Russia Passes Strict Organic Food Laws, Bans Poisonous Hormones And Toxic Pesticides

They keep telling us that Russia is the nation-state personification of evil, corruption, and human rights abuses, but yet I’m still finding it hard to grasp this supposed fact.

Then again, I suppose preventing citizens from turning into obese diabetes-ridden slobs is supposed to amount to Health Fascism.


President Vladimir Putin has signed a new law regulating production, storing and transportation of organic produce in Russia. The decree bans agrochemicals, pesticides, antibiotics growth stimulators and hormones.

The new law, previously approved by both chambers of the Russian Parliament, will enter force on January 1, 2020. The regulation introduces references to “organic produce,”“manufacturer of organic produce” and “organic agriculture,” as well as sets control over producing, storing, labeling, selling and transporting goods of the kind.

The legislation doesn’t cover such goods as perfumery, cosmetics, and medicines, forest plants seeds, hunting and fishing produce apart from aquaculture.

Similar regulations have been approved by more than 80 countries so far. The first attempts to adopt the measure in Russia were taken 15 years ago. The legislation may help Russia take 25 percent stake in the global organic produce market, said Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev earlier this year.

The measure, which also includes creating of a national register, will help to force dishonest players out of the market and will have a positive impact on the quality of organic products, according to State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

Meanwhile in America, we have a food and nutrition situation that is inherently poisonous to the people – unless you own a small-plot farm or have the financial means to afford exorbitantly-priced organic fruits, vegetables, and meats, that is.

Being somewhat observant, I’ve watched this play itself out over the years – it actually pains me to watch White families (who obviously struggle from paycheck to paycheck) purchase edible filth like soda and sugary treats at a rate that essentially dooms the next generation to lives that will almost certainly be shorter and more miserable than they could otherwise be.

But yet we’re supposed to eat the lie that this country cares for its people – while we’re supposed to condemn nations like Russia that have actively taken measures against media degeneracy, homosexuality, and the sale of “food” that in the end is just as destructive as heroin, cocaine, or narcotic pills.


  1. I cut all sugar and junk food out of my diet and still got fat unless I exercised vigorously and regularly. The last thing I cut was bread and I stopped getting fat I slowly lost weight with no exercise.

    I read the wheat we eat today is not the traditional one we have eaten for centuries. It was genetically modified not to increase our health and well being, but to maximise corporate profits. It is Frankenstein wheat.

    • Most of the breads and whatnot we eat is “enriched” in that the original vitamins are sucked out and replaced during processing.

      It’s certainly miles away from what our ancestors once ate, although their physical labor was much more than ours typically and was enough to easily burn the carbohydrates they consumed.

    • Translation: Food is going to get really expensive in Russia. A more efficient way to fight obesity would be to tax table sugar and high fructose corn syrup. But simply creating a famine could lead to mass weight loss as well.

      • Also they are probably going to have to tax more to pay for the new government bureaucracy they are creating.

  2. Also, anyone supporting Azov and opposing Novorossiya should be sodomized to death and have their junked ripped open and their testicles ground into green paste. That especially includes the mods on Stormfront.

    Cut their fucking DICKS off and nail to them to the wall, all the while pouring hydrochloric acid down their mouths. KILL THEM, BRUTALLY. MOTHERFUCKING CRUCIFY THEM.

    • After covering the Ukraine (((coup))) on an almost daily basis for Daily Stormer back when it was occurring, I can say I have no opposition to your statement.

      • Azov loves to crucify and rip the hearts out of the enemies of ZOG. They are Liberia tier savages and should be answered with the only language Liberia tier savages understand.

        The problem is, while Azov supporters aggressively promote their side and are utterly coddled by the “nationalist” establishment in doing so, the more pro-Russian WNs promote garbage about “respecting both sides” of this “divisive” issue. Even this site refuses to openly back Novorossiya out of “respect” to “both sides” when Azov/Kike Sector scum dont show it any respect in return.

        There is a word for that – CUCK. Gladio scum” have ZERO place in any nationalist movement. The US is the EMPIRE of White Genocide yet there have been, for decades, “neo-Nazis” who take “based” CIA money to fight the Communists. We can never let the utter disgrace that was Gladio happen again, EVER.

  3. I live in one of the USA’s major tourist traps, everydayay I see the damage done. Fat obese White people slopping garbage, waddling their fat asses looking like theyre ready to stroke out. Its disgusting and a true sign of White genocide. Dont get me started on the miscegenation thats totally out of control.
    I weep for our people…

  4. Sadly liberty is wasted on the corrupt and the ignorant. It only leads to their destruction. It’s beginning to look like a mild paternal form of paternalism is best for the majority of people.

  5. I think making fun of fat white people is kinda like making fun of poor whites. I’m not fat and actually find fat people fairly gross but they’ve been poisoning our food and water supply for decades and it’s had a very detrimental effect on people.

    It’s hard to begrudge people who are mostly living in poverty and unemployed of choosing a tasty cheap frozen pizza over lentils and rice that would cost the same. That’s probably one of the only good points in their day and all they hear on the media 24/7 is how worthless they are as a white person.

    • It’s tough too because of the way healthy foods and snacks are exorbitantly priced.

      It’s one thing to have Negroes who are going to spend whatever they are given on junk, and quite another to have poor struggling Whites trying to make $200-$300 in monthly funds stretch to feed a family of four.

      Basically they’re forced into buying poison because it’s the only thing that will keep bellies fed through the month – combine with the addictive qualities of these “foods,” and you have a perfect formula for destruction.

      And yet cuckservatives cheer when EBT is cut despite its help for tens of millions of poor Whites.

  6. France has had strict food laws for some time now and you know what? You don’t see these morbidly obese Walmart shoppers that look like beef cattle. I am personally convinced that these growth additives fed to livestock remain active to the point that they are poisoning consumers.

  7. We are supposed to believe that poverty somehow causes obesity. Pretty sure it causes emaciation. Could there be some other explanation for the existence of so many poor obese people? Yes, it’s called gluttony.

    • If you’ve ever priced up packaged processed crap versus organic produce and good quality meats you would understand a bit better.

      • I actually do prefer my food come packaged. Is that a bad thing? Are they supposed to push it to me across the floor with a broom or something? How do you buy milk if it isn’t packaged? Do you suckle it directly from the cow?

        Your grocery bill is as expensive as your palate demands.

        Why would I bother with organic produce when I can get me some of that good gmo stuff grown with pesticides for so much cheaper?

        “Good quality meats” Oh, so the cheap cuts aren’t good enough for you. I think I understand.

        If you ever priced up beans and rice compared to your diet ice cream you’d know how to feed yourself a lot cheaper.

    • The other reason is an increased reliance upon starch. Mexicans live on rice and beans which means they can be relatively healthy looking. In Guatamala the Indians eat black beans and tortillas but thats all they would eat, the veggies and fruits they sold for money. Thus they would have malnutrition.

      Malnutrition was common in the South during the Depression because of various reasons. One huge reason was the loss of the American Chestnut Tree to the chestnut blight. Chestnuts provided free hog food and fence split rails. Without the chestnut, you had to feed your hogs more often, which meant growing lots of corn for them. Depending on your land and how much land you had, that meant taking away acreage that could be devoted to tobacco or whatever putting it in corn, because you had to have hog food. The loss of the chestnut tree changed everything.

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