Syria Receives Russian S-300 Missiles, Israel And America Told To Back Off

The Jewish rodents made a serious mistake by biting the Russian Bear, and I figure that in backroom discussions inside the Kremlin, the conclusion was reached that enough was enough with these repeated insults and sucker punches.

Let the Israelis try to attack President Assad now – I’d love to watch their Air Force torn to shreds in the course of a single night.

Ditto for any other “allied” forces willing to test their luck – remember that it was primitive hardware from the Cold War that made a turkey shoot out of an American cruise missile strike.


The S-300 air defense system and dozens of additional hardware pieces have been delivered to the Syrian military to boost security of Russian personnel there, Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, told President Vladimir Putin.

“We have completed the delivery of the S-300 system,” Shoigu said Tuesday. The hardware supplied to Syria consisted of 49 pieces of military equipment, including radars, control vehicles and four launchers, he added.

The delivery is meant to protect Russian troops in Syria, coming in wake of the downing of a Russian reconnaissance plane in mid-September.

A unified air defense control system in Syria will be completed by October 20, Shoigu told the Security Council. Russia will “prepare and train” the Syrian crews to operate the S-300 within three months.

Earlier, Shoigu said that Syrian air-defense posts will be equipped with automated control systems that were previously only supplied to the Russian military.

The reinforced Syrian defenses will be able to suppress satellite navigation, radars and communications systems of combat planes over the Mediterranean Sea. This, Shoigu said, might “cool some hotheads down and avert them from ill-judged acts that endanger our troops.”

For the moment, I suppose I’ll hide my disappointment that we’re not going to watch our Syrian friends use S-400’s to turn American stealth bombers into expensive heaps of scrap metal.

Because beggars can’t be choosers, right?

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  1. What antisemites these Russians are. Don’t they know that Israel has the right to violate any country’s borders or airspace, bomb anyone any time they wish, conquer territory, occupy it and build upon it, kill US and Russian sailors and airmen, create their own Warsaw Ghetto in Gaza, commit war crimes without consequence, conduct war primarily against civilians, steal materials for nuclear weapons…?

    These Russian AD and EW systems violate Israeli rights!

    • @Mestigoit

      Maybe the Russians are still angry over the Bolshivik revolution-dominated by Jews-and can’t let bygones be bygones. I mean……it killed only about 80 million of them. Can’t the hateful Russians just forgive and forget?

  2. ‘The Jewish rodents made a serious mistake by biting the Russian Bear….’

    Very very true, Mr. Cicero, yet, I assume you mean, ‘Israeli Rodents’, this because Russian Jews are a part of the Russian ethnick pastiche which is attempting to thwart not only Israel in Syria, but, as well, The Western JWO.

      • Don’t kid yourself, Stalin was a Jew. Do you really think the Jews would allow a Goy to take over the USSR and purge them out of power?

        • Stalin wasn’t a Jew. Several years ago, genetic testing was done on one of Stalin’s grandsons, who kept the original family name. The teat showed he was not Jewish but Georgian. And none of his communist contemporaries ever called him a Jew.

      • @Chadinsiberia – I’ve had many Dixians tell me that “…our Jews are ok. They’re integrated. shucks….”. How have the “good Dixie Jews” worked out for Dixie. Russian Jews are as bad as any flesh eating bacterium jew infesting the Earth. They’re ALL bad, evil, and malicious. Every. Last. One.

        • @Richard Russell…

          “While I’ll admit that I find Russian Jews to be among the most tolerable (Stalin must have purged all the worst of them)… I ain’t entirely willing to trust even those just yet…”

          Dear Mr. Russell, nobody is asking you to trust Jews, or anybody else, for that matter.

          I made a matter-of-fact statement about Russian Jews – that they are a very publick part of the current National Russian Structure defending Russia against The Jew England United States Rothschild Syndicate.

          And, as such, they form a vital part of Czar Vlad’s multi-echeloned defence of Mother Russia.

          No matter who says what in favour of and or against Jews, Czar Vlad trusts them and he deploys them, just as he does ethnick Russian Empire non-Russians such as half-breed Tuvan General Shoygu to run The Russian Military.

          For those unapprized of the history of the Russian Empire (Soviet-Czarist, or Putinesque) – it possesses within it scores and scores of separate ethnick racial entities, and since The Kievan Rus came forth a very long time ago, it has both welcomed and honoured all those, blood aside, who would defend it.

          Hell, Russia has been so open to receiving the contributions of non-Russian friends, during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries that, when Napoleon invaded it in 1811, the commander of the Russian armies was a Scotsman – ,by the name of Barclay!

          And Germans, from every part of Germany, and as late as 1940 have been heavily involved in the defence of Russia, whether having been sent as ambassadors by the respective German governments, or acting on an individual impetus as mercenaries.

          Russia has long been l multicultural, in every sense of the word.

          That said, multiculturalism works in Russia because The Russian Government does not try to force Georgians on Tatars, Mongolians on Chechians, etc, etc, but, instead, allows each to hold and posses it’s respective lands….

    • Israel doesn’t allow non-Jews to hold significant positions in their government. So why should Russia do so? Jewish run governments have been notably bloody. I would think a clear headed national government would bar Jews.

  3. How much have we spent on sticking our nose everywhere ? How much have we spent in THE WALL ? 0. America as a whole is unsavable. That only leaves what ?

  4. The thing that eats me up inside about the Jews is their sheer hypocrisy-and they’re hypocrits on many fronts.
    China, Japan, Saudi and Somalia, etc have been ethnostates with no condemnation or criticism….yet when a white nation like Hungary wants to follow that same modeling for its people, its like, oh crap……Nazis, racists, whateverphobes! Unelected globalist Jews sit around tables wondering what to do about it.
    Like a wrecking ball, they’ve given us Marxism, feminism, porn, diversity……all designed to gradually-note gradually- rub us into history. If you try to expose their M.O. …….its another fucking Holocaust!
    In the fight against this scourge, the Poles, Russians and Hungarians need to know in no uncertain terms that they have our full support.

  5. The relationship between Stalin, Putin and Trump with the jews must be complex. All three rose to power surrounded by jews and deals / concessions surely must have been made. But the jews wanted to destroy all of them anyway.

  6. Yes the Jews are indeed complex-I’ll never understand everything about their sordid history-and Jews themselves prevent a lot of it being told. Their whole history is far more than I’ll ever be able to grasp. Indeed I wouldn’t care much for their conduct if it didn’t effect us.There’s other things I’d rather be preoccupied with. If only they’d just go away…

  7. With Jews it’s simple: hate. They hate everyone that’s not one of them; amongst themselves it’s no holds barred. Witness Madoff.
    They are parasites.

  8. If you were expecting the Russians to deliver s400s you have some grossly warped expectations. A person informed about these systems and the politics surrounding them would never have such an expectation. I wouldn’t listen what a person like that had to say on the subject.

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