So It Looks Like Kellyanne Conway May Have Once Been Raped By Jews

From what I know about Washington DC, the Beltway in general, and most other important centers of American politics, it seems as if the Roman Emperor Tiberias would have found minimal issues in settling down in the area.

Corruption reigns supreme, perverts, sexual deviants, and poorly-closeted homosexuals clog the corridors of power, and the atmosphere in general acts as a sort of drain on the souls of those who may enter at first with noble intentions.

In fact, from what a couple of former DC political operatives/strategists have told me, sniveling worms like Douglass Mackey (Ricky Vaughn) stand out like paragons of virtue when compared to the sleaze that calls this nation’s capital home.

Not all that surprising, then, that we’re now learning that Kellyanne Conway was once the victim of sexual assault – many (especially Jews) love to defile White women, with the fairer ones fairing the worst.

Fox News:

An emotional Kellyanne Conway came forward Sunday and stated that she is a victim of sexual assault.

The revelation by Conway, counselor to President Trump, came during a tense back-and-forth with journalist Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union” while Conway defended the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

“I feel very empathetic, frankly, for victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment and rape,” Conway said. “I’m a victim of sexual assault.”

Now, I’m not saying definitely that a Jew is responsible for what happened to Kellyanne, but the odds are much better than poor if you take the kill ratio of #MeToo into account.

It could very well have been a degenerate Goy who attacked Ms. Conway (Washington does tend to attract and promote the worst of the worst of the White Race), but I’ll put a few dollars on the line that she’s become at least partially familiar with the word “Shiksa” during her professional career.

Conway added: “I don’t expect Judge Kavanaugh or Jake Tapper or Jeff Flake to be held responsible for that. You have to be responsible for your own conduct.”

Conway then went on to address the women who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., on Friday after he said he would vote to pass Kavanaugh through the judiciary panel.

“I want those women who were sexually assaulted the other day who were confronting Jeff Flake, God bless them, but go blame the perpetrator,” she said. “That’s who is responsible for the sexual assaults, the people who commit them.”

Flake, who originally said he would vote for Kavanaugh’s nomination, became a crucial factor in the process on Friday when he called on the White House to greenlight an investigation into new allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Kavanaugh.

To put it delicately, this Kavanaugh business is one of the worst dumpster fires I’ve seen in years, and I’ve basically decided to avoid it as much as possible until all is resolved.

One thing I will say, though, is that at the end of the day, it doesn’t even seem like Brett’s guilt or innocence is the most important fact to absorb out of all this.

What should stand out is that the likes of Dianne Feinstein hold full responsibility for letting this spiral out of control – a spotlight example of the Jewish genetic drive to sow chaos in a host society.

Instead of passing on Christine Ford’s accusations against Kavenaugh (in her defense they were made when the Judge was just one of several potential picks for the Supreme Court) in a silent and confidential way, we got to see Feinstein’s ilk toss everything onto the pyre in full view of the entire nation.

Instead of letting the FBI privately vet the accusations against Kavenaugh (and quietly take him off the list if anything stuck), we saw Feinstein’s ilk leak names and details to the salivating media.

Now, no matter what comes of these allegations (I’m not even entertaining the Puerto Rican broad or the random Jewess Swetnick), lives are ruined forever, and hand rubbing somewhere is reaching levels unheard of in recent times.

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  1. “the Puerto Rican broad” Deborah Ramirez, a New York Jewess
    This nation has been so taken over by the Jewish supremacists for the last 70 years and it is getting very near the end.

    • I have been watching a lot of Kavanaugh videos and it’s noticeable how often the person attacking Kavanaugh is Jewish. I wouldn’t have guessed Ramirez but the name “Deborah” is disproportionately Jewish, like “Eric” for boys. If people were better at recognizing Jewish names they would be startled by how many angry lefties are Jewish. I am sure there is an element of hostility to Catholics in this. Prior to WWII there was a lot of tension between Catholics and Jews. E. Michael Jones is a living example of the sort of old-school Catholic who was at war with Jews.

      • Eric is not a Jewish name. Try ‘Aric’.

        Names are an indicator, but it’s much more useful to study facial characteristics.

  2. I hope Iran, Red China, Russia and the DPRK team up to knock this country on its ass. I’ll do everything I can to help them.

  3. It occurred to me yesterday with this rape hysteria reaching witch hunt levels, that soon every White man will be assumed to have raped some poor woman at some point in his life. I suspect the radicals have grown frustrated that calling Whites racist isn’t getting them what they want any more, so they’ve pulled a new scare word (RAPE!) out of their arsenal to quicken the step of the respectable conservatives.

    • Amorous Yids with a harem of shiksa ought to be very very wary about the standards they have set up with Kaganaughs crucifixion. It’s open season Hebrews. Tally Ho.

  4. So, what did her assault consist of? Was it rape, groping, sexually loaded comments, some guy exposing himself?

      • Hell, a wolf whistle seems to be enough now. What delicate flowers females are nowadays. I though feminism was supposed to make us strong as men, at least mentally. LOLOLOL

  5. The sight of Diane Feinstein does everything possible to torture human eyes. It should be ovened for the offense of being so ugly.

  6. Im not sure the legal niceties here but white women who have had sexual contact etc with Jews ought to outright claim that the Jew assaulted her. It’s open season ladies. Open season.

    • What you don’t get is that the jew usually orchestrates, as opposed to doing it directly. He doesn’t like to get his hands too dirty and risk getting caught.

      This holds true for other races but also for ginning up tensions and conflicts between the goy themselves.

  7. Without much evidence, I think it is a long bow to draw that KAC was schtupped without permission by a kosher putz, other than what we all get everyday – bond control through the talmudvision and in the hip pocket/@ss by debt fiat, tithes to Little Satan, the odd missing pentagon trillion and “troubled assets” relief programs.

    Everyone is conditioned to be shorn like sheep and women have a commodity that is always in demand.

    That said, nothing in Kavanaugh’s situation is face value, though motive remains transparent. Whatever the means may be, it is justified by controlling the SCOTUS by numbers and leftists are notorious for politics “by the numbers”, all the way from stacking panels on TV, to polities all the way from the rarified elite structures down to the masses by literally replacing them.

    Even Kellyanne is buying into the deliberate ploy of division, which is geared to rule by polarizing by the numbers. These people at the top are psychologically sophisticated enough to manipulate herds in a meaningful way to get what they want. She should be mindful of this, particularly considering how ruthless they will be in ending the USA as it is.

  8. The Left approaches these issues by manufacturing a frame. In this case it is the battle of the sexes. They do this over long enough to give them enough brainwashed people they can, by the numbers, rely on to behave on cue in a certain way. They love targeting the young for this reason.

    One thing I loved about Trump is that when the Left tried to frame him into responding on their terms with one of these attacks, he would ad lib and not play into their game. He was legendary at that, not only against HRC but also against the pseudo-right establishment candidates in the primaries.

    He is so quiet at the moment. It is noticeable. Hope he’s coming in with a knight’s move in the 3D chess 🙂

  9. Washington D.C. is the Carthage that must be destroyed. The city is no longer worthy of bearing George Washington’s name.

  10. I highly doubt this. She went to Trinity College which is a women’s college and was probably very protected there. Don’t know which high school in South Jersey but very likely catholic all girls.

    She’s probably saying this to seem sympathetic and empathetic (as opposed to Trump and the Senate Judiciary Committee who come across as totally the opposite), and to try to minimize the concept, trivialize it, shame other women into ‘getting over it.’ Which is absurd since ‘rape’ ceased to have a distinct definition since the 90’s and given that, plenty of ‘rapes’ pale in comparison to plenty of less serious violations.

  11. Scratch a guinea, find a goombah:

    Conway’s maternal grandfather was in some Philadelphia crime family. Half irish catholic and half italian catholic, her irish father abandoned her mother when she was 3. She was raised by the daughters of the goombah and probably with him as a father figure.

    So she’s been lying and covering all her life, which is why she managed to spin so facilely for the Trump campaign.

    • And also raised by ‘The Brute’s’ wife her grandmother.

      She’s beyond tacky; she’s utterly repulsive.

      Beware the Catholics

      • Kellyanne is a real Jersey Girl, madam. But she needs the big hair and a Bon Jovi T-shirt to complete the ensemble.

        • Really, Gabby? Then why are Yale anglo grads trying to tell the truth while Trump and his NYC Judeo Roman clique is trying to block the investigation:

          The FBI is refusing to take calls from Ludington and Yale grads like Elizabeth Razor who went out with Mark Judge and who said he’d alluded to gang rape type scenarios he’d engaged in.

          Yale has protestants willing to tell the truth, while Roman Caliphates like Conway have only mafia style bribes of law enforcement and cover ups.

          • correction, Razor isn’t part of the Yale classmates group. It appears she dated Mark Judge in high school.

        • And what country do you live in Gabby Mouse?

          If it’s an anglo-founded one, why on earth did you leave your godforsaken shithole catholic one to become ‘oppressed’ by our anglo culture?

          • Hey, prod asshole. Your kind never did a fucking thing to fight muslims or jews, in fact, you protestant cucks work with them and always have. Catholic Edward I of England kicked the jews out in 1290. It was prod jew facilitator Cromwell who let them back in after being bankrolled by them. You prods stick like skunk shit. Most of us Catholics are willing to just work for the White race, but you stupid prods will be fighting harder against White Catholics than you will against muslims and jews. Fuck you, Genie, just fuck you. By the way, clown, it was Catholics who built Europe, not you money grubbing prod assholes.

    • Those are the six most key witnesses who as of yet have not been contacted by the FBI, and who are trying to contact them but are being actively ignored.

      Tough to figure where Comey exists in this mess but as the director he needs to be held accountable regardless. It is something to ponder, considering Conway’s mafia Roman Catholic background, how honest he’s being (or Wikipedia editors) about his Roman Catholic affiliation.

      • …And even the police officer who wrote the report on the bar fight Kavanaugh instigated in New Haven was…you guessed it, a guinea.

        The chances of the truth emerging in some official form to the Senate Judiciary Committee look slim. The truth of who Kavanaugh is and of what his Georgetown gang raping milieu was like is all over the internet, however.

        If Trump succeeds in packing the court with this filth it will absolutely be the end of either his administration or of any semblance of ‘law and order’ in America.

        The fools on here who think the latter is a good thing don’t know the Roman Catholics.

        Note that the low country (Spain anyone) celts Judge and Kavanaugh (and their pathetic female defenders, all of whom appear to have big celtic or roman noses) connived to force themselves on an ANGLO round blue eyed blonde girl who was probably a way better athlete (Ford was a swimmer) than either one, certainly this wannabe Kavanaugh who couldn’t even make the Yale basketball team.

        All you anglos out there BEWARE.

        • Fraud is imo lying. My skin crawls when looking at the furrowed brow, beady baleful eyes, reading from script, with a convincingly voluntary “cry voice” coupled to a regressed little girl squeak. All fits with the profile of a humanities faculty staffer (overwhelmingly hard left) in academic psychology rather than the clinical stuff, thus the holes which contrast more prominently with the contrived behaviour than they otherwise would have.

          The Mitchell report destroys her. She refuses to hand over her therapist notes. Information about her is scrubbed from the internet.

          This is unambiguously a power ambit using dirty tactics. The end justifies the means for the Left and there is no level too low.

          Look’s like they have something on Flake too. Murkowski had a corridor talking to by (fellow tribe member) DiFi., That’s 2 out of 3. We’ll see what happens in a week.

          Not holding my breath with the FBI after that institution was so obviously corrupt and stacked by leftists, not to mention tapping Trump for political purposes.

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