So It Turns Out That Justice Kennedy Once Sabotaged A Successful Abortion Ban

I was always under the impression that Roe v. Wade was never seriously challenged since the 1980’s, and just served as Republican bait for hopeful but naive Evangelicals during each and every election cycle.

But it turns out that I’ve been misinformed, and that we once had a victory not all that long ago – only to have it snatched from our hands by a sneaky little bug with a likely affinity for tuber crops…

Washington Examiner:

The Supreme Court was about to overturn Roe v. Wade, until Justice Anthony Kennedy got cold feet.

In 1992, Chief Justice William Rehnquist was in his chambers writing the majority decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, a case that would have overturned legalized abortion. Unbeknownst to him, that’s when Kennedy got a note from the then-Justice Harry Blackmun.

”Dear Harry,” Blackmun wrote Kennedy in a little note. ”I need to see you as soon as you have a few free moments. I want to tell you about some developments in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and at least part of what I say should come as welcome news.”

Kennedy had planned to join the majority that Rehnquist was currently writing. But in Blackmun’s chambers in the spring of 1992, the guardian of Roe convinced Kennedy, the Reagan nominee, to do otherwise.

Kennedy flipped his vote to join with Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, David Souter, John Stevens, and Blackmun to make up the majority. Those three justices, all but two appointed by Republican presidents, preserved abortion’s legality.

While the drama behind the decision wasn’t revealed until Blackmun turned over his papers to the Library of Congress in 2004, Kennedy immediately solidified his reputation as a swing vote.

If I can be honest for a second, I would say that the safest decision for Trump on this one would be to pick a White male Protestant to fill this position – the Catholic issue (especially if combined with Irish) is too much of a crap-shoot in my opinion, and the odds of getting another old-school traditionalist like Scalia is far less likely than getting another cuck like Kennedy who would proceed to “evolve” after getting on the bench.

It’s something too important to play egalitarian, in my opinion, for if Jew Ginsburg decides it’s time to meet her Lord and Protector Satan sometime this summer, we could theoretically find ourselves with a court that could make this country a whole lot more interesting in the coming years.

Everything (including Affirmative Action, faggotry, abortion, and even public vices like pornography) would suddenly be fair game, and combined with the demographic crisis we’re facing, could mean a heightening of tensions the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

But just note that my fear in all this is that nobody truly serious about curbing and/or reversing serious cultural issues could pass muster in the Senate thanks to the spineless nature of modern GOP Conservatism.


  1. I find it very hard to believe that abortion is going to be restricted. My sense of it is that abortion is there to finish off whitey.

  2. Marcus, I am afraid it won’t make any difference if the next judge is white, protestant or catholic. If they are not jewish by blood then they have been brought into this satanic tribe through some secret society of one sort or another. Remember when Chief Justice Roberts gave the deciding vote on Obama care? Immediately after that decision was rendered he flew to Malta. He is a member of the Knights of Malta the headquarters being in Malta. But where is the other branch office? You guess it Jerusalem. He is just another traitor and a kike between the ears just like the last appointment whose name I don’t remember.

  3. Let’s take a look at Blackmun from Wikipedia. Born to Theo Huegely (Reuter). Now go to Paul Julius Reuter. Born Israel Beer Josaphat his father a rabbi. Blackmun no doubt a kike. Another name co-opted.

  4. The idea that as soon as a fertilized egg develops in the lady parts of a woman it must be protected at all costs is absurd. We should only be interested in making sure that healthy, normal White children are born. Nonwhites, criminals and other defectives should be sterilized. Nature herself believes in eugenics. After Whites take back control of America we need to establish a Department of Racial Hygiene.

  5. Neil Gorsuch, the last appt. I couldn’t remember. First a couple of terms: Jesuit, the etymology of this name means deceitful, designing and insinuating and their slogan “the ends justify the means” This slogan is a communist slogan from the Talmud. Jesuits were a group formed by crypto/conversos. Xavier is another name that has been co-opted. Gorsuch went to Georgetown Prep a Jesuit school. Then to Columbia where the communist kike Frankfurt School was established in 1935 after Hitler kicked them out of Germany in 1933. Then he went to Harvard which has been taken over by these same satanic people. Whether Gorsuch is a member of a secret society I don’t know. He was also given a Harry Truman Scholarship, and ole’ Harry was a 33 degree mason. Everyone here should be aware that all of these secret societies are schooled in the Kabbalah. So Gorsuch is certainly on board.

  6. Allowing 8 or 9 politically connected judges, many of whom are old and senile, to wield such a disproportionate amount of power over our society is yet another absurdity that we should do away with. It is decidedly semitic and therefore incompatible with Aryan values. A strictly pro-White authoritarian regime, preferably one that is Spartan in nature, is what we need. No more “democratic” or “representative” forms of government.

  7. The main theme of the system that photographs the paper. The subject is interpolated into a`powerful
    communication’ that includes ‘the Secretary fed her cat food’ as a reality.

  8. Restrict abortion for whites (only for possible death of mother or rape) and allow it freely for blacks and browns.

  9. Justice William Brennan, another bug with a likely affinity for tuber crops, was instrumental in the court’s decision on roe v wade. He too was a Republican appointment.

  10. How about Supreme Court Justices only being allowed to serve for say, twenty years then retirement?

  11. Here is your daily reminder that socialism is BAD, goy. Keep on blaming everything on “Cultural Marxism” while supporting capitalism and corporations. It keeps le merchant happy.

  12. “Kennedy immediately solidified his reputation as a swing vote”

    Kennedy craved approval and adulation, even from his enemies, so he did what he must to get it. Ego gratification is why, I believe, so many “conservative” SCOTUS justices eventually veer left. When you do you get nice things written and said about you and you get invited to all the fanciest parties. I accuse John McCain of this as well, he doesn’t care about political principles so long as he gets warm fuzzies from being called “maverick”.

  13. The thing is this appointment is more window dressing, but it serves to anger the Jews and the Left if it is a good Conservative. We can still operate from the fiction that the US Gov still exists. Of course it doesn’t and hasn’t for some time, but lets all play along

  14. Allow me to state in no uncertain terms that I have no concerns whatsoever for black, brown or other non white foetuses that are aborted. Too many are being born. Too nany go on to be a scourge on white society. Its unlikely they’ll ever be removed from our nation’s easily, so to minimize their effect, all we can hope for are higher white births and lower non white ones.
    We need to remove ourselves from being anti abortion, when what we really are is anti white abortion.

  15. Supreme Court is a crapshoot no how you look at it. Someone who wants to be an SC justice is going to be someone who’s been working towards that position for so long that you can’t possibly know what they’re thinking, so I ain’t paying that much attention here.

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