South Africa Responds To President Trump’s Farm Seizure Tweet

It’s amazing to think that with just one or two signed documents, we could essentially send the Kaffirs of South Africa into an apocalyptic tailspin.

The White farmers would be easily prepared to withstand the most crippling sanctions for the most part, but as for the tribal units of primitives (and some of the urban White bugmen who support their own genocide), economic crippling would trigger starvation faster than many might think.

The question is whether Donald Trump has the spine to initiate the next phase – he would do well to understand that it would galvanize his more revolutionary supporters at a most crucial time in his Presidency.


The South African government has slammed US President Donald Trump’s “narrow perception” over land seizures in the country after he ordered US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to study the situation.

“South Africa totally rejects this narrow perception which only seeks to divide our nation and reminds us of our colonial past,” the government tweeted, tagging the US leader.

So they deny the fact that their country features warbands of orcs that regularly prey upon farmers for the simple fact of their White heritage?

It sounds like the Blacks have learned well from their Jewish masters when it comes to lies so big that normies cannot help but think they must have truth within them.

Trump expressed concern over the fate of white farmers in the country late on Wednesday after reports that controversial land redistribution reform might leave owners without their properties or compensation. Trump also asked US Secretary of State “to closely study” the situation, including land expropriations and “the large scale killing of farmers.”

Reacting on Trump’s “unfortunate comments” South African Foreign Affairs Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said it was regrettable that the tweet was “based on false information.” She added that her department is to meet US diplomats in Pretoria “to seek clarification” later in the day. Sisulu also seeks to communicate with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo through diplomatic channels.

The South African president’s office will also seek an explanation for Trump’s tweet, with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s spokeswoman saying that the US leader is “misinformed” on the matter.

Not misinformed, but enlightened by one of last decent and truthful journalists left in the industry.

The only thing I fear is that the Jews are about to come for The Tuck – he’s now straying into explicit White Nationalist themes, and does so in a way that’s simple for the uninitiated to accept.

He should know, however, that come what may, we have already made up an honorable place for him once the purge finishes its course.


    • I think he’s been hiding his power level for the last year, and has only now decided to unleash more and more.

      I mean, he did take a long break for a few years, so my guess is that during that time he did a lot of studying and wound up red-pilling himself.

  1. There are a couple of companies in South Africa that build 4WD tractors. We could bring them here to Dixie. Along with Rome and CAMECO, we could build a native, Southern farm Machinery industry.

    As an aside, why do people waste their time arguing with Niggers? They’re just tools and don’t have any opinions, beliefs or ideology; outside of mumbo-jumbo, that wasn’t given to them by Jews or others who want to exploit and use them.

  2. “he’s now straying into explicit White Nationalist themes, and does so in a way that’s simple for the uninitiated to accept.”

    It’s that:

    “does so in a way that’s simple for the uninitiated to accept.”

    that’ll have the Jews after him like a shot.

  3. I admire Mr. Carlson’s bravery.

    He has gone after many dark personalities, forces, and schemes that Rush Limbaugh has skillfully evaded for 25 years.

    That said, he has visible support from Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, all of whom, in their own inimitable way, have called out The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government, and sundry proxies, over and over again.

    Savage (aka Michael Weiner – a child of Russian Jews) has been amazing in calling out Jews, he running down long lists of their names and saying things that none Jewish would dare to say over the airwaves.

    Now, Savage is launching a petition campaign to get the president to intervene for the Akfrikaners.

    Back to Mr. Carlson – it’s been fascinating to watch him transform from a classical liberal anti-racist Republican of the well-schooled ilk, to one who regularly says the word, ‘White’.

    I think Mr. Carlson unwittingly mirrors the Average American Joe.

    The good work of Laura Ingraham notwithstanding, he is the only pundit on TV to whom I feel a real connection and loyalty.

  4. What about a modern day deliverance , from an impending genocide , upon The Poor Whites , in the south african poverty camps , whom are not allowed , or whom cannot evacuate – ( for whatever reason ) ? If you know real history , then you understand , it is they – The White Destitute , who are The Real Boers . On the other hand ; the metro elite & propertied farmers – are the jew / dutch / english / afrikaners , that have assumed the identity from , and have always oppressed , The True Germanic Boers . Yes Sir , there is a way out for them – The Despised Poor , but it’s not the “ rapture “ .

    The South African Boers are mostly a swiss / germanic peoples – with some admixture from french , dutch and english . They were the Ana – Baptist refugees , from The European Continental Religious and Secular Wars , of the 16th and 17th and 18th centuries . They were caught in between , and maltreated & persecuted , by both the protestant / reform & catholic churches , and also abused , by those associated nation state civil governments . When in Germany and Denmark , they were given the derogatory appellation of “ Boors “ , because they were considered low class , poor and uncouth . ( In America , Benjamin Franklin disparagingly referred to their near kindred , [ The Pennsylvania Dutch German “ Christian Brethren “ ] , as “ Palatine Boors “ . It was for the same reasons , that the Scotch-Irish were named : Redneck , Hillbilly , Country Good Old Boy , Hayseed , Rube , Yokel , Bumpkin , Rustic , Rural , Clodhopper & Farmer – and we embrace those names . ) The Boors took the opportunity to escape from , the hostile to them – Europe , by removing to South Africa ( also to North America and other places ) , under the auspices of , The Dutch East India Company ( VOC ) . Their prime motive was , The True Christian Liberty of Conscience , and not economic adventurism . These real religious and political refugees , had a whole different outlook and mindset , from the other opportunistic emigrants , and they became known as , The Pious Border Farmers and Trekking Boers ; Migrants of The Expanding Settlement Frontiers . — See the article : ( The Afrikaner Domination of the Boers : How it was Constructed ) , by David Christie , dated : 11 April 2014 , AFRIKAANSENUUS .

    Through all the vicissitudes and attacks , that they have suffered – from traitors & open & secret enemies , they have lost their ancient identity , and are to a large degree alienated , from the true knowledge of , and right relationship with , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – THE SAVIOR AND REDEEMER . Although diminished , they are still with “ dear ” standing – to GOD , and He will call them back , and will gather them firmly , and bless them abundantly , and rescue them from the advancing evil extermination . Could this explanation and assertion be correct ?

    The White Man is the race of Abraham , Isaac , and Jacob . ( The True Hebrews : actual and factual , by evidence and proof . ) They are found in THE HOLY BIBLE . Because of wickedness and rebellion and revolution , GOD broke most of them off and away , from The Ancient Kingdom of The House of Israel . JEHOVAH did this , by allowing them to be conquered and taken as slaves , by pagans and heathen – ( Within their history , The Caucasians also became polytheistic hedonists ) . Later , THE LORD GOD opened several doors of their captivity , and let them escape , and made them move north & west , in many pushes and waves . These Lost Ten Tribes forfeited their identity , by their unbelief & disobedience , through the generations and centuries of ; wars and raids and migrations and wanderings and explorations . These forgotten Clans , became The Gentile ( White ) European Nations , spreading across the geocentric globe earth . As a racial group , they are known as The Anglo / Saxons . And , although they do not know it , the providence of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST , has marked them with a special token-sign , pointing to their future minority recovery , and full reinstatement . Anglo / Saxons : ( Anglo = GOD’S Servant , Saint or Angel , GOD’S Son ) / ( Saxons = The Son’s of Isaac , The Isaac’s Sons , The Sac’s Sons = The Saxons ) -> ( The Son’s of Jacob , by being The Grandson’s of Isaac , are The Anglo / Saxons . ) -> ( The English Group + The German Group = The United Birthright and Scepter ) . The day is approaching , when a remnant of The Son’s of Jacob ( The Grandson’s of Isaac = The Anglos & The Saxons ) will return , and be converted and gathered together and joined , by THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST . Never again brother against brother wars for them . ( The reunion will be – The Grand Union of Jacob , presaged by The Union Jack Ensign ) . This Small Portion ( spread over the sphere earth ) , being The Election , and belonging to JESUS MESSIAH , will be delivered by a mighty & miraculous , intervention & intercession . Their corporeal rescue , is the deliverance from the modern day absolute bondage & captivity , by tyranny of the archfiend anti-christ ascendency , that is now being spearheaded by marauding “ flying monkeys “ , and a prospective white genocide in South Africa . The Authentic Reclamation , will be practically unforeseen and unexpected , by everyone else who does not veritably know , or who are not much interested in , THE REAL JESUS . ( The event will only become widely known , for both the fact and mis-explanation , in the aftermath . ) All of mankind ( both kindred & foreigner / stranger ) , can by faith ( if they will ) repent and reform and separate , to become GOD’S Spiritually Adopted Sons or Daughters ( Pilgrims ) ; those that are Born Again , they who love JESUS , them that are in His Grace – Mercy – Favor – Blessings Full On . Then we are His Eligible and His Qualified and His Chosen , to receive this tremendous beneficial , while living on earth . It will be greater than The Exodus Out of Egypt , that was in the times of old , while under the leadership of Moses . This is the mortal ( while in the flesh ) and only earthly escape , out of The Great Temptation and The Great Tribulation ( test & trial ) , that is coming as GOD’S anger and judgement , upon the whole world . Let the loud – clear – pure – ringing , of The Real and True Christian Liberty Bell , peal throughout all THE LORD’S SANCTUARIES . It is the beginning of GOD’S PARADISIACAL KINGDOM COME TO EARTH ; in His multifold and distinct , provided and guarded , companies and camps – trekking and transiting , to His refuges and retreats . Who will survive and who will demise ? Choose the only genuine and best hope , or decide for the hard way , of soul danger and torment and martyrdom ( by the forced mark of the beast ) . Watch and Pray . There is a sign to be given , for the moment of reckoning and decision , to catch the only once given , small window of opportunity . After being converted , search THE HOLY BIBLE and find the sign , to obey the command of THE SAVIOR AND REDEEMER – JESUS CHRIST . Do not be left behind , to weep in regret . In the meantime , we need to resist lawfully – with all our abilities , the advancements of evil , while awaiting expectant and hopeful – The Days of Refreshment .

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  5. @Captain John Charity Spring MA

    I’ve been posting at foxnews and dailycaller websites for quite sometime.

  6. When you have a huge lunker on the line like he does the white American Gullibles, one has to play with them to avoid breaking the line prematurely. It reassures the Dumpfter.

  7. The blacks in S. Africa should be nuked. Use smaller battle field nukes that produce less radiation. Bring all normal non lib white S. Africans here to Dixie … along with many of our brothers in Europe. AFTER WE DEPORT ALL DARKIES OUT OF DIXIE.

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