Blame ZOG: War Vet With PTSD Kills 12 (And Himself) In California Bar Shooting

Take a young man, send him to fight in some God-forsaken Third-World pit inhabited by primitive Brown people, let him watch his buddies get their arms and legs blown off, dump him back in a homeland devoid of true healing religion, a unified culture, and basic healthcare, and you’ve essentially created a ticking time bomb.

Add in experimental drugs that certain (((doctors))) like to prescribe without knowing or caring about side effects, and the situation only grows worse.

Daily Mail:

The gunman who massacred 12 people at a country music bar in southern California on Wednesday night has been identified as an ex-Marine.

Ian Long, 28, opened fire on the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks at 11.20pm. Long had been cleared by mental health experts after an incident in his home in April, sheriffs revealed on Thursday morning.

He killed 11 people inside the bar and one of the first cops on the scene before taking his own life.

Survivors from the shooting said he looked ‘like he knew what he was doing’ as he repeatedly fired his legally purchased Glock .45 handgun.

As dozens ran for their lives, hid beneath pool tables and used bar stools to shatter the windows to escape, Long continued firing and also threw smoke grenades to confuse the crowds.

When the first police officers arrived at the scene three minutes later, Long shot one of them multiple times before shooting himself.

By the time SWAT teams arrived, he was dead. His body was found in an office inside the bar. The sheriff’s sergeant who was shot later died in hospital. He was Ron Helus, a 29-year veteran.

In total, 13 are dead; 11 people who were killed inside the bar, the sheriff’s sergeant and the gunman. Long is a former Marine who lived in nearby Newbury Park.

In April this year, deputies were called to his home amid reports of a disturbance. He was acting ‘irrationally’ and was ‘irate’ so police called in their mental health specialist. They cleared him, deciding against having him committed, and left him at the home.

It is unclear if he already owned the weapon he used to commit Wednesday’s attack or if he bought it after the April incident. Long has no criminal history except from a minor traffic infraction.

Police said on Thursday morning that the weapon had been modified by Long to hold more rounds.

‘The handgun is designed to hold 10 rounds and one in the chamber. This weapon did have an extended magazine on it.

In addition to the 12 people he killed, ’10 to 15’ victims were injured. According to survivors, Long was dressed in all-black, wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses and a mask covering the bottom part of his face.

He walked up to the entrance at 11.20pm and shot the bouncer before making his way into the venue.

He then shot a young female cashier before throwing smoke grenades onto the dance floor and letting off rounds into the crowd.

The bar is popular with college kids because it allows under 21s in on Wednesday nights. Those who were not old enough to drink had black X’s stamped on their hands.

Pepperdine University confirmed on Thursday morning that some of its students were among those in the bar. It is unclear if they were among those killed.

At the end of the day, I feel for many of the former soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan – even if they outwardly screech their cheerleading nonsense for modern multicultural America, belief in magic dirt, and the idea of killing half the world to spread the Democratic ideals of gay orgies, heroin, and estrogen-laced fast food.

Because it really is an undisputed fact that these men (and women now) were only used by Jews and Neocon maniacs to further goals destructive to the entire planet.

We never had to get involved in the Middle East, we never had to waste the lives and limbs of thousands to destabilize an entire region to benefit Israel, and we could have at the very least offered some medical help to those who saw and engaged in activities that have the tendency to rot the soul.

Ian Long (if the narrative being told proves to be the true story) never had to do what he did last night – the fault for all the dead lies at the feet of the American government, and those who used him as a mercenary slave to benefit a race of parasites who offer nothing to the world aside from chaos and destructive filth.

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  1. My mantra: human beings don’t give up their lives for strangers who have done nothing to them. Hell, they usually don’t even give up their lives for people they *do* who’ve gravely injured them. We know this because the streets of this country aren’t running in blood. Even when the system fails, most of its survivors don’t take the law into their own hands.

    The article states: “Ian Long, 28, opened fire on the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks at 11.20pm. Long had been cleared by mental health experts after an incident in his home in April, sheriffs revealed on Thursday morning.”

    (((Their))) goal is to both avoid having to justify confiscating guns (ERPO) post facto, and to condition the american people to the idea of long term (((psychiatric))) internment which their pharmajewticals would theoretically render obsolete.

    I’ve begun to accept that a phase of partial sovietization of our culture is unavoidable; I stand here today declaring these (((mother*ckers))) dead genes walking.

    We will go down fighting.
    We will never surrender.
    We will truly get crazy.


    Jew be careful out there, we’ll be lookin’ out for ya

    • He spent his professional and vocational life collecting debts and rents for the merchants.

      He was an institutionalized case already.

          • What I know is that the reason (((they))) don’t pull this crap, these fake crazywhiteguywith-a-gun incidents in NY and NJ is because we would never buy it off ’em.

            We’re not the good folks according to lotsa ‘mericans but we ain’t dumb neither.


  2. Came from a broken home, too. Never saw his dad. Isn’t that the case with almost all of these people?

    Slut culture, female “empowerment” (ie maximum corruption & unaccountability), and anti-male policies coming home to roost, also.

    • In this particular instance, I can’t blame his mother. But as a rule, single mothers cannot raise men.

      Combat and its pernicious side effects unleashed his unhinged homicidal rage.

      What a poor choice to have gone berserk.

  3. Love the article. This is what these people can expect whenever they turn men into hardened killing machines and then release them into this nihilistic cesspit.

  4. Onward Christian Soldiers. Fight, die, or get maimed for the children of satan.

    How many millions of our Folks best and brightest have perished or ruined in wars for the international jew?

    No wonder we’re left with so many soy boys and cucks.

    • Read it and gnash your teeth:
      Jewish Scholar Oscar Levy says; ‘There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews are today nothing else but the World’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.’

      “Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.” Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, page 18.

      We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war [WWI] but of nearly all your wars and revolutions in your history.
      We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone.” by the Jew, Marcus Eli Ravage, Century Magazine, Vol. 115, No.3, Jan. 1928, pp.347,348.

  5. FUSION CENTERS, DHS, FBI CIA and NSA have MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY…PTSD or PTSS is a smoke screen to cover up the truth about Agent Orange and Dioxin used in Nam and Depleted Urnium used in Iraq and Afghanistan..Changes Serotonin levels and dopmaine levels in brain which control behavior…The Powers That Be use PTSD to cover the real truth..they deny TOXIC BRAIN SYNDROME…Also the mass Shoortngs are Staged False Flag Events to get GUN CONTROL…Anyway taking guns or powder shooters will only spark development for new high tech to replace powder shooters and it will much more deadly than powder shooters…Image a group going into a Fusion Center and taking the Mind Control Tech or high jacking a NSA or DHS or FBI Van with this tech in it…Expropiating the Expropiators…and dont forget about the development of super duper IEDS…ZOG is going totally insane..they cause all this….DIE-VERSITY equals DEATH……

  6. I wonder, if zog will order the flag to be flown at half staff, as they did for the ‘chosenites’ in Pittsburgh?

    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

  7. Men born in the 80’s and 90’s are of the Afghanistan/Iraq war generation who went and fought in these wars, only to come home to a nation that’s anti-white, will BE non-white in their lifetime, is full of degeneracy, treats invaders better than homeless war veterans, and is controlled by Jews regardless of who you voted for. If that’s what you fought for, it was a waste of your time.
    This young man was totally wasted in these Jewish wars. He should have been saving himself for the real war his generation will one day be forced to have-that being the inevitable civil war on home soil to get his nation back from Jews and third world enrichers…..our TRUE enemies. After such a war, veterans would be rewarded and looked after for their effort.

  8. I don’t have much sympathy for anyone who chose to fight in ZOG’s wars. This isn’t the Vietnam era, there is no draft. These people choose to fight for ZOG because they agree with what it is doing. Some like Patrick Little wake up eventually but most do not

  9. What’s the odds this happened in a Country Music place just like Vegas last year instead of a Pop or Rap Music place???

  10. Yeah my beef with this guy is that he willingly signed up to fight in these wars, he wanted to do it, and then he goes and kills people in a venue more likely to appeal to whites, as a result of his mental state.
    This guy was 28 so he’d been around a while. He should have known these wars are for Israel rather than America with all the info freely available online these days that could have told him this.

  11. Let us not forget that the original mass shooter, Charles Whitman, was a Marine. When I was about twenty years old, I was playing baseball with some other guys and one of them was a kid that had just graduated from Marine boot camp. Physically, he looked the part and he was obviously pumped up with pride. His face told a different story, “Straight Outta Mayberry!” At one point, we were talking about whatever, and he jokingly drew back to swing a bat at me. Now, he wasn’t actually trying to hit me, but I stepped inside and took his leg out from under him, relieving him of the bat on his way down, and by the time he hit the ground the butt of the bat was stopping just about an inch from his face. Stunned and bewildered, he stammered out, “How did you do that?” Funny, I was thinking the same thing. Killer instinct is inborn or honed through experience, and the Marines can serve to enhance it, but they cannot impart it wholly within four months of controlled training, no matter how intensive. I have known many Marines, some of them have it and some don’t.

    Not having served in the Military, I can’t say what kind of brainwashing was employed to coerce young, White, 101st Airborne troops to draw bayonets on the women in Little Rock, Arkansas. Or, what induced young, White, Alabama National Guardsmen to turn on their Governor. I don’t know what makes young, White men eagerly enlist to fight for someone else’s freedoms while their own liberties are increasingly curtailed.

    I’ve asked a couple of Military men if they took an oath to protect the Constitution from ALL ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC? When they respond in the affirmative, I ask them how is it that veterans in outlaw biker wear will bravely face off against doddering, senile old Westboro Baptist Church members, yet are strangely absent when cities are burning, property is being destroyed and people are routinely assaulted for displaying their political affiliations. They are deflated, offended, dumbfounded, etc… but they never seem to have an answer. It’s obvious that mind control has been utilized for a long time and that it is very effective.

    There was a time when I was considering joining the military. However, I wasn’t harboring any delusions about what we were fighting for, I had been paying too close attention for that. My reasons had more to do with receiving weapons / survival training and whatever financial benefits that a veteran is allegedly entitled to. In addition to those incentives, I really wanted to be able to state my opinion about foreign affairs without someone asking me, “did you serve your country?,” in a condescending and belittling tone. I thought that if I could just keep my head down and say, “Yes Sir / Ma’am” a lot, then I could probably make it through the ordeal. I’m glad that I decided against enlisting.

  12. Blaming violence on PTSD from combat is bullshit IMO. That’s based on knowing a great many combat veterans. What I see ,what I know it’s the opposite. Some won’t even pick up a rifle for they have seen what they can do. Some shoot paper targets along side me. If they still hunt they use a camera not a rifle. You no longer want to kill anything. I suppose there are exceptions and the one’s I know aren’t on drugs.

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