violent revolution” – LOLWUT haven’t heard that since Obama was prez. It’s all about defending the system now.

    • BTW, Trump is NOT just another Bush or similar establishment politician. He was put in power by Israel who rigged the election against the centrist “two state solution” Zionist Hillary Clinton in order to put Zionism in turbo mode and end all hope for a free Palestine. Same with all of the manufactured anti-Muslim hysterical shit, promoted by AfD, Sweden Democrats, Viktor Orban, etc. All of these groups want to remove Muslims from Europe in order to replace them with black Christians, but their main goal is to protect Jews and Israel and to move their national embassies in order to give total victory to “Greater Israel”. All of the European far-right is funded and even given paramilitary training by Israel and Zionist interests around the world.

    • @Randy

      I see nothing fun. Our time clock has started and we now have less than 30 years before we lose all of our lands in the United States.

      I talked to a 29 year old young lady two days ago that told me about all of her drug addictions and rehabs. She has been divorced with 4 kids. She had just gotten out of the hospital for taking 200 pills and telling her friends bye, and I could hear the sadness come over her when she said “but they saved me.”

      I don’t see fun.

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