New Survey: What Exactly Does A White Nationalist Look Like?

In the midst of the worst censorship campaign ever seen in our lifetimes, we’re continuously hearing diatribes telling us that we’re a tiny hated minority – a dying remnant that has been sputtering foolishly and futilely before the final death at the hands of diversity and multiracial world citizens.

There’s just one little problem with this narrative – it’s nothing but a giant steaming heap of fake news confirmed by a newly-released survey that asked participants (all White, mind you) to answer three simple questions addressing discrimination against their race, feelings of racial solidarity, and the importance of racial identity in their lives.

The results were quite interesting to say the least…

So here are just a few things that we learned – feel free to offer reasoning for these results in the comments section.

  1. On two of the three questions, women scored several points higher than men – essentially shattering the Incel/MGTOW/Manosphere assertion that women are nothing more than worthless whores that would just as quickly breed with a Negro than with a White Man.
  2. Religion plays a role in shaping racial attitudes in a way that makes one hopeful that the current (and organized) mass cucking of the churches is failing to a high degree.
  3. Republicans obviously scored higher than Democrats by a large margin, although Independents demonstrated a racial awareness that sort of disputes the pundit claim that this group tends to be “moderate” in beliefs.
  4. Boomers did very well for the most part, although the youth seems to understand the looming discrimination being dished out at the White Race from all quarters.
  5. Income and employment status plays a huge role in the answers to all three questions, with those in the working classes far more likely to stand by their blood brethren than those living high and mighty with no serious worries about bills, housing, and the affording of basic necessities.
  6. In a rather odd twist, divorced participants answered higher on all three questions, and those married with children scored lower across the board.
  7. College education (of course) lessens racial attitudes due to the highly-efficient indoctrination programs that permeate the overwhelming majority of universities in this country.
  8. Despite decades of targeted programs, social shaming on an industrial scale, and waves of outside migration, the South still scores higher than other parts of the country on all three questions.

Note: The final results of the survey claim that only a very small percentage answered in the affirmative to all three questions – this despite the fact that we can see that there is very little difference between the topics addressed. On my end, I would very much like to have further information on how these questions were posed to the participants, and would like to know whether those who were batting two for two were, err, “pushed” into backing down on the final question.


  1. George Hawley reinterpreting results of 2016 American National Election Survey by using dichotomous variables his choices for these seem reasonable enough).


    Sample size: 3,038 non-Hispanic Whites.

    3,038 out of approx. 200 million.

    Long-time since stats class, but that seems to come with a built-in lack of statistical significance and very high error rate.


    60 primary sampling units, including 5 known:

    “The five largest PSUs were selected with certainty. These were both parts of Los Angeles County, Cook
    County, IL, Maricopa County, AZ, and Harris County, TX.”

    Skimming the 100+ page methodology report of ANES, it appears that the small sample size is also compromised by accepting multiple adult respondents from the same household, meaning that, in theory, only 1500-2000 households may have made up that sample.

    Also, 2/3 of respondents in the survey were interviewed face-to-face. We all know that such surveys are fatally-skewed by interviewees telling interviewers the socially acceptable response, rather than the actual belief of the respondent.

    I don’t think there is any value to interpreting this survey at all.

    A stats geek with more time on his/her hands might differ.

    • That little bit about the face-to-face answers a lot right there.

      I would think therefore that the numbers would be even higher had this been either a phone survey or something submitted anonymously with certain guidelines on the questioning – leading and pressuring may have been enough to seriously skew the results.

  2. Do you ever feel a twinge of embarrassment at your absurd pedestalization of women and your willful ignorance of their nature?

    I like women, but I know what they are and don’t treat them with the solemn schoolboy reverence that you white knights do. It’s rather embarrassing to see a grown man pretending that they’re Wondrous Angels rather than hypergamous, non-rational entities who need to be kept under strict control so that their best aspects can emerge, and their immensely destructive instincts kept under wraps.

  3. In a quick reading of the survey results, two results come out at me as a surprise:

    1) Our women actually have more racial solidarity than the men. Why then are activists groups not filled with our ladies? Note that BOTH probably have a degree of truth:
    a. The most conservative women largely leave politics to the men and focus on raising the children.
    b. The dissident right has designed a movement FOR MEN. Our women do not feel at home amungst far-right politics the way it is currently constructed. PLEASE READ THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL IT SINKS IN AS TRUTH YOU UNDERSTAND AND WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT.

    2) The South is only a few points higher than the rest of the country in racial solidarity. Please take in mind, this , result considers the countless millions of social justice warriors in the northeast. Conclusion? The white folks of the Midwest/Northwest have a huge degree of racial solidarity.

    The thought that the those who attend church most often have the most racial solidarity will surprise many, not me……I find people in the dissident right to be the salt of the Earth in comparison to the average person. Think about it, what kind of person would risk life and limb for the future of his children and posterity? ……..Those few honorable folks with a keen sense of honor and responsibility.

    • Answers (or possible answers, at any rate):

      1. Politics, especially on the hard right, is a thing for men primarily. The only real exception to this are ideologies such as NS where men and women are complements of each other.

      2. The South has been filled with niggers for a long time, while the rest of the country is only recently getting forced into the diversity trough. It’s also why the South is generally more complacent, having had to deal with the diversity crap for 150 years vs everyone else’s 30-50 years.

      As for church-going, I would assume that that’s generally more of a Southern nationalist thing than an NS thing – us on the NS side tend to not be very big on the worshiping of a dead Jew, tbh.

  4. The gender gap is enormous. While many women may be instinctively pro-white, it would be foolish to believe this translates into political support. Young women and college educated women overwhelmingly rejected Trump.

    • JPS: I encountered a lot of young and middle aged White women who were pro-Trump during the 2016 campaign. It was only the older Geraldine Ferraro types who supported Grandma Cankles.

  5. that is an interesting survey…we need more polls like this…we need a polling service to do polls on questions that alt-righters/dissidents find interesting…

  6. On two of the three questions, women scored several points higher than men – essentially shattering the Incel/MGTOW/Manosphere assertion that women are nothing more than worthless whores that would just as quickly breed with a Negro than with a White Man.

    Mist Incels are bitter because they couldn’t get laid in a whore house with a pocket full a hunderd dollar bills. But not all Incels are fat, nerdy ne’er-do-wells. A great many are average, stable men with good jobs. They’re also not likely to complain much, if at all, about suffering a lack of female companionship, like their man child peers do. The aforementioned ne’er-do-wells, would be without If they lived in1956.

    Now, since 1967, women have tended to be neurotic because of their exposure to Anti-male propaganda and Judeo-Communist indoctrination.

    In my experience, growing up in North Texas, the girls didn’t hook up with Niggers. They hooked up with White criminal losers and rejected all the boys who were going to school to be welders, machinists, mechanics, electricians, etc.

    When I had jury duty, I saw a pretty, blond White girl, holding a baby, while her lummox “man” payed a fine because he couldn’t get it through his thick skull that he wasn’t in highschool anymore. Or that whuppin’ ass doesn’t pay the bills, unless you’re a professional boxer, it just gets you thrown in jail.

    She had a look of abject misery on her face, because she was probably going to haf to work a double shift at Walmarts to support a baby, an overgrown juvenile delinquent, and pay all of his fines, bails and probation.

    Simple fact is, we have to improve the quality of the White men and women we raise.

    Jews are Asiatics. Part of Asiatic warfare involves targeting the enemy’s females for destruction. The Jews fight mainly in the psychological and mental realms, rather than in the physical. The corruption of women is the downfall of nations. That’s why we have to get control of the females and keep them away from the Jews’ propaganda. They’ve definitely been targeted for destruction.

    • I’ve witnessed it first hand multiple times and have heard it also from attorneys I know:

      If you want to see the best looking local women, go to the county courthouse and watch all of them waiting on their criminal boyfriends and husbands to get through court.


      Also, when out in public and listening to the conversations of young and not-so-young women, virtually all of the best looking ones will at some point mention the felon status of their men. I also notice that an inordinate number of these women are always doing the driving while the tough guy is the passenger. Ditto the women pay the tabs at the bars and restaurants. I notice the women are almost always in the “point position.” That is, the women are out front while the men hang in the background. This is the opposite of the case historically.

  7. Interesting comments all. Tex Wood in particular made good points. I will drop in one observations myself.
    In regards to women having a high degree of racial solidarity, I recall listening to a David Duke podcast several years ago, where he noted that in the 1960s, White women were even supportive of segregation than the White men were. He elaborated that the men had gotten used to being around the Negroes in public, perhaps even employing them, while White women were like “keep the Negroes males away from me”!

  8. So unsurprisingly, poor Whites are more pro-White than rich Whites. Why does the alt-right always side with the rich and show so much hatred toward the poor then?

    • No idea, and it honestly repulses me.

      The fact of the matter is that in this country (or any portion of it), you’re not going to get a serious movement rolling unless you focus heavily and overwhelmingly on the poor/working classes.

      Why should the rich and (hate to use this word) privileged support something with such a huge risk of failure when they could just as easily bug out or serve as middle men in a crumbling dystopia Jew system?

      The poor don’t have these options, and are much more likely to stand and fight.

    • Comrade Jijcf: Most alt-righters are college educated white collar types from upper middle class backgrounds. The kind of guys you’d find in the frat houses of state universities.

  9. 6.In a rather odd twist, divorced participants answered higher on all three questions, and those married with children scored lower across the board.

    I’m going to guess that there is some sort of correlation between prosperity (however it may have been acquired) and intact marriages with kids.

  10. I do honestly fail to see how this “shatters” the “myth” that white women are acting abhorrently as of current. Those over the age of sixty-five were, apparently, the demographic with the highest proportion of racial consciousness so it is safe to assume that the majority of these women are probably not ones who are currently eligible candidates for marriage.

  11. I have always wondered if “White Nationalist” was the proper term. Perhaps a better term would be White Separatist Nationalists as we must separate from what is before we can possibly build what should be.

  12. Personally I think WNs should stop the gender wars BS entirely. I nearly always favor collectivism over individualism, such as when race and class are concerned, but regarding gender I see men and women as individuals not as men and women. Forming a collectivist movement based on gender, whether that is feminism or MGTOW, that sees the other gender as the enemy is idiotic, suicidal and likely related to homosexuality. My view is quite simply, do you stand for the White Working Class and against the Jews or not?

  13. JESUS CHRIST wants to save ( if they will ) , all of humanity . However , The Mankind of The True White Hebrew Israelites ( The Anglo – Saxon and Kindred Caucasians ) , is /are especially loved in GOD’S sight ( high evaluation of worth ) . We are The Most Direct and Literal and Pure-Blood – Descendants from Adam and Eve . We have wandered from the straight pathway , and lost our ancient Identity . Nonetheless , the time of the gathering and restoration ( of our battered remnant ) – approaches quickly . There is no “ rapture “ , rather – there is “ A Great Escape “ , to THE KINGDOM OF GOD , to be found in the wilderness . Let them who has , THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST , understand THE HOLY BIBLE – ( King James Version ) . Rejoice in the coming days , of the deliverance of THE GOOD LORD’S – Righteous Christian People , whilst in the natural flesh , while here on earth . There is much more to tell . JESUS CHRIST , “ is absolutely not “ a skunk jew .

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