Louisiana: Negress Kidnaps 6-Month-Old White Baby, Burns Him To Death

You know, there are those times when I sit back and think that maybe the Negroes shouldn’t be too much the focus of things.

I mean, their inferior intelligence makes living in White society next to impossible, their existence is only guaranteed so long as they serve as the battering ram of the Jews, and their future looks almost as bleak as ours thanks to mass immigration and an increasingly-globalized economy.

But then I read stories like the below, and I realize that we would be safer and happier if we had 40 million pythons in our midst instead of the same number of hominid evolutionary throwbacks – note that the area in which this occurred is roughly 60% Black according to the most recent census.

Daily Mail:

A six-month old baby boy was kidnapped, set on fire and dumped near train tracks in Louisiana last week.

Baby Levi Cole Ellerbe was kidnapped on July 17 after two people came to mother Hanna Barker’s trailer door just after 9pm and sprayed her in the face with what she believed was mace.

Instinctively, the Barker ran to get away, a statement from Natchitoches police said, and when she went back home, found her infant son was missing.

Police said the search for baby Levi began immediately, with additional officers from surrounding precincts called in to help.

Unfortunately, less than 90 minutes after Levi went missing, police were alerted to a fire nearby the railroad, where they found a badly burned six-month-old boy.

Levi was rushed to Natchitoches Regional Medical Center in a critical condition but died on Wednesday from his injuries.

Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith, 25, was charged with the first degree murder of Levi on Saturday and booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.

It is unclear if Smith and Hanna Barker knew each other personally, but the pair are friends on Facebook.

Levi, who had three sisters, Brookelaine, Elizabeth, and Nevaeh, was laid to rest on Friday. His obituary described him as ‘the happiest baby who always had a big smile’.

‘He spent his time playing with siblings and cousins especially outdoors, watching PJ Masks and video gaming with Uncle J,’ the moving tribute read.

Rest in peace, little Levi, and know that someday you and everyone else who has suffered like you will be avenged.


  1. Man, this is heart-breaking. But I’m wondering if the mother is involved. I know she was squirted in the face with mace, but that doesn’t rule out her being involved.

    Poor child.

  2. Do not blame the mother! She is young and poor, and NO ONE is helping poor Whites! She is obviously in economic circumstances forcing her to live in the vicinity of these BEASTS. She and Whites of all classes are exhorted to expend all time and energy on proving our willingness to give EVERYTHING we have to these vile black abominations.

    We can raise HELL about this. Start calling the White House, and the local authorities. Keep it UP. AGITATE.

    • This story does seem a tad bizzare to me. I mean to come in and steal someones baby just to kill it? Sounds almost like Voodoo. The Negroes should be executed the exact same way!

      • Lots of Voodoo in Louisiana, so it could be. I’ve been searching and I don’t see a peep about this anywhere … even Independent Media !!! You KNOW if the victim here was black and freak was white WOW would it be top story for a month with Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson et., al out with bullhorns.


        • There was always voodoo in Louisiana and strange murders, the deal was that it didnt affect whites and when it did the Klan got involved. The problem with today is that there is no Knights of the White Camelia or whoever else to regulate

        • You know, it seems obvious what we should do here. Most of us didn’t have a problem with the whole egalitarian, live and let live, racial harmony mindset until we saw how it was simply a smokescreen to be used against us to the point of death. We have to make the enemy play by his own rules since the huge mass of normies are the court of public opinion in which this farce is maintained. Let us not mince words here. The enemy is every son of perdition among all races, colors, and creeds that want us raped and murdered until we are removed from the face of the world. There is no reason to call them anything aside from that.

          We should form a legitimate, non-profit, White, Christian advocacy group and start lobbying for equal treatment and rights. The same rights and equality that we “naturally” uphold. It is perfectly reasonable to treat everyone with respect and dignity and the normies must agree with that. The problem here is that no one is speaking out. Where are the White versions of Jackson and Sharpton? It is clearly a lucrative endeavor.

          There is no reason to publicly counter-signal the egalitarian religion of the masses. No flags aside from State and National flags. No uniforms. No hoods or robes. Business suits, priestly robes, and the attire of working men and women only. American, Southern, White, and Christian in appearance and manner. No slogans or petitions or quotes from past leaders. This needs to be a shining example of what we are and can be, beyond reproach, beyond scandal. Let every tongue that rises against us be condemned by their own lies. We need a loud, public, attention getting voice, backed by donations and/or subscriptions to raise these issues in the media, at the City, County, State, and Federal level, and among all civil rights organizations and churches. We must be constantly before the face of God and at once before the face of man.

    • Be careful about defending poor Whites. A large percent of “White Nationalists” are petty bourgeois right-intersectionalists who hate poor Whites as much or more than they hate Negroes. These are people who are simply ultra-reactionaries whose political agenda is basically just to defend hierarchy in all instances. That includes racial hierarchy so they are “race realists” not because of any real concern about the 14 words but because it “triggers lefties”.

    • I was so upset when I saw this that I put it up on Alerts to follow the story.
      Yep…you guessed it .
      The mother is now arrested, charged with conspiracy in the baby’s death.
      It’s another feature of the Big Nightmare that is the USA .
      She’s 22years old and has/had 3 kids according to the above article?
      This is a nigger tier IQ white woman.
      If she or her family had above room temp IQ, they would have found a nice white couple for those kids .
      Notice…no mention of a father.
      Bring back Jim Crow .
      Bring back quality white patriarchy .

  3. @Snowhitey,

    If the vic was black and the perp white, there’d be riots, lootings, groveling politicians would visit the scene of the crime and a statue and park named in his/her honor. We’d be subjected to more tedious lectures on waycism.
    We need to find our inner Viking or Celtic warrior and start bloody well standing up for ourselves again. Desegregation, affirmative action and being nice has got us nowhere.

    • Agreed. The Viking, the Saxon, the Celt needs to re-emerge. The bland wishy-washy excessively pleasant and passive persona adopted by Whites is a suicidal impulse.

      • @Ironsides

        Loving other races and cultures is not a normal, natural human emotion. Loving nogs-or being forced to-is a very recent thing in all human history, made acceptable by Hollywood and Marxism. When my wife looks at a black toddler walking with its mother, she doesn’t think to herself, gee he’s cute……she sees a little shit who is our replacement and is tomorrows rapist and welfare recipient. She loves OUR children. And as we all know, blacks don’t like our kids much, and nor should they. Thats why we need separation. I want Africa for Africans and Asia for Asians. But here’s the crux of it……I also want white nations for whites. The baffling thing is that only that FINAL point makes me some kind of monster.

  4. Never to underestimate the N-factor. Probably baby body parts needed for some woo-woo or a sex potion. And the Whites (like yours truly) should talk – we use monkey virus for vaccinations and fetal stem cells for beauty products and coke.

  5. There’s not enough information about how the mother and the perpetrator knew each other. The article says that they were friends on Facebook, but it is unclear what their relationship was other than that. Apparently, the Negress had an accomplice, what about that individual? I hate to cast suspicions, but, this could have been any number of things (drug deal, love triangle, etc…). Regardless, only a depraved and soulless, demonic monster would set an infant on fire. In a case like this, burning at the stake does seem like an appropriate form of execution.

    This reminds me of 12 year old Jonathan Foster who was murdered in Houston on Christmas Eve, 2010 with a Welding Torch by hideous Negress, Mona Yvette Nelson. Or, De’ Marquise Elkins and Dominique Lane, the two teenagers that shot 1 year old Antonio Santiago in the face as he sat in his stroller, in 2013. Or, 6 year old Adiele Crutchfield and her sister, 4 year old Marley, who were stabbed to death in their home by N*gger fiend, Riakos Lizana just before Christmas, 2012. And, Leah Waldren, the wretched Negrette babysitter who murdered 8 month old Reese Bowman last year.

    As Snowhitey has questioned, “Where are the riots?” Why aren’t White people protesting en masse? Why are we still investigating the death of Emmett Till? And, why are White people still allowing themselves to be guilt tripped, when ALL of the subsequent developments justify segregation?

  6. This was a very horrific event. Other than the brutality of the Negress culprit, two things stood out to me.
    First is the statement that: “It is unclear if Smith and Hanna Barker knew each other personally, but the pair are friends on Facebook”. Be polite to everyone, but do not allow Negroes into your circle of friends.
    Second, where was this White baby’s father? An uncle is mentioned, but no father. Had little Levi had a strong and armed father in his home, this Negress likely would not have dared to *attempt* to kidnap and kill him.

  7. I think I might be going mental.

    Right after I go on my pilgrimage through the South, I come back to a constant barrage of ‘white women’s tears’ jew propaganda. In the South!! They can’t stop hunting me, us, down.

    Now this.


    Fuck these kikes.

    Any aussi kiwi that tries to shame me needs to man up and deal with the enemy.

    Born Rude, Born Fighting

    • “In the South!! They can’t stop hunting me, us, down.”

      All across Dixie, ancient White grannies, armed only with double barreled auto-shotguns, slaughter thousands of Niggers everyday.

  8. Meh, the woman looks like a coal-burner. She probably “stole” some chimpette’s “man” and paid the toll for it. I mean duck lips? I hate that the boy paid for his degenerate mom.

    • Yep – I had my suspicions and on other boards have seen the same – sure enough they arrested the mother as a “principal to murder”.

      Nonetheless – we are seeing a serious uptick in “unprovoked” Black on White violence. “Provoked” would mean a White person attacking a Black person – not a waitress brushing up against a Black woman’s leg sticking out from the booth (per the attack on the waitress at Applebee’s in Georgia).

      The Media and the Left (redundant I know) have gotten Blacks riled up to a fever pitch – assume that any Black person you see on the street, in a store, etc. could turn on you for no reason. I carry 24/7 for this reason.

    • You’d be hard put to it to find a broad nowadays without duckface pictures on social media. Doesn’t mean anything either way about coal burning.

      And niggers don’t need any excuse to be niggers. Loathsome apes.


      Billy Ray, there simply is no place for Andrew Anglin’s misogyny on here, or anyone else’s for that matter. I’d like to see concrete proof that this woman is some sort of ‘whore.’

      We’re at war. If you want to wage that against half of our population, we don’t need you, even if you’re the only other one on here (seemingly) who gets that Texas isn’t really the South, or at least the old South anyway. Oil barons and sephardic jews posing as Catholics ruined whatever Confederate foundation it had.

  9. This is by the Pastor of Hermas which is found in The Ante-Nicene Fathers. The Great Mysteries in the Building of the Militant and Triumphant Church, Chapter XIX:

    “From the first mountain, which was black, they that believed are the following: apostates and blasphemers against the Lord, and betrayers of the servants of God. To these repentance is not open; but death lies before them, and on this account also are they black, for their race is a lawless one.

  10. push will come to shove.

    And when it does,

    these anti-White atrocities by

    the Jews and their ethnic orcs

    will harden our hearts

    to do what must be done.

  11. It’s just another day in White Genocide. This story is on abosolutely NONE of the msm sites.
    Even if it were, most White people would refuse to even read it, much less care.
    Our people have been brainwashed to accept their own race’s death, at the hands of less than worthless vermin.
    I used to believe that White people would one day wake up and say ENOUGH.
    Our ancestors have wasted their blood, sweat, and tears.

    • Until their cities burn and mass riots/death breaks out, you will not see a mass awakening. The minute the power goes off and the televisions quit working along with the computers. then look out. Eventually THAT will happen

  12. My post disappeared. If people would stop posting snapshot of their children on facebook it might help.

  13. On reddit (r/news which has buried the story 4 pages deep at this point) someone said Levi’s babysitter owed a drug debt to the blacks and they knew she’d be at that residence at that time.

    Also the reddit mods didn’t delete a comment calling Levi and his mother “trailer trash.” I come from a lower-end-of-upper-middle class background but I’m beginning to understand how blacks must feel about “nigger” because everytime I see “white trash” or “trailer trash” typed out I want to reach through the screen and strangle them. And of course insulting poor whites is totally okay in today’s diverse society.

    My heart has broken so many times reading stories of innocent whites being brutally murdered I just don’t have anything left but seething anger at this point. Anger at the blacks and especially anger at their white enablers.

    Never forget this shit wouldn’t happen were whites not open and supportive of Jews and non-whites.

    • True, hating poor Whites is pretty much America’s national sport, same in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, etc. What makes it worse that everyone thinks poor Whites are privileged and a protected class. White Nationalists and other reactionaries think poor Whites are privileged over the bourgeoisie because America is a “socialist” state run by “Marxists”, whereas the “left” think they are privileged because they are White. The result is that NOBODY stands up for poor Whites as a group, Antifa and the Alt right both despise them, just for different reasons.

      It is the exact opposite of the situation with Jews. SJWs think that Jews are victims of “White privilege” and right wing racism, while reactionaries think they are the victims of Palestine and the anti-Semitic Commie Islamic Left. In reality, Jews are the least oppressed group on earth as they are only group have vastly disproportionate wealth and power and still get special affirmative action treatment.

    • So-called TRAILER TRASH In the Deep South is often BLACK as well. Only in the North and West are trailer parks a White Thing. In Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and elsewhere look it up thousands of Black People live in House Trailers

  14. The reason this behavior goes on among nogs is due to a lack of deterrence. Most negroes in the American prison system likely live better lives than blacks in Africa who are free. They also live better lives than some American blacks who are free. All their basic needs are met in prison. Prior to the 1960’s, blacks knew not to behave this way. We stood our ground and kept them under control. As a result, everybody uncluding blacks, were safer.
    Despite some conjecture on the mothers conduct or shenanigans, no six month old baby deserves that-he was innocent.
    Faisal Hussain shoots people in Toronto, a baby at a free Tommy Robinson march had acid thrown in its face, white babies in South Africa are boiled in hot water……being kind to everyone has not stopped them from attacking us.
    Earth to white man……time to wake up.

  15. very typical.
    there has been a racially motivated war of violence and heinous predation against the white peoples of the united states since the second the jewish “civil rights” movement was forced upon us.
    The white man has no rights and no voice in our own lands.
    When will it ever be enough?
    When will our people ever take a stand and fight back?
    The ZOG cannot and will not protect you from the privileged negroid beast race, white people.

  16. This just in… The police have arrested the mother for involvement in her son’s murder. I’m sorry to have to say that my suspicions seem to have been confirmed.

    It’s not that I doubted the extraordinary homicidal capacities of the North American Negroid, something just didn’t sound quite right.

    Rest In Peace, cradled in the arms of an Angel for eternity, Levi Cole Ellerbe.

  17. We need to do more to publicize this case. This is a Wichita massacre type situation. IMO, white nationalists publicizing black on white crime between about 2000 and 2010 was the single biggest factor in waking up the conservative masses to the point they would vote for someone like Trump.

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