America Just Got Slightly More Creepy, Goyim

While the Chinese are hard at work creating weaponized Autists genetically immune to many diseases, America also seeks to maintain technological prowess among the nations of the world.

Problem is, I don’t see this latest development contributing to the overall health of the White Race…


Here’s something you rarely hear in the discussion of robots designed for the sole purpose of having sexual relations with humans: Is the sex consensual?

That’s because it’s one of the last questions anyone thinks about. It’s a little bit like asking, “You shoved your bread into that toaster, but did you even bother to wonder if it wanted to make you toast?” But these are exactly the questions being asked by Unicole Unicron—yes, that’s her actual name—a self-described “gender non-conforming Pop Star Cult Leader” from Pasadena, California, who hopes to open the world’s first “consent-focused robot brothel,” called Eve’s Robot Dreams, in West Hollywood later this year.

Unicron has no startup capital, although she’s in talks with private investors about funding the project. And aside from her day job—where she writes content for Abyss Creations, one of a handful of companies selling sex robots in the US—she doesn’t have a lot of experience in the mechanics of techno-sex. But she does have a unique marketing approach.

“It’s important that diversity exists within tech and this is no different,” she says. “Eve’s Robot Dreams will provide a fresh experience and it will set the precedent for how we interact with robots. We have the opportunity to be at the international forefront of robot ethics.”

How exactly sex with a robot can be consensual is still coming into focus. Unicron’s explanation makes it sound like a very awkward first date, where the customer and robot have a pre-coital conversation “in a public booth or a curtained booth in our cafe.” Or they can skip the perfunctory meet-and-greet by using a Realbotix app before the encounter. If you say enough “right” things to the robot over time, it “unlocks her sexual content,” Unicron says.

You might think this is weird, but I can assure you that this is only the beginning  – ditto for children castrating themselves, and toddlers engaging in tranny story time.

Just you wait until we grow even weaker, and the process of hollowing out Christianity and the nuclear man-woman-children family unit is complete.

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  1. Public Stoning. An idea whose time has come… again. If we don’t (or can’t) do God’s Law justice, He will raise up godless Moslems practicing Shari’a, just to shame the antinomian prots among us, for not obeying His will.

  2. What concerns me is the welfare of the whores. How will they earn a living when robots are invented that look better that they ever could, do not get wrinkles, do not spread diseases, are cheaper to employ, and do not blackmail their Johns? Whoring is the oldest profession and its about to die out. Lets have a minute of silence for the whores.

  3. What really stood out to me about this article, other than the perversity of human to robot sexual relations, was that bizarre Unicole’s statement about the “forefront of robot ethics.” A nation which aborts millions of unborn children and carpet bombs cities filled with women and children (like Dresden) is concerned about “robot ethics”. As is more evident each day, America has lost sight of reality.

  4. An “Israelite” thing, Bman, not a “Jew thing.”

    Popular stupidity and to the contrary of Judaic propaganda, the”Israelites” weren’t Jews. The Jews were Edomites, Cannanites and Kenites, coagulated as the Idumeans a century or so before the birth of Christ. Today they are what’s left of those Mamzers combined with the filth known as the Khazars.

    Bman, if you are white and of western/northwestern European extraction, you are an Israelite. After all, Jesus said He came only for “the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” After being told to go “Feed my sheep”, the apostles went to Europe to feed said “lost tribes.” Otherwise they would have stayed in Judea.

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” – God

    • There ain’t no white skin in the Middle East. Nothing but brown skins there. Whites get sunburn Arabs do not get sunburn.

      Judaism/Christianity/Islam all came from a very small area in the Middle East. Whites have our own Gods, but as usual Whites hate ourselves too much to practice our own religions, we practice religions invented by sand people instead.

  5. The more technology, robots, AI, the better, I love it. Anyone trying to put any kind of limits is an asshole that is fighting a losing battle
    I probably will be alive when the merging of humans and machines starts.
    Life in the past was brutal and/or boring.

    Anyone has any idea how it was in the agricultural sector? I work in the agricultural sector in deep South America Just talking to old people who still remember how harsh, gruesome, excruciating, it was to have an idea.
    Working, working, working, from the age of 4 til death, many times illiterate, living even without electricity, without medical care,, little food, and so on.
    The effeminate morons who from the comfort of their houses and spend their lives whining surely wouldn’t survive the tough conditiona of the past
    Planet earth with AI, robots, sexy cyborgs, without negroes, Jews, Muslims, Chinese, dumb Swedish males… would be great.

  6. “Northern Rockies”, Northwest Europe was a complete shithole 2 millennia ago, the “apostles” certainly didn’t bother to go there and teach illiterate people still dressed and acting as Neanderthals.
    You’re delusional.

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