Jacksonville: Jew Snaps During Video Game Tournament, 3 Killed And 11 Wounded

If you’re a video gamer (and this applies to everyone from casual to hardcore), there are a few rules you should always take into account.

  1. Learn to balance gaming with the other things in life – there are only a few things more pathetic than a 35-year-old man with a beast Madden roster, but no woman since 2002.
  2. Never let the annoying 10-year-old Asian trolls online interfere with your gaming experiences.
  3. Lootboxes are evil (((corporate tricks))) designed to turn a free (or almost free) game into a money pit.

And the most important rule:

In gaming tournaments (just like with pretty much everything else), with Jews you lose.

Daily Mail:

Police have identified the suspect in a mass shooting at an online gaming tournament in Florida that was partially captured on a horrifying livestream.

David Katz, 24, killed himself and two others, and left 11 people injured in the chaotic shooting at the Jacksonville Landing complex in Jacksonville at around 1.34pm on Sunday, police said. 

Nine of the non-fatal injuries were gunshot wounds and two were sustained while fleeing the chaos, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said.

Williams said that Katz is from Baltimore and had traveled to Jacksonville for the video gaming tournament. His car was seized by police near the scene.

Katz is known to have gone by the gamer monikers ‘Ravenschamp’ and ‘Bread’.

An official close to the investigation said that the gunman killed himself with the semi-auto handgun used in the shooting, which had a laser sight.

Witnesses have said the shooter was a player who had just lost in the tournament.

I’ll go ahead and confess that I’ve gone through a few controllers in my time, but never have I thought of going full IDF on random gamers.

On Sunday night, FBI and ATF agents raided a home linked to the shooter in the upscale Federal Hill neighborhood of South Baltimore.

The shooting broke out during the Madden 19 tournament at the Good Luck Have Fun video game room inside Chicago Pizza, a restaurant inside the shopping complex that sits on the north bank of the St John’s River.

In a livestream of the tournament, one of the players is seen with a dot that appears to be a laser pointer dancing on his chest and neck seconds before shots and screams are heard, and the feed cuts out.

Observe the empty soulless eyes of this creature, and contemplate for just a moment or two that had this one lived another few decades, he’d likely hold more power than every White person you know put together.


  1. “there are only a few things more pathetic than a 35-year-old man with a beast Madden roster, but no woman since 2002.”

    Such as?

    C’mon, there’s a listicle article screaming to be written here.

    • I guess you could be an African Adoption Cuck like David French.

      Or a homosexual.

      Or someone who thinks muh Constitution will save America from turning into Brazil on steroids.

    • I’ll bet this vicious asshole had a few hookers in the months leading to the shooting. Probably no real girlfriend though.

  2. If memory serves Dylan Klebold was Jewish as well.

    I bet Jews are over-represented in shooting sprees.

    This happens because, as Catholic Theologian E. Michael Jones points out, Jews by definition have rejected Logos and become anti-Logos destructive beasts worthy of being expulsed to the Zionist Entity for the safety of the rest of the World’s Population!

    Sandy Hook and other mind-comtrolled assassination scenarios (i.e. the Batman theatre killer) are employed to keep Whites looking bad & demoralized in the main-stream media.

    • These kike bastards come are descendants of two people, The Canaanite son of Judah, Shelah and Esau/Edom. They never have been nor will they ever be God’s chosen people. Nowhere in the Old Testament are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his sons ever called jews. The word jew in the New Testament is incorrectly assigned to the word Ioudaios, Strong’s #2453. This word is transliterated as Judean, it is not jew. E Michael Jones book is a very well resourced book but his theology as with all modern pastors is complete nonsense. The epistles of Paul are written to the 12 tribes scattered abroad becoming the many nations promised to Abraham none of whom were ever called jews.

  3. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the wailing about “another White male shooter” on my social media feeds, but……it appears that no one wants to touch this one. The Katz out of the bag on this dude’s heritage.

  4. Wow. You’ld never hear about the Jew part from SCM, ( Satan Controlled Media. ) Nope. Only if it was white on black.

  5. When will people learn? Everyone must carry their gun everywhere! Don’t have any guns? GET SOME IDIOT! Just one CCW nearby could’ve possibly saved lives & injuries! Well over 2 million victims are saved by legal law abiding gun owners annually! Compare that to the 60k gun death, 65% of which are suicide. Stats proven by the Obama Administration investigators of the CDC & reported ONCE by MSM because of how embarrassing leftists were by the TRUTH.

  6. Also look up what happened last night at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock in the annual high school battle between Bryan and Benton (The Salt Bowl) A fight in the stands caused 38,000 people to panic and rush the exists and forced the officials to stop the game in the 3rd quarter. BG find it on you tube before the powers that be make it disappear!

  7. Is the press reporting it as Jewish? Uneducated guess is the report will go something like this:-
    ‘White male gamer kills two with gun, injures eleven then shoots himself. The time has come to rid all guns from every American to make the streets safer’.
    With Joooos you lose. Indeed.

    • It’s hard for the jewsmedia to describe the killer as a White male when his last name was Katz.

      • I would bet you that most Americans are oblivious to that. Jews are just whites with a different religion to most blacks, and a lot of whites are just downright unaware.

  8. “And I will cause dem goyim to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters; and they shall eat every one the flesh of his friend, in the siege and in the distress, with what their enemies, and they that seek their life, shall distress them.”

    Jeremiah 19:9

    Can anyone pilpul me on this nice, wholesome hebraic moral with Katz?

  9. Jeremiah 19 is about the destruction of Jerusalem and compares it to a broken bottle. In other words no true Israelite was ever to return to the old Jerusalem. This a punishment for the children of Israel, the Canaanites and edomites had been conquered by John Hyrcanus the Maccabee and inducted them into Judea. Herod was an edomite and he had put his edomite pals in charge of the temple by the time of Christ. That is why in John chapter 8 you have people that are the true sons of Abraham and the infiltrators whose father is the devil, John 8:44. Christ is comparing the true Israelites to the Canaanite/edomite jews who had taken over the temple.

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