ASEAN Conference: When Bear Met Cuck

It’s sad when you truly break it down, but the sight of a clown trying to confront one of the world’s most powerful leaders is still quite comical.

The Sun:

US Vice President Mike Pence was snapped giving Vladimir Putin a cold stare at a summit, as he reportedly warned him not to meddle in American elections.

Putin said he and Pence spoke on the side-lines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations conference in Singapore, discussing arms control and other issues.

Pence and Putin “discussed the upcoming G20 Summit and touched on the issues that will be discussed when President Trump and President Putin are both in Argentina for the summit,” according to the vice president’s press secretary, Alyssa Farah.

The G20 Summit will be held in Buenos Aires at the end of November.

An NBC reporter tweeted: “New per the @VP’s Office—> The VP’s office says Vice President Pence directly addressed Russian meddling in the 2016 election in a conversation with Vladimir Putin on Thursday in Singapore.

“The conversation took place following the plenary session this afternoon at ASEAN.”

This may come as a shock to people, but I loathe Vice President Mike Pence and all politicians out there who play the same game as him.

His Patriotism only goes so far as his donors decree, his foreign policy stance is just as Neocon as what we were forced to deal with in the last decade, his slave-like worship of Israel is one that borders on the clinically insane, and his religious convictions (despite possibly being truly devout on the personal level) are apparently not strong enough to negate a past history of cucking on the Homosexual Issue.

And this is what I feel many must learn to understand as we move forward – like, it was fun and all to make memes of Pence drowning gays in bogs during the 2016 Campaign, but at the end of the day, trusting waffling and useless leaders like the former Indiana Governor proved to be a huge reason why the White Race sits where it is today.

The Jewish Problem is of course the primary reason for much of what festers in our society, but what about those who allowed all of this to happen?

Editor’s Note: I’m going to insert this here for those who missed it when it happened.

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  1. The day isn’t coming … it’s already here, where candidates must decide … you’re either a white nationalist, ( which will end up being a “southern” white nationalist, ) or you’re a demoncrat. There is no in between. As the darkies have bigger litters AND more and more cross our borders and are snuck in on planes at night and given SSN #’s and YOUR $$$ … the days of pandering to them for a thin slice of the darkie vote is further and further in the rear view mirror. Soon it’ll even be a nostalgic memory. Obsolete and all that. Yes cucks … it’s A or B. Right or left. Good or bad. Make a choice.

  2. Pence does indeed like like Race Bannon from Johnny Quest.

    Pence- did you interfere in our election?
    Putin-if you want to know who interfered in you election look towards Israel not Russia.
    Pence- Is that a no?
    Putin- Is your name really Pence? Are you sure you are not Race Bannon from Johnny Quest?
    Pence- I was but I had to change my name because Race was politically incorrect and offended people
    and was hurting my electibility.
    Putin- So what is your name now?
    Pence- Equality Bannon.
    Putin- No wonder you guys lost the midterms. Quit blame us for your incompetence.
    Pence- So what are you saying?
    Putin- Would you rather Hillary had won? You act as if you doubt the legitimacy of you own election by continuing to blame Russia.
    Pence- We just want a fair system.
    Putin- You want have any system 50 years from now. Learn from the Soviet Union’s mistakes.
    Pence- We are God’s country raised up in the last days to defend Israel!
    Putin- Israel was established in 1948. So what was the purpose of the United States from 1776 until 1948 then if it only exists to serve Israel?
    Pence- America will never fall from power!
    Putin- You will fall and you will hit hard. At least when the Soviet Union fell we had a Russian identity to fall back on. You have nothing outside of your artificial American identity.
    Pence- I have to go. My plane is leaving!

  3. The Kangs couldn’t even sculpt a statue of their own leader; they had to get a Chink to do it. Any White man honoring this monstrosity is a worthless POS.

  4. “The Jewish Problem is of course the primary reason for much of what festers in our society, but what about those who allowed all of this to happen?”

    You mean traitors. They didn’t allow it to happen, they took the money and collaborated, or they did it out of idealism. All traitors can give noble reasons as to why they betray their own kind.

    Some random thoughts on traitors:

    The enemy owns all traitors.

    In war if there is an enemy in front of you and a traitor behind you, you turn around and Shoot The Traitor First.

    The harshest punishments should be reserved for traitors. Dante said the 9th circle of Hell, the lowest and worst level in Hell was reserved for traitors. This is how Europeans traditionally regarded treason until very recently.

    At the high level mark of this revolution, we should regard anyone with suspicion who says we should forgive and forget our traitors. We should track down the wealthy ones and financially punish them and their descendants . No one gets to keep the money they made from White Genocide.

    • I believe the Ninth Circle of Hell is also reserved for sodomites and usurers…’ol Mikey deserves such good company.

  5. Terrible Tom Metzger, who is from Indiana, warned me about Pence during the 2016 campaign – An Israel First cuck. But here’s the thing that annoys me most about Pence: He takes his family on a trip to NYC and guess where they have dinner? At an Olive Garden restaurant. What a cornpone.

    • People in the Midwest eat the worst food in America. They have very low standards and don’t know what good food is.

  6. I love that Chinese MLK rock, I bet it has “Made in China” on the bottom of it.

    Thumbs up if you remember what I’m talking about.

  7. Christ was the first cuck. And the first drama queen. His followers are spirit-queers.

    Pence is a cur. Imagine him as a walked dog, his nose sniffing and tongue slippering around looking for sweet, sweet jewish turds to eat.

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