Multiracial Perfection: Brazil’s National Museum Destroyed By Random Fire

Someday (if nothing is done), this will be the fate of all our remaining monuments to greatness and knowledge.

Much will be destroyed by the Brown flood, but the items and buildings that will survive cannot hope to continue on in the face of non-White rule.

Seriously – you’re talking about “people” that routinely burn their own homes down due to their inability to master the intricacies of $10 power strips.


The National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro has been hit by a massive fire on Sunday night, with images from the scene showing the entire building engulfed in flames. The cause of the blaze is unknown so far.

No-one was injured in the fire, which started after the museum was closed for the day, local media report. About 50 firefighters have been trying to contain the inferno since 7 pm local time. The flames quickly spread through the 19th century wooden mansion that houses the museum. Images from the scene show the entire building burning on the inside.

The National Museum is one of the Americas’ oldest and largest, holding over 20 million objects pertaining to natural history and anthropology. It is housed inside the Sao Cristovao palace in Rio de Janeiro, a former residence of the Portuguese royal family.

The National Museum houses the largest collection of Egyptian archaeology in Latin America, numbering over 700 items. It also boasts a vast collection of minerals and fossils.

According to the museum’s deputy director, there were plenty of highly flammable items inside the building that could have triggered the blaze.

“There were a lot of items that could cause a fire, we had a plan to remove those substances from the museum, but unfortunately that happened,” Cristiana Cerezo told The Globe.

Sure, they were going to get that cleanup done eventually, but then came sunbathing time, and then came the huge Brazilian orgy involving every sort of creature (up to and including trannies).

It’s totally understandable, and you just have to keep an open mind towards the culture of our Brazilian equals.

Brazilian President Michel Temer called the potential loss of the museum’s entire collection “incalculable.”

“200 years of work, research and knowledge have been lost,” he tweeted. The National Museum is Brazil’s oldest scientific institution. It celebrated its 200th anniversary this June.

The sad but true thing is that within a week, very few in Brazil are going to even remember this event – it’s just that way when you try to combine mixed-race entities with culture, science, or really anything that doesn’t involve the most basic primal drives.


  1. The museum fire? Oh yeah, that’s um…….that’s like really bad and everything….I hope those oil on velvet paintings of bullfighters and Elvis can be replaced.

    Right now I’m watching a gay documentary on MSNBC called Breaking Hate. It’s about the Heather Heyer circus in Charlottesville last year. The host is some ugly guy named Christian Piccolini. He claims he’s a former white supremacist, whatever that is. But he’s not even white. A real low-energy effort.

    • I figure all those “repentant white supremacists” they’ve trotted out are just coached Antifa, maybe with a random one of those “decal tattoos” of a white power symbol pasted onto a convenient arm or leg as “proof.” It’s the simplest piece of propaganda possible — it’s hard to imagine they WOULDN’T do it.

  2. I’m actually doing something of the same for my family, though I don’t have as much time to work on it as I’d like to. Every family that values White culture of whatever kind should do so. Having a feeling of pride and heritage is the foundation of a future, even on a small, personal scale.

  3. You’re pretty bitter about so small a loss in an inferior country. At least they aren’t suicidal like the hyperborean ubertrannies.

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