Jew Matt Drudge Lashes Out At Fox News For Not Being Sad Enough Over Pittsburgh Shooting

Editor’s Note: I will add that the same Jews who are so upset about Pittsburgh didn’t care about the church shooting in Antioch at all and mocked us for being upset about it.

The Jews are truly our misfortune, and I think that with these repeated expressions of hostility, we’ll eventually see millions more begin to question just why exactly we allowed the Semite to take root inside our country.


Matt Drudge, the elusive chief of the Drudge Report, issued a rare tweet on Monday ripping into a Fox News segment on the mass shooting at a Pennsylvania synagogue, calling it “bizarre.”

Drudge first tweeted out a screenshot of Fox News host Kennedy during the segment:

Moments later, he issued a scathing assessment of the segment itself:

“A segment on Fox News this morning where hosts laughed and joked their way through a discussion on political impact of terror was bizarre,” Drudge wrote. “Not even 48 hours since blood flowed at synagogue?”

“Check your soul in the makeup chair!” he added.

This is starting to look like a scene out of The Turner Diaries – notably the one where ZOG forces citizens to parade around in support of the regime’s anti-White agenda.

But then again, we just have to remember that behind the thin civil veneer some Jews possess lies the same type of beast that murdered and tortured millions of Eastern Europeans, let loose rape armies across Germany at the end of the Second World War, and who to this day takes pride in gunning down legless Palestinian protesters.

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  1. Drudge is truly devoted to Jewish nationalism. I have followed his site for years. He is obsessed with the notion that Jews are the eternal victim and are on the verge of being Holocausted again.

    • WOW !!! I never knew Drudge was a Jew. A lot makes sense now. I noticed over the last few years his site moved left. WE white southern nationalists need at least one big mothership of a news site. Anyone want to save the south and make millions ? What do you think Drudge make$ ? Seems he only has the one ad spot on top of page ? How else could he be monetizing it ???

  2. The Termites, ooops, Semites, are going to keep giving this story oxygen ad nauseum. When they are victims for a change, they exploit it for all its worth.
    This highlights why we need to keep speaking out for white victim’s of crime….because they certainly do for their group.

    • @John,

      Anti-Termite! Sometimes Farrakhan makes me laugh. I almost fell out of my chair a few years ago when he stepped up to the podium after George W. had left and said he smelled sulfur. I “wonder why” Farrakhan isn’t getting flak over this Sin Agog shooting? Instead, Trump, a Zionist abettor and the father of a Shiksa Janissary, gets labeled an accomplice.

      I was watching NHK Japanese World News last night and, although I tuned in about 5-10 minutes after the programming began, I didn’t hear anything about the Pittsburgh affair.
      NHK reminds me of how network news broadcasting used to be here; short, concise and matter of fact reporting sans gesticulations, gestures, voice inflections and intonations. Informative and inclusive, World news was covered, but not obsessed over. No news of domestic civil unrest or minority grievances. Definitely no dramatic hand wringing and dreadful emoting over the Tree of Lies. The only hint of contention was a difference of opinion on whether or not a tax hike would benefit or hinder the economy, and that was apparently being debated in a rational manner. It makes you wonder how they can have a such a strong and stable society that is able to function without any of the diversity that is so essential to our Nation’s harmony, growth and progress.

      • @Cowtown

        I do envy the Japanese, and many other Asian nations. I’ve often referenced Japan on this site as an example of how good we could have had it…….if we’d had responsible leaders that actually lead and aren’t answerable to those out to destroy us. Japs have no muds, Muslims or any other form of dieversity……so the problems associated with it just aren’t there. They can say what they want, just be themselves, never walking on eggshells, and they’re happy.
        I can’t reiterate enough that mono cultural societies are happier, healthier societies.

      • @Cowtown Rebel

        “I was watching NHK Japanese World News last night and, although I tuned in about 5-10 minutes after the programming began, I didn’t hear anything about the Pittsburgh affair.”

        I used to watch it on KERA 13. Outside of North America, Europe and Australasia, it’s obvious that the rest of the World couldn’t care less about Jews and their spoiled, Shabbat Goys. Especially not the U.S. branch of ZOG International© Inc.

  3. “…the same Jews who are so upset about Pittsburgh didn’t care about the church shooting in Antioch at all and mocked us for being upset about it.”

    But, you know what? Most Whites weren’t that upset about it either… or even knew about it. Thanks to the shoddy Jewsmedia “coverage” of it. I mean, you can go out on the street right now in Anytown, USA, and ask Whites “Hey, remember the news about the Antioch church shooting?” and they’d be like “Ummm…?” But you can bet your ass every one of them will remember this shit, especially since Chump gave a speech about it and Jewsmedia is screeching full-spectrum saturation.

    Not trying to black-pill anyone, but we are a minority among our own kind. Most Whites are only into lawn-worship, Liberia-ball and shopping on (((Amazon))). We’ve a long way to go as far as getting Joe and Jill Sixpack to seriously give a damn about their own enslavement and approaching destruction.

  4. Drudge is one of the dwindling number of nominally-US news sources that I used to read. I finally dumped it a few months ago. I get most news now from Russia (RT, Sputnik and New Samizdat) and independent foreign journalists.

  5. The Ruling Class are indifferent when Whites are rape/murdered by the Diversity they impose on us, because the Ruling Class is anti-White.

    • The ruling class is our adversary because we’ve seen behind their charade of deceit, misinformation, and criminal activities against our people, so we are in their crosshairs. We are the only group of people on the face of this earth that opposes their agenda.

  6. So what’s up with his Twitter channel? Only three tweets on it and he’s telling lies about what these FOX women were laughing at.

    Isn’t it amazing? Whites killed every day and its just regular news. Yet a hair is touched on the head of a Jew and the whole world comes to a stop. Surely we can’t be the only people noticing this?

  7. Race trumps everything else. Our race has been infected with a long term virus filling us with perpetual guilt and self hatred. No other race has been infected with this virus.

    White self hatred is sick.

  8. >The Jews are truly our misfortune
    >the Semite
    > scene out of The Turner Diaries
    >behind the thin civil veneer some Jews possess lies…

    If you’re trying to sound like a crass, knock-off version of the Daily Stormer that’s how you do it. No serious person over 20 is going to want to read such over the top drivel. You want to be taken seriously? You want to actually win power? Then you need to work on coming across like someone who would be viewed as a leader rather than the weird guy who rambles to himself at the bar.

    Sounds harsh, but I’m only helping you lot out. This blog had serious intellectual conversations on it a few years ago. Now it’s a haven for ‘duh Jooz is demonz’ type rhetoric & DailyStormeresque clickbait.

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