Some Things Just Never Change

I suppose being the aging husband of Hillary Clinton is sometimes just too much of a burden to bear.

And it must be even worse now since attractions like Epstein Island are no longer open for service like they were back in the day.

Therefore I’ll try not to judge – Bill Clinton is just too old and decrepit to reform his degenerate creeper ways.


  1. At least he seems to be straight. That’s more than can be said for a lot of Dems (or Uniparty people in general), including his wife.

  2. So the guy likes young attractive, but legal women! I’m guilty of that myself. What’s the crux of the article? Do remember….the poor guy us married to Hillary.

    • You joking? He has sexually assaults and rapes going all the way back to 18 years old at Oxford! The campus police records are still there!

      Read up on allll his rapes over the years and then come back and see how funny you sound. He’s a sick sick bastard who went to an island to rape children?? That’s cool??

  3. Bill’s first cousin, R.V Clinton, was my barber. Bill’s dad was a travelling salesman whose territory’s western end was Sherman, Tx. His brother moved there and begat the Grayson County, Tx branch of the family.

    R.V. has passed away, but his kids and grandkids live on in the Sherman/Denison area. R.V. never had much to say about his infamous cousin, and what little he said, wasn’t positive. The family seemed to be embarrassed to be related to Bill, because of all the scandals coming out of Arkansas.

    From the time Bill was Governor of Arkansas, I heard enough about him to vote against him in the 92′ and 96′ elections. After that, I quit voting until 2016, when once again, I voted against the Clinton’s. I say Clinton’s, because if you elect one, you get both of ’em. And that’s bad news for everybody that’s ever crossed or displeased them in any way. They’re Vindictive.

    People who ran afoul of them ended up run out of business, run out of Arkansas, unemployed, in jail, or had accidents of various kinds, or had various combinations of those five things happen to them.

    If they can, they’ll find some way to take revenge on the country, for voting against them. Everybody in Arkansas, Northeast Texas and Eastern Oklahoma knows it, too.

    That’s why I hope they’re done with the Presidency. Hillary’s vindictiveness would have gotten us into a war in Syria, with Russia. Or put us in a terrible strategic position, bordering on war with Russia or China, or both. And certainly with Iran.

    • Bill Clinton’s blood father is probably either Nelson or Winthrop Rockefeller. I have a photograph of Winthrop Rockefeller with some Arkansas Tramp and Billy Blythe and Virginia Cassidy Blythe Clinton in Chicago at the Palmer House in 1945. In 1945 no country girl from the Arkansas sticks hobnobbed with the Rockefeller unless she was doing FAVORS for him. I think Billy Blythe was killed to shut his mouth.

      There is also an apocryphal story of old Hasidic Jews visiting the Clinton home in Hot Springs and Bill’s Jewish childhood friend thinking it strange. I am inclined to believe Bill Clinton was the product of some breeding project either by Rockefellers or by Jews

    • Bill Clinton was MUCH MORE openly Anti-White than Obama. Obama did his business by sending talking points to the Media to do it for him. Bill did it openly. I had never seen a leader attack White people like Bill Clinton did not to mention attack Christians even more blatantly than Obama.

  4. He raped kids on Epstein island.

    Ariana Grande was raped as a child by Hollywood producers and then she had the favor given back to her by being Allah Ackbarred in the UK.

    • @Deep South
      I don’t know much about Bill Clintons personal history. I gave a comment based on what I knew at the time. If he is all those things, then yes that changes the context substantially.

  5. Arianna Grande is a Sicilian Jew. She has reconverted to Judaism as well. I looked up her familial lines and yes, she is likely 100% Jewish. 30% plus of the Island of Sicily in 1492 was Jewish till the Spanish took over. By 1592 it was 0% Jewish. The Jews had converted to Catholicism. All the Mafia Families are Jewish as well.

    Arianna practices Kabbalah and hates Christianity, because of her faggot brother

    • I wasn’t saying she’s not degenerate now but she was raped and molested as a child by Jews in Hollywood.

      • There is no such thing as a little girl in Hollywood who wasn’t raped by them or a Musician who wasn’t. Why do you think that Negro Chris Brown chimped out so hard on Rhianna? He knew what she was doing for Shlomo to get her records to be hits. The Negress Azeila Banks is open about it, she admits she screws (((White))) men to get what she wants.

        The Jews typically do this. When they have tired of you, they will fake a scandal or blow one out of proportion to make you look crazy. Or they make sure you get a hot needle full of heroin.

        • Banks typifies the issue. She went from a place of no wealth to high level in no time. Her (((AAA))) album several years ago is opened by a head nod to “Dan Rosenberg”. Whatever you think of the album, it was enabled by heavy promotion. After she made her way from broke with expensive taste to definitely not broke she said, after Michael Brown pwned himself, words to the effect that she wanted to kill a cracker. Actually, she is credited as saying she wanted to kill a cracker. Would Rick Astley demand a nigger be killed if even there was a comparable situation? Michael Brown got what was his. He robbed a convenience store and died after after he charged a cop. So, Ms Banks wants to “kill a cracker” because this dead set thug gets justice after charging a cop, after committing an armed robbery?

          And she is still glorified by the PTB.

  6. I happened to be changing the channel and came across the movie Straight Out of Compton which chronicled the rise of the Rap group Ni*gers With Attitude (NAW) famous for their song F*ck the police! Imagine my surprise that they had a Jewish producer who had no problem as long as their lyrics were viciously anti-white, indeed he grinned mischievous in the audience as they sang their Fu*k the Police song. But then one of their band members (Dr. Dre) wrote a song with anti-Jewish lyrics and then he freaked out and ranted and raved and treated to involve the Jewish defense league!

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