Let’s Guess Who Helped Felons Get The Right To Vote In Florida

Just as a disclaimer, I’m actually a pretty mellow guy when it comes to people who served their prison time for whatever it is they were convicted of (sex offenders and child abusers are the exception and deserve death).

Like, for example, I’m to some extent in favor of eliminating most background checks (minus sex offender registries) during the job application process.

Thing is, though, with background checks, an employer still has quite a bit of wiggle room with his decisions – a good rule of thumb would be to just ignore names like Booquan and Tyreshius when scheduling interviews.

With voting, however, there is no wiggle room, and it seems to be that a certain group in this country has figured out how to utilize this fact to further bludgeon our weakened race.


An amendment to Florida’s constitution that would restore voting rights for felons passed Tuesday with the help of Jewish groups that campaigned for the measure.

Amendment 4 won 64 percent of the vote, passing the needed 60 percent threshold for passage.

A number of Florida branches of Jewish groups, including the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center, the Anti-Defamation League, the National Council of Jewish Women and Join for Justice, campaigned for the amendment, which excludes felons convicted of murder and sex crimes.

Florida, long a swing state, could go more decidedly Democratic: Minorities, who form a substantial portion of the 1.4 million newly enfranchised voters, tend to vote for Democrats.

Negroid Communist Andrew Gillum may have lost his election bid yesterday, but for the Republicans it sure does look like a Pyrrhic victory at this point.

My guess is that 2020 will prove to be quite a shock for everyone assuming a relatively easy Trump win in what was once an average Southern state.

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  1. I lost sleep over this one last night. I simply cannot understand the stupidity of white people. I think come 2020, it’s over. We will have reached critical mass. I can’t see how it could be any other way.

  2. I agree, @Snowhitey. It’s the next stage of the devolution of all standards; decriminalizing the blatantly criminal. Coming soon nationwide: ‘ban the box’ on employment applications and so-called ‘restorative justice’.

    Because standards of any kind are Racist.

    • “Ban the box” is already active in a huge amount of the country, and you’re actually now starting to see states like California and Massachusetts start to walk back their commitment to the idea.

      Mostly because like I said in the article – employers in ban the box states just totally avoid non-White applicants rather than engage them for lulz knowing a background check will probably fail for them.

  3. Here’s the catch though.

    It brings Florida in line with most states on felon re-enfranchisement, i.e. out of prison and successfully completing probation.

    Guess that race of people whose convicted felons can’t seem to behave long enough to finish probation.

  4. “what was once an average Southern state.”

    Florida hasn’t been a Southern state since the 1960’s. I watched court proceedings on HLN, one time, that I assumed were taking place in New Jersey, but turned out to be in Florida.

    One thing that we can consistently rely on is Negro indifference. Their complete lack of interest in almost everything that interests and occupies the attention of other races, will ensure that most of them won’t even know that there was an election, much less who was in it. Or who won or lost.

    Most won’t even bother to register to vote, or even care about voting at all. Even though they’re eligible to vote, and can meet all the legal qualifications.

    Most of them who could vote, probably didn’t bother to vote in either the Florida or Georgia gubernatorial elections.

    Black candidates typically get more votes from Whites and Jews, than they get from their own people. If none of the Blacks who could vote, had bothered to vote, Obama still would have been elected. Northern and West Coast White guilt, stoked by the Jews, elected him.

    The only racial group solidarity that they have is organised for them by Jews and others who seek to exploit them as political weapons against White civilisation. Otherwise, it’s every Nigger for himself. Especially on a local and personal level.

    To illustrate;

    BLM, for instance, has very few actual Blacks in it. But all the usual Jewish Kommissars, Zampolits and White SJW minions and auxiliaries are present to fill out the ranks. The vast majority of Blacks couldn’t care less about this organisation, even the few who are dimly aware of its existence.

    • I wonder how the churches will react to this?

      Will they still be indifferent, or will they ramp up their game and be like Alabama Black churches and bus these felons to the polls, bribe them, feed them, and literally hand them marked ballots?

  5. The truth to this article is ‘antisemitic’
    They never understand why the people hate them so much.
    Maybe another purge. History always repeats.

  6. I read somewhere that in Florida these referendums aren’t binding; they still need to be ratified by the state legislature.

    I don’t know if that’s the case in reality or just Internet hot air, but if it’s real, Florida may yet dodge the incoming Negro felon tsunami.

  7. The Tribe wouldn’t have pushed this unless they knew it would hurt White people. Then they wonder why anti-Semitism is on the rise.

  8. Two thirds-almost a million of those felons in Florida-are White. All this amendment does is restore felons’ voting rights automatically after prison, probation and all fines are paid rather than individual petitions to the governor. Murders and sex criminals may not vote automatically, they must apply on a case-by-case basis.
    The article.


    I am of the opinion that only White men with at least a high school diploma should even have the right to vote. However, this is the world we live in in 2018.

    • I failed to take into account that spics are counted as White. So a great deal of the ‘White’ felons in FloriDUH are probably wetback invaders. I deserve any wrath I may incur for this oversight.

      As I have already said, only White (NON-HISPANIC) males with at least a high school diploma are the only ones that should have the right to vote.

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