Trump-Putin Summit Triggers Epic Meltdown, Congressional Jew Calls For Military Coup

As someone who devoted literal years and thousands of hours of manpower into the Trump Presidential Campaign, the Helsinki Summit made me feel for the first time since not too long after the Inauguration that maybe, just maybe, we’re getting somewhere with The Donald.

Sure, his domestic policies have been by and large dreadful, his immigration agenda has been a joke, his economic initiatives are just resurrected examples from the past that will likely collapse in the end, and his Supreme Court picks are still a giant question mark in the grand scheme of things, but perhaps in the realm of foreign policy something different can be obtained.

Something that would allow us to move past reliving the Cold War, from meddling across the world to support the democratic right to McDonald’s and anal sex, and from crashing nations at the behest of a tiny terrorist enclave smaller than the state of New Hampshire.

Daily Mail:

Russian President Vladimir Putin told a room full of U.S. and Russian reporters that he wanted Donald Trump to win the presidency in 2016 – and Trump said he believed Putin’s denials of interfering in the race – in just two of the many revelations in a joint press conference that only fueled the spectacle of the Russia story.

‘I have president Putin, he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this. I don’t see any reason why it would be,’ Trump said, speaking to reporters about Russian election meddling as he stood side-by-side with the man U.S. intelligence says ordered it.

‘So I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,’ Trump said after meeting with Putin in Helsinki in a controversial summit.

Trump hailed a new thaw in U.S.-Russia relations has already begun following a two-hour private meeting between the two men – and then fired repeatedly at the Mueller probe and Democratic rivals in a whirling display that immediately overshadowed any substantive talks the leaders held.

In a bizarre press conference, Putin denied having compromising information on Trump – even as he touted his own spy skills. And Trump denied the infamous dirty dossier by saying if the dirt were real it would have come out already.

‘And now to the compromising material …’ Putin, a former KGB colonel responded when asked if the Russians hold compromising leverage over Trump.

‘I do know how dossiers are made up,’ Putin joked, referring to his past as he introduced the subject of Russian intelligence files.

But Trump was having none of it – at a press conference where he demanded someone find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails, pointed to a server associated with a House Democratic staffer, and accepted a soccer ball from Putin after congratulating the Russian team’s performance at the World Cup.

‘And I have to say if they had it, it would have been out long ago,’ Trump interjected, referencing unverified claims in the Steele dossier about his conduct in a Moscow hotel room during the Miss Universe Pageant before he was president.

During his answer on election interference, Putin appeared to question whether Truth can even be established on such a matter. ‘Who is to be believed and who is not to be believed? You can trust no one.’

Trump declared the U.S.-Russia relationship on the mend – coming off a NATO trip where he attacked traditional allies Germany and the European Union.

‘Our relationship has never been worse than it is now. However that changed as of about four hours ago,’ the president told a packed room of reporters in Helsinki at his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The men met one-on-one, with no notetaker or staff, before a larger meeting with staff.

Trump raised the hot issue of Russian interference in the presidential election, both presidents confirmed, as Trump had telegraphed in advance.

Putin, addressing reporters first, referred to it as ‘so-called interference.’

‘I had to reiterate things I said several times,’ Putin said, summarizing the conversation that jumped high up on the agenda after the Justice Department indicted 12 Russian spies for hacking Democrats in a conspiracy that according to the feds was carried out to dump unflattering material on the Internet and help Trump.

‘The Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal am affairs including election process,’ Putin said, denying it.

The press conference itself was entertaining, informative, and definitely acted as a morale boost, but it’s greatest contribution to the world was the levels of triggering among those across the Left and Cuckold Right.

Whether we’re talking about John McCain unhooking his chemo tubes to condemn Trump, or whether we’re talking about the smarmy Irish spook John Brennan throwing around the word “treason,” it’s all the same in terms of hilarity.

But when we’re talking about over the top, it’s always important to look at the Jews – no matter if they’re living in New York City, Southern California, or randomly in Tennessee…

Note that this is being read correctly: we now have members of the Tribe sitting in Congress calling for what can be interpreted as a Bolshevik military coup against the President – on the 100th anniversary (to the day) of the Jew-instigated murder of the Russian Czar and his family.

Just think: it won’t be long until many of this Summit’s critics are firmly back in supreme power, and it shouldn’t take much of an imagination to deduce the level of hatred that will then be unleashed – the issue of when the transition will happen means little, but figure the mid 2020’s at the absolute latest.

And when we arrive at our destination, it’ll be up to the everyone on an individual and group level to be ready for whatever may be unleashed.


  1. The military is behind Trump 1000%; that’s not what worries me. These people will play the assassination card before the end. That is why Trump and Putin don’t need to be in the same zip code that often, and subs need to be out in the deep seas ready to nuke leftist redoubts if they get either Trump or Putin. This can take years and decades, or it can take an afternoon: it’s up to them.

      • Trump should do what Hitler and Saddam did, i.e., have a bunch of body doubles strategically placed in various locations to discourage assassination attempts. It would be easy enough for the Deep State to find some mentally unbalanced prick and use him as a patsy!

      • By now, if the a-card were played you might see an outbreak of the j-card. Lots of people know what’s behind Never Trump and some are starting to grasp what is so provocative about Russia without Communism.

    • Dear Afterthought – if something happens to President Trump, the need of Nuclear Subs will be obviated by the massive convention of motorcycles and Confederate-plated trucks and analog ropes which descend, impromptu, on Pennsylvania Avenue.

      You know President Trump is doing a great thing when this hullaballoo occurs.

      • That would be a sight to see, reminding me of William Wordsworth:

        “OH! pleasant exercise of hope and joy!
        For mighty were the auxiliars which then stood
        Upon our side, we who were strong in love!
        Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
        But to be young was very heaven!”

    • @afterthought

      I am not sure that the military is completely behind Trump. It is still full of Obama appointees and dark skinned mercenaries whose loyalty is doubtful at best. The only upside is that strategic military groups, such as special forces and any command that takes a decent amount of IQ, are still majority white who are most likely pro-Trump.

      I do believe you’re right that the likelihood of assassanation is increasing. I don’t think it will be a professional hit, rather it will be Scalise-style with a leftist who gets worked up by the MSM and commie politicians(like the kike above) to do their will. The media and politicians will be just as culpable as if they pulled the trigger themselves, but they will be safe since they didn’t technically order the hit. The chance of assassanation will grow if the Dems lose bad in the mid-terms and skyrocket if Trump wins 2020. If they were smart they would bide their time until demographics did their job for them, but if the past couple of years has taught me anything it is that the left goes absolutely ballistic over Trump and “conservatives” and they might not have the patience to hold back.

    • What are your grounds for thinking the military is pro-Trump? Didn’t Obama institute a regime of political correctness, as evidenced by the willingness to have lesbian and tranny officers leading men into combat?

  2. The Untied States had a warm relationship with Russia until Teddy Roosevelt’s time when Teddy who was in the pocket of the Jews began speaking out against Russia’s war on the Jews, namely the Kishinev Massacre, which took place in present day Moldova. Teddy also negotiated the settlement to the Russo-Japanese War which the Japanese won because Russian logistics in East Russia were awful. Relations cooled until 1913 when Woodrow Wilson directed Congress to revoke an 1832 Treaty with Russia. Wilson’s government, including financier Bernard Baruch were along with the Rockefeller family secretly helping the Bolsheviks, though this wouldnt be known for years.

    Worth noting that the Russian Empire, the Jews screamed about us attempting to make peace with them, then they screamed about us not recognizing the right of the Soviet Union to do what they wanted but now that Goys are again in charge of Russia, suddenly they must be enemies again.

    One good thing about Trump is that he causes the Jewish Left to chimp out.

      • I think it’s more than that. There is a big push to de-Christianize Europe and replace traditional institutions with politically correct ones. Censorship of nationalist and religious speech is a big part of that and NATO is helping. The US and Soros are allied in trying to control the internal politics of the foot-dragging Slavic nations. Nuclear Russia stands as the major obstacle. Governments wishing to resist de-Christianization and Holocaustianity can hide under nuclear Russia’s apron-strings. So the enemies of Christendom want Putin out and someone like Garry Kasparov or that Jewish acress to take control.

    • >>One good thing about Trump is that he causes the Jewish Left to chimp out.

      I ain’t sure if that’s a good thing.

      I see people treating a Rockefeller Republican from a family of Blue-Dog Democrats like Hitler Reincarnated, I see them starting riots, openly terrorizing public officials and getting away with it, while literally driving our own people to suicide for participating in an ambushed peaceful assembly. I see them calling for BLOOD IN THE STREETS when he meets with another national leader (when our nation’s policies has led to the death of who knows how many of that leaders countrymen in wars that don’t concern us), and I almost wonder if the whole Trump Phenomenon will just turn out to be an excuse to systematically exterminate right-wing dissidents.

      • Just remember, we still have the right to defend ourselves. Anything that happens to us was because we allowed it to happen. The court system in the USA doesn’t have enough cops to arrest us all, the only reason they are doing so is because we give them consent over us. That needs to change.

      • Very, very well said, Tomorrow Don’t Mean Sh#t — we have been hearing seditious language from very powerful people since the night of President Trump’s election. Trump versus the entire Zio-American super-State ?? Easy ; Trump’s going to LOSE.

      • It may be our only chance.

        The current system is a surveillance and police state that is an airtight, inescapable straitjacket holding White men immobilized while hordes of brown aliens are brought in devour them.

        Essentially, the only possible disruption to this massive, multilayered, infinitely cunning system designed for the express purpose of keeping us immobile and helpless, is the leftist fanatic cultists chimping out to the point of causing a massive defensive reaction from our people.

        • I agree, but that reaction better turn to a quest for vengeance and quickly. We must never stop, until either we’re wiped out or they are.

    • Jews were also the driving force behind the Cold War. Stalin eliminated all the Jewish Trotskyites and by the time he was dead, there was no Jewish influence left in Russia. As a result, Jews spent decades funding war and terrorism all over the world to fight the USSR and its liberating, anti-Semitic Communist doctrine. They had their victory with the (((counterrevolutionary destruction of the Soviet Union))), after which the Yeltsin regime gave virtually everything to Jewish oligarchs. Since Putin came to power the Jewish oligarch’s power has declined completely.

      That being said, the fact that Jews were even allowed to exist in Russia so that they could take power in the 1990s shows the failure of the Khrushchevite revisionist leadership. The Jews poisoned Comrade Stalin before he could defeat them once and for all. The revisionists who replaced him did not have the revolutionary spirit of a Che Guevara or Pol Pot, and were infected with the bourgeois liberal doctrine of “human rights for jews”. Jews still hated them and hated Communism anyway so it was really pretty cuckish.

    • @billyrayjenkins

      In the 1880’s and 90’s they were claiming that six million Jews were either dead or dying at the hands of the Czar and the Russians. It made it into most of the U.S. and U.K. newspapers at the time.

      (As an aside, in 1917, they claimed that Germany and Austria-Hungary were exterminating Serbs in gas chambers, and shelling Jew villages in Austro-Hungarian Galicia, with gas rounds. The Jews have had it in for the Russians, Germans, Hungarians and Poles for a long time.)

      For decades, the Jews were trying to overthrow the Russian government. Which they finally did, in 1917. The Russian Revolution© wasn’t Russian at all.

      • (((Bernard Baruch))) was one of the major Bolshevik Enablers and strangely enough his father (((Simon))) was a Confederate Surgeon and member of the KKK in South Carolina (FIRST GEN KKK HAD NO RELIGIOUS LITMUS TEST). That entire Revolution in Russia would not have happened without the Jews getting Woodrow Wilson in there, to put up their FED, get the shakedown income tax then subvert our laws to get us into war.

        (((Bernard))) was also one of FDR’s main advisors on how to dismantle Germany. As an Aside the Jews and that six million number have been printed so many times. I have a photo in an Israel tour book of Tel Aviv-Jaffa being decorated with German signs of all types, before a German state visit. The Jews viewed Germany as their most important slave colony, and when they were thrown out, they unleashed hell.

    • Hey, Billy Ray.

      This comment of yours, as have been many others, is just great.

      Do you mind if I use your remark, as is, at my social media page?

  3. I watched some Fox News today and it was astonishing. The endless repetition of lies and an apparent wish for war with Russia.

    One creep was indignant and very angry that Trump “didn’t honor our intelligence community.” Yeah, the very secret police scumbags who are trying to frame him and get rid of him.

    I have zero respect for American journalism and the federal government.

    • It’s quite infuriating the constant barrage of lies broadcast by the FOXjews liars demonizing Vladimir Putin as a tyrant, a thug, and a murderer. We can see how the jews do this to any and all leaders, past and present, they see as adversaries. Nothing but blatant lies including Putin’s sanctions to murder journalists, that he forcibly annexed Crimea and killed 10,000 in doing so, the forgone conclusion and fake outrage about alleged Russian meddling in US elections, and also the Brexit vote. In truth, Russia has interfered with other states much less than France or England, let alone the jew infested US government. It’s simply beyond the pale, but stupid White Americans are being instructed as to how to think, and they base all their opinions on the nonstop fabrications uttered 24/7/365 by the jews who control the Western media.

  4. Remember to encourage your younger relatives and acquaintances to NOT enlist in or be conscripted into ZOG’s army.

    Let the jews fight the Russians (and their Cossacks and Chechens) with just their pet trannies, beaners and mud mongrels … there will be plenty of cleansing / vermin control work back here in CONUS when ZOG’s army is wiped put overseas.

    • @WP

      “Remember to encourage your younger relatives and acquaintances to NOT enlist in or be conscripted into ZOG’s army.”

      If all the White people quit, FEDZOGUSA would be finished. Niggers and perpetually pissed off, hot headed Mestizos, do not make for an effective Army or government.

      • I have said this before. If all White Men would merely quit for six months the following jobs. POLICE/FIRE/EMT, City Worker, Road and building Construction, Electricians, Phone service, Satellite and Cable, elevator repairmen, plumbers, pipefitters, oil field/rig workers coal miners and a few others. ONLY SIX MONTHS WOULD BRING THE SYSTEM TO ITS KNEES.

        If there were no White Police, crime would go crazy, no white Fireman or EMTs, thousands would die, no city workers, gas and water mains would break and go unrepaired, the sewer plants would stop as would water. No construction workers to repair anything, bridges, roads, and buildings begin to fail. No electricians so nothing that brakes electrically gets fixed. No phone guys, no DSL, no nothing. No guys to fix your cable tv or direct tv/dish. no guys to repair the elevator, unplug your toilet, weld pipes something big with gas/oil industry no guys working in oil fields or mining coal. Coal power plants would run out of coal. No new coal would be being brought in.

        The sad part is this is the one way that could crash the system but no white people will dare do it.

  5. P.S. Trump had better be real careful about taking any open limo motorcade drives through downtown Dallas Texas any time soon … just sayin’
    (or any where else that has a convenient “grassy knoll” along the route)

  6. Can’t upset Sixmillionstein now. Why are we even answerable to them anyway?
    Russia, Poland and Hungary need to be our greatest alloys.

  7. We have precious little time to create a very enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christians only. Don’t waste a single day. The most we can hope for is 2024. 5 years or so.

    1. Think

    2. Plan.

    3. Fund.

    4. Carry out

    5. Correct, adjust, implement, test, MARKET, SELL


    7. Enjoy “your” new country. YOU, honorable gentlemen are the founders and President. Job well done.

    • During the “think / plan” part though … study history to better prepare. What things would’ve saved The Confederacy ? What if nearly every household had guns, ammo, 1 + years food and seeds and a small farm ranch, medical supplies, etc ? What if the south prepared extra protection around key strategic locations and shipped in more arms and supplies ? What if, ( fill in blank. )
      Success is 80 % showing up ? Mmm. I say it’s 90 % planning 10 % doing.

      • @Ghost

        May I suggest:- incentives for whites to breed, incentives for all others to abort, one off payments to blacks and others to return to their real homelands (expensive but cheaper than keeping them), Jews and leftist influence out of all institutions and real punishment for real crimes-particularly treachery, and the military on our streets and borders rather than on the other side of the world. Not far right policies-just the right policies.
        Any government that cared for its voters would legislate these measures like…..right away.
        Forget energy security or food security-how about racial and cultural security? Without those we’re finished anyway.

      • @The Gray Ghost

        You are very right. Our people need to become organized, big time. Not just at group levels with groups like the League of the South, though this is also very important, but also on the individual level. We need to be prepared to not only take care of ourselves but also our kin who aren’t yet awake to white plight. I think it would be beneficial if we had forums and discussion groups focused solely on supplying all kinds of useful preparedness skills and information to those members who are new to the whole thing. Also networking individuals who live near each other so we get to meet our compatriots face to face. I know that the League of the South offers self-defense classes to members, but it would also be good to offer other practical classes like gardening, livestock rearing, and first aid, as well as things like history classes for the newcomers who don’t have a functioning knowledge of white history. We also need to start building infrastructure, making a connection with our local communities, so that if anything ever happens to the federal infrastructure we can fill its place locally.

        • Hunter never brings this up but legally the Confederacy still exists. All that needs done is for new governments to be elected and then declare the federal ones invalid. These guys on this website here lay a lot of this stuff out.

          Remember of the 13 Confederate States, only Kentucky and Missouri did not have their state governments completely dissolved, thus they have a continuation of governance dating back to 1792 and 1820 respectively. THE ELEVEN PURE CONFEDERATE STATES all had their legal governments dissolved in 1865. The governments which were re-established in most states by 1868 and in Miss, Ga, Tx, Va, 1870 have always been a sham. Unfortunately after redemption, the knowledge that these governments were shams was forgotten.

        • VERY good john & A Southerner. You’re starting step #1 – Thinking. Imagine instead of stupid things like Moose Lodge, etc., we had lodges all over America, especially the south, where we met once a month and planned and debated. Take that to a different angle … a weekly webinar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM ! There’s tiny monthly dues to your league (?) $7. $9. ? On the site there’s courses kind of like an udemy or something where fellow Confederates can pay and download educational things. The webinar grow$ … the Confederacy is “virtually” formed before it’s physically formed.

          Sending blacks back home is a great idea BUT, would only cause the Al Sharptons to stir the natives up. Better to present other parts of America, ( that are already left, ) as THEIR Utopia. If done right they will DEMAND their own Republic. Win win. They’re happy, we’re happy … and it all started with john and a Southerner ! It’s just flabbergasting I tell you.

      • What would’ve saved the Confederacy?

        For starters, an industrial base and not bringing over any niggers in the first place.

  8. As of yet, there’s still no proof of meddling or collusion by Russia.

    On the other hand, the Israeli Knesset donated millions to Hillary, and Netanyahu urged all Americans to vote for her in an unprecedented speech before Congress.

    The whole thing is clearly a smokescreen so that nobody notices that the chosen ally is openly doing what Russia is being accused of.

  9. Folks – I’m not sure we’re even going to get to 2020 in terms of the normal Presidential election cycle. The Bolsheviks were derailed by Trump’s election as they almost had finalized the takeover. They are NOT going to wait out a second Trump term.

    Things are going to get very ugly over the next two years. I do hope that the military is on our side.

    • The US Military is simply not capable of subduing the entire population UNLESS said population decides to submit. As it stands now mathematically we have more guns among the populace than the Army. The soldiers, sailors airmen and marines would also be faced with the specter of killing their own family. Would a soldier put a bullet in his Mama’s head? Some might sure, but most would not. Hopefully I am right about this.

    • Jim Hensen – I wouldn’t count on ZOG’s mercenary force to be our allies if TSHTF. Backdoor Barry purged all the remaining decent military leadership, replacing them with Marxists and queers.

  10. “…on the 100th anniversary (to the day) of the Jew-instigated murder of the Russian Czar and his family.”

    That is all “Jew” need to know.

    The Jews are God-killers, King-killers, and Culture-killers.
    Cohen is complicit, by being a JEW.

    “Where are our military folks ? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!”
    He is a traitor, and should be shot at sunrise. This is TREASON. Flat-out, JEW TREASON.

    Death to the Jews. Exaudi oratione nobis, Domine.

    • Friar John, could the type of Christianity that you subscribe to best be described as Roman Catholicism prior to the Great Schism of 1054? Are we talking like, the Council of Chalcedon? St. John Chrystosom? Bishop Irenaeus of Lugdunum?

      • Yes, I am an unreconstructed pre-Schism English Catholic/Orthodox Christian. I can appreciate elements of Augustinian theology brought forward time and again by the heirs of Luther and Calvin (and, being a Westerner, we ALL are their heirs!) but I consider Rome (especially post-Vatican Eww Rome) to be antichrist and the whore of Babylon, and many of her daughters (Protestant liberals and Judaized cults) to be whores as well…

        Oh, and Spahn? Don’t forget the other seven ecumenical councils, Magna Carta, John Godwinson, and the Culdees…. England and Europe were Orthodox, before the Norman/Papal disinformation campaign.

  11. billyray, don’t imagine for one second that the goy are in charge of Russia they most certainly are not. The controlled so-called collapse of the Soviet Union was an orchestrated event to privatize all of Russia’s assets into jewish oligarch control. Putin whether he is a true Goy or a jew himself doesn’t really matter. The kikes still control Russia’s finances thru the central bank and Putin certainly does pay homage to the criminal state of Israel.

    • Trump said at that press conference in Finland that both he and Putin are kissing Bibi’s tuchas.

  12. Does anyone else think Trump chose this summit date precisely _because_ it was the 100th anniv. of the Bolshie coup that toppled the huwhite leadership of Russia? He may have done it as a message to Putin*. Clever, and it makes for good big-picture optics for the U.S. to be extending the hand of friendship to that country just as the same Bolshies are hysterically trying to organize a coup against the sitting President back home. Of course, ((they)) had already toppled the U.S. 5 years earlier via the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve…

    *As much as I like what Putin has been doing these past several years, meaning siding with Western Civilization, evidently after having a wake-up call about the changing demographics of Europe / Russia, one must keep in mind he belongs to the Tribe on both sides of his family, so his long-term goals are anyone’s guess.

    • I doubt Trump had any clue what day it was historically.

      You can bet that the whiny little banker Jew-in-law did though.

  13. The talk of Russian collusion makes me sick because I know what country really colludes in our elections and they have the largest PAC (AIPAC) in the United States and our politicians must make pilgrimages to their humble abode begging them for their support and money. Sheldon Adelson for the Republicans and Haim Sabin for the Democrats-both top fund raisers for their party of choice.

    Why is it suddenly a crime when Russian interferes in other nations. When Boris Yeltsin ran for president American operatives went and ran his entire campaign! The system even brags about it and made a HBO movie about it called Spinning Boris!

    Besides compared to Mossad- I give credit where credit is due- American intelligence operatives are rank amateurs. The didn’t foresee the fall of the Soviet Union, the unification of Germany, or the attack upon the Twin Towers. How good can they be?

  14. It appears Andrew Anglin has almost gone full-Afterthought: the Northern Alliance, then on to space.

    I say ‘almost’ because there he still needs the centrality of God/Logos/Arta and not just doing this for our Darwinian self-interest. We must do this – and everything else – because it is Right.

    The icing on the cake would be taking a stand against robots, AI, and transhumanism and wanting mankind as we know it to endure into the indefinite and infinite future.

    We’re getting there.

  15. I have been hoping for awhile, that the alt right could attract some wealthy white backers. This is something that Hitler had, in the days before he became chancellor, the Nazis always had plenty of money to run for office on, and they had a lot of support from the army. They need us whether they realize it or not. I read somewhere that eight of the ten biggest financial backers of Mitt Romney got tax audits after the 2012 election. And they won’t stop with tax audits. The weirdo left couldn’t even put up with a run of the mill conservative do nothing like Mitt Romney, they’re going to go after anybody that disagrees with them. They big money crowd thinks they can hide in their money, but they can’t, they certainly won’t be able to once this is not a white country anymore.

    The Afrikaners thought they could hide in their money, so they turned their country over to the spooks, now the pygmies are destroying them and taking their property, it’s not a question of when it’s going to happen, it is happening.

    • The country is going to implode long before this happens. The only way they hold the system together is if they come up with Terminator Robots and can follow our every move around the clock. Diverse societies can only be dictatorships or monarchies. Monoracial-Monoculture societies can be free

  16. Just how long does it take to go through moderation here? On the most recent thread I posted an on-topic, inoffensive reply and 24 hours later it still awaits moderation.

  17. No wonderJews have contempt for goyim because they make trillions of dollars of goyim bye selling jewish lies. Fox news, Newsweek, CNN and other news channels prove selling jewish lies is a lucrative business.

  18. And on the ‘what are you crazy? front here at home, the League of the South’s newest column, entitled ‘To our Russian Friends,’ has this bit of ‘fake news’ –

    “We understand that the Russian people and Southerners are natural allies in blood, culture, and religion. As fellow Whites of northern European extraction, we come from the same general gene pool. As inheritors of the European cultural tradition, we share similar values, customs, and ways of life. And as Christians, we worship the same Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and our common faith binds us as brothers and sisters.”

    I beg of you, who are Americans, to listen and understand, for our continued future as Whites, and as professed Christians.

    Protestantism (and thereby, Roman Catholicism) have NOTHING in common with Orthodox Christianity short of the same words; we don’t even share the same complete Bibles, and our theology in the West (Protestant) is ‘another gopsel’ which the Orthodox honestly/historically/self-conscously believes it precedes both Rome and Geneva, by almost a millennium.

    As a person who has long studied (and lived with both ‘faiths’), to blithely state that your average ‘Johnny Reb’ Baptist and ‘Ivan Russki’ Orthodox ‘share the same faith,’ (or even Mary O’Reilly catholic!) will lead only to insults to the average Russian, and frustrate the average White Protestant & catholic.

    This stand on the part of the West, goes back at least to the early Lutheran Theologians, who appealed to the Ecumenical Patriarch in the 1600’s, for recognition and legitimization against the errors of Rome. It was met with stony indifference then, and will be met with the same stony indifference, now.

    Orthodoxy is NOT merely ‘Catholicism without the Pope’ – it is a completely different mindset, altogether – from either Rome or Geneva. It is (pace, Fellow hu-Whites) not always the RIGHT mindset (for ethnic superiority- the heresy of phyletism) for Westerners to have (indeed, ‘converts to modernist forms of pseudo-Orthodoxy in the West- the so-called SCOBA churches do this all the time), because it conflates what it means to be an Orthodox Christian, with what it means to be a pseudo/imitation Russian…. or Greek. The Anglo ‘converts’ actually become nothing more than “Protestants with prosphoras,” and little else.

    Fr. Seraphim Rose (an American convert of the late 20th century) talked all the time, about the ‘savor of Orthodoxy’ and it is THAT that is missing, in any discussion between Russia and America, on issues of THE FAITH.

    If you don’t get anything else, at least try to understand, folks, that we have much to learn from honest Orthodoxy, before we can make any sort of statement that has a truth quotient such as was iterated, above.

  19. So-called orthodox Christianity is so backward it isn’t funny. they are still using the pre-Christ Julian Calendar. Their puke priests just like the Roman Catholic puke priests turn wine into blood and flour into flesh during their Mass. I call it mass deception.

    • They don’t look at Jews as the chosen people, and they don’t have the problems with pedophiles in the ranks of their clergymen. In fact, priests are expected to be married and raise families. No, they are not backwards.

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