Exit Polls: Cuckservatives May Have Destroyed Themselves In These Midterms

President Trump told us repeatedly that the booming economy and thriving Wall Street were going to assure a red wave tonight.

Well, it looks like the voters are speaking, and they seem much more concerned about their rising healthcare costs and flood of feral Third-Worlders than they are about whether some random New York Jew and his tax breaks.

Note that this does not necessarily mean that Whites have suddenly swung Leftist – it means many decided to just stay home and let the whole damned thing burn to the ground.

CBS News:

Early exit poll results suggest that President Donald Trump was a factor that significantly affected voting for the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections. Nearly two-thirds of those voters said Mr. Trump was a factor. One quarter of those casting a House ballot said they did so in part to support him. Four in 10 said they cast a vote to oppose him. Only one-third said he played no role in their voting.

Only a minority of those voting today approve of Mr. Trump’s job performance. The level appears similar to his ratings among the general public overall in recent months. It is also similar to the ratings for former President Obama in the 2010 midterm election, in which Republicans captured majority control from Democrats.

Voters reported that their No. 1 issue in this election was health care — mentioned by just under half of those surveyed. Health care was mentioned by almost twice as many voters as the next most common issue, immigration.

Voters are feeling better about the state of the economy than they have since before the Great Recession of 2008. More than two-thirds rate the economy as good, compared to 36 percent only two years ago.

However, only 1 in 5 voters selected the economy as the most important issue in the election this year, perhaps limiting the benefit of this issue for the ruling Republican Party.

Despite positive feelings about the economy, overall, voters were pessimistic about the direction of the country. Only 4 in 10 said the country was headed in the right direction, while nearly 6 in 10 viewed the country as off on the wrong track.

We’ve gone over the disappointments dozens if not hundreds of times, but yet maybe it’ll take a brutal old-fashioned beatdown to convince some of these cuckold coattail riders allegedly on our side to realize that pushing issues important only to the top 10% or so amounts to ruin.

This is the path that will lead to a minority-White United States, and the path that could very well wind up with our extinction.

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    • Mexican Irishman (lol) Beto O’Rourke is currently beating Breadface “Zodiac Killer” Cruz.

      This could get crazy.

      • “If you will not stand with Israel and Jews, then I will not stand with you”.

        That’s all I need to know about Rafael Cruz. Go Beto!

        • NBC is projecting that Dems will take the House.

          Now let’s see how bad the cucks get schlonged in the Senate.

  1. Trump has proven to be a massive fraud and disappointment. And the Republicans are still the same old cowards and cucks that they have always been. I’m glad I abstained from voting today. I’m not playing ZOG’s game anymore.

    • I’ve said this to MAGApedes and they literally turn into virus-infected NPC’s with a coding problem:

      Name one time Trump mentioned White Americans specifically…

    • Or establishing the only Christian form of governance – a Kingdom. (for Christ is King, and no matter what one may say, until and unless you recognize that Monarchic strain throughout the Bible and Europe’s history, you ain’t a Christian unless you are a monarchist) If 51% of the damned can control a nation’s destiny, and the Dem’s are clearly damned –

      “You can’t tell the liberals that no multi-racial, multi-cultural civilization has ever survived, because the past has no meaning to reptilian liberals. And you can’t tell the liberals that there has never been a civilization based on the satanic principles of feminism that has flourished as a civilization, because the concept of ‘civilization’ is meaningless to them. Their only concern is for the destruction of the white race. That is the summit of their aspirations. They are envenomed from top to toe with “direst cruelty.” To dialogue with such creatures is suicide.” – https://cambriawillnotyield.wordpress.com/2018/11/03/the-reptiles/

      then the very MECHANISM of ‘democracy’ is satanic to the core.

      Hell, if JEWS can gain and MAINTAIN control so easily in less than 100 years – (it took them almost 1000 to do the same in Europe, with a multiplicity of Kings and nation/tribe/states!) cf. “THe Jewish Century” by Slezkine, then it TRULY is the governance system of HELL!

      Comments about a Southern Republic are just as awful as a Puritan Republic. “Feelings” for the down-trodden, (whether by women, faggots, or liberals) inevitably lead to the morass of the “favelas” of Detroit, LA, Chi-congo, Atlanta, etc.

      ORION. A ruling Ethnarch, whose desire is to protect and serve His people [cf. Matt. 1:21] AGAINST ALL COMERS, is our only option.

      And no, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, etc. (those countries who still have kings/royalty) are NOT viable/comparable options, for they have embraced the HERESY OF DEMOCRACY while maintaining their decrepit royalty – witness Harry and his Nigger whore!

      A nobility of intellect AND race is our only safeguard. And sheep who think they are the noble’s equals, who chaff at such rule, merely prove the necessity of the point.

      America is dead. Let the dead bury the dead.

  2. There’s going to be so much salt on Gab tonight, lol.

    I think I’m going to lay low. I actually like a lot of the people there, and don’t want to get into fights with them. I want our movement to reunite and get back to our 2017 mode of promoting ethnonationalism and critiquing conservatism.

    I hope this fervent loyalty to the GOP is a phase that WNs will snap out of.

  3. The Jews have done an amazing job w/their Kosher sandwich. You want affordable healthcare and Social Security? Vote Dem. If you want your guns and don’t hate White people? Vote Republican. If you want your guns and decent health care? TS, goy! What a sham. Most people just pick their most important issue and twist their mindset to fit one or the other.

    • This is why most White working class people don’t vote at all, especially in midterms. I think there is a sleeping Nazbol giant out there that could form an effective third party.

  4. Wasn’t it in his last gasps of life, the man dying from high grade brain cancer used his last synapses to vote against the end of the extortionate racket known as Obamacare?

    What is so wrong with people who pay their taxes getting the most important social benefit, health care?

    Why has it come to pass that the communists behind the mask are arch plutocrats, bent on the misery of the masses?

    We are human beings and that seems to be lost on those at the top, or maybe not as it turns out

    It is truly evil to deny workers their rights to what they earned, but that is this all about in the end

  5. To all of you who did not vote I hope you feel like real heroes today. You are traitors to your people and your country. The outcome we now face is going to be very tough and you can look yourself in a mirror and take partial credit for that. Who do you think was most happy with your decison….the left. You helped them and if you hate your people and country enough to feel good about that then you belong somewhere else. If you are waiting for perfection before you participate grow up it aint going to ever come.

  6. So….. Do you people really believe that Hillory was a better choice? Do you people really believe Socialism/Communism is a better choice than capitalism? Do any of you understand what the big picture is here?

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