Michael Cohen To Serve Prison Sentence In Luxurious Jewish Country Club

The American criminal justice system is a joke.

Black and Brown drug dealers and thugs are now likely going to be in a better position than even under the Obama regime, while White men often struggle for a lifetime to find productive work due to things as foolish as shoplifting charges picked up decades ago.

Meanwhile for the Jews…


Michael Cohen was accepted into his top choice prison: FCI Otisville, 70 miles northwest of New York City and beloved of the best white-collar Jewish criminals for its range of ethnic amenities.

Perks include a full-time Jewish chaplain, kosher kitchen — featuring matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, beef cholent and rugelach — and weekly Shabbat services, according to New York Magazine. When it comes time for Passover, Cohen will be well fed during the full, inmate-led Seder held in the prison’s cafeteria on white tablecloths, the food in airplane-style prepackaged trays. And instead of the traditional four cups of wine, there will be four cups of grape juice.

“It’ll be boring. He’ll lose his freedom, but he won’t be in fear of his safety there,” said Alan Ellis, a lawyer and author of “Federal Prison Guidebook,” to NBC News.

But just remember, Goyim, we elected a President that was going to give us “law and order.”

It’s just a type that is too difficult for simple soulless cattle to understand.


  1. I knew that kike was going to be sent to a Club Fed facility without anyone having to actually tell me. After all, Cohen has a platinum JewPrivilege Card. No doubt he’ll enjoy weekend passes to be with his jew family as well. And the prison is only an hour or so from his home in JYC. But when White activists get sent to prison it’s almost always a Supermax dungeon that’s located hundreds and hundreds of miles away from their home. And they have to spend 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.

    In the highly unlikely event I should ever attend another sportsball game I’m going to take a knee with the niggers when they play the ZOG corporate anthem. Fuck the USA, it means nothing to me anymore.

  2. Can’t send him to a dungeon full of nogs now can they….he’s too precious for that kind of treatment. Jooooo$ are even privileged when they’re in the can. I trust they can always afford the best Jewish lawyers money can buy.
    Yes, life’s tough when you’re a member of a non-white persecuted minority.

  3. Feh, poor Cohen. He won’t have the pleasure of experiencing a muscular negro buck slamming his tuchas during shower time. However, Rabbi Schmueli doing it with his old and gnarly stubby in the comfort of his own cell will be a great consolation prize.

  4. I suspect Cohen made a deal with prosecutors to throw Trump under the bus with call girl payoff testimony in return for a kosher country club prison sentence that will be over in a year and a half or less.

    Trump can’t do enough for Jews. Serves him right.

  5. Serving time after snitching on the President can result in jailhouse punishment. But Cohen will be protected by the warden, guards, and a couple of black and brown inmate bodyguards. Not too expensive of a price to pay for safety.

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