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Although he has been mentioned here before by several commentators, I’ve never followed the blogger Guy WhiteRobert Lindsay recommended a post of his this morning though and I decided to take a look. The question being posed: Is Pro-White activism harmed by radicalism?

Guy White and Robert Lindsay seem to think so. In support of this theory, White boasts of a recent jump in his traffic. He then proceeds to draw the dubious conclusion that “Average Joes” are now flocking to his site. Lindsay’s support of this theory is especially interesting given his well known commitment to Stalinism which puts him far outside the mainstream progressive left. The success of his own blog is also evidence against the notion that radicalism is such a loser. For Lindsay, radicalism (his eclectic mix of race realism and communism) seems to be working out quite well.

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Guy White that pro-White activism of any sort is “radical” by definition. In the United States, any confession of white pride is enough to get one instantly branded as a racist and white supremacist. It is not an exaggeration to say that nothing is more politically incorrect, more thoroughly taboo than white racial consciousness. You can’t be “respectable” and “radical.” You have to choose, but the “moderates” (who are from a middle class background) are unable to grasp this truth.

The “moderates” are victims of a self delusion. They look at the racialist fringe, which they spend an inordinate amount of time criticizing, and draw huge distinctions between themselves and their more radical brethren. These distinctions only exist though in their own minds. The “moderates” are still radioactive to the mainstream and to everyone with pretensions of respectability. As a consequence, they remain just as isolated and contained as anyone else.

Consider Ian Jobling. He is the most famous exponent of the “moderate” point of view. Several years ago, Jobling broke with Jared Taylor over his failure to condemn anti-Semitism. He went on to blame Taylor’s links to radical anti-Semites like David Duke as the reason American Renaissance had failed to garner mainstream attention and respectablility. Jobling confidently started his own website and smugly awaited mainstream attention and success.

It wasn’t forthcoming. His little trafficked forum is still dwarfed by the likes of Stormfront and VNN. Jobling failed to capitalize on his one asset: when you lack mainstream respectability, when you don’t have to give lip service to America’s court etiquette, you are free to tell the truth. Trying to keep a foot in both worlds, one in mainstream neoconservatism, the other in beyond the pale racialism, doesn’t seem to impress anyone.

Here’s another irony which escapes the “race realists”: the most successful “mainstreamer” American racialist was, in fact, none other than Ian Jobling’s bête noire, the hated David Duke who won the majority of Louisiana’s white vote in two of his political campaigns in the early 1990’s. He is also the author of Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question. Duke’s success in politics contradicts the “race realists” who insist that we ignore the Jewish Question out of political expediency.

Is pro-White activism harmed by radicalism? To a certain degree, yes. Is extremism one of the major factors keeping White Nationalism out of the mainstream? Probably not. If every neo-Nazi in America were to vanish tomorrow, the public image of White Nationalism would remain unchanged. The mass media, the universities, the government and all other critical institutions would remain in the hands of our sworn enemies.

The “moderate” vs. “radical” division isn’t as important as the one between liars and honest men. Whites began to lose control over America the moment they began to call themselves “conservatives” and engage in self censorship. One verbal concession led to another. Traveling down that road again will only invite the same results. We shouldn’t ever shrink from discussing any topic openly and honestly out of fear of the political consequences.

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  1. Thank you for the correction, Dasien. I always get that one wrong.

    FB, what about the Front National and the Freedom Party in Austria? Both of those parties have had much greater electoral successes. The Peoples Party in Denmark became part of the government and had some of their demands to reduce immigration actually implemented. Why are you hyping up Wilders so much? Is it because he is the only Euro-nationalist to court mainstream American conservatives?

  2. I don’t care about American cons, most of them are shallow buffoons like Beck and Hannity. Name the electoral successes of FN. They have no representatives in the National Assembly, despite the millions that vote for them. I think that’s what the French mean by democracy and why they can lecture Iran. As to Haider, he self-desructed figuratively and practically. Not a model.

  3. Dan Dare at provides a link to The Mind-Benders, HRP: The mind-bending power of the masters of the media.

    It is not attributed to Nick Griffin, nor is there an explanation why so many online references to the pamphlet call it “Who Are the Mindbenders”.

    In the uncomfortable feeling provoked in a number of readers of this text by the very mention of the word ‘Jews’, there is provided the first lesson in media indoctrination and brainwashing!

  4. Dropping discussion of the Jewish Problem in order to gain wider appeal makes perfect sense in much of Europe where few Jews live nowadays – however, in the USA the Jewish Problem is a huge issue and thus it must be discussed. Too much Jewish power/influence is literally rotting the USA from within, and in order for the USA to survive as White country the deleterious influence of organized Jewry must be openly discussed and eventually dealt with.

  5. White Preservationist just above is correct. Europeans like Guessedworker, A Finn, and der Hoffmeister who fail to see the justification for dwelling on Jewish influence, do not understand the magnitude of the Jewish problem here in the States because they have comparatively few Jews in their countries. So if they have comparatively few, why are their countries attempting to race-replace themselves too? Because they’re strongly influenced by the U.S.: with its huge population of Jews and unchallenged Jewish hegemony, the U.S. is not just race-replacing itself, it’s doing its best to influence, coerce, and intimidate other Eurosphere countries to do likewise, and it is succeeding obviously. Also, Britain does have a Jewish population big enough to cause lots of damage directly to that country (as does France), so GW does see the Jewish problem better than someone like A Finn, but still not as clearly as an aware Yankee.

    All that is not to say the Jewish issue needs to be brought up in contexts where it is inappropriate, counter-productive, or hinders someone being elected or appointed to public office. It should be broached first in academia the way Walt & Mearsheimer did with respect to the pro-Israel lobby.

  6. And the way Kevin MacDonald has done so masterfully, though the Jews have managed to maneuver his onto the defensive with the help of extremely confused gentile opponents of race-replacement like Ian Jobling (I’m assuming he’s gentile — please correct me).

  7. It occurs to me just now as I think about it that Jobling’s looks and particular manner of talking certainly could fit this or that Jewish type. Maybe he’s Jewish? How do we know he isn’t? Whether he is or not doesn’t change my view of him as a major ally of ours of course, but if he is, it explains his somewhat mysterious hyper-aggressiveness toward Prof. MacDonald, Dr. David Duke, and any less-than-flattering commentary in regard to the Jews.

  8. If he’s Jewish it would explain everything about him in fact. He’d be a Professor Hart type anti-race-replacement Jew. Simple.

    Speaking of which, though I am a huge supporter of Dr. David Duke, I strongly disapprove of his confrontational behavior at the Amren conference where Prof. Hart loudly denounced him and walked out. There is a time and place for everything, and that particular time and place were not right for the particular verbal confrontations he came out with. One step at a time. Diplomacy may be preferable to sledge hammers, depending on the context. If Dr. Duke has a tin ear in regard to that, then I agree with Jared Taylor’s decision not to invite him.

  9. Reader: “What have pro-Jewish attitudes produced in the post-World War II West? They’ve produced… the post World War II West. … the problem we face is that we are not in control. Jews are in control. It’s that simple. .. To do anything about racial issues, or anything else, we need to first get into a position of power, which necessarily entails removing the Jews from their current position of power over us. The Jews are not going to voluntarily concede power and they are not going to stop flooding the US with non-white immigrants, in direct contradiction to their own interests, just to benefit a bunch of white goyim. … To say that we should drop the Jewish question is to say that we should drop everything.”

    GREAT COMMENT Reader. Exactly right. Very well put.

    It’s likely that, as you say, Jewry will never relinquish their ill-gained power without a major struggle. Be on the look out for Jew-fomented wars, revolutions, civil unrest, engineered economic collapses (happening now?), and so on when they are being exposed left and right as the scum that they are, more and more Whites are becoming Jew-aware, and things start to get real dicey for them. In the USA I’m almost positive that they will attempt to provoke all kinds of fake/orchestrated problems and friction between the other racial/ethnic groups residing here, pitting White against Black, Black again Hispanic, White against Hispanic, Asian against White, and so on…they’ll of course do this to try and take the heat and scrutiny off of themselves.

    Friedrich Braun: “Neither revisionism nor the J.Q. is necessary for our survival.”

    You are wrong. Terribly wrong. If allowed to infiltrate and gain too much power/control within nations, the Jews/Ashkenazim end up destroying that nation in due time. America is currently very, very sick and in steep decline because of too much Jewish control. Jewry is like a malignant cancerous tumor than must be treated and/or cut out of a nation…otherwise that nation will eventually die of it. It’s as simple as that. If you had a tumor that was slowly killing you, wouldn’t you want it sliced out of your body so that you can continue to live?

  10. Our central problem is that our own Anglo-American political tradition, which has been imposed on most Western peoples since the close of the great wars, is a complete failure. This is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the decline of our collective treasure chest of cities, economies, culture, and racial integrity over the past few generations.

    Unfortunately, getting our minds out from under the very long shadow cast by Anglo-American political thought will be difficult for all and impossible for most. When all you’ve known (even if in hatred) is Anglo-American liberalism it’s hard to imagine anything else. In any case, proto-nationalists are only fooling themselves if they think our collective task is as simple as awaking the gentiles and expelling the Jews. It is not.

    In this vein, I find much to agree with in F. Braun’s recent comments. Yes, we must be practical while remaining unstintingly fixed on our people’s regeneration, the end result is all that matters here. Furthermore, instead of bitching about the usual bogeymen we should concentrate our minds on the long-term goal of replacing the current Anglo-American liberal hegemony with something else. Any step, however small, that moves in this direction should be viewed as positive; whether it comes from the BNP, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, or whatever else.

  11. Meanwhile, in Budapest …Krisztina Morvai, the attractive Christian nationalist lawyer and head of the Hungarian Jobbik, did not hesitate to reply to a comment by a “proud Hungarian Jew” that she fomented hatred and should be banned from politics:
    “I would be greatly pleased if those who call themselves proud Hungarian Jews played in their leisure with their tiny circumcised dicks, instead of besmirching me. Your kind of people are used to seeing all of our kind of people stand to attention and adjust to you every time you fart. Would you kindly acknowledge this is now OVER. We have raised our head up high and we shall no longer tolerate your kind of terror. We shall take back our country”

    I miss the “the old Fredrich Braun” and hope the new one enjoys the good food and scintillating table talk at the Seders he’ll soon be receiving invitations to from his new off White allies.

  12. “If allowed to infiltrate and gain too much power/control within nations, the Jews/Ashkenazim end up destroying that nation in due time.”

    This should read ‘Jews / Ashkenazim / KHAZARS’!!!!!

  13. [i]”Our central problem is that our own Anglo-American political tradition, which has been imposed on most Western peoples since the close of the great wars, is a complete failure. “[/i]

    If you REALLY want to understand the historical reasons for this, read the following –

    ~ Captain A.H.M. Ramsay


    The oft quoted Benjamin Franklin quote in Captain A.H. Ramsey’s THE NAMELESS WAR has been determined to have been forged by William Dudley Pelley. There’s a discussion of this here:
    Pelley was a talented, prolific and successful magazine journalist and screenwriter. He was unjustly jailed for tax evasion and sedition at the outbreak of WWII. A condition of his parole was that he refrain from fulminating against the Jews whom he’d studied at close range
    in Russia during the revolution as a uniformed foreign correspondent for the Y.M.C.A. Pelly supported himself after his release from prison with a metaphysical correspondence school probably modeled on the AMORC Rosicrucians called Soulcraft Inc.
    He claimed to be in clairvoyant contact with some of the great men of the past, most frequently Nostradamus. However, the Franklin forgery was written before he went to prison and was publishing newspapers for the openly nationalist Silver Legion which he headed. He wrote the screenplay for his friend Lon Chaney’s version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  15. —The oft quoted Benjamin Franklin quote in Captain A.H. Ramsey’s THE NAMELESS WAR has been determined to have been forged by William Dudley Pelley. There’s a discussion of this here:—

    Why are you quoting from a spurious source such as ‘vatican assassins’ and its equally questionable founder, Phelps?

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