Venezuela: Red Cross Denounces ZOG For Using Their Symbols On Terrorist Supply Trucks

America and its allies tried their utmost today to trigger a vicious battle along the Venezuela-Columbia border – it basically featured a horde of Brown mercenaries rioting and attempting to ram burning vehicles into Venezuelan border guards.

Standard fare for anyone who has paid attention to United States foreign policy, although the use of Red Cross insignia as part of the false flag operation definitely makes one wonder what the future holds for the embattled people of South America’s most independent nation.


The largest international aid organization has demanded that activists at the Venezuela-Colombia border not use the insignia of the Red Cross, which isn’t participating in what Caracas has dismissed as a US “propaganda show.”

The Red Cross learned that some “people not affiliated” with the agency are trying to disguise themselves as aid workers to smuggle cargo for Venezuela’s opposition across the closed frontiers.

“They might mean well but they risk jeopardizing our neutrality, impartiality & independence,” the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said.

Earlier, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza stressed that the UN and the International Red Cross are not participating in the “propaganda show” staged by the United States. “It is clearly an action with political objectives, it could never be described as a humanitarian action,” he said on Twitter, accusing the governments involved in the US plot of violating the principles of the UN charter.

The government of Nicolas Maduro has sealed off the borders with neighboring Colombia, Brazil and the Dutch island of Curacao, trying to prevent US shipments from entering the Latin American State. Caracas denounced the ‘aid’ as a highly-publicized attempt to foster division and chaos, and possibly to use it as a cover to smuggle arms to the country’s opposition.

Maybe my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I seem to remember voting for Donald Trump at least partially because he promised an end to these foreign wars that have killed hundreds of thousands at the very least, cost trillions of dollars, and do nothing except trigger migrant floods into both America and Europe.

I don’t exactly remember cheering at the thought of a mentally deranged White guy (Bolton) and a scheming Jew (Abrams) smuggling weapons to random South American rebels in trucks painted up to resemble a medical convoy.


  1. “…trigger migrant floods into both America and Europe.”
    I think you’ve hit upon a good part of the reason for US meddling, apart from whatever other nefarious designs ZOG may have.

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