Expanding Migrant Caravan Pours Into Mexico, President Trump Continues To Bark Instead Of Bite

During any period of history up until extremely recently, a nation faced with a horde of feral savages marching toward its border would have responded with absolute brutality.

Thousands would have been slaughtered, and the prisoners (if any were taken) would have either been thrown back into the wild, or would have served as slaves until death claimed its due.

Talk and bluster would have been kept to a minimum, and the concept of cuckoldry would have never reared its head – the Romans learned the hard way about caving on a nasty summer day in the year 378.

But this is 2018, Goyim, and you’re all supposed to believe your President when he talks tough – just ignore the moment when he allows the enemy warrior bands to settle inside the United States after the Midterms are all squared away.

Yahoo News:

A U.S.-bound caravan of thousands of mostly Honduran migrants whom President Donald Trump has declared unwelcome, began pouring into the Mexican border city of Tapachula on Sunday, setting up impromptu camps in public parks under a heavy rain.

Many members of the caravan, exhausted from the hours-long trek on foot from the Guatemalan border, mostly ignored police offers to board buses heading to a migrant shelter because of suspicions they might be deported instead.

The migrants have defied threats by Trump that he will close the U.S.-Mexico border if the caravan advances, as well as warnings from the Mexican government that they risk deportation if they cannot justify seeking asylum in Mexico.

Police in riot gear shadowed the caravan’s arrival along a southern highway, but did not impede their journey.

Remember that scene of riot police tearing into the rampaging horde?

It was a game – they let most of the migrants pass unopposed the next day.

The Mexicans see this convoy as an opportunity to stick a dagger into the hated White Man from the north – they’re only going to use force if they refused to keep on the road towards America.

Among the throngs hiking into the center of the city was Roger Pineda, a 16-year-old Honduran.

“I just want to find some food and a place to sleep,” he said, explaining he joined the caravan last week with five family members and a group of friends from the violent city of San Pedro Sula.

“I hope Trump allows us to make it to the other side,” he said.

Don’t worry, Kind Squatemalan.

If the other caravans are any indication of which way the wind is blowing, you’re going to be perfectly fine and ready to start your job at an Alabama chicken plant before Christmas.

In Guatemala, local media reported that around 1,000 migrants were traveling north en route to the Mexican border.

Earlier on Sunday, a column of people marched under a burning sun as a military helicopter circled low overhead. Many migrants said they were fleeing a toxic mix of violence, poverty and corruption in Central America.

Most said they felt safer advancing in a large group.

“We’re going to make it, we’re going to keep moving so long as they don’t stop us,” said Honduran Jaffe Borjas, 17, marching alongside a childhood friend at the head of the column that stretched far down the highway to the horizon.

Along the route north to Tapachula, about 25 miles (40 km) northwest of the border, some broke into song.

Even these primitive Brown people understand (in an instinctual way, of course) that nothing will truly stop them.

President Trump is just trying to resurrect his old immigration hustle in order to drive out the GOP base to vote in two weeks – rather brazen considering there is no wall, no real possibility of any wall, and lower deportation numbers than even Barack Obama.

My prediction: threats and Twitter tantrums will reach a peak in early November, and then you’ll see this caravan fade into the background while they are let into the country with little to no supervision.

The New Americans will be just as safe on the statistical level as the millions that arrived before them.


  1. Forest ? Gump started running ? and people followed. Could this be the same Phenomenon? I came to the conclusion on my own long before I heard it any where else that my kind of folks were and are being replaced. The law says that “others” must be given the best and choicest jobs. I have been discriminated against, and endured racism and discrimination against me my whole life. I don’t know ???? the answer.
    Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are! Good Night ?

  2. The threatened troops on the border, of course, being more of the same cheap political theater.

    If Trump dared use the force of the U.S. military (he does NOT), the blowback from worldwide political condemnation, not to mention possible physical intervention by the United Nations, would knock this country completely on its ass and permanently open our borders.

    The United States has ceased being a nation.

    • Physical intervention by the United Nations would be laughable. The USA is the muscle of the United Nations. Without us, they’ve got nothing. What are the Germans going to do, deploy their 1 fighter jet against us? The British, send their one aircraft carrier and 6 destroyers against the 10 aircraft carriers, 22 cruisers, 62 destroyers, and 52 attack submarines of the USN?

      They should use the military, “blowback” or not. At some point, you have to defend your home from the people smashing down the doors, no matter how many catlady morons screech at you, or you’ll lose it. And once you’ve lost it, you’re gone. Screeching and condemnation is moot at that point, because then you’ve lost, forever.

      Trump should use the military and damn the consequences, because they can ultimately only be more positive than being swamped by foreign invaders and extinguished. Who the hell cares about the opinion of some foreign dolts when actual national and ethnic survival is on the line?

      • By 2022 there will be 2 operational British carriers flying f-35 off the deck. Currently there’s 1. It’s a beautiful looking ship btw. Not for use against the USN.

      • Trump is carrying out the jews’ directives of watering down America as they take the remaining wealth.

        Trump is the Hammer for the new Axis of power: Israel/China/Russia

        But no one wants to admit what this dumb ole redneck from MS says is true. Mainly because they are Drumpfters.

      • Either the military does something about the Squatamalans, or whiteswill take matters into their own hands. What Trump does or does not do will determine which.

  3. Looks like the equivalent of an entire mobile Latin American city coming for America in one hit there-but that’s ok……they coming unarmed! They’re escaping poverty and gangs-I’m sure they all have a sob story we’re expected to lend an ear to, as if we’re meant to give a fuck.
    America was due to become minority white by 2042……maybe now make that early 2041…

    • They are escaping a Jewish oligarchy and other brown people.

      Shoot them flat at the border decapitate the ones that are killed and stick their heads on pikes. Make a wall of skulls. A Celtic Ghost-Fence.

      • Too true…a cabal of Jewish criminals run their home countries. A properly savage response won’t happen until the Filibustering spirit is reborn in the the American People. I’m feeling bloody today…how about YOU white man?

        • Oh, believe me. When I saw those people standing on that border fence and waving Honduran flags the last time this happened, it was nothing but my own cowardice that stopped me from grabbing my rifle, driving down there and blasting a couple of the motherfuckers off of it. This time around? Well… eh… I’m still too chickenshit to do anything, tbh.

          We don’t need Trump and we don’t really need the wall or the military, we just need some fed-up white men with enough balls to actually do something instead of bitching about it on the Internet. We wouldn’t have to kill too many before the rest decide to stop coming. If we don’t get it, and soon, then our race deserves to go extinct.

  4. Trump didn’t do anything about the first lot rampaging through, so now he’s dealing (or not) with another. He had a golden opportunity  back then to show some gumption and make an example of them with military force, but failed, and where is the wall? The third world is walking all over the ‘most powerful country on earth’.
    Members of the first horde are likely in phone contact with loved ones at home daily-telling them what a wonderful life they’re now having in America….and to have a crack at making their way up.
    Your kindness is your downfall.
    This won’t be the last-I can assure you.

      • @Captain

        Australia and the UK are islands……and it kinda hasn’t helped us.
        The Australian government stopped the boatloads of illegal immigrants, numbering about 8000 per annum……but lets in about 300, 000 legally per annum, which we’re not told about. Being ‘legal’ doesn’t make them any less incompatible. We’re still being browned out.
        Its really our system of government and treacherous elites that need removal. Until then, whether we have land borders or not is irrelevant.

        • @John, I’d entertain the idea of relocating to Australia, since I no longer recognize the nation of my birth in governance or demographics.

          Perhaps, my ancestors will return to what’s left of North America, after the inevitable slaughter, chaos, and anarchy burns itself out.

          What part of the country would you suggest for like-minded folks like us?

          • @Let the bodies

            Avoid the big coastal cities and NT. Other than that, all the rural areas are nice. Victoria and southern NSW are great. A lot of the interior is desert and thinly populated, which may not suit you, but anywhere with a rural farming culture is ideal.
            As always, have a holiday here before committing-to make sure its for you.

  5. For some reason Camp of the Saints comes to mind. Seriously red states need to secede and form their own Heartland Republic. Shift the border Northward and inward.

  6. who is attorney general?

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

    remember him?

    hey league of the south guys – what is this proud southern man doing for you? is he trying to stop the mexican invasion? no? he’s been totally, completely useless on every single issue for 2 years straight? he’s been the worst attorney general in history? actively trying to get trump to lose?

    then, probably time to cut trump some slack. he’s trying. he’s surrounded by enemies. unfortunately, he hired Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. another obvious enemy of america.

    why do you guys think you’ll be saved by other proud southern men?

    so far, you’re dead wrong. there’s one guy actually trying to save america, and that includes the south. he comes from new york, and his name is donald trump.

    and now, millions of proud southern men are lining up to vote for african leadership in georgia and florida.

    i hate all this stuff, but this is reality.

    time to rally support behind republicans who are trying to do something, anything. push those guys. complain to them. nudge them in the right direction. ignore the GOPe party guys, like JEFF SESSIONS. they’re useless, so don’t waste time even complaining about them. oh, i know you stopped talking about useless sack jeff sessions a while ago, because of cognitive dissonance. but you never stop complaining about trump, the one guy actually trying to do something.

    whatever you do, do not drop out of mainstream politics.

    otherwise your grandchildren will have a nice time learning about how you were racist scumbags in their school books courtesy of their 100% democrat government and 100% democrat state school board. which is absolutely, positively coming if you drop out of mainstream politics.

    is that what you want?

    • He’s right! All these years you haven’t been voting Republican hard enough! If you vote for Republicans even harder, they will stop committing White Genocide. Vote Republican harder, Goyim!

    • Our kids already learn about how we and our ancestors were/are racist scumbags.

      And that’s in bright red states…

  7. So, before some legal stuff, I was looking around and saw some of the tribes symbols. If it is the ADL aiding and abetting these invaders/”economic migrants” in some capacity, don’t they work with the FBI.?
    Anyway, “The European Court of Justice (ECJ), the Supreme Court for the EU, has ruled that would be migrants must seek asylum in the first country they reach. Asylum seekers must apply for protection in the country of destination-meaning they must arrive at or cross a border in order to apply. Then, they MUST BE ABLE TO PROVE TO AUTHORITIES there that they meet the criteria covered by REFUGEE PROTECTIONS.” (Center for Immigration Studies). First country they reach..

    A putative refugee must demonstrate not only that their STATE/GOVERNMENT of origin intends to harm them seriously without cause, but that the harm is due to their status/identity. Where in South America is this happening.? To what group.? The statute says “persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion.” So, i would argue, that a country can be exceedingly dangerous and perilous for humans beings and it still wouldnt qualify the people leaving that country as refugees under US and International law. Moreover, in the Convention’s definition of refugee, it requires the applicant to show that they fear persecution fucking AND are unable to avail themselves of the protection in their state of origin.

    “Process” them outside the USA.? For persons already within the United States, INA section 208 provides asylum procedures. Under section 208(a), the Attorney General has the discretion to grant asylum to an alien if the Attorney General determines that the alien is a “refugee” as defined by section 101(a)(42). Aliens admitted as “asylees” are entitled to federal assistance, as are “refugees.” So, nice..
    “However, “asylum” status is subject to continuing review, and such status may be terminated if “circumstances” change in the alien’s country.” What in the Fuck is Jeff Sessions doing.?

    Anyway, I would also argue that since almost all of these people were not “refugees”, and had no valid way of claiming that they could be a refugee, at the time that they were admitted, that most of them should be deported. The refugee status of any alien admitted to the US may be terminated if it is determined the alien was not a refugee. The USCIS may terminate the refugee status of any refugee, and their spouses and children, if it is found that the person was not in fact a refugee at the time of admission.

    Even fucking still. The President also has the authority to determine how that total should be allocated among the various refugees fleeing conflicts and disasters around the world, thus giving the President important authority to express his preferences regarding who should enter, whether those preferences are motivated by foreign policy or domestic political concerns. More broadly, § 212(f) gives the President personally the power to suspend the entry of “any class of aliens” whose admission “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.”
    Example. If there was a black vs white gang war in the USA could people in the cross-fire who don’t belong to a gang be a refugee.? Answer, nope. STATE HAS TO TARGET YOU.

    • Trump is all bark ,no bite when it comes to people coming through the southern border. Notice the word “vet” is never ever used about Central Americans asylum seekers or illegals; not by the politicians or the media, and not by Trump either. All he has to do is add those 3 central American countries to the list of travel banned countries. The Supreme Court has said it’s Constitutional. to ban people from specific countries but its never mentioned as a possibility even as the[unvetted] hordes keep coming.

  8. Trump may send the military down to the border……to make sure they invade in an orderly manner and not misbehave. Thats what your taxes are paying for….and wars in the Middle East.

  9. There is one positive aspect to this invasion. There seems to be plenty of “females” involved. I think this would be an excellent opportunity for Jack Ryan to travel to the Southern Border, and finally find a “Whitishy Hispanic” wife. I’m just trying to be helpful.

  10. Trump is doing nothing except tweeting and talking. What a way to MAGA: Allow your country to be invaded by 3rd world hordes and blame the Democrats while you and your party have been in control for 2 years. And conservatards buy it.

    Consevatards are pacified by the marvelous “tax cuts” they’re getting and the “booming economy”. Trump knows that by election time the latest invasion won’t matter to them.

  11. The Mexican government will do all that it can to ensure that they are conveyed to the U.S. border as swiftly, safely and efficiently as possible.

    If these people had intended to stay in Mexico, rest assured, the Mexican army would be shooting them at the border, and none of this would appear in the Jewsmedia.

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