Chairman Yang Will Free Us From The AOC Media Phenomenon

Editor’s Note: Ben Shapiro is currently on Laura Ingraham talking about “the entitlement generation.” Yang offers UBI to Millennials and Zoomers.

I’m one of those who believes that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is something more than a manufactured one-off creature.

Sure, you do have those aging Conservative weirdos who obsess over her daily routines and Twitter posts (likely due to a creepy sexual attraction), but in truth, she’s something of a product of our time.

On one hand you’ve got tens of millions of Millennials and Zoomers who have no hope, no future, and few beginning opportunities, but at the same time see their Boomer relatives taking out reverse mortgages, buying 3 MPG monster vans, purchasing gold at 5 times spot value, and taking $20,000 boat cruises through the Caribbean.

Their job prospects look abysmal, their hopes of having children are squashed due to the guaranteed six figure hospital bill per child, and their dreams are put to sleep early thanks to student loan debt just as high as the above said medical expenses.

The youth tried the Obama route of Hope and Change, but instead got bank bailouts, more lost jobs, higher college debt, a few more foreign interventions, and a deranged insurance deal that turned Turd Hill into Turd Mountain.

So they tried the MAGA path in 2016, and got rewarded with a rekindling of the almost-extinguished Christian Zionism flame, tax cuts for Jeff Bezos, and a resurrection of the insane and utterly-discredited Capitalism of the Reagan Era.

So along comes AOC and her platform – almost as insane (or more so) than Drumpf’s GOP agenda, but understandable considering its originality.

The rage of this country’s younger half is something not to be taken lightly, but maybe there’s another way – a Third Position that transcends the outmoded political Left-Right dynamic of American politics.

A way to halt the nonsense of “White Privilege,” the Green New Deal, and redistribution of wealth from all Whites onto the Swarthy Folk.

Let’s gut the vaults of Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, AND Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, and the Koch Brothers in order to secure a nice fat $1000 monthly bag on top of health insurance already guaranteed to the Coloreds and the rich.

And while we’re at it, let’s stop the corruption of the student loan industry and guarantee a proper education for our budding best and brightest while allowing them to avoid interest slavery for the next 50 years.

It’s a brilliant strategy, and my gut tells me that by the summer of 2021, you’ll see the end of extreme Leftist agitation, as well as a final neutering of the GOP and their dread tales of “Socialism” that were last used when the oldest Millennials were still in diapers.

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  1. As a boomer, I’d like to know: Where’s my monster van, overpriced gold, and luxury boat cruise? I had no idea all of that was a generational benefit. It sounds like you’re angry over the stuff you imagine all of us have, but don’t, which is stuff you want to have, but don’t. You’re whining about which group of people has the best imaginary lifestyle, and that’s insane.

    • Over the top satirizing of your generation, just as us Millennials would be stereotyped as the lazy, phone-addicted, and entitled “snowflakes.”

      Of course there are great Boomers, and I’ve met many – including WN’s that have been around since the olden days.

      That being said, it’s a statement of fact that the socio-economic system in your day was far better than it is today – this applies to employment, promotional opportunities, college, home ownership, car ownership, etc…

      Why can’t we have this too?

      Why do we have to choose between fake socialism, or Cuckservative economic nonsense that could be disproved by a third-grader?

      • You have assumptions, not facts. Loan rates for housing and cars were much higher way back when. You have lower unemployment and inflation than I did. And if you go by market strength as a sign of economic prosperity, this is the best time in our history. So promotional opportunities (quantify that for me, btw) should be more plentiful now. After Reagan (who I hated) got done busting unions and reorganizing the economy on behalf of his corporate masters, the kind of job I had been hoping to get after college wasn’t there. Whole industries and job categories vanished practically overnight, and the jobs left had much lower wages. Wages are finally rising now, after decades of stagnation. I felt resentful at those that had entered the workplace in the Sixties and Seventies, when life was easier, wages were higher, and opportunities were more plentiful and better. Sound familiar?

        But on to UBI. Yang’s proposal has the potential to put workers in control of their own fate. For the first time since we were a nation of farmers, I think. Funding it with a VAT is a problematic idea, though. That greatly diminishes the economic benefit right away, through the extra tax burden. As pointed out by others, however, adding the UBI directly to the budget would take up about 4% of GDP. Gov’t spending is about 38-39% of our GDP anyway, so big deal. We would then be in German or Dutch territory, in gov’t spending terms. It’s all being paid for with fiat currency of nebulous value, so let it flow.

      • Lumping boomers into a single category always had the ring of lets you and him fight. That’s hewing 101. I’ll give you an example,every person in the us has 500000$ or so debt owed to the fed. Many boomers can cover that debt and after yangbux are distributed the debt is called. The boomers who can cover the debt and their families are housed with 1000/per, those who can’t are refucked . Word play isn’t sound government, but if you’re smart and play through all the possibilities, then you could work through this. Find a boomer that can survive the debt call and convince him to buy a farm that you can work on and defend from the mad maxes in their rvs

        • Have the Soros, Rothschilds, or Rockefellers pay my so-called debt, or any of the geniuses in the Fed that have quantitatively eased the path for the kakistocracy for the past few decades. If Mad Max times come, I’ll be hunting kakistocrats.

  2. We already have “socialism” for the rich, for the blacks, for immigrants, for people of color, for women, for political hustlers. Time to get some socialism for the normal white folks.

    • It’s as simple as asking for something like either a dignified and stable job (and/or the sweet $1000 monthly bag in lieu), or health insurance for a family without the $1-2K monthly premium plus $7500 yearly deductible.

      • “health insurance for a family without the $1-2K monthly premium plus $7500 yearly deductible.”

        Another thing the Orange Buffoon and GOPe were supposed to fix and somehow couldn’t in 2017-18…we shouldn’t be under any illusions about actually getting Yang Bux, just like a wall on the southern border, it will be blocked by the permanent government. That said, Yang’s campaign will get noggins joggin and perhaps might be the straw that breaks the camels back with regards to people viewing the government as legitimate…anything becomes possible after that subjective condition is realized, which Tucker Carlson himself stated openly in Ship of Fools that the political elite will be facing inevitable revolution at this point…

  3. The problem is a whole generation of lazy fucks who dont, wont or cant work. Resentment about manufacturing going overseas. Jealousy over the assumed wealth of previous generations. Entitlement being fed by the commie media. Stupidity inculcated by the commie education system. Yeah the govt distorted the economy with all its govt cheeze open borders globo zionist radical egalitarian bullshit, but damn if there arent more opportunities than ever before, where a sperged out little nerd can get paid gazillions to program video games, or a neckbeard can make a thousand a day daytrading penny stocks. You dont have to become a welder or a carpenter or a plumber to make good money in the tech economy, and those jobs are still in demand. This is the reason the wetbacks have been in demand, white people got spoiled and lazy and have joined the ranks of the welfare niggers. A bathhouse commie fag like Obama can become President but the Gen Z millenitards cant manage to show up for a part time job at Costco. This is what happens when the welfare state keeps dragging more and more lazy fucks on board, now its chic for so called white people to demand UBI from a sneaky ChiCom chink stooge. Sorry, but becoming like the ones who the govt fucked the country with is no answer.

    The old refrain still remains the same: GET A JOB YOU LAZY FUCKS.

    • This is a Boomer parody account, right?

      It’s literally hitting every stereotype I can imagine except talking about buying gold from Rosland Capital.

      • Be a white nigger then. EBT YangBucks have captured another millenitard. Cares not me, the Corvette needs waxed and this site has gone gook like Andrew Angloids.

      • Another fractured psyche repeating the cliche of a person in power. How do you push this person from singular logic of repeating cliches into the autonomous logic needed to understand ubi without entering a state of hysteria at the first sign of danger. Instead of oriental norms use ours. Fight the terminator after you know how to scramble skynet. Lungful no beat terminator

  4. You’ve just won another reluctant convert to the YangGang, @Marcus Cicero!!

    Stuck in the current Kosher sandwich of two White-hating entities, Dems & Republicucks, wtf do I have to lose?!

    • Welcome aboard the Yang Yacht, Brother.

      And honestly, so long as you’re not Jeff Bezos, you’re good…

  5. Yang Gang is a pepe-redux sideshow. This racial stranger will sell you out faster than Trump did. The bag will be contingent on good social behavior, i.e. being non-white. I’m off the Yang Yacht, good luck with it, I hope I’m wrong.

    • There is no way that I will ever vote for Republicans on the basis of identity politics. They will tell you straight up that none of them care about White people. They won’t even mention White people or their problems. Yang has already done that much.

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