The Eternal Boomer: Economics Edition

NOTE: This is going to be a vicious anti-Boomer post, and I might as well bring up the fact that I think that the generation in question has been essentially FUBAR since their early formative years. Between prototype social engineering, unhealthy food, Jewish agitation, and the destruction of traditional Western culture, the fate of the Boomer was sealed from the very beginning.

Imagine the Robber Barons of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries and multiply them by several thousand.

And take the most grimy and sleazy of the post-Civil War Carpetbaggers and transform them into a generation.

This is what we are forced to deal with day in and day out – combined with a stubborn pig-headed mental state that makes logical argument and discourse impossible in all but a few outlier scenarios.

The Eternal Boomer, Gentlemen.

Presented to all of you in his unedited glory:

I myself learned a few things from this half-senile old fool – for example, I had no idea that my generation caused the housing bubble and stock market crash of 2007-2008 while still finding time to finish high school (and middle school for our younger brethren).

But all jokes aside – in order for us to actually have some true solutions to the problems that we face as a society, we are going to have to study the ways these generational throwbacks can be drowned out in as effective a way as is possible.

Again, as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, one cannot have a structured debate with a standard Boomer without hysterical tripe like “muh Socialism” being thrown around as soon as the first proposal for humane and logical distribution of wealth comes around.

And Lord forbid a Millennial mention racial issues and socialistic economics in the same stream of consciousness – one will immediately find oneself hit with the “Hitler was a Communist” and “Far Right and Far Left are the two sides of the same Soros coin” nonsense.

It just gets tiresome after a time, and leaves a poor man exhausted – can there not be something far more boosting to morale than arguing with a generation that is for all intents and purposes beyond redemption and beyond fair compromise?

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  1. Boomers are not at fault for most of our social ills.
    All the laws that corrupt us were passed by the previous generation.
    Boomers (1945 to 1965 cohort) were too young to vote on integration, affirmative action, immigration act etc. Look to America’s ‘Greatest Generation’ to find fault.
    The guys and gals who fought to help ‘Uncle Joe’ and slaughter our German kin, they are the ones at fault.

  2. I tried to wake Boomer family members for 10 years and failed. Just when you think they are moving in the right direction, they turn on the televitz and go back to square one.

    In 10 years most of Boomers will be losing their marbles in the nursing homes, so now I don’t bother with them, I just let them be. My efforts are better spent elsewhere.

    If you want to convert people aim at the young. When a person is young their mind is still flexible. A young person can learn new things, while an older person generally can not. Convert them before their mid 20s.

  3. Certainly, it is quite frustrating that most of our own people won’t listen to us. However, it’s not just the “boomers”. All age groups are equally ignorant when it comes to the jewish question, but also, there are many of us in every age group who are on to the jews. So, any of us who choose to malign whole age groups, is doing nothing other than playing into the hands of the jews. The jews laughed — again! Haven’t we always done this? Is this perhaps, part of the problem, of why we are where we are in this fight?

    • Thank you, DeCarlo. I had 2 extended conversations with 2 VERY savvy, successful Boomers yesterday. A woman in the AM, and a man in the PM. They don’t know each other, although they live nearby. They are seeing what’s happening, and are aghast. And for all the guys that blame Da White Wimmenz – these people are Normies, but I got the distinct impression from the woman if I explained the meaning of 1488 – she would be very amused. I hope I can do this soon…

  4. Boomers are not eternal. Boomers are passing away. If you think Yang is the answer the only thing that separates you from them is a generation or two.

  5. How do I find that Boomer’s Youtube channel- I would love to read the comments’ sections of his his videos.

  6. I have some hardcore Boomers in my family and I must say they fit the stereotype to a “T”.

  7. This blaming of previous generations for their ills is just par for the course. I blamed the hippies for fucking up society when I was younger. Their self-indulgence in all areas of life, and then taking up positions of power to fuck it up even more, really pissed me off. Even though I’m a boomer, I’ve never felt like one. I can’t relate to all the entitlement my age-group is known for. I see the need for self-esteem and self-justification in all ages, though, so watch your arrogant selves.

    The world was in decline before I got here, and the trend is going to continue after I’m gone. Unless enough people that can look beyond themselves manage to eke out enough positive changes for the peasantry, that is. Every succeeding generation will continue bitching about the previous generation, while doing nothing about the power structure that is really making their lives difficult.

  8. Again, Diana West’s “The Death of the Grown-up” is a VITALLY IMPORTANT book, to see how JEWISH ORGANS (Media, consumerism, rock ‘n roll’) sought out, and kept in an infantile state, an entire GENERATION (Boomers)- who then, transmitted it to their progeny.

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