Question: Why Is Lindsey Graham Allowed To Travel To Syria To Agitate Kurdish Communists?

Burger Nationalists in their natural habitats often like to remind us all of the greatness of America’s “Checks and Balances” system of government.

A system that in theory prevents any one branch of the state from getting supreme control over the others, and a system that has made it next to impossible for change to be implemented other than in a steady course leftwards into societal collapse.

Now, it may seem a bit tough to swallow the idea of a leadership principle that would essentially eliminate what this country has known for centuries, but think about it long and hard.

It would definitely guarantee the end of nonsense like the following…


Lindsey Graham’s incursion into the Syrian city of Manbij, where he tried to secure a jackpot by playing the Kurdish card, highlights America’s confusing Mideast policy, but it also brings more trouble to the Syrian stalemate.

As Donald Trump and his lieutenants are locked in attempts to formulate a cohesive Middle East strategy, some of the prominent neocons are busy working on their own prospects for Kurdish-held swathes of Syrian land. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), a close ally of top Washington hawk Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), made a visit to Manbij on Monday as part of his trip to Turkey and Iraq.

The destination of his Kurdish tour is particularly interesting. Manbij was liberated in 2016 by Kurdish YPG militia – otherwise known as the Popular Protection Units – who defeated the jihadists of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). There were reports that US troops were embedded with Kurdish formations during the offensive as part of America’s overall support of the Kurds.

Maybe just a coincidence, but I’m going to trust my gut here and say that pictures like the above are why you’ll never see the United States officially label Antifa a terrorist organization.

The success triggered a nervous reaction in Ankara, which accuses the YPG of siding with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) – a Turkey-based militant movement that is considered a terrorist organization by the government. In August 2016, following the takeover of Manbij by the SDF, the Turkish military – an immediate US ally within NATO – launched an operation called “Euphrates Shield” to drive the Kurds out of the city. Just like the US military presence in Syria, the Turkish incursion had dubious legal justification and was repeatedly condemned by Damascus as an act of international aggression.

The US was unresponsive to Ankara’s demands to stop supporting the Kurds. While paying lip service to Turkey as a NATO member and a regional ally, the US continued to provide arms, training and air support to the YPG forces.

Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering what Senator Graham was doing in Manbij – don’t. Reports in Kurdish media give a good idea of what his trip was about. “I will tell President Trump that it is important that we stay here to help you,” he said during an improvised meeting with local leaders.

“You’re friends of the United States, and if we leave it will be terrible,” he said. Manbij is “a place of hope in a region that needs more hope,” Graham added.

America has nothing good to offer anymore on the world stage, and has instead proven to be the world’s number one exporter of liberal democracy and social revolution where nothing of the sort was ever contemplated outside of a few deranged circles of radicals.

The Cuckservative will often lapse into rants about how the Soviet Union sponsored chaos across the globe, but even at their worst, they paled in comparison to what we now regard as normal and mundane.


  1. I should have noted the following:

    “Despite my best efforts, I was unable to confirm that all the young boys of Manbij remained safe after Senator Graham’s visit.”

  2. Ziomerica needs to get the hell out of these countries. These Muslim and third world nations are who they are. We have no right to try changing them, or their way of life. If they’re fighting eachother-its THEIR fight.
    Gosh we don’t want to be involved. There are problems at home to sort out such as mass immigration, homeless people and building a wall.

  3. I suspect this has to do with ZOG’s permanent get rid of Assad objective. Lindsey is a trusted, ardent Shabbos Goy. It will be interesting to see how Trump’s meeting with Putin goes. If it doesn’t get cancelled.

  4. Even NPR admitted the post war liberal order is crumbling. If a more natural order comes about with the creation of a white Ethno-State we ought to advocate that the borders of the world be withdraw to correspond with ethnic reality. Part of the problem in the modern world is that Britain and France drew up the borders of the world creating “nations” that have hostile ethnicities within its fold.(Sykes-Picot) Think of Africa and the Middle East in that regard.

  5. It’s all very confusing, but unless I’m mistaken the Kurds are allies, or rather mercenaries, of the Zionists, who are using them in their proxy war against Syria. That’s why Miss Lindsey is involved.

  6. Graham cares only about Jews and (to a lesser extent) illegal aliens. To his credit he said so openly and honestly during his short-lived presidential campaign. That’s it.

    The Kurds are used against Syria. Sooner or later those poor bastards will realize that Uncle Shlomo has been dicking them around, making false promises to them and betraying them for over 25 years. The US didn’t help them in Iraq and won’t in Syria. Then there are the Turks who hate them. Eventually they’ll come to terms with Damascus.

  7. That little vicious queen uses warmongering to butch it up. So disgusting. THE most despicable swamp creature.

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