Poked Bear: Ukraine’s (((Leaders))) Are Lying About Today’s Naval Incident

Right now, I’m advising the wise to take Russia’s account of the Ukrainian Naval Incident as fundamentally true due to several key reasons:

  1. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is a forked-tongue Jewish chocolate oligarch who wishes to see White Western Goyim die to recover Russian-speaking territories lost in the last few years.
  2. Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman is also a Jewish snake – note that he succeeded Jew Arseniy Yatsenyuk in this political position in 2016.
  3. Russian media has essentially been brutally-honest in terms of geopolitics throughout the last decade or so – note that it’s only been the Russians calling out false flag after false flag in Syria.

Should we now just assume the Russians are all of a sudden acting according to the stereotypes being pushed by the Jewish-operated Western media?

I mean, I suppose we should just assume that PM Groysman is being sincere with us, right?


The waters near the Crimean peninsula were the site of an intense standoff between Russian and Ukrainian ships that involved a chase, some firing and fighter jets, followed by strong statements from Moscow and Kiev.

Around 07:00 Moscow Time (04:00 GMT) on Sunday two artillery boats and a tugboat belonging to the Ukrainian Navy crossed the Russian maritime border in the Black Sea and headed to the Kerch Strait. Vessels generally pass through the strait after receiving a proper permission and according to a schedule, but these ships had none, according to Russian Federal Security Service responsible for maintaining order at the border.

The Russian officers repeatedly asked the Ukrainian vessels to leave Russia’s territorial sea and exclusive economic zone, but they ignored those requests.

“The vessels are undertaking dangerous maneuvers, and are not obeying lawful instructions from the Russian authorities,”FSB said in a statement. The ships also entered waters that had been temporarily closed to navigation.

Around 11:30 Moscow time (08:30 GMT), two more Ukrainian vessels departed an Azov Sea port of Berdyansk and approached the Kerch Strait from the other side.

Soon after that, the Kerch Strait was blocked. A video from the scene showed a giant buck freighter standing under the arch of the Crimea Bridge and blocking the only passage through the strait. The cargo ship was accompanied by several Russian military vessels.

Later, the Director General of the Crimean sea ports, Aleksey Volkov, confirmed that the strait was closed “for security reasons.”

The Russian military apparently also scrambled aircrafts to enhance security at the scene while the situation remained tense. Videos from the scene showed Russian Ka-52 gunships cruising under the Crimea Bridge. Later, they were joined by several Su-25 strike fighters.

Ukrainian vessels continued their journey despite warnings from the Russian authorities. The Ukrainian navy said the military vessels were sailing from the port-city of Odessa to the Azov port of Mariupol as part of a scheduled routine transfer, adding that it warned the Russian authorities about the trip in advance.

The FSB denounced the actions of the Ukrainian vessels as “provocation” and expressed concerns that they might provoke a “conflict situation.”

The video released by Russian authorities shows the Ukrainian vessels maneuvering in close proximity to the Russian ones.

At midnight, the FSB released a statement that Russian warships had to open fire after the three Ukrainian ships ignored “legal demands to stop” and continued “performing dangerous maneuvers.” Three Ukrainian sailors were wounded and have been given medical assistance, while the ships were seized. The group of ships that were heading to the strait from the Azov Sea turned back to their port.

They tried to break Russia with economic sanctions – they failed.

They tried outspending Russia militarily like “muh Reagan” – Russia grew stronger while Western armies became multicultural and multisexual jokes.

They tried arming Moslem terrorists to wipe out Russia’s foreign allies – the Bear squashed the Jihad like it was a bug.

They tried internal subversion with the likes of Alexei Navalny – he became such a mocked figure that prison in Siberia never proved necessary.

They tried hoaxes like “election tampering” and random assassination of irrelevant former spies – open-minded individuals with IQ levels above 95 quickly saw through the hoaxes.

So now what is left?

Perhaps trigger something close to Russia’s borders in order to ignite a great conflagration – it may sound absurd, but when you allow local Jews to brainstorm with American Neocons who have expressed a desire for open war with the largest nation on the planet, anything becomes possible.

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  1. I am an American living in Ukraine for a decade now. Yes, the Jew is always meddling where he shouldn’t be. That’s an important issue, but not the main issue here. IIn the last four years, Ukraine has practically become a colony of the Western globalist establishment. The Ukrainian government does everything that Washington tells it to do like an obedient lapdog. So this is America bringing its “influence” right to Russia’s doorstep and Russia defending its near-abroad. For its security, Russia can’t allow NATO to control the Black Sea. This conflict will end with either Russia in ruins, Ukraine taken over by Russia, or both countries in ruins. Either way, it’s bad for whites. Russians and Ukrainians are the most based white people there are. It’s great to be white and living in Ukraine. Everyone is white, the darkies know their place, there is no anti-white brainwashing and the women are traditional, for the most part.

    • Frankly, I prefer the Ukrainians, as people, to the Russians. I’ve lived in both places. The Ukrainians I’ve encountered are good-humored jackasses. The Russians are just jackasses — cold, corrupt, hostile, callous, like the worst kinds of gooks. You can get along with Ukrainians; Russians just extract a bribe and then contemptuously ignore you. A Ukrainian taxi driver will help you unload your bags at the airport and thank you for a tip. A Russian will DEMAND extra money, then ignore you while you drag your stuff out of his trunk at the airport. Examples could be multiplied.

      Mind you, I don’t wish either group of people ill. I despise both of their governments at the moment, albeit for different reasons. But this right-wing “political correctness” of having to worship at the altar of Russia is a bit much for me to stomach, personally.

  2. If Poroshenko is truly a Jew (he has black curly hair), then only as a devious crypto-Jew. He has served as a deacon in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and is currently leading the effort to gain canonical recognition for the Kiev-based church to be independent from Moscow. Groysman is obviously a Jew. Yatsenyuk is a crypto-Jew who wears a cross in public (Russia and Ukraine are based enough that a politician has to pose as a Christian in order to be popular). Parliamentary Speaker Parubiy is an eastern-rite Catholic. What unites them all is they serve the Western globalist establishment.

    • Real stupid tldr comments. Your name alone shows your jack assery. You live there and you still know shit. The biggest synagogue in Europe is based there and jews from poroshenko to Newman (neuedleman) the American instigated the judeo American proxy to fighting russisa. And the Ukrainians are dumb enough to fall for ir. Because? The judeo American communists led the massacre of the Ukraine in.the early days of communism. I’m all for the race. But I in no way believe every white needs saving. Many need to go the way of the door do bird.

    • @UkraineTrump,
      I would tend to agree with Marcus that Poroshenko is a crypto-Jew, as this *mainstream* Jewish article addressing his rumored Jewish roots (name changing father) implies. https://forward.com/news/world/198758/ukraine-presidential-frontrunner-petro-poroshenko/
      Regardless of Poroshenko’s ancestry, he is totally subservient to the Jews, as noted by this Times of Israel from earlier this year: https://www.timesofisrael.com/ukrainian-president-condemns-intolerance-and-anti-semitism/.
      When even the Jews admit he may be Jewish, he is most likely Jewish.

    • @UkraineTrump. Polish nationalists, i.e. the true ones that Poland’s “nationalconservative” authorities call Nazi, claim that Mr Poroshenko has Jewish background on his father’s side (Walzman). When it comes to Poroshenko’s religious activities, I do not believe they are genuine. Despite the great shoah, Eastern Europe is crowded with cryptos from the chosen tribe. The in propaganda against Russia nowadays thoroughly marinated Poland actually has a considerable number of cryptos, also on top positions in the Roman Catholic Church. Much hate towards Russians – and Germans, of course – comes from this satanic “bastion of Christianity”.

      You probably do not know that Poland’s PM since November 2017, Mateusz Morawiecki, has Jewish roots on his mother’s side;https://www.timesofisrael.com/poland-swears-in-new-prime-mi

      Having said that, I must underline that not every Jew is a traitor to his host land, but most of them actually is, either due loyalty to the (((cause))) or pressure from the organized Jewry.
      Not quite surprisingly, PM Morawiecki has declared himself eager to rechristianize the European Union. The now grown up children of this soo Caholic “nationalist” naturally didn’t go to ordinary, private or public schools, but to the Lauder Morash Jewish school. (Morawiecki has also “enriched” Poland by bringing in the JP Morgan.)

      • Squashed like a bug is going a bit far. More like “defeated with immense difficulty with the massive assistance of America and the UK, and it was a very close run thing at that.” I realize that this site, like many other right-wing sites, is dedicated to licking the boots of the Russians, but the fact is that the Germans almost beat the Soviets, and would have done so without the massive Western bombing campaigns against German industry and railways.

        Hitler’s unwise decision to spare England in 1940 was what saved Stalin’s ass, period. Without that, the Americans wouldn’t have had a giant “aircraft carrier” parked off Europe to stage their bombing from.

        • It’s a realpolitik thing to be honest.

          But, yes, change a few battle layouts during the war, or supply an extra hundred thousand or so men to specific areas of the front, and the Soviet Union would’ve been annihilated.

          Possibly the same if Hitler had agreed to deploy gas during the late fall of 1941 in front of Moscow.

    • Dear Otto!
      You are naive if you believe that (((Slavs))) of this kind have no interest in strengthening their grip on the country of yours as well. I live in Sweden, where Slavs aren’t many, whereas the (((Slav))) influence – in person or by proxy (migrants from MENA) – is enormous. Unfortunately, only the latter is visible to Swedes without insight (majority).

  3. Even if you remove the Jewish equation between these two countries, historically the Russians are responsible for an ocean of Ukrainian blood. Regarding this latest incident, sometimes a territorial dispute is just that: a territorial dispute. PS – when the Ukes gave up their nukes, the deal was that Russia would keep its dick out of Ukraine’s ass. But unfortunately there are three types of brain: male, female, and Russian. Note to one of the comments here, IMO, Slavs have way more balls than White Americans…

    • @Stepan Bandera Jr., Perhaps, most White Americans, but there is a fraction that can outthink and outfight the toughest of Slavs. Not that these elements should ever draw blood from the other.

      I do respect the Ukrainians that honor their heroes that served in the Waffen SS. The Russians still refer to and celebrate World War Two as a great victory. Victory for (((who)))?

      No more White blood spilled for the international and eternal jude.

    • Why am I supposed to feel sorry for anything that has happened to Ukrainians when they openly align themselves with the Jews?

  4. If Porshenko is a Jew, or just chummy with Jews, that basically means he no better than any other world leader, including Putin. This is my favorite Putin news story:


    Putin dedicates a memorial to the Red Army in Israel, with an army of Jewish billionaires at his side, and yet Western White Nationalists and Nazis shill for him in Ukraine and attack the best organized and most powerful WN movement in the world, namely the Ukrainian one because their Russian masters tell them to.

    Wherever you find Russian shills among Western Nationalists, that is an infallible sign of low-IQs or simple corruption in the hope of getting some rubles.

    • The best organized and most powerful WN movement in the world is the Donbass separatists. It is unbelievable how based those people are. If I ran this website, the logo would be a Donetsk People’s Republic flag next to a Palestinian flag.

      The Ukrainian nationalists openly march with the flag of Israel. They love Israel, love the USA and would fight along with any based Angolan anti-communist nigger just like their Operation Gladio predecessors did. They are murdering fellow WHITE PEOPLE. They are RACE TRAITORS. The Donbass separatists are acting in self-defense against genocide, and have zero international support. That centrist cuck faggot Putin is doing NOTHING to support them, which is why Russia needs )))Communism((( back.

      Of course I know you love Israel and the Jewkrainian Trashionalists’ support for it doesn’t bother you. According to you only “Muslims” and “Leftists” would not bow before your precious Zionist state. Besides, Israel is the only country in the Middle East to allow Gay pride parades; of course you support it! A Jewish billionaire literally finds Azov, and the fact that Jewish billionaires openly surround Putin only shows that Putin is not strong ENOUGH in resisting the USA, Israel, Jewkraine and the international ZOG axis. Bring back Stalin!

      • My favorite article that I ever wrote (looks like Andre Wanglin deleted it from DS) was about how a Jew went to embed himself with the Ukrainian “Nazis” (Pravy Sektor), and not only failed to find real anti-Semitism, but found a good number of the leadership were Jews themselves.

      • Reply to Jijcf: There is an area in Brooklyn, New York called Brighton Beach. In this area are a high concentration of people who speak Russian. Do you think the US would respond with force if Putin decided to arm these people in order to protect them? As soon as Ukraine passed a law declaring that Ukrainian is the official language, the Russians living in the eastern part of Ukraine went nuts. That would be like Mexicans living in the southern states of the US rising in armed rebellion at having to speak English here in American. Russians can’t stand not being able to keep their dick in Ukraine’s ass. Real Russians had Stalin’s head cut off and played soccer with it.

        • Russians cut Stalin’s head off and played soccer with it? I must have forgotten that part of Russian history. Sounds more like something that happened in Liberia, IIRC. Ukraine is a fake country, made up by (((Western imperialists))) to divide Mother Russia. The “Ukrainians” are the biggest group of whiners on the planet besides kikes.

    • The Alt-RIght’s alliance with Putin is entirely logical. Putin is the biggest enemy of the Western globalist establishment, more so than anyone else. More so than China, more so than Iran. Moreover, Putin supports traditional social institutions, offering enormous support for the traditional (Orthodox) Christian church. Putin has offered Alt-Right figures the ability to speak publicly and in mainstream venues in Russia, including Jared Taylor. Putin offers fair and balanced mass media coverage of the Alt-RIght and nationalist parties in mass media like Russia Today, among others. Putin offers support for nationalist party, such as the National Raly in France. So it would be utterly foolish for European nationalists and Alt-Right activists NOT TO ALIGN with Putin, regardless of his weaknesses. He is the natural ally for us and white American Alt-Righters should be actively courting the support of Russian intelligence services and mass media (as Richard Spencer seems to have been doing, and rightfullly so). As for Ukrainian nationalism, it is weak and feckless. The nationalists don’t even have a party in the parliament, and they won’t even qualify in 2019, despite the ongoing Russian aggression. The Ukrainian nationalists have absolutely no financing and poor organization. It makes no sense pragmatically to side with them over Putin. Putin has the mass media. Putin offers venues in Russia. Putin backs political parties.

        • Of course, Putin is not the answer for Eastern European nationalists. It’s really not a concern of mine what happens to Eastern Europe. They will always be pawns on the Grand Chessboard. Poland will never have the resources to compete with Germany or Russia as an influential player. My main concern is the future of America. The only political movement that has ideas that will preserve America’s wealth and dominance is the Alt-Right. And since the Alt-Right is being targeted for eradication by the Western globalist establishment, we have no choice but to align ourselves with the regime that has posed the most effective resistance. That is the regime of Russian President Putin.

          • Putin is not the answer for America either. He was, is, and will continue to be KGB. That’s like saying the CIA is good for Russia. But, nice try comrade.

      • There is nothing “logical” about the Alt Right having an “alliance” with Putin. First of all, nobody makes alliances with powerless groups, and White Nationalists in America are powerless (unlike those in Ukraine). The only real advantage we have is telling the truth. Our greatest asset is the credibility that comes from sticking to our principles and telling the truth.

        But the alliances with Russia in our circles consist of repeating Russian propaganda, which is filled with lies and insulting to the intelligence, and spitting on Ukrainian nationalists, who have accomplished more than all the Alt Right put together. In short, betraying our principles and torching our credibility.

        In exchange for what? Nothing at all, as far as I know.

        These strategic geniuses sold out on spec, hoping Putin would throw some money their way.

        Of course Putin doesn’t even know of our existence. The propaganda outreach to our movement is a very minor operation within the Kremiln’s global efforts to subvert the West. Russians would never support a movement if they thought it was good for America. Nor, apparently, do they think the Alt Right is sufficiently bad for America to get behind it. And why pay for the Alt Right’s dubious services when these stupid whores give it away for free?

  5. I heard Systemites say the United States has three options to counter Russian aggression against Ukrainian ships
    1. Intensify and increase economic sanctions on Russia
    2. Sale Ukrainians the latest in advanced military technology
    3 Move NATO closer to the Russian border and conduct military drills.
    How about this? Say the F*ck out!
    The JLGC wants war with Russian so bad they can taste it. (Judeo-Liberal Globalist Cabal- the real rulers of the United States)

  6. The Soviets were the ones who defeated the Germans and the Japanese in WWII, a conflict they refer to as the Great Patriotic War. 75 to 80% of the fighting in Europe was on the Eastern Front. And it was the Red Army moving into Manchuria that hastened Japan’s decision to surrender.

  7. What a clown Greg Johnson has turned out to be. He is a vicious opponent of Tommy Robinson, relentlessly attacking him, particularly in the hours and days after his arrest. Yet Robinson is the best hope for the English people taking their country back, regardless of all his flaws. And the Putin regime is the best ally for the Alt-Right in the West. Greg Johnson has shown himself to be a sperg intellectual, incapable of pragmatic politics and realpolitik. That wouldn’t be a problem if he stuck to his books and left the rest of us alone. But his vicious, relentless attacks are destructive for the movement.

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