This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

In these tough times of rebuilding and growth, we should always remember to take a moment here and there to laugh until our stomachs ache.

It’s healthy for the soul, and helps to foster a sense of community – even here on the internet.

And sometimes it’s best if it’s non-political, although I can’t say this story isn’t racial.

Euro News:

A Polish charity has been hit with a massive phone bill after a GPS tracker it had put on a stork was stolen.

In April 2017, Polish environmental group EkoLogiczna placed a GPS tracker on the back of Kajtek, a white stork, to collect data about the bird’s winter migration route as well as its feeding habits.

In the year that followed, Kajtek travelled some 6,000 kilometres but was last recorded on 26 April in the Blue Nile Valley in eastern Sudan.

In a Facebook post, the group explains that “for unknown reasons” Kajtek stayed in the area for over two months, “travelling 25 kms in different directions during the day”.

Last month, EkoLogiczna was surprised with a phone bill linked to the SIM card installed in the Kajtek’s GPS tracker for a total amount of 10,000 PLN (€2,278).

“Someone quite simply removed the card from the tracker, put it in a phone and used it for 20 hours of communication,” the group said in the Facebook post.

So here’s the TLDR:

White Poles decide to track a migratory bird with GPS.

Migratory bird makes it all the way to Sub-Saharan Africa before the GPS goes haywire.

White Polish hit with massive phone bill after a brief interlude.

Realization dawns that a random Negro stole GPS SIM card to power his phone (bird was likely eaten).

Equality at its finest, but still nothing like the story of the African Honeyguide (that’ll be a tale for another day, though).

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  1. Nice photo of an equal one there. Is it a scientist, or an inventer perhaps?
    With these specimens as Europes majority in 2050, things will continue to flow along nicely…

  2. There was a time, in the United States, when someone who looked like the person in the picture was an anomaly. The only time that you would see the fat woman, the bearded lady, or the freak with multiple piercings and tattoos, was at the circus side show. In fact, Chang and Eng Bunker, THE Siamese twins, made a great deal of money exhibiting themselves for P. T. Barnum. They used the money to buy a plantation in North Carolina and purchased Negro slaves to work their land.

    Now that we’ve reverted back to pagan tribalism, the side show attractions display themselves free of charge. I walked into a tattoo parlor recently and asked them if they did piercings? The man gleefully responded, “yes, we do!” I then asked him if he could install plates in my lips? I explained that I had seen a picture of a man in National Geographic who had plates in his lips, and I was wondering if he could do that for me?
    I was promptly invited to leave the establishment. Apparently, my sense of humor wasn’t appreciated.

    Oh well, I figure that it’s only a matter of time before you see “formerly” White men (and women) who resemble the man in the photo.

    It’s interesting how many National Socialists are covered in tattoos and have body and face piercings. I can’t recall ever seeing a picture of a Soldier in the Wehrmacht who looked like that. Somehow, I get the impression that it would have been frowned upon.

    • @Cowtown Rebel

      In you last statement, that is what the main point Spero Patria makes in most of his videos. There is a huge disconnect between true National Socialist and neo-nazi types.

    • I think you are confusing members of the Nazi Low Riders with actual National Socialists. You ought to know better.

  3. This would be EVERY black in America were their ancestors NOT brought here as slaves. I demand reparations for whites for all the bs we’ve had to put up with because of them. Let’s start a movement – all black people give whites b20 % of all you have … then self deport back to Africa 🙂

  4. @Spahnranch,

    Thank you for making that discernment for me. I was hoping that it was only the Skin head and Aryan Brotherhood, factions who allowed someone to doodle all over, and poke holes in, their anatomies.

    Perhaps I’m a little old-fashioned. When I was a teenager, some of us would talk about getting “a” tattoo, but, I think most never did (though, some may have done so more recently). The only people who covered themselves in tattoos were Outlaw Bikers.
    I absolutely detest seeing tattoos on women. In not so distant times, if a woman got a tattoo, it was generally small, delicate, and often placed in a semi-discreet, or private, location. Now, the women are just as likely to being covered in them as the men are. As a friend of mine observed, “They look like they fell asleep on top of their comic book collection.” Have you ever seen a beautiful woman wearing an elegant evening gown and her tattoos are visible? It looks like someone tried to doll up a scooter tramp.
    I also hate to watch women fight. A woman with a cauliflower ear, crooked nose, missing teeth, and black eyes, just doesn’t appeal to me (to each his own, I guess).

    • There’s nothing “edgy” about having a lot of tats and piercings. I associate such adornments with slavery and prostitution. What interests me is how edgy a person is on the inside.

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