#MAGA: John Bolton Promises To Protect Israel “By Any Means” From War Crimes Charges

To be clear, I’m not a huge fan of the International Criminal Court due to it having its origins in one of the most heinous show trials ever to occur in recorded history:

A pathetic mockery of justice that was in reality just a slightly Westernized version of the Soviet trials during the 1930’s – one of the main judges from this time also participated in Nuremberg.

But isn’t it rather comical that the United States and the Jews via Israel (the two main beneficiaries of the ICC and its predecessors back in the day) have now decided to turn against their own creation after the winds of change began to blow?


The US has announced its decision not to cooperate with the International Criminal Court, vowing to protect itself and its “friend and ally” Israel from the judicial body. It also threatened sanctions against the “unjust” court.

Announcing the move, US National Security Advisor John Bolton on Monday warned the ICC against continuing its investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Americans in Afghanistan. If the international court continues to pursue the probe, Washington will ban ICC judges from entering the country, prosecute them and sanction their funds, the official said in a speech before the Federalist Society in Washington, DC.

Can somebody lure Bolton away into a country that would arrest him for helping to wage wars of aggression and for helping to commit mass murder?

You know, just like how the Allies went after Germans in 1945, except this time with actual evidence and not make-believe shrunken heads, lampshades, and hearsay from random Jews.

“We will ban ICC judges and prosecutors from entering the United States, sanction their funds in the United States financial system, and, prosecute them in the United States criminal system,” Bolton boomed.

Is this what we voted for back in 2016?

And is this what we’re supposed to vote for this November?

All the US citizens, “operating in the service of the government” anywhere in the world, are subjects to the American justice system only, Bolton said. “On this Earth, we don’t recognize any authority higher than the US constitution.”

Then please tell me where the Constitution mentions that we should worship Semite savages as Gods on Earth, and unleash war against anyone who dares to harm these greatest of allies?

Bolton also ripped into the court’s threat to Washington’s “friend and ally” Israel as he referred to the investigation into alleged crimes against Palestinians. The probe into actions of such a “liberal, democratic nation” as Israel is unacceptable, Bolton said. Any countries supporting the investigation and cooperating with the ICC will be subject to secondary sanctions, Bolton warned. He promised to “take notes” of the countries cooperating with the ICC, warning that such behavior will affect their relations with the US and might result in slashing the US aid to such nations.

He then vowed to undertake action in the UN to bar the ICC from prosecuting nationals of any countries that did not ratify the statute of the international body.

In May, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry asked the ICC to launch an inquiry into Israeli “crimes against humanity” and its illegal settlement policies. The alleged crimes of the Israeli government include forcible transfer, demolition of Palestinian homes and killing of peaceful protesters.

Honestly, it sounds like the ICC is going easy on the Jews – I hear no mention of white phosphorus, or the deliberate bombing of Gaza’s hospitals, schools, and shelters for women and children.

Reveal some of that, esteemed prosecutors, and I think we could easily see the entire world begin to demand that Israel pay the ultimate price.


  1. I’m not a fan of the ICC either; it is very racist. It only ever tries Africans accused of war crimes, while letting off the Zionists and imperialists who have committed the worst atrocities in history and were often the ones actually funding the African warlords and the blood diamond trade. The fact that Bolton could make such disgusting illegal imperialistic threats when they even dare to consider trying actual war crimes is evidence for why it is past time for left-wing death squads at this point. The only cure for neo-cohens is Stalinist terror; you don’t argue or reason which such filth.

      • Yeah, that too. It also didn’t help that Milosevic was a Communist and the whole western (((leadership))) could not stand any holdout for Communism in Eastern Europe. They’re still trying to bring down Belarus to this day.

  2. To hell with Trump, his 4D underwater chess strategy, his bullshit tweets that promise everything but deliver nothing and his cabinet of Israel First war criminals. I want to see this evil empire crash and burn. And I want to see Bolton, Randhawa, Jared and Ivanka taken out to the Pentagon courtyard and summarily executed by a RWDS/Einsatzgruppe under my personal command.

    • Can someone (ANYONE) explain to me WHY so many people fell for the ruse? I called this asshole out in Aug 2015, saying that not only would he win the POTUS (Hillary was never meant to win), but that he would be the Jews’ biggest con ever.

      Seriously. I’m a dumb ole redneck and saw this coming like a tidal wave, it was THAT obvious.

    • If Antifa had the conviction they could have rushed the Whitehouse during UTR2 and overthrown the Executive.

      They certainly had the numbers.

  3. Israel digging it,s own grave. Iraq taught how to fight modern army. The result, Hezbollah win in 2006 .
    The Jerusalem act destroyed false opposition, Quitting aid destroyed Fatah also financially. Now Hamas and other radicals are in charge.
    And so on. Trump giving Israel nothing except Kisses of Judas

  4. This is why I thought it totally ridiculous when folks got upset that the embassy of The United States be moved from Tel Aviv to Jersusalem.

    The capital of Israel is in Washington and London, so it matters not where the embassy near The Red Sea is…

    • @juniusdaniel1828

      “The capital of Israel is in Washington and London.”

      It’s what I call the Washington/London One World Government.

      The International War Crimes Court was never anything more than a pseudo Legal mechanism whereby the English Speaking Union can murder the military and political leaders of nations they’ve defeated, while salving what little conscious they have.

      It’s only international in the sense that it’s between the nations of the ESU and the nations they’ve defeated.

      • I totally agree, Jimmy, although this organism I refer to as, ‘The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government, and, for those infected with it’s mental virus, ‘Sufferers of Jew England Yankee-itus’.

  5. Because of Nuremberg, North Korea threatened in 1950, to put captured American officers on trial for crimes againstst Humanity. Which shocked USZOG.

    As everybody should know, Non Anglozog and non Anglozog allied countries can never appear in the ICC, except as defendants.

    • That’s what they call the special relationship. A special relationship nurtured on imperialism, bloodshed, genocide, mind control, destruction of bullied countries, liberal globalism and blood sacrifice to Zion. It’s been going on for centuries, first among the psychopathic “English” ruling class and then transferred to the US.

  6. Imagine the spectacle of USZOG invading the Hague and Holland, which they’ve threatened to do in the past, and revealing their true nature out in the open.

    Bolton has painted FEDZOGUSA into a corner. He should have kept his mouth shut. Now, no matter what happens, FEDZOGUSA will loose.

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