Germans Rise In Anger After Yet Another Migrant-Committed Murder

There is an inner strength within the German people that just cannot be extinguished no matter how hard the Jews may try.

Some of it may be manifesting in the former East thanks to the ironic sheltering that Communism provided, or maybe it’s because the former West has already grown used to the daily tantrums of the Brown flood, but yet I would like to think of things on a more metaphysical level as well.

It might be hard to put into words, but perhaps we can all agree that we’re starting to see a type of biological survival mechanism manifest itself among a people that has gone through so much for so many years.


Hundreds have taken to the streets of the eastern German city of Kothen, after a 22-year-old man died following a brawl with two Afghan nationals, who were then arrested. Medics say the man suffered a heart failure.

The victim apparently intervened in a dispute over a German woman, which, according to witness reports, involved the two suspects and a third Afghan man. The German tabloid Bild reported that the argument was about who got the woman pregnant.

Could have been something involving drugs, or it could have been just another self-hating fool without any respect for her blood.

But then again there’s no real time to analyze each personal situation in times of war – send her off with the rest of the filth polluting the German landscape.

While first accounts said the man was beaten to death after he stepped into the row with another German, it emerged later that he died of a heart failure. The autopsy found the death to be “not in direct relationship” with the injuries suffered and that the man had a pre-existing heart disease, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Study this right here because you’re looking at how Fake News works – take something (a heart issue can easily trigger itself during a jumping), and twist it to protect the savage instigators.

And anyway, if you look back at the original reports, witnesses claimed the German man was knocked to the ground, hit his head on the pavement, and was then stomped by the Moslems (probably in the chest area).

This did not stop hundreds of protesters from taking to the streets of Kothen, hours after anti-migrant activists in Chemnitz launched a separate call for protests in their city, also in eastern Germany.

In response to the death, hundreds of police were deployed to Kothen in anticipation of right-wing anti-immigration protests and potential riots by far-right groups. Two water cannon have also been pulled in.

The death comes shortly after the killing in late August of another German man in the city of Chemnitz. He was stabbed and killed by a group of asylum seekers, believed to be from Iraq and Syria, in a murder which has galvanized the right-wing in Germany.

Pro Chemnitz, a group which has organized protests against Germany’s immigration policy in the Chemnitz since the August killing, said that last night’s death was evidence that “Germans are slaughtered everywhere,” asserting that “we must not let this happen again.”

The Leftists (and many Conservatives) cry about the White Man finally saying that enough is enough, but yet they have the same issue as the Jew when it comes to assigning personal blame.

If only (and it’s probably a good thing long term that they can’t) they would have held back a bit – they might have been able to prevent what may very well be looming on the horizon.

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    • Give them a bit more time – they’re getting there, and from what I’ve heard about the protests in Kothen, it didn’t take much for them to start naming the Jew.

    • They pretty much are. This is more than any White Americans have done in response to the murder of one of their own for generations.

      Starting to feel quite warm towards the krauts.

      • They seem to have a fire lit under them now.

        The best thing we can hope for now is that the AfD somehow manages to wipe out the hate speech laws if they keep growing in power.

        If that happens, it’s game over.

        • When we start seeing the demonstrators wave the old black, white and red flag of Imperial Germany instead of that black, red and gold rag of surrender we’ll know they are getting serious.

          • There actually was a big march by the group Der Dritte Weg (Third Way) a few days ago but it didn’t get much media attention.

            Third Way is supposed to mean Third Position here, so the polar opposite of Tony Blair’s “Third Way”.

          • Actually the black, red, gold, flag had its origins not in the Weimar Republic but in the Revolution of 1848 which is often called a liberal revolution but only when it is understood monarchy was considered conservative and nationalism was considered liberal. The Revolution of 1848 did indeed have nationalist elements. Unfortunately they lost and many fled to America including my direct ancestor. The colors stood for the German military uniform, red coat, gold buttons, black pants. Bloom German Fatherland Bloom! Make this Dixie Deutsche proud!

        • Don’t confuse the fire in Saxony for elsewhere in Germany, Mr. Cicero.

          So far, Saxony seems to be an outlier – though, we all hope and pray it remains not so.

      • @Captain

        The migrant vote combined with the white leftist vote meant that the will of the majority of whites were overwhelmed. Id be interested to know the true results-meaning the actual white-only voting patterns. Democracy can’t work when third world hordes are also permitted to vote.
        The average Swede should feel totally outraged and let down over this. A total farce.

  1. So Heather Hayer dies of a heart attack and it is the fault of some poor schmo that didn’t even contact her with his car and will likely get a long prison sentence. A german man is severely beaten by immigrants, causing a heart attack, and it is natural causes? I would ask how long (((they))) can keep this up but judging from the run up to WWII with the assassination of Huey Long and deplatforming of Father Caughlin and Charles Lindberg I think we have much more yet to endure before it all starts to fall apart.

  2. Funny how the enemy press describes the AfD demonstrators as “far right”, which they aren’t, but never describe the antifa types as far left, which they are.

    • Schroeder was openly treasonous and even took a cushy job with Gazprom or some other oil company when he couldn’t do any more damage. Those were the good old days apparently.

  3. Merkel should be held personally responsible for every invader crime. She can’t be punished enough for what she has done. But it would be quite ironic if her treason ends up being the spark that lights the fire.

  4. These demoes are good symbolically, but in the meantime, the Jews with the real power are still plotting behind closed doors. These unelected termites decide what’s best for a white nation, rather than that nation’s people.
    Its getting to the point where we need to confront them physically and militarily, rather than politically or diplomatically…..which gets us nowhere. Jews are always a step ahead of us…..and its bloody irritating. And I bet they love how the German woman was pregnant….by an Afghan.
    As we’ve seen in Sweden and France, its going to be difficult to vote our way out of this. Civil war and deportations are required…..and nothing less.

  5. “There is an inner strength within the German people that just cannot be extinguished no matter how hard the Jews may try…’

    I wish that were so, Mr. Cicero, but, alas, The Germans are even worse off than are Southerners – cuckt so badly you cannot believe how weak they have become in the mind.

    That said, Mecklenbrug, Weimar, West Pomerania, Brandenburg, and Saxony have not been under Western Jewish control nearly so long as have been their Western German counterparts, and, that so, they still have a speck of indignation left inside them.

    The Judeo-Bolshevik mental conditioning, given out by the erstwhile Soviet Union, was not comparable to to the conditioning given here by The Jewsmedia.

    Like you, my prayers are that Saxony is the lighter spark in the wet wood that is the rest of Germany, though, I am not optimistick.

    Hope I am wrong, though, for I have lived among The Hessians and feel much love for them.

  6. NATO is there for the protection of their corrupt regime,not for the defence of western Euro from Russia.If NATO disappear today.Germans would topple Merkel and the Regime and restore a goverment for the people and defender of Europe.

  7. The East German Government brought in Vietnamese. The Soviet Government brought in swarms of Niggers from Africa.

    As befits a creation of the Jews, Communism uses the threat of racial extinction as one of its clubs to beat people into submission.

    Judeo-Communism is inherently anti-White, and anti-Human.

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