Marcus Cicero Predicts The 2020’s: Part One

NOTE: I’ve been away enjoying family, life itself, and the study of just how the hell we’ve gotten to our current position. I’ll try my hardest to get back into writing, and I think some nice guru-style predictions will be just the right reintroduction into the dissident mindset.

So let’s just get into the nice gritty reality of things, shall we?

Feel The Recession

It’s coming, everyone, and at this point it’s just a bit of absolutely-random speculation to guess at the exact date and time it all comes crashing down – I personally think 2020 or 2021 at the very latest.

The economy is currently built upon already-discredited trickle-down economic theory, and debt on the personal level is skyrocketing in a way similar to the mid 2000’s.

When the crash comes I don’t see an apocalyptic collapse like many in the dissident movement, but instead a stagnation that will eventually lead to interesting measures to combat its symptoms.

Austerity For The Goyim

The interesting thing about American economics is that austerity in the European fashion has never been tried out on the population despite the numerous Republican talking points about slashing benefits and the overall social safety net.

But all that will certainly change come the next recession.

Democrats will likely be holding the bag, but quietly you’ll see the Neoliberal corporate structure take full control as the Boomers exercise their final years of near-complete power over the United States.

Infrastructure will be ignored, stimulus packages will be few and skimpy if ever sent out, and aside from the military, very little will find its way towards alleviating the stress felt by tens of millions of unemployed, underemployed, etc…

No, AOC Is Not Ruling The Democratic Party (Yet)

It’s a cute trigger for Conservatives watching Fox News, but in reality, “The Squad” holds little actual power among the Democratic establishment.

Come recession time, their calls for things like Medicare For All, Housing For All, an end to Payday Loan usury, and even a proto UBI will be pushed aside by those in both parties – if they even suggest them at all.

Sure, we might be given a bit of compromising meat as a placating tactic (perhaps a form of student loan debt forgiveness), but you’re going to be for the most part left to fend for yourself as America lurches forward into the middle part of the next decade.


Trump Is Going To Lose

The state of the economy in November of next year is honestly going to matter very little in the grand scheme of things – Blumpf is losing no matter which way you look at things.

It’s sad that it will be to the likes of Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren (the feeling is that Bernie is much sicker than the media is letting on), but facts are facts, and barring a suicidal anti-White narrative in the general election, the game is up for The Orange One.

2016 was won on razor thin margins, and a combination of voter apathy, a lack of economic renewal in the Rust Belt, demographic changes on the age and race front, and an angered Leftist base will assure a Democratic win.

The only question is whether Congress goes Blue immediately, or remains divided.

The GOP Is Up Against The Wall

Sadly for us, the Republican Party will likely show a bit more stamina in the 2020’s then many of us have predicted, but in terms of national power its strength is nearly sapped.

Sometime during the decade we’re going to see Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia (not certain but likely), and Texas go Blue for the final time, while New Hampshire and Virginia disappear from the swing state discussion forever.

As a result, Democrats will be faced with a choice – either tone down the weird Jewish-wrought freakishness and assume a Populist FDR-style stance, or double down and attempt to go to war against the White Man.

I predict the latter, and I predict the GOP will not be willing to reform in a way to gain back prominence.

Which leads us to many more speculations that will cover more politics, more economics, culture, sociology, the Movement itself, and the Jewish Problem as it will exist during the next decade.

Stay tuned…


  1. “The interesting thing about American economics is that austerity in the European fashion has never been tried out on the population”

    What about the Great Depression?

    • Sort of kind of, but mostly that was just Hoover refusing to intervene whatsoever with the markets.

      What I see is austerity also happening on a state level – especially in areas controlled by a rump Republican Party.

      They’ll double down on their insane rhetoric on economics, and whenever someone calls them out on things like cuts to infrastructure repair, cuts to state benefits, and tax cuts for the rich, they’ll respond with their usual “muh small gubmint” foolishness.

      See, the GOP is weird – anything queer or virtue signalling related and they’ll dance to Schlomo’s tune, but economic populism sends them into a foaming rage.

        • Interesting and I learned quite a bit.

          But just be wary that that site is a libertarian GOP think tank with the specific article you linked penned by a Jew.

          • I’m glad you read and got something out of the article. I linked to it because of the accurate, quick historical summary in it, not the conclusions or bias that were given, like the assumption that tariffs are bad. But if you want to know about issues related to money, who better to go to then (((special people))), amiright ?

          • More often than not you’re correct.

            Although it’s usually best to look at journals/publications not meant to be seen by the general Goyim population.

            Israeli newspapers are the best in several categories, for example.

  2. Well Trump did claim to be a “Nationalist” before, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he said some blatantly pro-White things (not sincerely of course) but it would be his only chance at a victory. Of course IMO, he is just in there to demonize Whites and Nationalism, so if he says this it will be only a ruse to trigger the left and appease his White base for once.

  3. Trump already lost everything. He sold his soul to the kikes and the moment he says anything too harsh against them they will take everything he borrowed from them back. None of these “powerful people” or “celebs” actually own anything, its just a loan from the kikes and it can be taken from them at any moment.

    Dont worry about this fake election crap. This jewmockracy is all a charade with a frontman so the kike agents within the nations around the world can get some rest while they jew as many as they can. So I suggest people should make lists with these kikes, all of them, in their nation, and expose them. That would truly be a step in the right direction.

  4. Interesting take on things Marcus. Glad to see you back posting at OD. I too suspect that Trump will lose in 2020, and that a recession is on our doorstep.

    • Thanks.

      I’ve got tons more predictions involving everything from when Tom Brady will finally retire, to what will happen with the Movement by the end of the decade.

  5. “I predict the latter, and I predict the GOP will not be willing to reform in a way to gain back prominence.”

    The statement is accurate however the GOP is filled with FAKE Conservatives.
    They are both the same coin only flip sides. The END of Aryans is their goal, because they are without souls and in the pay of their (((Bosses)))

    Nuclear, whether energy or weaponry will end it all. Both created by (((THEM))).

    And the last one of (((THEM))) will be cackling with joy.

  6. The actual White males of the JewOP establishment exists soley to serve their Jew Masters. PERIOD.

    The Democrats exist to gain power, drain resources from Whites, while attacking Whites, on behalf of their Black/Brown/Weirdo constituency.

    The JewOP exists to drain resources from Whites and corral Whites on behalf of the Jew, and stay out of the way of the Dems.

    The White Race has manufactured death wish. The vast majority of Whites will do NOTHING to preserve our existence.

  7. Once the USD in no longer used as the world’s reserve currency it’s a new ball game. I predict that 2020’s will see failure of USD hegemony, which for the past fifty years enabled the USA to play the role of the British Empire in the last half of the 20th Century. This will be a real earth shaker, changing things that now seem unimaginable, think USSR .

    • So basically you think America in 2020 is equivalent to the Soviet Union in 1980 (powerful but near the end)?

      I like it.

    • America is already suffering a series of embarrassing foreign policy defeats. Other countries are openly ignoring American demands, such as with the Iran sanctions. Trump has caused lasting damage to American international prestige (one of the positive sides of his presidency). China is no longer using their trade surplus to purchase US Treasury bonds, that prop up zog federal spending, instead opting to buy gold and assets. The future is not looking bright for the American empire.

    • “Once the USD in no longer used as the world’s reserve currency it’s a new ball game.”

      Yes – exactly. I’ve been saying that for a long time – the world reserve currency status of the dollar is the only thing keeping the facade alive. Once that goes away, the Fed will no longer be able to print money out of thin air without there being immediate consequences. But even if they stopped, all of the dollars will come flooding back home (won’t be used for trade between countries anymore, won’t be used for purchasing oil, etc.) – then hyperinflation which will make the 1930s seem like a Sunday walk in the park.

      The elites know this – thus any country that attempts to circumvent the dollar in trading transactions – especially with oil, suddenly becomes a “threat”. Saddam Hussein had begun trading oil in Euros – shortly thereafter he was taken down. Same with Libya – Gaddafi founded the African Dinar, backed by 170+ tons of gold – suddenly he was the bad guy and had to be taken down.

      But there are no more “little guys” to take down – now the elites would have to take on China and Russia – so game over. We’re just in overtime but the ball game is over for all intents and purposes.

      • A big difference between the 1930’s Depression and now is the amount of debt in the economy. The amount of debt in the economy in 1930, particularly government debt was much smaller than today no matter how one measures it. Most debt in 1930 was corporate debt along with personal debt.

        The Federal Reserve caused banking failures after the 1929 stock market crash by withdrawing money from the banking system when liquidity was needed because of misguided economic theories. This contributed greatly to personal bankruptcies as individuals and businesses lost their savings. These corporate and personal bankruptcies had the effect of extinguishing debts in the economy, decreasing the amount of money in circulation and causing a general fall in the level of prices i.e. deflation.

        An example of deflation is that a person who had an income of $4,000 per annum would have purchased more goods and services after 1930 than before. Purchasing power increased throughout the 1930’s until WWII caused inflation. A long period of deflation is unfamiliar to anyone born after about 1930 because the Government has caused massive inflation since the Great Depression.

        Governments and businesses require inflation to make their massive debts payable under the current financial system. Inflation decreases the value of fixed yield debt over time and deflation increases the value of debt. Inflation penalizes savers and rewards spending creating moral hazard and the illusion of perpetual growth. Deflation rewards savers, keeps growth at sustainable levels and is a check on government.

        Debt is so large a part of the economy now – and unpayable in terms of zero inflation dollars that the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury deliberately cause inflation. They are petrified of deflation causing a cascade of debt failures throughout the economy. Unfortunately for them debt is inherently deflationary and counteracts increased spending which had been inflationary until recently.

        No tree grows to the sky and “growth” caused by inflation is like the growth of a tumor, it eventually kills the patient unless it is excised.

      • Jim, you obviously know nothing about how global finance and the petroleum market actually operate. Just stick to your muppet characters.

  8. I believe the gay agenda will actually be toned down in the next decade. China is a huge media market, and media producers are already forced to take this international market into account. But China will just increasingly become a bigger factor in media profitability, and they don’t want gay propaganda becoming prominent in their country so it will need to be toned down or cut.

  9. “”… huge media market…””

    Hell is also huge market and Devil is good customer but Jesus and Allah do not want enter there. And also their followers. This is religions madness what is going on in the West right now.

    Your Democrats and Republicans are like Al Qaeda and Islamic State. Both blowing themselves up and this is not about profit or winning the elections.

    What we see right now in the West, is he movie Apocalypto. Those priests there were not interested of of elections or corruption.

    • Themselves from less than 100,000 voters across several states. Since then, how many Whites have died in those very states? What of immigration? Even if Trump had held to his promises and was fighting for us 2020 would have been very difficult for him.

      • The last, desperate Republican campaign slogan of 2020 will be the same one they always have; “The other guy is worse”. True but it shows the Republicans will be counting on the Democrats to screw things so badly they can win, not a good strategy.

      • This time around, Blompf/kushner cannot expect any assistance from Wikileaks, after Blompf’s DOJ and deep state’s indictment of Julian Assange.

        The ((RNC))) will have to do all the opposition research and “hit pieces ” on their own.

        Blompf has lost the support of Ann Coulter which will cost him a lot of the support from’ immigration hawks.’

        Patrick J. Buchanan has criticized Blompf’s neo-cuckservative domestic and foreign policies. PJB still has a following of paleo-conservatives that might stay home next November.

        As others here have noted, unless the demonRats run on a virulently anti-White platform, Blompf will lose in both a popular vote and electoral college landslide.

  10. Very interesting comments, Marcus. I’ll wait until your other predictions are posted to comment. Although I can’t say I agree with you and Matt on Trump losing….. yet. It all depends on where the powers that be want to take us. For those of us who believe that change won’t happen through the ballot box, we certainly can’t believe that Trump – or anyone else – is actually elected through the ballot box. Our reality is far more complicated than that.

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