Syrians Free To Celebrate Christmas After ZOG’s Retreat

There’s a part of me that sometimes wonders whether one of America’s goals in the Middle East was to destroy Christian communities that had existed for thousands of years.

Think about it:

We overthrew and killed Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and thus removed a protector of Christians in the region.

We destabilized Egypt by aiding the Arab Spring, and thus ignited vicious persecution of the Copt Christians.

We aided Israel in the Lebanese Civil War during the 80’s, and most recently have gone after groups like Hezbollah that actually allow Christians to join and fight on their side.

And last but not least Syria – at least this venture is thankfully coming to an end thanks to a hopeful withdrawal of troops, and a nice supply of S-300 missiles courtesy of Russia.


Syria, which saw large parts of its territory liberated from Islamists this year, is celebrating Christmas with pre-war fervor, hoping that the war is nearing its end as militant control dwindles and foreign actors leave.

The bloodshed in Syria has affected everyone in the country, yet its religious minorities have undoubtedly seen the worst, having faced extreme persecution by the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists and other hardline Islamists regarding their beliefs. In areas under IS rule, celebrating Christmas was out of the question. Now, as peaceful life returns to the country, things are changing for the better.

Recently, one of the country’s tallest Christmas trees was unveiled in the capital city of Damascus. A large crowd of people, many dressed in Christmas costumes, gathered to celebrate the occasion, dancing and singing.

“This is a carnival parade … in order to light up the tallest tree in Damascus which is 30 meters tall, in addition to nativity grotto, with a lot of love and happiness for everyone,” one of the bystanders told RT’s video agency Ruptly, adding that it was a message “from the heart of Damascus to the entire world.”

“We are now in 2018, we thank God that we reached this period, because we could neither celebrate appropriately, nor was their happiness in Syria, but we are very happy this year, and thank God that all of us are gathered to celebrate together,” a bystander said.

Just as a side note – Nationalists typically point out the difficulty in truly red-pilling Evangelicals in the United States, but I’ve personally found that stressing the massacre of Christians in the Middle East helps a great deal.

Basically if you can get people to realize that conditions were safer and more tolerant for Christians before the arrival of American (and Israeli) influence, then you’re essentially three-quarters of the way there.

The brighter and more open-minded ones will finish the journey themselves, while the others might just have to have a copy of the Talmud shoved in front of them to get the point across.


  1. Marcus, there is no such thing as a Christian in this part of the world. They are all mixed-race bastards and are not of the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his sons. You are mimicking these Judeo-tards that have not a clue what real Christianity is. That entire area has all been cursed for over 2 thousand years. Read the Old Testament prophecies against what was once the white adamic world.

    • Even if that is true, is it not a good thing that ZOG has been defeated, and these people can do their own thing in their own homeland?

    • The “god” of the OT was a Semitic demon, and his varied spawn follow in his(their own) footsteps to this day. Foolish Christians either don’t know or don’t care how bad America’s wars for Israel have harmed their co-religionists.

    • Psst! Hey, jerry! Suppose – just suppose – that the buy-bull is so much Semitic cockamamie to begin with. So where does THAT leave your “true Christians, seed of Adam” theory? My ancient ancestors were PAGAN. And if you’re White, so were yours more than likely.

      • JimB, of course they were pagans that is what they were supposed to turn to after God divorced them and sent them into captivity by the Assyrians and Bablylonians but promised to reconcile them to him. The New Testament is that gospel of reconciliation and after many centuries the European peoples, who are indeed the descendant of the OT Israelites, voluntarily accepted Christianity. You people need to get it through your heads that you have to be white to be a son of Shem, the Hebrew word, or Semite the Greek word. Adam and Eve, the white people, are the ONLY creation of God. Remarkably you still accept the lie that kikes are semites and the chosen people, when they are descended from Judah’s Canaanite son Shelah and Esau, the edomite. Incredible

    • Actually those are the only real Christians. They practice Christianity in the only place it belongs: the Semitic Middle East. Whites who seriously follow that semitic creed in this day and age when they have freedom not too are racially confused wiggers. It is time for Eurofolk to return to our matriarchal Pagan religions.

    • There were no Whites in hot countries 1000s of years ago. White people still get sunburn and skin cancer in hot countries. Whites were living in the ice and snow of Europe and they already had their OWN religions. Foreign Christianty was imposed on them by the Roman Emperor.

      Take your eyes out of your books and use your eyes. The hotter the country, the browner the skin.

    • Jerry, Brad: THIS is the sort of CRAP humanity you gather unto yourselves, on this forum. Not only are these dogs on your site commenting on things they know nothing of, they are at the same time steeped in their sins of impenitence; they are immoral and disrespectful of the Christianity you (and I) claim as our own saving Faith (the ONLY saving Faith on the Earth), while (at the same time) they are as ignorant of the Bible as they are as the migrations of peoples, that come from those Bible lands!

      I bear the Syrian people no ill will, and, while I cannot subscribe wholeheartedly to the reductionistic CI theology ‘in toto’….yet it IS STILL TRUE that the vast majority of those who are of the ‘seed of Abraham’ [c.f. 3:2, Rom. 4:3, Heb. 2:1, etc.] are NOT Arab, but Caucasian in racial ancestry; and that the Gospel came ONLY to the ‘lost sheep of the house [Gr. ‘oikos’] of ISRAEL – GOD’S ISRAEL – the ‘oikumene’ [the inhabited world of the European/Roman Empire], and unto no other race – if some non-whites embrace the ‘White Man’s Religion,’ fine- but they do so as outliers of their race, not as the ‘Chosen Race, royal Priesthood, and holy nation’ that St. Peter noted in his Epistles.

      That the dogs on this forum wish to attribute the salvatory Words of God (the Gospels/Christianity) to some false (cough) ‘Shemitic’ people (i.e., the imposter Edomite Khazars- that is, the [sic] Jews) as well as the CURRENT RESIDENTS of the Levant (who only overran the geographical area sometime in the 7th Century is the desire on their part to impugn the Word of God…

      Which clearly means NOTHING to them-

      1) Because (if it did) it would then mean that the RACE of Christendom is THEIR [White] Race; and (since that patently IS the case), they are, ipso facto in OPEN REBELLION against their own race- they are RACE TRAITORS.
      a) Because they are traitors to their own race, they are also traitors to YHWH God, by being incipient Christ-killers, and/ or advocating Christophobia by linking the Bible to the accursed Jews!
      b) Their own position is as faulty as the very Jews they claim to hate, in that they are: without God, grace, salvation, or even a place in their own European/American CHRISTIAN history!
      c) By giving legitimacy to the Jews’ abominable claim to ‘Holy Nation’ status, they are the true SHABBAS GOYIM of the ‘race’ whose only claim is that (((they))) KILLED JESUS CHRIST.

      And they are, therefore, God’s (and our) implacable enemies.

      I find the Christogenea site disgusting, but it’s listed on Brad’s side column, and a recent article over there might help enlighten those trapped in darkness and the snare of Satan – because I wish ALL WHITE People to return to the Faith of their Fathers- the orthodox, trinitarian, conciliar catholic Faith.
      The article I wish to link is called “Who Painted the Wise Man Black? Who made the Magus a Negro?”

      The Christmas season is all but upon us, and the story of the Three Wise Men needs to be enLIGHTened for even we Westerners, to understand that Christ, His People, and the West, are inescapably linked by blood, race (water), and spirit. [ I John 5:7, AV]

      Here’s the pertinent quote:

      “The ancient Parthians, Persians and Medes were all originally and predominantly White people, while the occupants of Mesopotamia and the Near East today are basically comprised of mixed-race arabs, even if they do not consider themselves to be arabs. The people of these regions became genetic arabs after they were conquered by the Islamic hordes in the 7th century and forcibly converted to the Mohammedan religion, whereafter they were amalgamated with both the arabic and Turkic races, among others. But in earlier times, wherever they were portrayed by the ancient Greek and Roman writers and artists, they were clearly depicted as being White, and from these came the Magi who visited the Christ child. ”

      So, to those upon whom the Spirit of the Living God rests, “Merry Christmas.”
      To the rest of you, “Happy (HA!) Hannukah”- because you are the slaves of the very race you claim to despise- because you deny Christ, just as (((they))) do.

      • The Magi were not at the nativity. They didn’t arrive in Palestine till two years later and Jesus was a toddler living in a house according to the Bible. Herod was not even aware of the birth of the child until the Magi showed up at his temple. Hence his decision to kill all children 2 years old and under. Doubtful that it was only three people traveling alone.That would be foolish in those days beset with brigands. They probably has a supply train of donkeys and an armed guard-a small army-which is exactly what it appeared to be to Herod. Probably Zoroastrian priests seeking the birth of the child of Ahura Mazda. That religion has strong similarities to later Christianity until the Islamic invasion wiped it out.

      • The funny part is when I see these Christians like Duke go on about Jews, when the Old Testament is the Torah. The Torah is that giant scroll you see Jewish priests carrying around in Israel.

        When you point this out some of them say Jews aren’t from the Middle East, and Whites are the real Jews, despite the fact the DNA tests show the Jews are so closely related to Arabs they are their cousins.

        The only thing European about Christmas is the Christmas tree. Christmas is in fact a pagan festival, and the tree was a core part of it. The date of the birth of Jesus was moved to Dec 25, so the Catholic Church could take over a pagan festival.

        They call it the Yule Tree. Do a search on it.

          • Iberian Conquistador Catholics were big time practitioners of syncretism. It was partly about pussy, as wifeless conquistadores needed to have their heathen squaws made eligible by the Catholic priests for a “Christian” marriage and partly about a tranquilizing “conversion” of the “Indios” at large. The most expeditious method for all of this was religious syncretism. You can see the results of this in street festivals all over non-white Latin America to this day. Ditto for New Orleans and all the nigger mess Caribbean islands.

            Catholics are probably the world’s worst major civilized religion for nigger rigging all sorts of theologically unsound things in order to accomplish worldly objectives.

          • @Flaxen-headed Strumpet


            The Catholics did the same in Africa and in the South Pacific.

            The thing I realized watching this video is if the Italians one day decided to throw out the pedo priests and their books, all that would remain of the Catholic religion, is the Sun worshiping religion of Ancient Rome.

            Considering the Vatican is filled to the brim with statues of ancient gods and heroes, the conversion wouldn’t take much effort. It would just be a matter of moving existing furniture around.

  2. I had a Dutch female friend that lived in Syria because her father was in the embassy or something in the late 1990’s. She raved about how wonderful it was. I really wish I could find her and apologize for the conduct of our country.

  3. “The charred, mangled and partially eaten carcasses of Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin, Bill Kristol and Eric Ericsson were hung over the fireplace with care, in hopes that Saint Adolf would soon be there….”

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Anyhow everyone, news has broken that Santa and his reindeers have fully packed and have just left the North Pole. They will likely be starting deliveries in NZ and Australia in a few hours, so I need to get an early night! A cold, snowey Christmas….what is that exactly?? Down here its dusty , hot and there’s bloody flies everywhere! About 32ºC!
    Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I repeat-have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year.
    Be good, and be well-regards John.

  5. I told a Zionist Jew once that their Talmud is more intolerant and hate-filled than Hitler’s Mein Kampf. All he could muster was you “Fucking Nazi!” This took place at a local coffee shop many moons ago. The staff didn’t appreciate this Jew using curse language around women and children. He demanded from the staff that I leave but they ignored him and I looked at him and smirked like a jackass eating briars.

  6. “There’s a part of me that sometimes wonders whether one of America’s goals in the Middle East was to destroy Christian communities that had existed for thousands of years.”

    Yes, the US military has been used as a tool for attacking Christianity (true Christianity, not the modern churchian, judeo-christian version which is just fine by the globalists) for quite some time. Consider the evidence:

    1. We intervened in WWI just as it was winding down to a stalemate thus ensuring the full destruction of Europe and European culture (which was finished off in WW2 and paved the way for the NWO.)

    2. We dropped not one, but two atomic bombs on Japan which just happened to be the two major centers of Japanese Christianity thus obliterating a Christian community that had survived for hundreds of years.

    3. We intervened in a civil war in the Balkans on behalf of mulsim terrorists to defeat Christian Serbia which led to the destruction of many old Christian communities, churches, and culture in Kosovo.

    4. We overthrew secular Middle East governments in Libya and Egypt thus paving the way for the slaughter of Coptic Christians and the flooding of Europe with third world immigrants.

    6. We invaded and destroyed the secular government of Iraq and created ISIS which destroyed the ancient Christian culture there.

    7. We used these ISIS proxies to attempt to overthrow the secular Syrian government. The number of innocent Christians killed in this action is shameful.

    I probably missed a few along the way, but consider this also: name one time, ONE TIME that American armed forces intervened in a foreign war with the explicit goal of saving Christians from religious persecution???? Yeah, I can’t think of one either.

    And all the while in churches across America, they sing the praises of the government, the military and our “judeo-christian” values.

    Satan laughs at our gullibility.

    So to all here that think that some how Christianity is to blame for the mess that is now Western Civilization, consider what is the one religion that the globalists hate and wish to see eliminated?? Yep that would be traditional Christianity.

    Merry Christmas.

    • ZOG also sided with Christians against communist Muslims in Lebanon in the 1970s. ZOG is not at war with Christianity, it is at war with left-wing nationalism. It just happens to be that in the Middle east context, left-wing nationalists are usually much friendlier to Christians than right-wing Islamists. In the case of Balkans, the Serbs were the Commie anti-imperialists and hence the counter-semitic side. Zog loved the Croats who were also christian, just as they loved the muslims.

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