#MAGA: Oprah Set To Help Push Stacey Abrams Ahead In Georgia Governor Race

Conservatives have proven to be a pathetic waste of space for the last fifty years – despite Whites continuing to prop them up as “the lesser of two evils.”

They have proven unable to conserve the White majority, the concept of marriage, national borders, the limbs and lives of White soldiers, and in recent times have shown themselves unable to even conserve female restrooms and the genitals of their own children.

And it doesn’t stop there – thanks to standard GOP cuckoldry we now have to wonder whether Georgia is about to officially turn into a purple swing state – with a literal evolutionary throwback for Governor.


Oprah Winfrey, the Oscar-nominated self-made billionaire and media icon, is heading to Georgia to campaign for Stacey Abrams.

The star will join Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor, on Thursday. If Abrams wins the race, she will be the first black woman governor in the history of the US.

Big names in Democratic politics are also rallying to help Abrams in the final stretch of the election: Winfrey’s visit comes just a day ahead of former president Barack Obama’s trip to Atlanta to campaign for Abrams and other Democrats on the ballot at the HBCU Morehouse College. Other senior Democrats who have campaigned in-state for Abrams include former vice president Joe Biden and Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

Winfrey has rarely campaigned in-person with political candidates, but did so with Obama in 2008 (she endorsed Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid in 2016).

Winfrey will join Abrams on Thursday, Nov. 1, at two town hall conversations with constituents — in Cobb County and DeKalb County. She will also be knocking on doors, in these last few days of early voting in the state, encouraging eligible voters to cast their ballots for Abrams.

Georgia has been the focus on intense scrutiny over allegations of voter suppression. Abrams’ Republican opponent in the gubernatorial race, Brian Kemp, is also the secretary of state in charge of elections. In a televised debate last week, she accused Kemp of creating “an atmosphere of fear” for voters; Kemp called the voter suppression allegations “a farce.”

Even so, this is one of the tightest governor races in this election; polling analyzed by FiveThirtyEight has had the opponents neck and neck for some time now. The race could head to a runoff election in December if neither candidate gets above 50%.

I’m still not a fan of polling statistics thanks to what happened in 2016, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say this race is currently too hard to call.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the strange beast Abrams manages to wiggle out a win one way or another – it may very well come down to the Left’s high energy and disdain for fair play that triumphs over the GOP obsession with decorum and virtue signalling.

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  1. She’s also being backed by Antifa. Just look at her followers on social media. She’s a radical leftist and if she wins Antifa will become emboldened in the State of Georgia. Mark my words.

  2. Georgia has practically become a negrified state as it is…even if Abrams doesn’t win this time, the next election will probably bring all-out black rule. ‘Tis a sad state of affairs

  3. The Black Ethnostate might comprise Florida and Atlanta.

    Encourage the blacks in the US to all move to Florida and Georgia.

    • @Captain

      Aren’t you from the Yookay? Saw a video on Savile Town, West Yorkshire the other night. It is 93% Muslim-according to the 2011 census….that likely means about 99% by now. That would have to make Savile Town the brownest city in the white world. Its not colonization though-its ‘enrichment’- just so we have that clear.

  4. No state in the USA has yet fallen under black rule. Many cities have, followed by a mass exodus of non-black population to the suburbs. Even the most raving liberals know what their property is worth now, and what it would be worth in Detroit or Haiti.

    A black government is no government at all. Roads and buildings crumble, trash piles up everywhere, there’s no running water or electricity, murder victims rot where they fell, and no attempt is made to bury the bodies or identify the culprits.

    • The blacks will have to move to a homeland. Make it Florida and parts of a Georgia.

      Scout them out of the other cities and dump them in the Extreme south east.

      • Captain- Make it Africa! Why (in God’s name) should we maintain the fiction that anyone who is 3/5ths of a White Man, has ANY right, ANYMORE, to live in OUR Land. ‘They all have to go’ works for me in this instance, too!

        Restore Kennedy’s America. Pre-1965 levels of population, pre-Civil Wrongs laws, pre-1967 Loving v. Virginia bastardization of godly jurisprudence, the whole nine yards.

    • As soon as the Union starts to break up, every piece of it will be desperately struggling not to be that last liberal bastion that gets everyone else’s unwanted diversity. Not only that, an immense wall would be needed to keep blacks confined to Georgia and Florida. I suggest Puerto Rico, Cuba, or Venezuela instead; they’d fit right in with their fellow commies.

  5. Oprah endorsed Obama because he was black (ish) and is endorsing Abrams because she’s black. The muds all stick together. You can be sure whites will gain little out of it. Just all victim and identity politics.
    No black will vote for Abrams on general policy, if there is any, but just vote for her because she’s black.
    Thats the trouble with diversity. Its always about race. Its always there in the background despite claims to the contrary.

        • None of this matters. Black executive power in a state is sign of the crack up. The great divorce. It’s a good thing in one way. Gilliam winning could lead to a white Exodus from Florida and a black migration to Florida.

          The 40,000,000 blacks need to be concentrated someplace.

    • …and whites, having absorbed all kinds of invasive genetics and ideas amongst our population over the centuries, are now the only race that will not stand for its own interests.

  6. Think of what’s going on right now as part of a much-needed correction. By this point it should be clear even to the most simple-minded Trumpanzee that voting, cucking and conservatism do not work.

  7. What’s sad is 1. Blacks are SO stupid to vote for the UGLY jigaboo who will turn Georgia into a sh&thole and flood the labor and housing markets which will wipe darkies chance of employment out … but cause she’s black they’ll vote for her, 2. Think of all the DUMB white women ( and men, ) who will vote for the economy destroyer because Oprah, ( the female ape that talks, ) told them to !!!

    I’m tellin you and tellin you … re-boot the south or die.

  8. Georgia is a text book example of the failure of post-segregationist white Southern conservatism. All the wars for Israel, money for Israel, prayer in public school, creationism, WWJD, the holy Jesus anointed US military, the sacred infallible police, tax cuts, privatization of garbage collecting, business friendly policies etc. aren’t going to save these morons from the dark hoards.

    My guess is that the GOP will win a close one this time and zero hour for whites in GA will be sometime in the 20’s.

    Same in TX and FL.

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