Alabama: 15-Year-Old White Girl Doxed, Expelled, Threatened With Murder For Speech Crime

I just want to say that I know the family of this girl very well, but for everyone else who may not have a personal connection, just take a few minutes to imagine a scenario:

You’re a 15-year-old White girl attending what was once one of the best high schools in the country (they’ve begun to cuck hard as of late), and have a good track ahead to attend college on a sports scholarship.

But one day it all changes.

One day you decide to put out a quick little video on social media that uses the mystical and forbidden nigger word (not even that hardcore a video by our standards), but (like most people of all ages) fail to realize how far modern America has fallen.

You fail to realize that Negroes like Passion Walker of Oak Mountain, Alabama exist just to post your video on Facebook and Twitter in order to stir up trouble.

You fail to realize that Ms. Walker (who may actually be committing address fraud to send her spawn to White schools) will go to the trouble to sell/offer your video to journalist scum – who then show the clip (with your face uncovered) to random Blacks to incite violence.

And you fail to realize that the school system is comprised of nothing more than spineless cowards who collapse like groveling sinners whenever the word “racist” is spoken.

ABC 33/40:

A disturbingly racist video is circulating on social media of a central Alabama student using a racial slur.

According to the mother who posted the video, the young lady in it is a Hoover City Schools student, who goes to Spain Park.

We beeped it out but she uses the “n-word” many times while her friend laughs in the background.

We showed the video to some Hoover parents, naturally they were appalled.

And then come the death threats – note that none of the culprits have been punished even after being doxed themselves by White students disgusted at this level of subhumanity.

This is just an example of how dreadful the situation has become in recent years – no longer does it matter whether you live in Michigan, Massachusetts, or Alabama because the crackdown has become centralized and coordinated.

And it doesn’t matter your age or situation any longer – the Lying Press will cooperate with their Antifa and Colored allies to break a teenage girl just as quick as they would attack a dedicated White Nationalist with years of experience.

You need to fight, White Man, because one day (any day, really), this could be your daughter whose life becomes ruined just because she dares to stand against the destructive status quo.

Note: I’ll be setting up a fundraiser for the family of this girl in the near-future – mistakes were made by the school district that could easily be addressed by a lawsuit. Problem is we’re talking about working class people who cannot easily afford the retainer fees needed for sympathetic attorneys. When everything is ready, donate if you can, because as I’ve already said, this incident is going to be the beginning of a precedent for how our children are going to be treated in the future.


  1. From the Pastor of Hermas. The Great Mysteries in the Building of the Militant and Triumphant Church, Chapter XIX:

    “From the first mountain, which was black, they that believed are the
    following: apostates and blasphemers against the Lord, and betrayers of the servants of God. To these repentance is not open; but death lies before them, and on this account also are they black, for their race is a lawless one.

    2 Peter 2:12-13 But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;

    And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you.

  2. The swamp ginnies actually believe ‘weez waz kangs an sheeeit’.
    There was a time in my life these spades were actually afraid of controversy like this.
    Thanks jews and your shabbos goy you’ve overplayed your hand…

  3. Absolute submission is the ONLY way for The White Southern Race to exist in The Jew England Yankee United States.

    We need to stop fooling ourselves and take the appropriate actions.

    Until we do, we are to blame.

      • I’m sorry ,Miss Denise, but, though you wish not to see it : the real ‘Pet Nigger’ of The Kikes is The New England White Yankee Race.

        God bless you, on this rainy day!

      • @Denise
        You are right. This isn’t about the north vs. south, it’s about the jew vs.the White man. The jew coddled the black bastard groid on top of the food chain over the past 60 years and they’re are still succeeding as of today. Are we too late? What do we do?

      • Nah, I’m pretty sure it was the yanks that liberated them and gave them the vote. I suspect they had a lot to do with integration as well, though by that time the jews were a significant force.

  4. The victim industry is at it again….naming a fifteenth year old for some minor error of judgement as if she was a serial killer or something. The ‘easily appalled’ love chasing this stuff-it gives them something to do in their otherwise worthless lives.

  5. @juniusdaniel1828
    Kill myself? No, before I go I’d like to see every vermin jew like you immigrate to your lands of occupied Palestine, just go trouble maker. Making excuses that the north is at fault. That was over a century and half ago, this time the war is between us White men vs. The jew scum like yourself acting like a pissed off redneck with a big nose. Seen it before and still see until this day.
    You’re going lose, remember Hitler? The Phoenix is rising again, be scared….

    • @general butt naked

      You are incorrect about juniusdaniel1828. While I only know him through years and years of reading his posts on forums, Vk, here and others places, he is greatly respected by all who are acquainted with him. He is one of the greatest social media commentators for our cause, a fine example of a Southern Nationalist and a real Christian. Any who know him, take offense to degradation of his character.

  6. Junius, Denise is right here. There is no ‘New England Yankee Government’ anymore, hasn’t existed for at least a century. Even Woodrow Wilson came from Virginia and grew up in the seat of southern jewry, South Carolina (Charleston especially) before he went to Princeton and was recruited to be governor of NJ and then the US president who gave away much of our power to the jews after WWI. Many people would say *in* WWI.

    So please, face reality and cease misguiding the Tarheels and other Southrons. It is the Jew York government comprised of Jews, Roman Catholics and a certain set of Episcopalians or Anglicans in the South.

    • Although I will agree that the South needs to square off against the North in some capacity.

      But the seat of Northern power is New York rather than New England The Roman Catholics (Italians and some Irish) in coastal cities like Boston or San Francisco now ally with the Jews where the ‘anglos’ once did, a certain set that is.

      The New England Yankee barely exists much less holds any reigns of substantial power in the northeast so really, let it go, you’re truly misleading Southerners and a number of us have tried to explain this to you. You’d do better picking on the Texans or Floridians along with the northeast and west coast while you’re at it…both states harbor more vestiges of ‘New England Yankee’ power than anywhere in the northeast.

  7. The problem is that we don’t have any money. So the game plan should be to reduce the role of money in politics. The strategy of divide and conquer can help. Get the different groups on the left to fight. And keep the internet free. Above all keep focused on the big battles and don’t get side-tracked. When someone on the right is doxed or otherwise punished we need to see that the punishment doesn’t work out. Doxing and suing can’t be a no-lose proposition. Get the dox on the doxers. Learn how to use a library.

  8. @Genie
    “Although I will agree that the South needs to square off against the North in some capacity”
    You’re White and I’m White why do we need to square off?
    Is this a grudge match or a match for our White survival?

    • @general butt named

      You are correct, it is a match for our White survival, the problem is the dominate Northern culture is at war with the normality Southern culture promotes. We, as Southerner Nationalists, have a multi-front struggle.

  9. i grew up in georgia. lived 25 years in muscle shoals alabama. both states sold out to the jews as soon as they flashed money in their faces. there are good black people and not all jews want to rule the world but that said the white race needs to get their shit together and get these monkeys back under control. our best hope is that niggers cant shoot a gun without blinking their eyes. and they buy cheap shit firearms lol

  10. Like the word ‘Jew’ – the ‘N-word’ is a power word for the haters of White America. It is forbidden for a White to use the term ‘Jew’ in any context unless he is fawning , grovelling or acknowledging with appropriate submission. The Nigger, of course, wants to imitate – so now they have their own power word which Whites are not allowed to use period.

    Says who? Whites should not tip toe around this or apologize but be straight up as racist as hell (as everyone else is) and stick the Jew with his label in the context of the heinous crimes that belong to him like the genocide of the 50million + in Russia. And stick the Nigger with his label in the context of his chimp-outs, incompetence, slave raiding / trafficking (Africa’s only economy by and for Africans) and apeshit violent thuggery in the Western nations.

    Here a couple of Blacks toss up the question of White people rapping along to the latest noise from the Blacks and can they say/sing the ‘N-word’ in the rap song.

  11. Just call them ‘Nigers’- thats simply the name also of an African country. Would they be offended by the the name of a mere country?
    People can call me ‘Aussie’ or ‘Scottie’ anytime they wish. Problem solved!

  12. What I’m wondering is whether there is a non-Southerner who doesn’t think that what this girl did was vicious and insane.

  13. To the author

    I like this site. The writing and layout is consistent, good quality, good laughs … so thank you to writers, developers and all behind the scenes.

    I’m quite keen to donate as likely others here now and to come. Just saying the word nigger is just a bullshit reason to wreck a 15 year old’s career. Think of the millions of niggers that use that word openly every day. Yet because she is white she gets the leftist bully treatment and they love beating up the vulnerable.

    The donation options here are limited to third parties which, combined with this site’s clear lack of security, lend to leftist predations.

    Can you please generate a cryptocurrency address (or better addresses). It really isn’t hard and although these are in a relative low, the system still works as intended. Happy to help, but more is needed to protect your site from our haters.

      • that won’t help you Cicero. This site is unsecured (no https), so it is vulnerable and we have plenty of enemies.

        Setting up a crypto address is simple, far easier than setting up a bank account. It is easy to make a transfer.

        From there you will need to convert it to cash, so that will involve registering with an exchange, or being close enough to a crypto atm. Another way may be Monaco card, but I haven’t looked at it this year. It is essentially a crypto loaded debit card so the card can be used to purchase goods or services.

        The easier aspect is setting up a crypto wallet/address. The only difficult part is conceptual about what constitutes a wallet, requiring a small cognitive shift, not much different from that of snail mail to email. If you already know this, all I need is the address.

        Monero is relatively secure. Ethereum less so, but simple to buy and sell. You could generate an ETH address and some funds for your victim’s legal case can be in that account next week.

        She’s only a fifteen year old. Imagine a black girl saying “Lawd I love dat word cracka” Would she face expulsion, ostracism, or the mental torment at that age in being treated this way?

        If you have an attorney in mind that deals in crypto, that is another way. Please accept that I am remaining anonymous, so contribution from my end will be thus.

  14. Besides suing absolutely everyone involved, what’s the best course of action when something like this happens (prevention aside, kids are basically guaranteed to do stupid shit like this asp)? Homeschooling, changing schools, maybe haircut & dyeing their hair a couple shades for a spell?

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