#MeToo: CBS Jew Leslie Moonves Resigns After Multiple Rape Accusations Emerge

Another day, and yet another powerful media Jew shoahed due to his own sick perversions and contempt for female Goyim.

I just hope the authorities confiscate this rat’s passport so we don’t see him make Aliyah to Israel before any criminal charges move forward.


CBS Corporation announced on Sunday that chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves is departing the company, effective immediately. Moonves’ exit comes hours after The New Yorker published accounts from six women with allegations of sexual assault or misconduct, following allegations by six other women in July.

A financial exit package for Moonves will be withheld pending the results of an ongoing investigation into the allegations against him. Moonves was eligible for as much as $180 million if fired without cause, according to an employment contract he signed in May 2017. Recent reports indicated a potential payout in the range of $100 million.

Remember that only a Jew would be able to be rewarded a nine-figure financial settlement following accusations of rape.

But it’s the White Man who enjoys privilege and immunity from the law.

The company said in a statement that CBS and Moonves will donate $20 million to one or more organizations that support the #MeToo movement and equality for women in the workplace. The donation will be made immediately, the statement said, and deducted from any severance he ultimately receives.

Okay, so it’s actually an eight-figure settlement.

And he’s donating money to Feminist organizations, so everything should just be forgotten, Goyim.

Joseph Ianniello, the current Chief Operating Officer and deputy to Moonves, will serve as interim CEO while the board searches for a permanent leader.

Moonves, 68, has run CBS since 2006 and his exit marks a dramatic fall by one by the most powerful executives in Hollywood.

The allegations, reported by Ronan Farrow, include forced kissing, forced oral sex, unwanted advances and physical abuse. Some of the women say Moonves retaliated against them and that their careers suffered after they rebuffed his advances.

To be honest, nothing we haven’t already seen in the last year or so, although I’m getting a bit excited as to who the next casualty will possibly be.

I’m hoping it will be one or more of the following three:



  1. I doubt JJ Abrams will be found guilty of hitting on Starlettes. He’s a true believer in the Feministing.

  2. He’s just an ordinary, regular guy. Ok, he had urges he couldn’t control, and worked in the media, and just happens to be Jewish-but that aside; he’s just a regular guy like you and I.

  3. The jew is leaving CBS with a $100 million retirement package at an age when most people retire anyway. Somehow I feel like justice has not been served.

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