South Africa Withdraws Anti-White Land Confiscation Bill

This is actually some semi-good news for a change, all things considered, and while I would highly encourage everyone to keep an eye on South African details (only a Cuckservative would believe that legalism must precede action), it looks like the farmers are going to have a bit of a reprieve before the fireworks show truly begins.


A bill allowing the South African government to seize private land without compensation has been withdrawn by the Portfolio Committee on Public Works pending further study, according to the ruling African National Congress.

In 2015, the ANC proposed a constitutional amendment allowing the government to seize and redistribute land without any compensation to its owners. The draft, which has not been adopted so far, evoked widespread international outrage and multiple media reports of alleged violence against white South African farmers, including murders.

The committee’s chairperson, Humphrey Mmemezi, said the bill was referred to parliament on procedural grounds, but they couldn’t duplicate a separate parliamentary process.

“If we, as Parliament, resolve to hear the people of South Africa on that important clause, it then goes without question that we must send the bill back to Parliament,” he said, adding the committee had no choice but to withdraw it.

However, the ANC reiterated its commitment to pursue the country’s controversial land reform program. The ruling party wants to redistribute the land confiscated from white farmers to the black citizens of the country. Since the end of apartheid in 1994, the ANC has followed a “willing-seller, willing-buyer” model. Under the plan, the government buys land from white landowners and redistributes it among black citizens of the country. However, the land reform program has not brought the results the ANC wanted.

Just to be clear here: this is a temporary reprieve, and there is a serious chance this only came about thanks to America’s GOP leadership stressing the need for “constitutionality” in these matters.

What is good about this, however, is the fact that this gives us time to continue pushing the issue – White Americans are seemingly receptive to the message of people like Tucker Carlson when it comes to White Genocide, the breathing space allows the Boers and other South African whites to continue to organize and radicalize (mistakes and weakness in a race war will be brutally paid for), and the Russian Bear continues to notice the developments more and more as time progresses.

Our part should be most of all to push the concept that under a non-White majority, constitutions and other legalisms mean nothing.

It’s a bit of a red pill, but if we can get others to see South Africa as an image of the future, then our task here at home will be all the more easier.

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  1. I wonder what pressure one way or another DeBeers applied here? The Oppenheimer family run the place of course.

    • Would they transition well to farming in America? Small farms are becoming less and less common and agribusiness is the new norm. Also, would they even have the capital to purchase a farm here? They can’t sell their farms in SA because no one will purchase a farm that the gov’t could seize in a year or two. Most would come here with very little.

  2. South Africa is part of the BRICS and probably Russian or China or both pressure.China is after African natural resources and they do not want SA to turn Congo DR like madness where is coltan and lot of other good stuff but because of collapse getting it is very expensive. Like Somalia has oil and Afganistan has lithium but because of complicated situation it is impossible to dig or drill.

  3. How will this play out? I suspect the plan will be to “buy” the White farmers out for a dime or less on the dollar. This will make everything “legal” as far as all the Western cuckservative governments are concerned.

    • I think that’s exactly right. ..the article I read on Reuters this morning indicated this most recent move by the ANC is more a nuance/ technicality than a real reprieve.

  4. Everyone forgets that these farmers are more mortgaged up to the hilt. If they lose their land they Will walk away from their mortgage payments and be in default to the bank.

    • Not just the land. A lot of their expensive equipment like combines and tractors is probably financed as well, and I’m sure they’ll have to abandon it, not that the blacks stealing it will do anything but let it rust where it sits. The government won’t pay off their debts though. I wonder if SA has debtor’s prison.

  5. Besides Tucker, don’t forget the good work of Lauren Southern in this regard – even though some of you call her a coal burner.

    Great work, Lauren Honey. And I use the word “honey” not in a demeaning or lecherous way, but with the genuine affection of a proud uncle towards his niece. Keep up the good work, Lauren. Hope you get the recognition you deserve.

  6. Outstanding comments, all. Please write Chairman Mmemezi ( and politely let him know you appreciate his committee reconsidering the matter. Yeah, it may be the banking issue that did it, but humor him on humanitarian grounds or whatever — make it good, and you just may have an impact in this crucial juncture of world history in progress.

    The corporate cartel western media are feeling the heat — otherwise they wouldn’t have made the cynical, heartless pronouncements they have. This may be our chance to embarrass and checkmate the antiwhite establishment big time. The more professional-sounding your communication, the better the impact — I suspect.

    “Just do it”….. predict you’ll be glad you did.

  7. No such fact has been mentioned on the Afrikaans websites I know, including the VF+ party. Nor the South African mainstream media, for example Perhaps not yet. I will be on the lookout.

    Very chilling:

    Stephen Mitford Goodson has passed away. He knew how the puzzle pieces fitted together. We mostly just see the puzzle pieces. Theresa May. Julius Malema. Ramaphosa. The black question. But behind them is a paymaster.

    • I am sorry to hear of his passing. Do you know the cause of death? I am always curious when a truth teller turns up dead. I read the one volume of his on the history of central banking and have been following the events in SA from Arizona for a while. The world is accelerating in wickedness and frankly there is no political solution because the “sheenies” control the governments of the world. Ezra Pound was right.

    • Afrikaans websites are also now reporting that the land confiscation bill has been temporarily withdrawn.

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